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cc39f6b... by Frank Lichtenheld on 2008-08-09

Import patches-unapplied version 1.24.3 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f28aa5d0d1263d9682a345edeef8cf3cc8807ec2

New changelog entries:

  The "greetings from Argentina" release.
  * checks/binaries:
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect throughout rather than reparsing file-info
      and objdump-info.
  * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect instead of reading the fields/*, file-info
      and objdump-info files.
    + [ADB] Remove a misplaced word from the description of the tag
  * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Drop the "copyright line too long" check. Most of the issues
      it flags aren't easily fixable, particularly where the copyright file
      is (semi)automatically generated. (Closes: #491302, #491365, #491685)
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect for accessing control fields and reading the
      list of files in the package.
    + [ADB] Don't flag use of version 1 of the GPL, or licenses using phrases
      such as "compatible with the GPL" (for example, the W3C Software
      License) as missing a reference to common-licenses
    + [ADB] Replace references to the GPL in GFDL and LGPL related tags
      with the appropriate license. Also remove a misplaced word.
  * checks/cruft:
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect for accessing control fields
  * checks/debconf:
    + [ADB] Don't complain about unused debconf templates in udebs.
      (Closes: #491135)
    + [RA] Try to recognize at least some debconf template uses in Perl.
    + [ADB] Replace fields/* and scripts access with Lintian::Collect
    + [ADB] Don't flag the shared templates used for dictionaries-common
      co-ordination as unused.
    + [FL] Remove debconf-error-requires-versioned-depends since post-lenny
      a tag for the sake of sarge-backports clearly makes no sense anymore.
      (Closes: #493920)
  * checks/description:
    + [RA] Don't warn about a synopsis that ends in "etc." Patch from
      Chris Lamb. (Closes: #491252)
    + [ADB] Use Lintain::Collect to read the package's description.
  * checks/etcfiles:
    + [ADB] Walk Lintian::Collect->index instead of reading the "index" file.
  * checks/fields{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Warn about packages that depend exclusively on makedev.
      Thanks, Josh Triplett. (Closes: #491625)
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect::field() to determine the content of fields
      from control files rather than reading the fields/* files. This and
      similar changes to other scripts should improve performance as the
      Collect object caches the lookup result.
    + [ADB] Reformat a couple of tags' descriptions.
  * checks/files{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Switch to using Lintian::Collect.
    + [ADB] Fix a couple of bugs in the parsing of the list of scripts
      contained within a package which led to scripts in /usr/share/doc
      being incorrectly tagged as executable-in-usr-share-doc.
    + [ADB] Update a couple of Policy references. Thanks Jordà Polo.
    + [ADB] Warn when a package embeds a copy of the Universal Feed Parser.
      Patch from Chris Lamb. (Closes: #493156)
    + [FL, ADB] Don't issue tag file-in-unusal-dir for files where we already
      issued one of the specific dir-or-file-in-* tags. (Closes: #493921)
    + [ADB] Add a missing "have" to package-contains-ancient-file's
  * checks/huge-usr-share:
    + [ADB] Replace (the single) direct access to fields/* with ::field()
    + [ADB] Replace an outdated link to the Developer's Reference.
      Thanks Jordà Polo.
  * checks/infofiles{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect to retrieve information about the files
      being processed.
    + [ADB] Update the tag "install-info-not-called-with-quiet-option"'s
      Policy reference. Thanks Jordà Polo.
  * checks/init.d.desc:
    + [ADB] Update a Policy reference. Thanks Jordà Polo.
  * checks/lintian.desc:
    + [ADB] Add a Policy reference to bad-section-in-changes-file. Thanks
      Jordà Polo.
  * checks/manpages{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Suppress warnings about inability to break a line that contains
      a URL. URLs often can't be usefully broken. Based on a patch by
      Damyan Ivanov. (Closes: #491578)
    + [ADB] Update the Policy reference for manpage-has-wrong-extension.
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect rather than parsing the "index" and
      "file-info" files.
    + [FL] In description for manpage-has-errors-from-man note how to
      reproduce this errors outside of lintian. (Closes: #492930)
  * checks/menu-format{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect to parse the list of files in the package.
    + [ADB] Don't raise menu-command-not-in-package for 'sensible-browser'
      or 'sh'. Thanks Raphael Geissert.
    + [RA] Warn about .kdelnk files and [KDE Desktop Entry] headings in
      desktop files. Patch from Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/menus{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Fix a typo; thanks Jordà Polo.
    + [ADB] Use the file list from Lintian::Collect.
  * checks/nmu{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect for maintainer / uploader information
    + [ADB] Add a DevRef reference to changelog-should-mention-nmu. Thanks
      Jordà Polo.
  * checks/patch-systems:
    + [RA] Combine all patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff instances
      into a single message to reduce the noise from packages that rebuild
      all auto-generated files outside the patch system. Thanks, Julien
      Cristau. (Closes: #491296)
    + [ADB] Migrate fields/* reading to use ::Collect::field().
  * checks/po-debconf{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Check that at least one complete translation exists. Thanks Jordà
  * checks/rules:
    + [ADB] Use ::Collect for field access.
    + [FL] Do not complain about using dh in a unused binary-* target.
  * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Warn about maintainer scripts that prepend a path to commands.
      Based on a patch by Raphael Geissert. (Closes: #376184)
    + [ADB] Don't read fields/*, scripts, index or file-info directly as the
      contents have almost certainly been cached in Lintian::Collect already.
    + [ADB] Update a couple of Policy references. Thanks Jordà Polo.
  * checks/shared-libs.{,desc}:
    + [ADB] Improve the description of no-symbols-control-file.
    + [ADB] Migrate to using ::Collect instead of parsing the index, file-info
      and objdump-info files directly.
    + [ADB] Disable ldconfig-symlink-before-shlib-in-deb as it can never be
      tested correctly using the information currently available to the
  * checks/watch-file:
    + [FL] Do not issue debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version for
      empty watch files.
  * data/doc-base/sections:
    + [ADB] Resynchronize with doc-base's section list (adding
      Programming/OCaml). (Closes: #491440)
  * debian/postrm:
    + [FL] Do not try to remove /var/spool/lintian if it doesn't exist
      (dpkg might already removed it at this point).
  * doc/desc-files:
    + [ADB] Update the description of tags to include experimental and info
  * doc/README:
    + [ADB] Add -E / --show-experimental, -T / --tags and --tags-from-file
      to the option list.

  * frontend/lintian:
    + [FL, ADB] Add new --tags/-T option to limit the amount of checks
      run not by check names but by names of tags you're interested
      in. Requested by Joerg Jaspert for ftpmaster. (Closes: #493903)
    + [FL] Add --tags-from-file option to make it easier to specify
      a long list of tags.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [ADB] When parsing objdump-info, indicate whether a shared object is
      an Ocaml executable. Also add information on segments which various
      checks scripts use which hadn't made it here yet.
    + [ADB] Make index() return a hash rather than an array
    + [ADB] Add support for parsing the "scripts" index file
  * lib/Read_taginfo.pm:
    + [FL] Handle URLs in the Ref: field.
  * lib/Tags.pm:
    + [ADB] If --tags was used, don't issue tags that aren't in the provided
  * man/lintian.1
    + [ADB] Update the list of check scripts, removing the no longer present
      deb-format and perl and adding the nmu script.
    + [FL] Document the new --tags/-T option.
    + [FL] Document the new --tags-from-file option.
  * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
    + [RA] Add a link to lintian.log. Suggested by Stefano Zacchiroli.
  * t/:
    + [FL] Begin work on a new testsuite.

  * testset/fields:
    + [ADB] New testset from Tobias Quathamer (including some tags which
      previously weren't tested)
  * testset/tags.scripts{,.sed}:
    + [ADB] Munge .changes filenames so that the tests produce consistent
      output across architectures

f28aa5d... by Russ Allbery on 2008-07-14

Import patches-unapplied version 1.24.2 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 041bf0df3cadf95b8997572733f24aa3f760c557

New changelog entries:
  The "welcome Adam D. Barratt!" release.

  * checks/binaries.desc:
    + [ADB] Add some FHS references. Thanks Jordà Polo.
  * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Add missing "use Dep". Thanks gregor herrmann (Closes: #488397)
      looking for missing GPL references. Thanks, Scott Kitterman.
      (Closes: #490264)
    + [ADB] Fix a typo in the description of syntax-error-in-debian-changelog.
      Thanks Jordà Polo.
  * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Check for over-long lines in copyright files. (Closes: #479651)
  * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Check for BTS control directories in source packages and diffs
      in addition to the existing binary package checks. (Closes: #481787)
  * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Warn about the use of "_Choices" in templates file and suggest
      using "__Choices" instead (Closes: #481152)
    + [ADB] Check all maintainer scripts for issues, rather than just config
      and postinst.
    + [ADB] Detect debconf templates which appear to be unused.
    + [ADB] Replace the {config,postinst}-loads-obsolete-confmodule tags
      with a new loads-obsolete-confmodule test which is used for all
      maintainer scripts and outputs the script name as part of its extra data.
  * checks/description{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Warn about duplicated words in the description. Patch from
      Raphael Geissert. (Closes: #424746)
  * checks/fields{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Do not complain about obsolete packages if there are
      non-obsolete alternatives specified and if the obsolete
      package is not listed first. Issue an info tag for them
      though. Patch by Adam D. Barratt. (Closes: #486145)
    + [ADB] Update and add some Policy and DevRef references and fix some
      typoes. Thanks Jordà Polo.
    + [RA] Recognize and do not warn about Ubuntu security update version
      numbers for multiple releases. (Closes: #489222)
  * checks/files{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Warn if the package contains embedded copies of separately
      packaged Javascript libraries. Patch by Chris Lamb. (Closes: #489191)
    + [ADB] Fix a typo in the description of executable-is-not-world-readable
  * checks/infofiles{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Warn if the package's postinst installs info directory entries
      but the prerm doesn't remove them. (Closes: #182512)
    + [ADB] Treat --remove-exactly as indicating removal of an info directory
      entry as well as --remove.
  * checks/menus{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Check that menu-method files include menu.h (Closes: #184104)
  * checks/nmu:
    + [RA] When comparing maintainers, treat the right-hand side of the
      e-mail address as case-insensitive. (Closes: #486795)
  * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Check quilt patches as well as dpatch patches, and also check
      quilt patches when using the 3.0 (quilt) package format. Fix build
      dependency checking and check all dpatch files. Patch from Raphaël
      Hertzog. (Closes: #484549)
    + [ADB] Treat 00list* as dpatch series files rather than just 00list.
      (Closes: #482040). Also rename dpatch-index-references-non-existant-patch
      to dpatch-index-references-non-existent-patch.
  * checks/rules{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Warn about use of DEB_BUILD_OPTS. Patch from Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] Apply File::Spec->canonpath() to rpaths to improve
      matching with directories.
    + [FL] Do not check zsh scripts, since zsh -n gives false
      positives. Downgrades #485885 to wishlist. Also see
      #175467. Patch by Raphael Geissert.
    + [FL] Remove "quoted quotes". They're likely to be inside
      another pair of quotes; we're not interested in
      them for their own sake and removing them makes finding
      the limits of the outer pair far easier. Patch by
      Adam D. Barratt.
    + [FL] Improve heredoc detection. Patch by Adam D. Barratt.
    + [FL] Improve script_is_evil_and_wrong() to catch more scripts.
      Patch by Adam D. Barratt.
    + [ADB] Update bashism regexes to add new checks, improve performance
      and reduce false positives. (Closes: #490227)
  * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Implement syntax and sanity checking for symbols files
      (Closes: #452216)
    + [ADB] Check symbols files for dependencies that are not satisfied by
      the package itself (Closes: #461575)
  * checks/standards-version{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Only issue out-of-date-standards-version once. Noticed by
      Raphael Geissert.
    + [RA] Base the two-year clock for ancient-standards-version on when
      the Policy version was superseded, not when it was issued. Thanks,
      Scott Kitterman. (Closes: #487780)
    + [RA] Warn for packages declaring a standards version released after
      the date of the most recent changelog entry. Based on a patch by
      Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/watch-file{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Check for more Debian specific strings in version
      number. Issue an info tag if the watch file uses
      uversionsmangle to add the Debian specific string. Patch
      by Raphael Geissert. (Closes: #485879)
    + [RA] Warn about watch files in native packages and check those watch
      files for other problems anyway. Allow whitespace around the
      version declaration. More correctly handle continuation lines.
      Patch from Raphael Geissert.
    + [RA] Check for using the Sourceforge QA redirector with deprecated
      arguments. Patch from Raphael Geissert.
    + [RA] Be more explicit when warning about missing watch files that
      Lintian recommends adding a watch file containing only comments for
      any non-native package where it's not possible to write a meaningful
      watch file, not only for packages unmaintained upstream.
  * collection/objdump-info:
    + [ADB] If objdump from binutils 2.17 fails to parse a file then
      attempt to gather the required information using readelf instead.
      This allows us to process 64-bit packages on etch/i386 again
      (i.e. on lintian.d.o) (Closes: #487746)
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [RA] mailx is not obsolete. It's a virtual package. Thanks, martin
      f krafft. (Closes: #488114)
    + [RA] Add the cupsys packages, all of which have been renamed to cups.
      Patch from Raphael Geissert.

  * debian/control:
    + [FL] Adapt VCS-* headers for move from SVN to git.
  * debian/copyright:
    + [FL] Add Patrick Schoenfeld (for checks/watch-file).
    + [ADB] Update repository information and GPL2 URL.
    + [RA] Add Adam D. Barratt to the maintainer list so that readers can
      expand initials in the changelog.
  * debian/{prerm,postrm}:
    + [RA] Move prerm to postrm and remove the default /var/spool/lintian
      lab using shell instead of lintian. We only want to remove the lab
      on purge, and purge is only passed to postrm, not prerm, by which
      point the lintian frontend is gone. (Closes: #489860)

  * doc/CREDITS:
    + [FL] Add Raphael Geissert and Adam D. Barratt.
  * doc/lintian.sgml:
    + [ADB] Add reference to new option to display experimental tags.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [ADB] Add a new --show-experimental / -E option which indicates
      that experimental tags should be displayed.
    + [RA] Exit with the correct exit status if no packages were found
      because non-existent packages were specified on the command line.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [FL] Add support for file-info file.
    + [FL] Add support for objdump-info file.
  * lib/Spelling.pm:
    + [RA] Add a couple more spelling corrections and capitalization
      checks for LaTeX and TeX. Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
  * lib/Tags.pm:
    + [ADB] (Re-)Add support for experimental tags.

  * man/lintian.1:
    + [FL] Document watch-file check.
    + [ADB] Document new option to display experimental tags.
    + [RA] Refer to lintian-info(1) for printing tag descriptions. Patch
      from Chris Lamb. (Closes: #490374)

  * reporting/harness:
    + [ADB] Process packages using -E so that experimental tags are included.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [FL] Mark the tag pages with the correct code.
  * reporting/lintian.css:
    + [RA] New style for marking packages that override a tag on the tag
      summary page. Patch from Jordà Polo.
  * reporting/templates/clean.tmpl:
    + [ADB] Note that the full report includes experimental tags.
  * reporting/templates/tag.tmpl:
    + [FL] Mark overridden tags.
    + [RA] Mark packages that override all instances of a given tag.
      Patch from Jordà Polo.
  * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
    + [FL] Add useful links for each source package.
      With layout help by Jordà Polo.
    + [FL] Include Co-maintained packages in the summary
      at the top of the page. Also sort the list. Patch
      by Jordà Polo.
    + [ADB] Note that the full report includes experimental tags.
  * testset/runtests:
    + [ADB] Support experimental tags

041bf0d... by Frank Lichtenheld on 2008-06-12

Import patches-unapplied version 1.24.1 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9a74338c88e375b78456bf69aa8239cc27fe6c7e

New changelog entries:

  The "mostly for the benefit of lintian.debian.org only" release.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [FL] Increase LAB_FORMAT to 8. This should have happened
      in 1.23.47, since the unpack-binpkg-l1 then produced a
      new file which checks depend upon. Since this only
      affects static labs and only if packages get rechecked
      (i.e. not on harness -i runs) it only got noticed now.
      Use urgency=medium for this fix.

  * checks/watch-file:
    + [FL] Fix the order of two regular expression to use
      the more specific one first. Patch by Raphael Geissert.
      (Closes: #485884)

  * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
    + [FL] Don't include version number from Source: field in
      the source symlink. Noted by RA. (Closes: #485474)

  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [FL] New module for retrieving binary package information.

  * reporting/checkout-release:
    + [FL] New helper script for lintian.d.o maintenance.
  * reporting/config:
    + [FL] Generate files in $HOME/www directly instead
      of $HOME/www/reports.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [FL] Allow inclusion of the new shared templates by
      convenient functions. Remove some duplicated data
      setting while I'm on it.
    + [FL] Generate the manual and lintian.log symlinks
      dynamically, so that we don't need the reports subdirectory
      anymore. Also generate a reports -> . symlink for
      backwards compatibility.
  * reporting/templates/{head,foot}.tmpl:
    + [FL] New templates meant for inclusion by other templates
      for common header and footer parts
  * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
    + [FL] Remove obsolete reports/ subdirectory from the links.
  * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
    + [RA] Redisplay the tag name for each separate binary package, also
      fixing list nesting problems in some cases. Patch from Jordà
  * reporting/templates/*.tmpl:
    + [FL] Replace common headers/footers with calls to the
      new head()/foot() functions.

9a74338... by Russ Allbery on 2008-06-08

Import patches-unapplied version 1.24.0 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 790f61974f7a6eb5528078fb29527db9bd37a93f

New changelog entries:
  The "Policy 3.8.0, infrastructure evolution, and real web design"

  * checks/binaries:
    + [RA] Fix code for filtering out NSS modules from SONAME checks.
    + [RA] When checking SONAMEs against package names, convert all
      underscores to dashes, not just the first one. Thanks, Gonéri Le
      Bouder. (Closes: #482450)
    + [RA] Remove several-sonames-in-same-package. This is frequently not
      an error and Lintian doesn't have enough information to know.
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [RA] armel is now a standard architecture.
    + [RA] Remove %known_obsolete_packages, now handled via data.
    + [RA] Merge %non_standard_archs into %known_archs.
  * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Check for self-dependencies in the source package since the
      current dpkg-gencontrol silently fixes them but they may indicate
      other problems. Thanks, Patrick Matthäi. (Closes: #471740)
  * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Check for copyright files containing the Apache 2.0 license,
      which is now in common-licenses.
  * checks/cruft:
    + [RA] Format: 3.0 (quilt) packages are not native even though they
      have no *.diff.gz. Thanks, Raphael Hertzog. (Closes: #483384)
    + [RA] Use the new Lintian::Collect interface to check whether a
      package is native.
  * checks/debconf:
    + [RA] Don't warn about using db_input in postinst if a config script
      also exists and uses db_input. The package maintainer probably
      knows what they're doing.
  * checks/fields:
    + [RA] Syntax-check Breaks like other relationship fields. Warn if
      any packages use Breaks for right now. Only check for duplicate
      libraries and Tcl versions in dependency fields, not Breaks,
      Conflicts, and other similar fields. Warn if Breaks is used without
      a version. Check that Breaks is not inconsistent with other
      dependency fields.
    + [RA] Use Lintian::Data to load the obsolete package list.
    + [RA] When checking whether a debug package has proper dependencies,
      allow a dependency on any package name that starts the same as the
      debug package up to the first dash. This will hopefully produce
      fewer false positives. Thanks, Josselin Mouette. (Closes: #476587)
    + [RA] Remove non-standard-architecture-in-source-relation and
      non-standard-architecture. These aren't bugs.
  * checks/filenames{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Warn about BTS data directories in packages (.be and
      .ditrack). Patch by Ben Finney. (Closes: #481787)
  * checks/init.d:
    + [RA] Try to allow for postinst scripts written in Perl and still
      recognize the update-rc.d calls.
  * checks/manpages{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Only ignore errors about wrapping lines for Asian locale man
      pages, since that's where the groff trouble lies. Ignore character
      set errors for all man pages with old versions of man and no man
      pages with current versions of man since the new character set
      handling should cope. (Closes: #474052)
    + [FL] Ignore more unicode issues with old man.
    + [RA] Warn about inclusion of the country name in the localized man
      page directory unless it's one of the known exceptions.
    + [RA] Mention in binary-without-manpage that the case of the man page
      should match the case of the binary even if man can find it anyway.
      (Closes: #484028)
  * checks/md5sums:
    + [FL] Don't complain about missing md5sums file if the
      package only contains conffiles. (Closes: #482869)
  * checks/nmu:
    + [RA] Don't treat "Ack NMU" as an NMU declaration. Thanks, Joe
      Nahmias. (Closes: #484600)
    + [RA] Binary NMUs of QA-maintained packages are fine.
  * checks/rules{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Add some basic checks for whether debhelper programs are called
      in a reasonable order. (Closes: #471869)
    + [RA] Support pattern rules. (Closes: #483475)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [RA] Catch deprecated chown syntax even when options are given to
      chown. Patch by Raphael Geissert. (Closes: #483775)
    + [RA] $((var+1)) now works in dash and is in POSIX, so remove it from
      bashisms. Patch by Adam D. Barratt. (Closes: #473156)
  * checks/standards-version{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Largely rewritten. Now contains a list of standards versions
      with the date when they were released, adding 3.8.0. Only emit tag
      out-of-date-standards-version if the newer version predates the date
      of the package. Base ancient-standards-version on whether the
      standards version of the package is more than two years old. Remove
      policy 3.1.0 was a long time ago. (Closes: #472513)
  * checks/watch-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] New checks for watch files, based on work by Patrick
      Schoenfeld. (Closes: #234202, #409104, #456629, #472499)
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [RA] Moved from common_data.pm. Removed many very old packages that
      nothing depends on and added many new packages identified by Riku
      Voipio. (Closes: #475400)
  * debian/control:
    + [RA] Update standards version to 3.8.0.
    + [RA] Depend on libtimedate-perl for convenient date parsing.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [RA] Create a new Lintian::Collect object for each package being
      checked and pass it into Checker::runcheck.
  * lib/Checker.pm:
    + [RA] Pass a Lintian::Collect object as the third argument to the run
      function of each check.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect.pm:
    + [RA] New module to retrieve package information.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
    + [RA] New module to retrieve source package information.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [RA] Copy over images. Set the maintainer name to "Unknown
      Maintainer" if not known. Pass the code for a tag into the per-tag
      page. Based on a patch by Jordà Polo.
  * reporting/images/*:
    + [RA] New logo images from Jordà Polo.
  * reporting/lintian.css:
    + [RA] Significant overhaul of the lintian.d.o design by Jordà Polo.
  * reporting/templates/*:
    + [RA] Significant overhaul of the lintian.d.o design by Jordà Polo.
  * reporting/templates/clean.tmpl:
    + [FL] Include link to full maintainer report. Suggested by
      Kartik Mistry.

790f619... by Frank Lichtenheld on 2008-05-20

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.49 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 80d2f1d90635a3fbdc97f0cae81d0876267a926a

New changelog entries:
  The "Business as usual" release.
  * checks/binaries:
    + [FL] Ignore rpaths to directories present in the same binary
      package. Also ignore $ORIGIN since that obviously fulfills
      that criterion. (Closes: #480636)
  * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Implement new check for dh-make-perl boilerplate.
    + [FL] New check for example URL from dh-make. Based on
      a patch by Michal Čihař. (Closes: #481368)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [FL] dh_lintian needs debhelper >= 6.0.7. Patch by David Paleino.
      (Closes: #479088)
    + [FL] Add basic support for debhelpers new dh utility.
      (Closes: #477628)
    + [FL] Suppress maintainer-script-lacks-debhelper-token for
      single-udeb-only packages as well. (Closes: #471853)
  * checks/files:
    + [FL] Drop xresources-file-in-etc-without-proper-conflicts, since
      the last package that conflict applies to was released with hamm!
      Reported by Julien Cristau. (Closes: #480574)
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [FL] Don't issue false positives about menu files in format menu-2.
      We don't check them for errors yet, though. (Closes: #478578)
  * checks/patch-systems:
    + [FL] Add basic support for dpatch list files which use cpp for
      preprocessing. Patch by Jörg Sommer. (Closes: #477057)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] Always use /bin/bash for shell script syntax check to give
      consistent errors on systems with changed /bin/sh. Suggested
      by Raphael Geissert. (Closes: #478192)

  * frontend/lintian:
    + [FL] Don't issue a warning about Distribution: UNRELEASED in
      .changes files. It can be annoying to have to ignore this error
      during testing and dupload/dput/dak/etc... all will error out
      on it anyway. Suggested by martin f krafft. (Closes: #382327)
    + [FL] Add a --keep-lab option to make it easier to debug temporary
      labs. (Closes: #401046)

  * lib/Util.pm:
    + [FL] Only require Digest::SHA if the code path is really used.
      This makes it unnessesary to install libdigest-sha-perl on
      lintian.debian.org for now.

  * man/lintian.1:
    + [FL] Document --keep-lab option.
    + [FL] Fix error in checkname: s/patch-system/patch-systems/.
      Reported by Jörg Sommer.

  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [FL] Escape $email variable for usage in URI query strings.
      Currently it is not used for anything else, so it is most simple
      to do it in the actual code. Reported by Sandro Tosi.
      (Closes: #481256)

80d2f1d... by Russ Allbery on 2008-05-04

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.48 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f051d8bf7869e35cffe7ba77c5ce90d01ba1e67d

New changelog entries:
  The "Perl 5.10 compatibility" release.
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [FL] Add 8.5 versions to known_tcls and known_tks.
  * checks/copyright-file:
    + [FL] Also apply the "possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl" checks
      to Pre-Depends.
  * checks/menus:
    + [RA] Stop using a deprecated Perl construct that Perl 5.10 no longer
      supports. Patch from Adam D. Barratt. (Closes: #479318)
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [RA] Fix an unescaped | in the regular expression parsing postinst
      files for ldconfig invocation. The regex had always been broken,
      but in Perl 5.10 it causes a recursion error in the regex engine.
  * checks/version-substvars:
    + [FL] Also apply the "not-binnmuable-*" checks to Pre-Depends.
      (Closes: #472247)
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [RA] Work around a Perl 5.10 bug with Getopt::Long and sub handlers.
  * testset/runtests:
    + [RA] dpkg-source now enables the -i and -I regexes by default.
      Replace the defaults with ones that never match so that we can
      continue testing for cruft left in source packages.

f051d8b... by Frank Lichtenheld on 2008-05-01

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.47 to ubuntu/intrepid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9765a685a870d2dd6380ab413e3002e1134b53ee

New changelog entries:
  The "long time no upload" release.
  * checks/binaries{.desc,}
    + [RA] Permit architecture: all packages to have binaries in the
      multiarch directories. (Closes: #469301)
    + [RA] Suggest an override for arch: all packages containing binaries
      independent of the host architecture (such as for cross-compiles).
  * checks/changelog-file:
    + [RA] Quash more Perl warnings on badly malformed NEWS.Debian files.
  * checks/control-files:
    + [FL] Add 'triggers' as a valid control file. Thanks, Joey Hess.
      (Closes: #473840)
  * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Document handling of false positives for GPL, GFDL, and LGPL
      license references and catch the GFDL 1.1 false positive.
    + [FL] Add CeCILL license to false positives list for
      copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl. Thanks,
      Alexandre Fayolle. (Closes: #472933)
  * checks/cruft:
    + [RA] Subversion conflicts generate three files, two with revision
      numbers and one with .mine. Only warn about the revision numbers;
      .mine probably won't occur alone and may be a false positive.
  * checks/etcfiles:
    + [RA] /etc/init.d/{skeleton,rc,rcS} are not conffiles, and README
      files in /etc need not be.
  * checks/fields.desc:
    + [FL] Remove obsolete section base from list of valid sections in
      unknown-section. (Closes: #471751)
  * checks/files{.desc,}:
    + [RA] /etc/init.d/{skeleton,README} don't need to be executable.
    + [RA] Warn about linda overrides since linda has been removed from
      the archive. Thanks, Y Giridhar Appaji Nag. (Closes: #469603)
    + [RA] Check for numeric owners or groups outside of the reserved
      static ranges. Patch from Håkon Stordahl. (Closes: #469924)
    + [RA] Issue errors for installing files under /var/www. This isn't
      in FHS, may not be the document root, and may break local files if
      it is the document root. Thanks, Joerg Jaspert. (Closes: #470403)
    + [RA] Don't consider files in bin directories that contain "copying"
      or "license" to be extra license files.
    + [FL] Don't complain about empty directories under
      /usr/share/python-support since those might be needed. Thanks,
      Josselin Mouette. (Closes: #473428)
    + [RA] Ignore extra license files in examples subdirectories of
      /usr/share/doc. Thanks, Daniel Jacobowitz. (Closes: #476149)
  * checks/lintian.desc:
    + [FL] Rename md5sum-mismatch-in-changes-file to
  * checks/nmu{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Add support for +nmuX versioning for NMUs of native packages.
      Patch from James Vega. (Closes: #475026)
    + [RA] Don't consider an NMU changelog entries that mention NMU with
      a variation of the word "incorporate."
  * checks/scripts:
    + [RA] Attempt to quash some Perl warnings.
    + [RA] *.py files in /usr/{lib,share}, /etc/init.d/skeleton, and *.ex
      files do not need to be executable even if they look like scripts.
    + [RA] Add clisp, procmail, and rrdcgi, and another way interpretors
      are templated in *.in files.
    + [RA] Expect unversioned dependencies on OCaml packages rather than
      versioned dependencies since the version changes frequently and
      unversioned dependencies are what people are already using. Thanks,
      Hideki Yamane. (Closes: #476417)
    + [RA] Add inetutils-inetd and xinetd as additional update-inetd
      providers. Patch from Guillem Jover. (Closes: #474077)
    + [RA] If the call to some supporting program like update-inetd is
      conditional on the existence of the program, assume the maintainer
      knows what they're doing and don't warn.
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [RA] Move the default ld.so search path into data. Drop obsolete
      /usr/lib/libg++-dbg, /usr/X11R6/lib/Xaw3d, and libc5 compatibility
      directories in the process.
    + [RA] Allow and expect ldconfig, SONAMEs, and shlibs treatment of
      libraries in multiarch directories.
  * data/binaries/multiarch:
    + [RA] New file listing multiarch binary directories.
  * data/shared-libs/ldconfig-dirs:
    + [RA] New file listing directories searched by ld.so.
  * debian/compat:
    + [FL] Increase debhelper compat level to 5. There is really
      no need anymore to support building on sarge.
  * debian/control:
    + [FL] Add dependency on libdigest-sha-perl.
    + [FL] Increase debhelper dependency to >= 5
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [RA] Qualify relative --root directories so that we don't break
      later. Patch from Håkon Stordahl. (Closes: #469925)
    + [CW] Add intrepid as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu.
    + [FL] Support Checksums-* fields in .changes files. Follows
      the same rules as the md5sum check. Add new option --checksums
      as alias for --md5sums. (Closes: #476565)
  * lib/Spelling.pm:
    + [RA] Avoid Perl warnings when called with an uninitialized value.
    + [RA] Correct "meta package" and "meta-package" in descriptions to
      "metapackage". Thanks, Frank S. Thomas. (Closes: #476681)
  * lib/Util.pm:
    + [FL] Rename function get_file_md5sum to get_file_checksum and
      support SHA1 and SHA256.
  * man/lintian.1:
    + [FL] Drop linda from SEE ALSO since it is obsolete now. Suggested
      by Hideki Yamane. (Closes: #474478)
    + [FL] Add new --checksums option.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [RA] Base the generation of clean report pages on the maintainer URL
      rather than the full maintainer string so that maintainers with
      different forms of their name won't have clean reports that
      overwrite dirty ones.
    + [RA] Fix the counts in qa-list.txt, which were broken in several
    + [RA] Don't consider a maintainer's page error/warning free if there
      are errors or warnings in their co-maintained packages.
  * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
    + [RA] Always add anchors to the package names even for uploaders.

  * testset/copyright:
    + [FL] New testcases by Tobias Toedter. (Closes: #472665)
  * testset/description:
    + [FL] New testcases by Tobias Toedter. (Closes: #471838, #477471)
  * unpack/list-srcpkg:
    + [RA] Fix syntax error introduced by Uploaders support.
  * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
    + [RA] Extract a tar listing with numeric owners and groups into
      index-owner-id in the lab.

9765a68... by Russ Allbery on 2008-03-04

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.46 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b7d0b2e720a5e3a7e59e43df758cb70abe094131

New changelog entries:
  The "five Lintian committers!" release.
  * checks/binaries:
    + [RA] Anchor file matches for Perl libraries and debugging symbols so
      as to not match partial paths. Based on a patch from Niko Tyni.
      (Closes: #466501)
    + [RA] Also check for make -i when checking if errors from make clean or
      distclean are ignored. Thanks, Jörg Sommer. (Closes: #469024)
  * checks/changelog-file:
    + [RA] Adjust for the extra space added by Parse::DebianChangelog when
      checking line length. Thanks, Robert Millan. (Closes: #467019)
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [RA] Accept (and ignore for now) the new Checksums-Sha1,
      Checksums-Sha256, and Checksums-Md5 fields in source packages.
      Thanks, Raphael Hertzog. (Closes: #466979)
  * checks/control-file:
    + [RA] Skip empty dependencies for stronger-dependency-implies-weaker.
  * checks/control-files{.desc,}:
    + [FL] Warn about empty control files. I can't see any use for
      them. Exclude udebs though, since they might differ there.
  * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Tests for copyright notices must be case-insensitive. Patch
      from Chris Lamb. (Closes: #464992)
    + [RA] When looking for cases where Copyright is separated from a year
      by a newline, also allow (C) before or after the newline. Thanks,
      Michael Meskes. (Closes: #465258)
    + [RA] Further explain why lintian looks for a valid copyright notice.
      (Closes: #466714)
    + [RA] Suggest an override if only the Debian packaging or some other
      part of the package not linked with OpenSSL is covered by the GPL.
      Thanks, Andrew Pollock. (Closes: #469106)
  * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
    + [FL] Add hg to the list of <vcs>-control-dir tags.
    + [RA] In the long description of outdated-autotools-helper-file,
      point to autotool-dev's documentation. (Closes: #465132)
    + [RA] Remove now-unnecessary workarounds for calling File::Find with
      symlink starting directory.
  * checks/debian-readme{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Warn of references to /usr/doc in README.Debian. Thanks,
      Guillem Jover. (Closes: #465192)
  * checks/files{.desc,}:
    + [FL,RA] Merge all the tags for vcs ignore files, inventory files,
      and vcs control dirs. Since the explanations don't actually differ,
      different tags make no sense. While at it, add the mercurial
      equivalents as well and update some of the tag descriptions. Partly
      based on a patch by Chris Lamb.
  * checks/md5sums{.desc,}:
    + [FL] Remove tag md5sums-control-file-is-empty in favour of
      a more general tag in control-files.
  * checks/manpages.desc:
    + [RA] Mention in binary-without-manpage that if the man pages are
      provided by another package on which this package depends, a lintian
      override is appropriate.
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [RA] When the menu or desktop file invokes a quoted command via an
      su program, don't try to check whether the command is in the
      package. Thanks, Paul Wise. (Closes: #466665)
  * checks/menus{,desc}:
    + [RA] Check that doc-base files are encoded in UTF-8. Thanks, Robert
      Luberda. (Closes: #468759)
    + [RA] Check doc-base sections against the new canonical list.
      Thanks, Robert Luberda. (Closes: #463474)
  * check/patch-systems:
    + [HE] Warn if the .diff.gz contains changes while the package uses
      a patch system. (Closes: #452215)
  * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
    + [FL] Warn if a maintainer script is a valid shell script but
      doesn't seem to have any actual code. Based on an idea
      by Justin Pryzby. (Closes: #410042)
    + [RA] Update regexes based on checkbashisms to remove additional
      false positives and add additional checks. Thanks, Adam D. Barratt.
    + [RA] Add kaptain. Thanks, Tobias Toedter. (Closes: #466701)
    + [RA] Allow zsh-beta as an alternative to zsh. Thanks, Joost van
      Baal. (Closes: #468362)
    + [RA] Add yorick. Thanks, Thibaut Paumard. (Closes: #468370)
    + [RA] Add warnings for dpkg --assert* flags for features that have
      been guaranteed for nearly a decade. Thanks, Bernhard R. Link.
      (Closes: #467642)
  * checks/shared-libs{,desc}:
    + [RA] Rename sharedobject-in-library-directory-not-actually-a-shlib
      to sharedobject-in-library-directory-missing-soname for clarity.
      Thanks, Peter Eisentraut. (Closes: #467425)
  * data/doc-base/sections:
    + [RA] New file listing known doc-base sections.
  * debian/dirs:
    + [RA] Install the base directory for the Lintian root here.
  * debian/rules:
    + [RA] Redo the installation rules to support arbitrary nesting under
      the copied directories. As a side effect, install
      lib/Tags/ColonSeparated.pm, unbreaking the experimental
      colon-separated output format.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [CW] Make the presence of an Ubuntu release name in the version number
      trigger the Ubuntu distribution field checks.
    + [RA] Fix option parsing bug leading lintian to incorrectly reject -a
      or -p without a package.
  * lib/Dep.pm:
    + [RA] Skip empty dependencies, avoiding false positives for
      stronger-dependency-implies-weaker. Patch from Adam D. Barratt.
      (Closes: #469222)
  * lib/Lintian/Data.pm:
    + [RA] New module for loading and querying lists of keywords.
  * lib/Read_pkglists.pm:
    + [RA] Extract Uploaders from the source package list.
  * lib/Spelling.pm:
    + [RA] Add another spelling correction.
    + [RA] Merriam-Webster and the OED have both given up on publically
      vs. publicly, so we should as well. (Closes: #466617)
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [RA] Load the correct configuration file.
    + [RA] Include packages for which one is an uploader in one's
      maintainer page, marked accordingly. (Closes: #421011)
  * reporting/templates/*:
    + [TK] Correct Lintian maintainers address in page footers.
  * reporting/templates/maintainer.html:
    + [RA] Include packages for which the maintainer is an uploader.
  * unpack/list-srcpkg:
    + [RA] Include Uploaders in the package list.
  * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2:
    + [RA] Don't rely on the output format of dpkg-source to learn the
      source directory and create a symlink. Instead, tell dpkg-source to
      unpack the source directly into the unpacked directory. Discard
      output of dpkg-source to allow for the current version, which prints
      things even with -q (fixed in later versions). Thanks, Raphael
      Hertzog. (Closes: #468927)

b7d0b2e... by Russ Allbery on 2008-02-09

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.45 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3e956933df8198e5f9cd93c0ee5c587e3f0e140f

New changelog entries:
  The "100 open bugs is magical" release.
  * checks/debconf:
    + [RA] Recognize require as well as use when loading debconf modules
      in Perl. Thanks, Manoj Srivastava. (Closes: #464775)
  * checks/fields:
    + [RA] Fix coding error that didn't allow python-all-dev to satisfy a
      Python build dependency. Thanks, Joerg Jaspert. (Closes: #464709)
  * checks/manpages:
    + [RA] Ignore another undefined macro generated by pod2man (will be
      fixed with the Pod::Man in Perl 5.10).
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [RA] Also accept nnn_NN names for po files. nds_DE and nds_NL are
      valid locales. Thanks, Christian Perrier.
  * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Warn of use of start-stop-daemon in maintainer scripts unless
      used with --stop. Thanks, Kurt Roeckx. (Closes: #381180)
  The "I can't release a quick fix without *some* other work" release.
  * checks/binaries:
    + [RA] Make an architecture specification after perlapi optional.
      Thanks, gregor herrmann. (Closes: #464626)
  * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Check the copyright file to ensure it contains at least one
      copyright statement with a date or the term "public domain". It's
      hard to be thorough without false positives, but this should catch
      the most obvious omissions. Thanks, Justin Pryzby and Jari Aalto.
      (Closes: #286842, #409131)
  * checks/fields:
    + [RA] Warn of build-dependencies on a Debian revision of -1. They
      make backporting unnecessarily difficult. Thanks, Erich Schubert.
      (Closes: #345487)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [RA] Accept three-character language codes for po files. Thanks,
      Patrick Winnertz and Eddy Petrișor. (Closes: #464511)
  * lib/Spelling.pm:
    + [RA] Don't strip hyphens before checking spelling. Move all D-Bus
      corrections to the picky list since the correction is too confusing
      even if accurate without capitalization. Thanks, Nelson A. de
      Oliveira. (Closes: #464461)
  The "37 bug fixes is enough for one release" release.
  * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Don't require objdump's errors on files with bad dynamic tables
      to start at the beginning of the line. Patch from Chris Lamb.
      (Closes: #459509)
    + [RA] Warn for packages that have binaries requiring libc but which
      don't depend on libc. Patch from Niko Tyni. (Closes: #461350)
    + [RA] Remove check for libc5 binaries. libc5 is long-gone.
    + [RA] Remove various dead tag descriptions we no longer issue.
    + [RA] Warn on packages that provide Perl modules but don't depend on
      perlapi-*. Thanks, Niko Tyni. (Closes: #463142)
    + [RA] Check files in /usr/lib/debug directories mirroring the main
      file system to verify they are detached debugging symbols and not
      full libraries or executables. Thanks, Neil Williams and Niko
      Tyni. (Closes: #462456)
  * checks/changelog-file:
    + [RA] Decode the changelog entry from UTF-8 before doing length
      checks. Thanks, Cyril Brulebois. (Closes: #461822)
    + [RA] Check for mismatches between the latest changelog and
      NEWS.Debian entries if they're for the same package version.
      Thanks, Cyril Brulebois. (Closes: #461823)
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [RA] Add Bugs, Origin, and Breaks to known binary and udeb fields
      and Bugs to known source fields, matching current dpkg. Thanks,
      Raphaël Hertzog. (Closes: #459787)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [RA] CDBS now defaults to a debhelper compatibility level of V5.
    + [FL] Update list of debhelper commands that modify maintainer
       scripts. Add dh_icons, dh_installudev, dh_pysupport, dh_pycentral
       and rename dh_installtexfonts to dh_installtex.
    + [RA] Add checks for versioned debhelper dependencies for dh_icons
      and dh_installifupdown. Thanks, Evgeni Golov. (Closes: #463028)
  * checks/fields{.desc,}:
    + [RA] The CDBS ant rules are in class, not rules. Thanks, Cyril
      Brulebois. (Closes: #460168)
    + [RA] Versioned Python dependencies satisfy a Python debian/rules
      requirement. Add a separate tag for Python build dependencies to
      explain the dependency possibilities. Ignore dh_python if
      debian/pyversion or a Python-Version control field are present.
      Thanks, Loïc Minier. (Closes: #460625)
    + [RA] Check that -dbg packages depend on their base package. Patch
      from Chris Lamb. (Closes: #458785)
    + [RA] Check the value of Dm-Upload-Allowed.
    + [RA] Warn about packages with a list as the maintainer and no
      Uploaders. Thanks, Sune Vuorela. (Closes: #462635)
    + [RA] Remove the package-has-duplicate-relation test. It gets
      relations with different version strictness in different levels of
      dependency wrong and what it gets right dpkg-gencontrol strips out.
  * checks/files{.desc,}:
    + [RA] In many of the long descriptions for symlink-related tags,
      mention that running dh_link will fix symlink problems.
    + [RA] Fix a long-standing error in the regex checking for *.desktop
      files in /usr/share/gnome/apps that caused the tag to never be
      issued. Remove the check for /usr/share/applnk, since obsolete or
      not KDE appears to actively use it still.
    + [RA] Check for *.devhelp{2,} files not linked into devhelp's search
      path. Based on a patch by Bradley Smith. (Closes: #273309)
    + [RA] Warn about /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly} scripts that
      won't be executed by run-parts because of periods in the name.
      Patch from Chris Lamb. (Closes: #458742)
    + [RA] Warn of .gitignore files installed by the package. Patch from
      Chris Lamb. (Closes: #459502)
    + [RA] Warn of more language extensions on files in the user's path.
      Patch from Chris Lamb. (Closes: #459514)
    + [RA] Remove the tag for empty Perl directories. The underlying
      issue is fixed in Perl 5.10; there's no need to add code to
      debian/rules when 5.10 is landing soon. (Closes: #463138)
  * checks/infofiles:
    + [RA] Don't issue unknown-intepreter for maintainer scripts with
      weird interpreters. checks/scripts already handles this and the tag
      wasn't defined. Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst. (Closes: #460964)
    + [RA] Fix Perl warnings given a zero-byte maintainer script. Thanks,
      Thijs Kinkhorst. (Closes: #460966)
  * checks/init.d{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Downgrade a missing LSB Short-Description keyword to info since
      it's not required for functionality. Thanks, Petter Reinholdtsen.
      (Closes: #460499)
  * checks/manpages{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Make hyphen-used-as-minus-sign more conservative to avoid false
      positives with non-ASCII text and catch hyphens at the start of
      lines. Thanks, Michal Čihař. (Closes: #459871)
    + [CW] Use man's new --warnings option to catch use of undefined
      strings, macros, or diversions in manual pages, which usually indicate
      mistaken use of "." or "'" at the start of a line. This check is only
      enabled if man 2.5.1 or later is installed. (Closes: #377392)
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [RA] Avoid a Perl warning for desktop entries without Exec.
    + [RA] Fix a bug that prevented Exec keys in desktop files from being
      checked at all. Thanks, Raphael Geissert. (Closes: #462601)
    + [RA] Exempt packages providing the su wrappers from the check for
      using su-to-root. Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/menus:
    + [RA] Don't issue unknown-interpreter for maintainer scripts with
      weird interpreters.
    + [RA] Fix Perl warnings given a zero-byte maintainer script.
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [RA] Exclude from not-using-po-debconf template files with only the
      shared templates used for coordination with dictionaries-common.
      Thanks, Thomas Bushnell BSG. (Closes: #460731)
  * checks/rules.desc:
    + [RA] To fix an ignores-make-clean-error, suggest removing "-" for
      static makefiles. Thanks, Andrea Colangelo. (Closes: #458164)
  * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Re-add php4-cli as a valid interpreter for those who want to
      maintain stable compatibility. Thanks, Thomas Goirand.
    + [RA] Be clearer in the tag name that php-cli dependencies should be
      versioned. Add more explanation to the long description of several
      interpreter tags about limitations and requested bug filings.
    + [RA] Remove tcl as a valid interpreter since tclx8.3 is obsolete.
      (tclsh is the standard interpreter name.)
    + [RA] Require versioned dependencies for OCaml scripts. Each version
      is ABI-incompatible. Thanks, Samuel Mimram. (Closes: #462065)
    + [RA] Add tcl and tk metapackages. Thanks, Sergei Golovan.
      (Closes: #463281)
    + [RA] Catch exec wrappers that use $* instead of $@ (not that this is
      a good idea). Thanks, Adam D. Barratt. (Closes: #463476)
    + [RA] Integrate several more bashism checks from checkbashisms in
      devscripts. Patch from Adam D. Barratt. (Closes: #464026)
  * debian/control:
    + [RA] Suggest man-db >= 2.5.1 for better warning support.
    + [RA] Wrap Uploaders.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [RA] Include info tags in the broken-down description of the
      override count since they're included in the total. Based on a
      patch by Chris Lamb. (Closes: #459851)
    + [RA] Don't try to report overrides when not checking a package.
      Thanks, Håkon Stordahl. (Closes: #461978)
    + [RA] Cope with a relative path to the lab. Patch from Håkon
      Stordahl. (Closes: #461982)
    + [RA] Don't require *.changes files for source-only uploads to have a
      Description field. Thanks, Cyril Brulebois. (Closes: #462586)
  * lib/Spelling.pm:
    + [RA] Add spelling corrections for PostgreSQL and OCaml and lots of
      new capitalization corrections. (Closes: #460347)

3e95693... by Russ Allbery on 2008-01-06

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.42 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c38cb1c05805c152fe5b37d80c688a5d2609f03f

New changelog entries:
  The "what did you do on your Christmas vacation?" release.
  * checks/binaries:
    + [RA] Don't warn about unstripped binaries in .../lib/debug. Some
      packages include debugging symbols in the main package.
    + [RA] Allow rpath pointing to /usr/lib/games/<package>. Thanks, Bas
      Wijnen. (Closes: #456318)
    + [RA] Exclude nsswitch modules from multiple SONAME and package
      naming checks.
  * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Don't spell-check lines that include the word "spelling".
      Thanks, Andreas Hoenen. (Closes: #456515)
    + [RA] Allow long no-whitespace lines even when spaces or bullets
      precede the text.
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [RA] Remove the obsolete base section. (Policy change pending).
  * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Include the package name in stronger-dependency-implies-weaker.
    + [RA] Fix stronger-dependency-implies-weaker description cut and
      paste error. Thanks, Rafael Laboissiere. (Closes: #456405)
  * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Warn about packages covered by the GPL and linked with libssl
      that don't list other common licenses or mention a license exception
      or exemption. Requested by Joerg Jaspert. (Closes: #454238)
  * checks/cruft:
    + [RA] Ignore debian/config.cache.
  * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
    + Remove partially-translated-question at the request of Christian
      Perrier. Only the translator could fix this, and debconf doesn't
      show the translation unless it's complete. (Closes: #459293)
  * checks/debian-readme{.desc,}:
    + Combine readme-debian-{is,contains}-debmake-template and be less
      particular about the exact formatting of the dh-make template.
      Triggering off the template text is enough and matches linda.
      Thanks, Joerg Jaspert. (Closes: #458074)
  * checks/description{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Do picky spelling and capitalization checks on the description
      and note and explain this in the long description.
  * checks/fields:
    + [RA] Handle double-colon rules when checking that build dependencies
      match debian/rules. (Closes: #457501)
    + [RA] Allow python-setuptools in Build-Depends for arch-independent
      Python packages. Thanks, Vincent Bernat. (Closes: #459042)
  * checks/fields.desc:
    + [RA] Remove X.X.X versions from the debian-revision-not-well-formed
      long description. (Closes: #456286)
    + [RA] Update references and binary-NMU version descriptions.
  * checks/files:
    + [RA] Ignore zero-length files in /usr/share/doc/examples.
    + [RA] The underFooLicense.docbook files from KDE are not license
      files. Thanks, Sune Vuorela. (Closes: #458831)
    + [RA] Allow /emul as a top-level directory and files in
      /emul/ia32-linux/{lib,usr/lib}. (Closes: #459254)
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [RA] Remove a stray variable from the config-file-reserved tag.
  * checks/init.d{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Warn on init scripts that list S in their Default-Stop LSB
      keyword. Thanks, Petter Reinholdtsen. (Closes: #458596)
  * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Fix non-wm-module-in-wm-modules-menu-section pluralization to
      match the check and reword the long description to be hopefully
      clearer. Thanks, Martín Ferrari. (Closes: #457527)
    + [RA] Warn about use of su wrappers other than su-to-root for desktop
      and Live CD support. Thanks, Daniel Baumann. (Closes: #453931)
    + [RA] Only check for desktop files in /usr/share/applications. The
      ones elsewhere are too strange. (Closes: #459252)
  * checks/menus{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Spelling errors in doc-base files should only be warnings. Do
      picky spelling and capitalization checks on the abstract and title
  * checks/patch-systems:
    + [RA] dpatch permits multiple patches to be listed on the same line
      of 00list. Patch by Chris Lamb. (Closes: #457523)
  * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Add lua40 and lua5.1. Thanks, Enrico Tassi. (Closes: #457219)
    + [RA] Improve recognition of heredocs.
    + [RA] Recognize quoted strings that start at beginning of the line.
    + [RA] Rewrite script path and dependency checking. Remove scripts
      and packages no longer in the archive. Add new versions of
      versioned scripts and packages. Fix the dependencies for pike
      interpreters. (Closes: #458896)
    + [RA] Reformat long descriptions and collapse some tags.
    + [RA] For consistent results, only syntax-check sh and bash scripts.
      Also ignore all dpatch files, not just those in /usr/src.
  * checks/shared-libs{.desc,}:
    + [RA] New check for version numbers in symbol files. Based on a
      patch from Raphael Hertzog. (Closes: #457067)
    + [RA] Exclude nsswitch modules from shlibs file checks.
    + [RA] ld.so may also look in /emul/ia32-linux/{lib,usr/lib}.
  * debian/control:
    + [RA] Suggest libtext-template-perl, needed for HTML reporting.
  * debian/copyright:
    + [RA] Add my copyright statement.
    + [RA] Reference GPL-2, not the GPL symlink, reflecting our license.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [RA] Merge all override messages into a single message per run. Add
      -q/--quiet option to suppress that message. (Closes: #457513)
    + [RA] Allow + and . in tag names in overrides. Thanks, Stefan
      Fritsch. (Closes: #454790)
    + [RA] Check that the argument to --color is valid.
    + [RA] Warn about no package arguments unless --setup-lab or
      --remove-lab are given. Thanks, Damyan Ivanov. (Closes: #455732)
    + [RA] Add support for HTML coloring. (Closes: #458376)
  * frontend/lintian-info:
    + [RA] Allow for HTML color tags.
    + [RA] Add -a to annotate an override file.
  * lib/Dep.pm:
    + [RA] Allow substvars instead of package names so that dependency
      checks against the source debian/control file don't treat all
      substvars as equivalent. Thanks, Julien Cristau. (Closes: #456802)
  * lib/Spelling.pm:
    + [RA] Stop doing capitalization checks on all files; there's too much
      of a risk of false positives. Instead, provide a separate picky
      spelling check function for package descriptions and similar cases
      where we're more sure of the contents.
    + [RA] Expand the picky capitalization checks to catch Debian, GNOME,
      KDE, and Linux. (Closes: #456582)
  * lib/Tags.pm:
    + [RA] Add support for HTML coloring.
  * man/lintian.1:
    + [RA] Document the --color=html and -q/--quiet options.
  * man/lintian-info.1:
    + [RA] Document the --annotate option.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [RA] Rewritten.
      - Include info, experimental, and overridden tags in the tag pages.
      - Generate a second report for each maintainer showing all tags.
      - Correctly handle multiple different maintainer strings with the
        same e-mail address.
      - Correctly report the version number of a binary package when it
        differs from the source package. (Closes: #458036)
      - Formatting changes (hopefully improvements) to the web pages.
      - New template-driven system for easier revision of the HTML.
  * reporting/lintian.css:
    + [RA] New minimal style sheet for the HTML reports.
  * reporting/templates/*:
    + [RA] New Text::Template page templates for the HTML reports.
  * testset/runtests:
    + [RA] Test tags for valid characters.