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a9ec9c4... by Matthias Klose on 2006-04-12

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.16ubuntu2 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b92ef277e2944cffebbf01775e967c09ac6455ea

New changelog entries:
  * Depend on the dpkg version, having the -q option for dpkg-source.

b92ef27... by Matthias Klose on 2006-04-09

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.16ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 293d58f3276cea559f882755ebfd3a6756d5f138

New changelog entries:
  * Synchronize with Debian unstable.
  * Add python2.5 to the list of known interpreters.
  The "What's this Russ guy up to?" release
  * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
    + [RA] Add a check for the new "Invalid operation" error from
      objdump -T. Skip shared-lib-without-dependency-information for
      files in /usr/lib/debug.
  * checks/changelog-file:
    + [FL] Add line number to output of wrong-bug-number-in-closes.
      Inspired by #349761 from Steinar H. Gunderson.
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [FL] Add armeb to %non_standard_archs as requested by
      Martin Michlmayr. (Closes: #350653)
  * checks/debconf:
    + [RA] Packages that depend on dbconfig-common are allowed to have
      config scripts without templates or an explicit debconf dependency.
      Reported by Marcus Better. (Closes: #344421)
  * checks/debconf.desc:
    + [RA] Clarify the necessary dependencies for packages using SETTITLE.
      (Closes: #349616)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [RA] Recognize setting DH_COMPAT with := in addition to = in
      debian/rules. (Closes: #349272)
    + [RA] CDBS sets DH_COMPAT to 4 but doesn't export it. It does create
      debian/compat with that value if none was present. Reflect this
      behavior to avoid spurious compat level warnings when using CDBS.
      Based on a patch by Jay Berkenbilt. (Closes: #350228)
  * checks/fields:
    + [RA] Allow a quilt build-dependency for arch-independent packages if
      the quilt makefile rules are included. (Closes: #349273)
    + [RA] If clean depends on a rule that calls dh_clean rather than
      calling it directly, still allow debhelper in Build-Depends for
      arch-independent packages. Reported by Michael Stilkerich.
    + [JvW] Commented that Uploaders no longer will hit the multiline field
      issue, updated testsuite accordingly
  * checks/manpages:
    + [FL] Ignore more warnings ("cannot adjust line", "can't break
      line") in non-English manpages. (Closes: #349792)
    + [RA] cd into the parent directory before checking man pages with man
      so that .so inclusions are processed correctly. Based on a patch by
      Nicolas François. (Closes: #349614)
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [RA] Look for binaries in /usr/X11R6/bin, not /usr/bin/X11, per
      Policy 11.8.7. Thanks, Matej Vela. (Closes: #354890)
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [RA] Use "menu manual" rather than "menu" for references to more
      clearly distinguish from the Debian Menu Policy. (Closes: #347510)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [RA] If there are template files in debian, assume the package uses
      debconf; don't require a dependency or config script. Patch by
      Thomas Huriaux. (Closes: #353294)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [RA] Allow /tmp in variable settings. It's likely to be a false
      positive. Reported by Frank Küster. (Closes: #344998)
    + [RA] Make the syntax checking of shell scripts more robust against
      filenames containing shell metacharacters. Reported by Michael
    + [RA] Add fish and expectk to the list of valid interpreters.
      (Closes: #351624, #353770)
    + [RA] /usr/bin/tcl is provided by tclx8.3, not tcl. Reported by
      James R. Van Zandt. (Closes: #351324)
    + [RA] Allow more variations on leading magic to invoke some
      interpreter rather than then shell. Bypass the ELF magic check for
      scripts using magic that relies on having no leading #! line.
      Reported by Frank Küster. (Closes: #344269)
    + [JvW] Add check against package suffering from debhelper bug #337664,
      per Joey Hess, which had broken error detection (Closes: #358523)
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [JvW] Fix postinst-must-call-ldconfig to also get emitted when there is
      no postinst at all, instead of just one lacking a ldconfig call
    + [JvW] Implement checks for "udeb:" lines in shlibs files
      (Closes: #357541)
    + [JvW] Consider also the soname version for shlibs checking, preventing
      some bogus 'duplicate' warnings, and actually throw a warning when
      soname version doesn't match
    + [JvW] Added error when udeb postinst calls ldconfig, that must never
      happen (thanks to Frans Pop for noticing, see #203056)
  * debian/{control,copyright}:
    + [RA] Add Russ Allbery to Uploaders and copyright.
    + [JvW] Version dpkg-dev requirement to >= 1.13.17, for
  * frontends/lintian-info:
    + [RA] Avoid Perl uninitialized value warnings when given output that
      looks like lintian messages without tags. (Closes: #352606)
  * collection/objdump-info:
    + [RA] Pass "Invalid operation" errors from objdump -T on to the check
      scripts instead of failing. (Closes: #249435)
  * man/lintian.1:
    + [RA] Add references to dh_make, debhelper, dpkg-buildpackage, and
      linda in new reference sections. (Closes: #322288)
  * man/{lintian.1,lintian-info.1}:
    + [RA] Left-justify and disable hyphenation for readability.
  * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2:
    + [JvW] Use -q with dpkg-source to surpress warnings about unsigned source
      packages. Requires dpkg-dev 1.13.17

  * The "www.no-name-yet.eu" release

  * debian/changelog:
    + [FL] Fix wrapping of last changelog entry (Closes: #344899)
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [FL] Add xlibs-dev and debmake to %known_obsolete_packages
  * checks/debconf:
    + [CW] Show template name for empty-translated-choices,
      mismatch-translated-choices, and unknown-field-in-templates.
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [FL] Also check for debhelper build-dependency in debhelper-using
      cdbs based packages
    + [FL] Indicate where we found which compat version in
      (Closes: #329953)
    + [FL] Add dh_installtexfonts to list of commands that modfiy
      the maintainer scripts
    + [FL] Try a little harder to find the DH_COMPAT setting in debian/rules
      (Closes: #348380)
  * checks/fields:
    + [FL] Allow version numbers of 0 by correctly checking the output
      of _valid_version for definedness and not the boolean value
      (Closes: #345005)
    + [FL] Better check for false postives of build-depends-without-arch-dep.
      Should fix false positives for cdbs, dbs, dpatch and yada. Based on
      a patch by Russ Allbery (Closes: #344609, #321135, #339750)
    + [FL] Also check for build-dependencies on obsolete packages not
      only dependencies (Closes: #234531)
  * checks/fields.desc:
    + [JvW] Fix typo in description
  * checks/init.d:
    + [FL] Only try to validate update-rc.d calls where the name of the
      script matches [\w.-]+. That accounts for all today known init
      scripts and eliminates false positives like shell variables in the
      name (Closes: #343865)
  * checks/manpages:
    + [FL] Fix stupid mistake in regex to strip of filenames from roff
      output (which was hidden by another stupid mistake in the test
      suite). Patch by Nicolas François (Closes: #347999)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] Make mknod-in-maintainer-script an error since this is now
      a must in policy. Pointed out by Bartosz Fenski (Closes: #344928)
    + [FL] dpkg --print-installation-architecture is deprecated
      so delete dpkg-print-architecture-in-maintainer-script
    + [FL] Add parrot to list of valid interpreters (Closes: #346335)

293d58f... by Michael Vogt on 2005-12-28

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.14ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 818562525820c10db5f1bb603f527de91237048f

New changelog entries:
  * Resynchronise with Debian.

  * The "fix those frontend regressions" release
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [FL] Fix exit status computing so that we exit with 1 again
      if we found any error. (Closes: #329458)
    + [FL] Re-enable reporting unused overrides.

  * lib/Tags.pm:
    + [FL] Some fixes to the statistics code to make the fixes
      in frontend/lintian possible

  * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
    + [FL] support c2a suffix in soname check, too (Closes: #340856)
    + [FL] fix typo in description of package-name-doesnt-match-sonames (Closes: #339360)
    + [FL] The Debian specific patches from coreutils to call strip with --remove-section
      arguments on install -s have been dropped. Adapt description of binary-has-unneeded-section
      accordingly and demote it to "info" because many packages will get this now.
  * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
    + [FL] drop seen-flag-requires-versioned-depends and multiselect-without-dependency and
      drop version requirement from missing-debconf-dependency-for-preinst. All due to the
      fact that woody shipped with 1.0.x and therefor versioned depends on versions lesser than
      that don't make much sense anymore (Closes: #333736)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [FL] debhelper compat level 3 is deprecated as well now (Closes: #340222)
  * checks/files:
    + [FL] forgot /lib(32|64) (more #328612 fixes)
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [FL] Drop su-to-root-with-usr-bin and su-to-root-without-usr-sbin, and add
      su-to-root-with-usr-sbin to adapt to current menu package and policy (Closes: #332400)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [FL] Fix logical error in search for files (Closes: #342707)
  * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
    + [FL] Drop install-fvwmgenmenu as valid interpreter. Was dropped from menu package before sarge.
      (also for #332400, see checks/menu-format)
    + [FL] Change path for install-menu from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin (also for #332400)
    + [FL] Merge most of the wrong-path-for-* and *-script-but-no-*-dep tags to two tags
      wrong-path-for-interpreter and missing-dep-for-interpreter. This makes maintaining the
      list of valid interpreters way easier. Some tags with special text have been special
      cased (php\d? and (m|g)awk).
    + [FL] Add speedy and slsh to list of valid interpreters (Closes: #333955, #336700)
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [FL] forgot /lib(32|64) (hopefully finally closes: #328612)

8185625... by Daniel Holbach on 2005-10-26

Import patches-unapplied version 1.23.13ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 43ea43d691f6fa06994a605d1d1ef6695bd2e533

New changelog entries:
  * frontend/lintian:
    - added warty, hoary, breezy, dapper, -updates and -backports.
  * The "doesn't contain all the fixes I would like but that's no
    reason to let the others wait forever" release

  * debian/control:
    + [FL] Fix typo in description. Noted by Bill Allombert
      (Closes: #327859)

  * checks/copyright-file:
    + [JvW] Demote FSF address check to warning
  * checks/description:
    + [HE] Change description-synopsis-is-duplicated to only be emitted if
      the synopsis is copied without being extended. (Closes: #316523)
  * checks/files:
    + [FL] Add some formats to the exception list for extra-license-file
      (jpe?g, gif and svg) (Closes: #324944)
    + [FL] Don't complain about lib(32|64) as unusual directories. Noted
      by Matthias Klose (partly fixes #328612, see checks/shared-libs for
      the rest)
  * checks/infofiles:
    + [FL] Don't issue install-info-not-called-with-section-option if
      the call in postinst is really a removal. Experienced by Ben Pfaff
      in autoconf (Closes: #329170)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [FL] Previously we only run the checks if we found a templates file
      and a debconf dependency. Since the latter is mostly generated by
      ${misc:Depends} nowadays, we now also run the checks if we find
      a templates and a config file. (Closes: #331672)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] PythonX.Y dependency can also be satisfied with pythonX.Y-minimal.
      Noted by Matthias Klose (Closes: #326643)
    + [FL] Only match 'local' at the beginning of a line. The check is too
      ambigious otherwise. Reported by Marc Haber (Closes: #330548)
    + [FL] Better reflect the current discussions wether some of the
      XSI:sms should be allowed in shell scripts by moving some of
      them to a separate check possible-non-posix-code-in-maintainer-script.
      Not doing that for kill -NAME as reuqested since -s NAME is available
      and should be perfectly portable. (Closes: #323053)
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [HE] Apply patch from Bastian Blank to check for executable stacks in
      binaries. New checks are called shlib-without-PT_GNU_STACK-section,
      shlib-with-executable-stack, thanks waldi. (Closes: #321750)
    + [FL] Add lib(32|64) to ldso directories. Pointed out by
      Matthias Klose (Closes: #328612)
  * The "bad, bad SONAME check" release

  * all files:
    + [FL] Update FSF address

  * debian/control:
    + [FL] Depend on dpkg-dev since we use dpkg-source. How old exactly is
      this bug? (Closes: #324673)

  * checks/binaries:
    + [FL] Only use sonames from files in common library directories for
      the soname checks. This avoids many false positives. Patch by
      Russ Allbery (Closes: #321564)
    + [FL] Convert the SONAME to lower case before comparing with
      package name. Suggested by Josh Triplett (Closes: #321206, #325225)
    + [FL] Try to remove strings added for transition purposes from
      library package names before comparing package name with SONAME.
      Pointed out by Rene Engelhard (Closes: #322241, #324121)
    + [FL] Also remove -udeb strings and substitute lib64 with lib in
      package name before comparing with SONAME
    + [FL] Replace any occurence of _ in the SONAME with - since the
      former isn't allowed in package names but occasionally used in
    + [FL] Remove trailing .so from SONAMEs
    + [FL] Also ignore static binaries in sub directories of /boot,
      not only in /boot itself. Patch by Guillem Jover
      (Closes: #320382)
  * checks/changelog-file:
    + [FL] Detect old FSF address additionally to the even older
  * checks/{cruft,files}{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Also check for .arch-ids/ {arch}/ .arch-inventory and .bzr/
      in packages and sources (Closes: #324255)
  * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Warn about using debhelper compat version lower than 3
      like debhelper itself
    + [FL] Drop package-lacks-versioned-build-depends-on-debhelper
      tag for compat versions < 5. With debhelper 4 even in oldstable
      issuing an error here is silly
    + [FL] Fix typo (s,debian/control,debian/compat,) in description of
  * checks/description{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Avoid double warning about description-is-dh_make-template
      in the same way we do it for the corresponding debmake tag
    + [FL] Policy section of Description field has changed
  * checks/fields{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Fix a lot of off-by-one errors in the policy references
      (caused by the addition of the Uploaders field). Unknowningly
      pointed out by Russ Allbery
    + [FL] Also use non_standards_archs when checking source package
      relations. Patch by Russ Allbery (Closes: #322291)
  * checks/manpages:
    + [FL] Don't issue warnings about 8bit characters in translated
      man pages. Patch by Denis Barbier (Closes: #321650)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] Don't issue bashism warning on POSIX character classes ([[:foo:]]).
      Noted by Stephen Gran (Closes: #323098)
    + [FL] Remove some useless groupings in the bashism regexes
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [FL] Don't use dpkg --print-installation-architecture since
      it is deprecated, use dpkg --print-architecture instead.

  * debian/control:
    + [FL] Depend on libparse-debianchangelog-perl, require
      >= 0.6 since prior versions have bugs regarding parse
      error handling

  * checks/binaries:
    + [FL] Check that the package name of a shared library matches
      the SONAME as defined in the "Library Packaging guide"
      (Closes: #305575, #313118)
  * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Use libparse-debianchangelog-perl to parse the changelog,
      which detects a lot of syntax errors
    + [FL] Add a new tag debian-changelog-file-missing-or-wrong-name
      which is issued if we found no Debian changelog but an upstream
      changelog since the further checks will treat the
      latter file as the Debian changelog and only issuing
      debian-changelog-file-missing would be confusing then
      (Closes: #285152)
    + [FL] Detect closes: statements with non-valid bugnumbers,
      suggested by martin f. krafft (Closes: #294409)
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [FL] Fix typo (hurd-386 -> hurd-i386) from last release
      that lead to spurious warnings about unknown architectures
      (Closes: #318110)
  * checks/control-file:
    + [CW] Break control paragraphs at lines containing only whitespace, not
      just on zero-length lines. (Closes: #319370)
  * checks/fields:
    + [FL] Actually mention which architecture we're complaining about
  * checks/manpages:
    + [FL] Report errors from man when parsing man pages. Based on
      a patch by Kevin Ryde (Closes: #285540)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [FL] Abort check if the package doesn't seem to use debconf to
      avoid false positives in case maintainers use debian/po for
      other Debian specific strings (Closes: #262749)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] increase search limit for exec hack by not counting comments
      and empty lines (Closes: #294661)
    + [FL] detect more bashisms, suggested by Clint Adams and
      martin f krafft (Closes: #253498, #296233 and addresses #253012
    + [FL] Adjust check for positional arguments after ". file" to detect
      more shell control and piping commands that are all allowed.
      Noted by Thomas Hood. (Closes: #319212)

  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [FL] Fix counting of binary package names
    + [FL] Generate mostly valid HTML (id and name attributes still
      aren't valid in all cases)
  * The "Ah, it's LinuxTag and I still have free time!" release
  * debian/control:
    + [HE] Updated description to say that we're calibrated for Policy
      version 3.6.2. As the changes between 3.6.{1,2} aren't stuff we
      (can) check, this is actually true! (Closes: #317049)
  * testset/runtests:
    + [HE] Fix symlinking of original tarballs to allow run directories
      outside the lintian source tree.
  * checks/control-file
    + [HE] Check for duplicated fields. (Closes: #299792)
  * checks/fields:
    + [HE] Change unknown-architecture a bit: We don't complain about
      "known" non-standard archs (like amd64, ppc64, *bsd-i386) and only
      print out an info message for those. (Closes: #253405, #311471)
  * checks/files:
    + [HE] Allow backupninja configuration files in /etc/backup.d/ to be
      0600. (Closes: #307639)
  * checks/scripts:
    + [HE] Allow Scripts in /etc/Xsession.d/ to be not executable, as they're
      not directly called, but only sourced. (Closes: #309203)
    + [HE] Check for use of adduser and update-inetd and warn if the package
      has no (pre-)dependency on adduser/netbase. Patch by Russ Allbery,
      thanks for the work. (Closes: #308569)
    + [HE] Check for use of "." as a deprecated separator between user and
      group names in chown call. (Closes: #88340)
    + [HE] Fix to work $interpreter-script-but-no-$pkg-dep with more than one
      dependency if needed. First use case is depending on build-essential
      to provide /usr/bin/make. (Closes: #294894)
    + [HE] Add lefty as a valid interpreter and check for a correct dependency
      on graphviz. (Closes: #295093)
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [HE] Don't allow non-PIC shared libraries. This conforms to the new
      etch release policy. Thanks for the report and patch to Kurt Roeckx
      <email address hidden>. (Closes: #309220)
  * The "Wow, so much time at hand" release

  * [FL] Convert build process to debhelper
    - debian/rules - adapted
    - debian/compat - new
    - debian/dirs - new
    - debian/docs - new
    - debian/control - add build depends
    - debian/postinst - remove (Closes: #292981)
    - debian/conffiles- remove
    - debian/prerm - adapted
  * debian/control:
    + [FL] Update Standards-Version to 3.6.2

  * checks/conffiles:
    + [JvW] Warn on /var files being a conffile too (Closes: #293443)
  * checks/debconf:
    + [FL] Also report postinst-does-not-load-confmodule and
      postrm-does-not-purge-debconf if the related files don't
      exist at all. Spotted by Gerfried Fuchs (Closes: #301056)
  * checks/menus:
    + [FL] New check menu-file-in-usr-lib because /usr/lib/menu is
    + [FL] Also find menu files in /usr/share/menu (Closes: #314187)
    + [FL] Rename executable-in-usr-lib-menu to executable-menu-file
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [FL] Adapt to changes in collections/menu-files
  * checks/standards-version:
    + [FL] Update to 3.6.2 (Closes: #314879)
  * collections/menu-files:
    + [FL] Also collect files from /usr/share/menu

  The "Hm, this is the team's one year anniversery of maintaining lintian"
  release[1], and still using the "temporary" subversion repository...
  Featuring Steve "R." Langasek in a guest appearance.
  [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-lint-maint/2004/01/msg00014.html
  * checks/*.desc,doc/lintian.sgml:
    + [JvW] Stop bugging us for exceptions, mmkay, just install overrides.
      Hints like this should be in the general documentation anyway, not in
      per-tag descriptions. The general documentation will now only ask to
      contact us if in doubt
  * checks/changelog-file{,desc}:
    + [JvW] (new test) Bark on @toplevel email signatures in changelogs
    + [JvW] Display invalid debmake email address upon detection
  * checks/common_data.pm:
    + [CW] Add tclx8.4 to %known_tclxs.
  * checks/description:
    + [SRL] Do not generate warnings when a short description starts with an
      article; this is good grammar and should not be discouraged.
      (Closes: #290505)
    + [JvW] Drop description-synopsis-starts-with-a-capital-letter by popular
      demand (Closes: #288568)
  * checks/files{,.desc}:
    + [JvW] Warn only for hardlinks in /etc or amongst different directories
      (Closes: #288634)
    + [JvW] Only check for desktop files in GNOME's and KDE's obsolete places,
      not in all the package, as KDE uses .desktop files also for other
      purposes (Closes: #289773)
  * checks/nmu.desc:
    + [JvW] Be more precise in explaining why lintian thinks this is a NMU,
      and copy explanation to changelog-should-mention-nmu
  * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
    + [CW] Add checks for tclsh8.4 and wish8.4. (Closes: #288287)
  * lib/Lab.pm:
    + Fixed creation of static lab if the directory already existed, this
      failed in 1.23.6
    + In temporary lab mode, try to create the directory several
      times before giving up

  * testset/runtests: Extend the static lab test
  The "Let's see if I can upload myself now" release, made by Marc, Frank and
  Colin, uploaded by Jeroen.
  * checks/description
    + [HE] Warn if the short description start with an article or a capital
      letter. Patch by Tobias Toedter <email address hidden>, thanks. (Closes:
  * checks/fields:
    + [HE] Warn if the debian revision has three parts, as this is the sign of
      a binary NMU. New check's name is binary-nmu-debian-revision-in-source.
      (Closes: #244830)
    + [HE] Warn if people use the Bugs field to refer to the Debian BTS, the
      new check is called redundant-bugs-field. (Closes: #245883)
  * checks/files:
    + [HE] Check that .desktop files are placed in /usr/share/applications.
      This seems to be the standard place for those files that are used
      to create menus. The check is called desktop-file-in-wrong-dir.
      (Closes: #200171)
  * checks/manpages:
    + [HE] Don't compare the manpage filename extension and the content of
      .TH case-sensitive. Report + patch by Jay Berkenbilt <email address hidden>,
      thanks. (Closes: #285335)
    + [HE] Emit binary-without-english-manpage if a package only provides
      translated manpages for a binary. (Closes: #259227)
    + [HE] Skip all comment lines when checking for .so links in manpages.
      Thanks for the report and fix suggestion to Steinar H. Gunderson
      <email address hidden>. (Closes: #284662)
  * checks/md5sums:
    + [HE] Strip off ./ at the beginning of the filenames in md5sums
      files (this seems to happen on some systems, though we don't know
      how). (Closes: #284728)
  * checks/standards-version:
    + [CW] By definition, udebs aren't required to conform to policy, so
      don't issue no-standards-version-field for them. (If they happen to
      have a Standards-Version field anyway, we still check that it's

  * lib/Lab.pm, frontend/lintian:
    SECURITY (CAN-2004-1000):
    + [FL] Overhaul lab directory handling. This also fixes the issue
      of removing a lab that never was created (Closes: #286681)
  The "learn how to use intltool-debian correctly the hard way" release

  * checks/po-debconf: Set INTLTOOL_EXTRACT to fix invocation
    of intltool-update (Closes: #285419, #285471)
  The "A little pause from the sarge release work" release.

  * checks/changelog-file:
    + [FL] file has apparently changed its output format for
      symlinks sometime in the past. This broke symlink detection.
      (Closes: #276504)
  * checks/deb-format, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2:
    + [CW] Fix binary package data member extraction to work with arbitrary
      compression algorithms instead of hardcoding data.tar.gz.
  * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
    + [FL] The SETTITLE command was introduced in debconf version
      1.3.22. Check the depends for that (Closes: #261890)
    + [FL] Warn about incorrect usage of commas in translated Choices
      fields. Patch by Denis Barbier after a suggestion by Andreas
      Metzler (Closes: #282030)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [FL] Update list of debhelper scripts that modify maintainer
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [FL] Adjust references to the menu documentation. Noted by
      Jack Moffitt (Closes: #277393)
  * checks/po-debconf{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Check for outdated .pot files when using po-debconf.
      This requires a new dependency on intltool-debian. Patch
      by Denis Barbier with corrections by JvW (Closes: #242345)
  * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
    + [FL] Fix copy-and-paste error in description
      of wrong-path-for-gnuplot (Closes: #276945)
      Thanks to Lionel Elie Mamane for reporting.
    + [FL] Add tclsh8.3 to list of valid interpreters as it is used
      in at least one package. (Closes: #280080)
    + [FL] Issue wrong-path-for-{ruby,python} even if the path contained
      a version number. Change the description of the tag to reflect that.
      (Closes: #257904)

  * frontend/lintian-info:
    + [FL] Overrides start with O:, not with 0:, d'oh!
      (Closes: #258815)

  * lib/Tags.pm:
    + [FL] Add missing "use Util;", noted by Robert Luberda
      (Closes: #278513)

  * testset/debconf/*,testset/tags.debconf:
    + [FL] New test package for debconf and udeb tests
  * testset/diffs:
    + [JvW] Remove the shipped ELF binary, can be compiled at test-time
  * testset/runtests:
    + [FL] Make checks of udeb packages possible

  The ``the others must be busy releasing Sarge or something'' release,
  prepared by yours truly
  * checks/conffiles.desc:
    + Note the most likely cause for duplicate-conffile in the description
      (thanks Chris Anderson for running into this problem and asking me
      about it)
  * checks/copyright-file:
    + Revert the extra pedantic check introduced in 1.23.0 that
      complained about unstrict dependencies when one as a
      /usr/share/doc/<package> that is a symlink (Closes: #249414)
  * checks/debconf:
    + Don't warn when the Choices field of a debconf question is
      not translated, often it makes no sense to translate it
      (Closes: #262649)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + dh-make also creates sample files named .EX, so make that check
      case-insensitive (Closes: #251262)
  * checks/fields.desc:
    + Adjust package-has-a-duplicate-relation to warning, and note that
      this sometimes happens to you when using ${shlibs:Depends}, and you
      shouldn't bother too much if that's the case (Closes: #274286)
      Thanks Peter Eisentraut for the suggestion
    + Fix English language depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version,
      thanks to Peter Eisentrautf for noticing (Closes: #261603)
    + [FL] Clone depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version as
      build-depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version to give
      correct policy reference (Closes: #261602)
  * checks/init.d:
    + Don't warn for missing init.d scripts in package and conffile list
      if a variable is used instead of a real name (Closes: #264218)
  * checks/manpages.desc:
    + Demote binary-without-manpage to warning, and adjust description,
      to be consistent with policy, which says a manpage should be available
      (and doesn't use "must" for it). Thanks to Robert Millan for his patch
      (Closes: #271014)
  * checks/nmu.desc:
    + Note in source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number's description that
      the mistake could also be the other way around (Closes: #258604)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + Don't give missing-file-from-potfile-in on empty lines
      (Thanks Adam Conrad for noticing)
  * checks/scripts:
    + The php commandline interpreter is now provided by php4-cli, and
      not php4-cgi, update dependency check accordingly (Closes: #268077)
    + Give an error if the 'config' script uses a non-essential
      interpreter (Closes: #274832)
  * checks/shared-libraries:
    + Ignore comments in shlibs files (Closes: #275124)
  * doc/lintian.sgml:
    + Document that you can use comments in overrides (Closes: #87805)
  * frontend/lintian:
    + Fix overrides so that they allow all of (1) <package> <type>:,
      (2) <package>:, and (3) <nothing> as prefix to tags you want to
      override, and modify documentation accordingly. This used to be buggy
      (Closes: #261435)
  * The "of course it had to go wrong on my first own lintian
    upload" release.
  * Tigthen versioned Build-Depends on sed to (>= 4.1-4) to avoid
    be hitten by a bug in sed that changes the permissions of files
    when processed with sed -i (Closes: #259109)
  The ``Now featuring over 500 checks'' release, prepared by the usual
  * checks/*:
    + [JvW] Changed from executables to check-plugins
    + [HE] Drop the misuse of charset when we want to say "encoding".
      Renamed 2 tests for that:
      unknown-charset-in-po-file -> unknown-encoding-in-po-file
      debian-changelog-file-uses-obsolete-national-charset ->
      (Closes: #248194)
  * checks/binaries:
    + [FL] Change check for binary-compiled-with-profiling-enabled on
      hppa to look for _mcount instead of __gmon_start__ since the
      latter can't be used as an indicator on that arch (Closes: #207063)
    + [JvW] Exempt ocaml binaries from the 'is the binary stripped?' test,
      since they cannot be stripped harmlessly. See #256900 (Closes: #252695)
    + [JvW] Parse the output of file a little bit more strict, and make it
      consequent across checks (Closes: #257898)
  * checks/changelog-files{,.desc}:
    + [HE] New check latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-date, comparing
      the dates of the last 2 changelog entries. (Closes: #111215)
    + [FL] New tag invalid-date-in-changelog which is issued if
      latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-date encounters a
      parse error
  * checks/common-data.pm:
    + [JvW] Add libgl(u)-dev to list of virtual packages (Closes: #255595)
    + [JvW] Added amd64 to list of known architectures, as the name has
      settled and it'll likely enter the archive soonish (Closes: #257503)
  * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
    + [HE] Introduced new check script. New checks:
      - build-info-in-binary-control-file-section, triggered
        by a Build-* field in a binary section (Closes: #94928)
      - debian-control-file-uses-obsolete-national-encoding, stolen from
        changelog-file (Closes: #247197)
  * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
    + [JvW] cvsignore-file-in-source is now info, because it happens so often
      by upstream, and is only very minor in size
    + [HE] New check: source-contains-cvs-conflict-copy, triggered by
      .#file.version files. They are created by cvs when it tries to merge
      local changes and an update from the repo. (Closes: #246060)
    + [JvW] Also check for source-contains-svn-conflict-copy (for .r123 and
      .mine files)
  * checks/debhelper:
    + [FL] Avoid Perl warning about undefined values. Noted by JvW.
  * checks/fields{,.desc}:
    + [JvW] Added debian-revision-should-not-be-zero, suggested by Adam
    + [FL] Downgrade build-depends-without-arch-dep to warning as it's
      heuristic. Reword explanation. This partly handles #247171.
    + [JvW] For build-depends-without-arch-dep, fix detection of debhelper
      usage in clean when used by means of CDBS (combined with above change,
      now fully closes: #247171)
    + [HE] Check Build-Depends(-Indep) for virtual packages without a
      real dependency. Fix based on patch by Steinar H. Gunderson
      <email address hidden>. (Closes: #255593)
    + [HE] Don't issue virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends
      if this happens in Suggests. (Closes: #254367)
    + [FL] Allow whitespace in relations after the version number
  * checks/huge-usr-share:
    + [FL] Skip check for packages that don't have usr/share at all
      (Closes: #247708)
  * checks/manpages:
    + [FL] Comment check for no-manpage-in-correct-directory out until
      I know if it's worth keeping it at all (Closes: #253011)
      Thanks to Stephen Stafford for pointing this out.
  * checks/menus:
    + [FL] Fix regex which checks for update-menus calls (missing
      whitespace) and allow path before executable name (perhaps this
      should be another warning, though?) (Closes: #254420)
    + [FL] Some clean-up and warn that wm-menu-config is deprecated
      (Closes: #248997)
    + [FL] Demote executable-in-usr-lib-menu to warning as executables
      are supported (but seldomly used) (Closes: #254498)
  * checks/menu-format:
    + [FL] Fix su-to-root checks to cope with the new -X option and
      improve the option parsing to better handle unknown options
    + [FL] Allow a comma separated list in the package test. Pointed
      out by Gerfried Fuchs (Closes: #246507) Change incorrect-package-test
      to pkg-not-in-package-test which is issued when the package is
      not in the list. Don't issue menu-command-not-in-package when
      we have a list.
    + [FL] Commands for window manager's modules can't be expected
      to be available as executables, so don't issue
      menu-command-not-in-package in this case. Thanks to
      Manoj Srivastava for reporting (Closes: #247805)
    + [HE] Change menu-command-not-in-package to also look into the standard
      PATH. (Closes: #255155)
  * checks/po-debconf:
    + [JvW] Simply fail if stuff from gettext is missing.
  * checks/scripts:
    + [FL] Don't issue executable-not-elf-or-script for files
      that are named *.exe (Closes: #251075, #255083)
    + [CW] Add python2.4 as a valid interpreter (Closes: #254482)
    + [FL] Add ruby1.[68] as valid interpreters, introduce new
      ruby-script-but-no-ruby-dep error, copied from the python stuff
    + [FL] Don't issue script-not-executable for menu-methods. There
      are reasons why they are sometimes not executable (Closes: #250632)
    + [FL] 'and' and 'or' are no bash keywords (Closes: #194283)
  * checks/shared-libs:
    + [FL] Don't report shlib-with-executable-bit and
      shlib-with-bad-permissions on symbolic links to such files
    + [JvW] Fix the pic-detection code (Closes: #185816)
  * debian/{control,rules}, frontend/lintian:
    + [JvW] Insert version number at package build time, no need to commit a
      change to frontend/lintian on every version number change... Requires
      sed version 4 at build-time.
    + [JvW] Start depending on gettext.
    + [JvW] Start depending on libdigest-md5-perl on woody, for using md5 on
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [JvW] Partial rewrite: checks are now plugins loaded into lintian,
      rather than executed as separate executables. Makes it easy to make
      common functions available, tags are done centrally, etc etc. Should
      also save quite a number of forks, thus more speedier.

  * lib/Util.pm:
    + [FL] dpkg supports comments in control files now, handle them
    + [FL] a space after the colon is not mandatory in dpkg control

  * man/lintian.1:
    + [FL] Document new control-file check script

  * reporting/harness:
    + [FL] Correctly support udeb packages
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [FL] Correctly support udeb packages
    + [FL] Remove some unused code for bug references
  * reporting/bug.status:
    + [FL] Remove

  * testset/filenames:
    + [JvW] Fix two lintian warnings in lintian itself by touching files only
      on clean target, and not distributing them in the source

  * unpack/list-srcpkg:
    + [FL] Some packages don't specifiy a standards-version, e.g. d-i ones.
      Prevent Perl warnings.
  * unpack/list-udebpkg:
    + [FL] Fix sort of copy & paste error which caused the whole
      script to behave ill
  * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2:
    + [FL] While fixing permissions, also enable write access
      so we get no problems on removal. Disable group write
      permissions, we need nobody to interfere with us.

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