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b478a90... by lamby on 2017-10-12

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.55 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 46ee9fc86cfc49150857013c66bc65fba105eb73

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - debian-watch-uses-insecure-uri
      - django-package-does-not-depend-on-django
      - example-script-uses-deprecated-nodejs-location
      - priority-extra-is-replaced-by-priority-optional
      - python-module-has-overly-generic-name
      - systemd-service-file-wraps-init-script
    + Removed:
      - copyright-year-in-future
  * checks/copyright-file.pm:
    + [CL] Drop copyright-year-in-future after all; it's just too error
      prone and time-consuming to maintain given the severity of the issues
      it can find. (Closes: #877766)
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [CL] Exempt debian/copyright from license-problem-non-free-RFC tag
      to avoid false-positives on meta-references. (Closes: #877999)
  * checks/debhelper.pm:
    + [AB] Also recognize dh-exec's "=>" arrow if surrounded by tabs.
      (Closes: #877905)
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Add an info tag for packages that use "Priority: extra". Thanks
      to Mattia Rizzolo for the suggestion. (Closes: #870898)
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [CL] Ignore privacy breach violations in comments. (Closes: #877421)
    + [CL] Check for Python modules with overly generic names such as
      "tests" or "test". (Closes: #875964)
  * checks/{files,manpages,menu-format}.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Stop considering usr/man, usr/X11R6/bin and usr/X11R6/man as
      manpage directories / PATH directories to simplify some code paths.
      Nothing ships manpages in these directories and lintian emits tags
      to strongly discourage people from doing so.
  * checks/init.d.pm:
    + [CL] Avoid warning for init.d-script-not-marked-as-conffile when
      the init.d script does not exist; we will already be alerted via
      the init.d-script-not-included-in-package error.
  * checks/python.pm:
    + [CL] Move to "Type: source, binary" check type.
    + [CL] Also match packages named "python2-*" as relating to Python 2.x.
    + [CL] Warn about Django libraries that do not depend on Django itself.
      (Closes: #877292)
    + [CL] Do not emit python-foo-but-no-python3-foo for -common packages.
  * checks/scripts.desc:
    + [CL] Add missing example-script-uses-deprecated-nodejs-location tag.
      (Closes: #877142)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Mattia Rizzolo to improve the tag description
      for script-uses-deprecated-nodejs-location.
    + [CL] Actually check for a dependency on sensible-utils before
      emitting script-needs-depends-on-sensible-utils. Thanks to Daniel
      Reichelt for the detailed bug report. (Closes: #877439)
  * checks/standards-version.desc:
    + [CL] Correct invalid link to upgrading-checklist. Thanks to Dann
      Frazier for the report. (Closes: #878184)
  * checks/systemd.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Warn if native systemd service files only wrap existing SysV/LSB
      init scripts. (Closes: #870704)
  * checks/watch-file.{pm,desc}:
    + [CL] Warn for debian/watch files using insecure URIs such as HTTP or
      FTP, similar to vcs-field-uses-insecure-uri. (Closes: #849515)
  * data/{common => fields}/priorities:
    + [NT] Rename file.
  * data/fields/essential:
    + [MR] Remove 'mount' from the essential packages. Starting with
      util-linux version 2.29.2-3 the Essential flag has been removed.
      (Closes: #877511)
  * data/fields/priorities:
    + [NT] Remove "extra".
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-websites:
    + [CL] Replace (eg.) "You may use libjs-prototype package" with "You
      may use the libjs-prototype package".
  * commands/lintian.pm:
    + [NT] Simplify handling of uncaught exceptions.
  * doc/lintian.xml:
    + [NT] Document that the XDG_DATA_HOME directory can be used for
      user profiles and data files. This has been supported for quite
      a while but the documentation incorrectly listed "$HOME/.lintian"
      instead (which in fact did not work for this purpose).
      (Closes: #701477)
  * frontend/dplint:
    + [NT] Restore "$HOME/.lintian" as a directory that is used for
      user profiles and data files. It was advertised as such in the
      documentation but the code actually only used the XDG_DATA_HOME
      path. Thanks to Daniel Kauffman for the report. (Closes: #875636)
    + [NT] Correct the order of restricted search paths (user directories
      and /etc/lintian). It incorrectly used /etc/lintian before the
      user directory.
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Rename the "fail" subroutine to "internal_error" to better
      reflect its purpose.
  * t/tests/binaries-from-other-arch:
    + [NT] Make test architecture specific as it fails on certain
      architectures. (Closes: #877147)
  * t/tests/python-new-python2-package/*:
    + [CL] Correct Depends of python2.7 → python3 in Python 3 test
  * t/tests/python-python2-no-python3-unrel/debian/debian/control.in:
    + [CL] Add test for ignoring python-foo-doc packages.
    + [CL] Correct short descriptions of binary packages.

46ee9fc... by lamby on 2017-09-29

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.54 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 40c5df1f7c55bedffb54e2824387f2a83776738f

New changelog entries:
  * checks/copyright-file.pm:
    + [CL] Prevent false positives in copyright-year-in-future when
      matching URLs.
    + [CL] Prevent false positives in copyright-year-in-future when
      matching the Tcl license (eg. postgresql-10). (Closes: #876360)
  * checks/debhelper.pm:
    + [CL] Ensure that "missing-build-dependency-for-dh_-command" is not
      emitted for dh-strip-nondeterminism at Debhelper compat levels >=
      10. (Closes: #876443)
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [CL] Correct grammar and punctuation in description of
  * checks/changelog-file.pm:
    + [CL] Also ignore lines that (meta) reference "typo" when checking
      for "spelling-error-in-changelog".
  * data/standards-version/release-dates:
    + [CL] Add 4.1.1 as a known standards version.
  * debian/control:
    + [CL] Mention Debian Policy v4.1.1 in the description.
  * t/tests/binaries-from-other-arch/debian/debian/dumpobj:
    + [CL] Apply patch from Jakub Wilk to prevent test failures on
      armhf/arm64, etc. (Closes: #877147)
  * t/tests/fields-perl-provides/{desc,tags}:
    + [CL] Apply patch from Gianfranco Costamagna (locutusofborg) to fix
      failing test on 32-bit architectures and add a suitable Test-Against
      stanza to make this easier to catch in future. Thanks to Matthias
      Klose (doko) for the report. (Closes: #876343)

40c5df1... by lamby on 2017-09-20

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.53 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2855b991063a8b14903e70e033ce0f21e1f36b5d

New changelog entries:
  The "we are all Perl developers now" release.
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - alternatively-build-depends-on-python-sphinx-and-python3-sphinx
      - build-depends-on-python-sphinx-only
      - dependency-on-python-version-marked-for-end-of-life
      - maintainer-script-interpreter
      - missing-call-to-dpkg-maintscript-helper
      - node-package-install-in-nodejs-rootdir
      - override-file-in-wrong-package
      - package-installs-java-bytecode
      - python-foo-but-no-python3-foo
      - script-needs-depends-on-sensible-utils
      - script-uses-deprecated-nodejs-location
      - transitional-package-should-be-oldlibs-optional
      - unnecessary-testsuite-autopkgtest-header
      - vcs-browser-links-to-empty-view
    + Removed:
      - debug-package-should-be-priority-extra
      - missing-classpath
      - transitional-package-should-be-oldlibs-extra
  * checks/apache2.pm:
    + [CL] Fix an apache2-unparsable-dependency false positive by allowing
      periods (".") in dependency names. (Closes: #873701)
  * checks/binaries.pm:
    + [CL] Apply patches from Guillem Jover & Boud Roukema to improve the
      description of the binary-file-built-without-LFS-support tag.
      (Closes: #874078)
  * checks/changes.{pm,desc}:
    + [CL] Ignore DFSG-repacked packages when checking for upstream
      source tarball signatures as they will never match by definition.
      (Closes: #871957)
    + [CL] Downgrade severity of orig-tarball-missing-upstream-signature
      from "E:" to "W:" as many common tools do not make including the
      signatures easy enough right now. (Closes: #870722, #870069)
    + [CL] Expand the explanation of the
      orig-tarball-missing-upstream-signature tag to include the location
      of where dpkg-source will look. Thanks to Theodore Ts'o for the
  * checks/copyright-file.pm:
    + [CL] Address a number of issues in copyright-year-in-future:
      - Prevent false positives in port numbers, email addresses, ISO
        standard numbers and matching specific and general street
        addresses. (Closes: #869788)
      - Match all violating years in a line, not just the first (eg.
      - Ignore meta copyright statements such as "Original Author". Thanks
        to Thorsten Alteholz for the bug report. (Closes: #873323)
      - Expand testsuite.
  * checks/cruft.{pm,desc}:
    + [CL] Downgrade severity of file-contains-fixme-placeholder
      tag from "important" (ie. "E:") to "wishlist" (ie. "I:").
      Thanks to Gregor Herrmann for the suggestion.
    + [CL] Apply patch from Alex Muntada (alexm) to use "substr" instead
      of "substring" in mentions-deprecated-usr-lib-perl5-directory's
      description. (Closes: #871767)
    + [CL] Don't check copyright_hints file for FIXME placeholders.
      (Closes: #872843)
    + [CL] Don't match quoted "FIXME" variants as they are almost always
      deliberate. Thanks to Adrian Bunk for the report. (Closes: #870199)
    + [CL] Avoid false positives in missing source checks for "CSS Browser
      Selector". (Closes: #874381)
  * checks/debhelper.pm:
    + [CL] Prevent a false positive of
      missing-build-dependency-for-dh_-command that can be exposed by
      following the advice for the recently added
      useless-autoreconf-build-depends tag. (Closes: #869541)
  * checks/debian-readme.{pm,desc}:
    + [CL] Ensure readme-debian-contains-debmake-template also checks
      for templates "Automatically generated by debmake".
  * checks/description.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Clarify explanation of description-starts-with-leading-spaces
      tag. Thanks to Taylor Kline <email address hidden> for the report
      and patch. (Closes: #849622)
    + [NT] Skip capitalization-error-in-description-synopsis for
      auto-generated packages (such as dbgsym packages).
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Ensure that python3-foo packages have "Section: python", not
      just python2-foo. (Closes: #870272)
    + [RG] Do no longer require debug packages to be priority extra.
    + [BR] Use Lintian::Data for name/section mapping
    + [CL] Check for packages including "?rev=0&sc=0" in Vcs-Browser.
      (Closes: #681713)
    + [NT] Transitional packages should now be "oldlibs/optional" rather
      than "oldlibs/extra". The related tag has been renamed accordingly.
  * checks/filename-length.pm:
    + [NT] Skip the check on auto-generated binary packages (such as
      dbgsym packages).
  * checks/files.{pm,desc}:
    + [BR] Avoid privacy-breach-generic false positives for legal.xml.
    + [BR] Detect install of node package under /usr/lib/nodejs/[^/]*$
    + [CL] Check for packages shipping compiled Java class files. Thanks
      Carnë Draug <email address hidden>. (Closes: #873211)
    + [BR] Privacy breach is no longer experimental.
  * checks/init.d.desc:
    + [RG] Do not recommend a versioned dependency on lsb-base in
      init.d-script-needs-depends-on-lsb-base. (Closes: #847144)
  * checks/java.pm:
    + [CL] Additionally consider .cljc files as code to avoid false-
      positive codeless-jar warnings. (Closes: #870649)
    + [CL] Drop problematic missing-classpath check. (Closes: #857123)
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [CL] Prevent false positives in desktop-entry-lacks-keywords-entry
      for "Link" and "Directory" .desktop files. (Closes: #873702)
  * checks/python.{pm,desc}:
    + [CL] Split out Python checks from "scripts" check to a new, source
      check of type "source".
    + [CL] Check for python-foo without corresponding python3-foo packages
      to assist in Python 2.x deprecation. (Closes: #870681)
    + [CL] Check for packages that Build-Depend on python-sphinx only.
      (Closes: #870730)
    + [CL] Check for packages that alternatively Build-Depend on the
      Python 2 and Python 3 versions of Sphinx. (Closes: #870758)
    + [CL] Check for binary packages that depend on Python 2.x.
      (Closes: #870822)
  * checks/scripts.pm:
    + [CL] Correct false positives in
      unconditional-use-of-dpkg-statoverride by detecting "if !" as a
      valid shell prefix. (Closes: #869587)
    + [CL] Check for missing calls to dpkg-maintscript-helper(1) in
      maintainer scripts. (Closes: #872042)
    + [CL] Check for packages using sensible-utils without declaring a
      dependency after its split from debianutils. (Closes: #872611)
    + [CL] Warn about scripts using "nodejs" as an interpreter now that
      nodejs provides /usr/bin/node. (Closes: #873096)
    + [BR] Add a statistic tag giving interpreter.
  * checks/testsuite.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Remove recommendations to add a "Testsuite: autopkgtest" field
      to debian/control as it is added when needed by dpkg-source(1)
      since dpkg 1.17.1. (Closes: #865531)
    + [CL] Warn if we see an unnecessary "Testsuite: autopkgtest" header
      in debian/control.
    + [NT] Recognise "autopkgtest-pkg-go" as a valid test suite.
    + [CL] Recognise "autopkgtest-pkg-elpa" as a valid test suite.
      (Closes: #873458)
    + [CL] Recognise "autopkgtest-pkg-octave" as a valid test suite.
      (Closes: #875985)
    + [CL] Update the description of unknown-testsuite to reflect that
      "autopkgtest" is not the only valid value; the referenced URL
      is out-of-date (filed as #876008). (Closes: #876003)
  * data/binaries/embedded-libs:
    + [RG] Detect embedded copies of heimdal, libgxps, libquicktime,
      libsass, libytnef, and taglib.
    + [RG] Use an additional string to detect embedded copies of
      openjpeg2. (Closes: #762956)
  * data/fields/name_section_mappings:
    + [BR] node- package section is javascript.
    + [CL] Apply patch from Guillem Jover to add more section mappings.
      (Closes: #874121)
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [MR] Add dh-systemd. (Closes: #872076)
  * data/fields/perl-provides:
    + [CL] Refresh perl provides.
  * data/fields/virtual-packages:
    + [CL] Update data file from archive. This fixes a false positive for
      "bacula-director". (Closes: #835120)
  * data/files/obsolete-paths:
    + [CL] Add note to /etc/bash_completion.d entry regarding stricter
      filename requirements. (Closes: #814599)
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-websites:
    + [BR] Detect custom donation logos like apache.
    + [BR] Detect generic counter website.
  * data/standards-version/release-dates:
    + [CL] Add 4.0.1 and 4.1.0 as known standards versions.
      (Closes: #875509)
  * debian/control:
    + [CL] Mention Debian Policy v4.1.0 in the description.
    + [CL] Add myself to Uploaders.
    + [CL] Drop unnecessary "Testsuite: autopkgtest"; this is implied from
      debian/tests/control existing.
  * commands/info.pm:
    + [CL] Add a --list-tags option to print all tags Lintian knows about.
      Thanks to Rajendra Gokhale for the suggestion. (Closes: #779675)
  * commands/lintian.pm:
    + [CL] Apply patch from Maia Everett to avoid British spelling when
      using en_US locale. (Closes: #868897)
  * lib/Lintian/Check.pm:
    + [CL] Stop emitting {maintainer,uploader}-address-causes-mail-loops
      for @packages.debian.org addresses. (Closes: #871575)
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [NT] Introduce an "auto-generated" argument for "is_pkg_class".
  * lib/Lintian/Data.pm:
    + [CL] Modify Lintian::Data's "all" to always return keys in insertion
      order, dropping dependency on libtie-ixhash-perl.
  * helpers/coll/objdump-info-helper:
    + [CL] Apply patch from Steve Langasek to accommodate binutils 2.29
      outputting symbols in a different format on ppc64el.
      (Closes: #869750)
  * t/tests/fields-perl-provides/tags:
    + [CL] Update expected output to match new Perl provides.
  * t/tests/files-privacybreach/*:
    + [CL] Add explicit test for packages including external fonts via
      the Google Font API. Thanks to Ian Jackson for the report.
      (Closes: #873434)
    + [CL] Add explicit test for packages including external fonts via
      the Typekit API via <script/> HTML tags.
  * t/tests/*/desc:
    + [CL] Add missing entries in "Test-For" fields to make
      development/testing workflow less error-prone.
  * private/generate-tag-summary:
    + [CL] git-describe(1) will usually emit 7 hexadecimal digits as the
      abbreviated object name, However, as this can be user-dependent,
      pass --abbrev=0 to ensure it does not vary between systems. This
      also means we do not need to strip it ourselves.
  * private/refresh-*:
    + [CL] Use deb.debian.org as the default mirror.
    + [CL] Update locations of Contents-<arch> files; they are now
      namespaced by distribution (eg. "main").

2855b99... by Niels Thykier on 2017-07-23

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.52 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 436aecb8ff33f4cb72f3c2583575a37ae7d22c0c

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - appstream-metadata-in-legacy-location
      - appstream-metadata-legacy-format
      - appstream-metadata-malformed-modalias-provide
      - appstream-metadata-missing-modalias-provide
      - copyright-contains-automatically-extracted-boilerplate
      - copyright-year-in-future
      - debian-rules-sets-DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
      - elf-maintainer-script
      - emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa
      - file-contains-fixme-placeholder
      - gobject-instrospection-package-missing-depends-on-gir-depends
      - manpage-has-overly-generic-name
      - orig-tarball-missing-upstream-signature
      - package-installs-deprecated-upstart-configuration
      - udev-rule-missing-subsystem
      - udev-rule-missing-uaccess
      - udev-rule-unreadable
      - unconditional-use-of-dpkg-statoverride
      - useless-autoreconf-build-depends
    + Removed:
      - copyright-contains-dh-make-perl-boilerplate
      - package-depends-on-multiple-tkx-versions
      - restriction-formula-with-debhelper-without-debhelper-version
      - restriction-formula-without-versioned-dpkg-dev-dependency
  * checks/appstream-metadata.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] New check by Petter Reinholdtsen.
  * checks/changelog-file.desc:
    + [AB] Fix typo "%gt;" vs "&gt;".
    + [CL] Expand the rationale for the
      latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-date tag to mention
      possible implications for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH/reproducible builds.
  * checks/control-file.pm:
    + [NT] Remove check for missing versioned build-depends for dpkg
      and debhlper when using Build-Profiles. The necessary versions
      are now in oldstable.
    + [CL] Add check for GObject Introspection packages that are missing
      binary dependencies on ${gir:Depends}. (Closes: #860801)
  * checks/changes-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Check for the presence of an .asc signature if an upstream
      signing key is present. (Closes: #833585)
  * checks/copyright-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Rename copyright-contains-dh-make-perl-boilerplate to
      copyright-contains-automatically-extracted-boilerplate as it can
      be generated by other tools such as dh-make-elpa. Thanks to Sean
      Whitton for the report. (Closes: #841832)
    + [CL] Check for years that are later than the last entry added to
      debian/changelog. (Closes: #807461)
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Clarify language of source-contains-prebuilt-ms-help-file
      description; there exists free software to generate .chm files.
    + [CL] Don't emit source-contains-prebuilt-ms-help-file for files
      generated by Halibut. (Closes: #867673)
    + [CL] Move r-data-without-readme-source to check the source package,
      no the binary; the expected README.source files are not installed
      in binary packages. (Closes: #866322)
    + [CL] Apply patch from Dylan Aïssi to also check for .RData files
      (not just .Rdata) files in r-data-without-readme-source.
      (Closes: #868178)
    + [CL] Check for "FIXME" and similar placeholders in various files
      under debian/. (Closes: #846009)
  * checks/debhelper.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Check for useless build-dependencies on dh-autoreconf or
      autotools-dev under compat levels 10 or higher. (Closes: #844191)
  * checks/elpa.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Sean Whitton to add elpa related checks.
      (Closes: #867042)
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Remove check for missing versioned build-depends for dpkg
      and debhlper when using Build-Profiles. The necessary versions
      are now in oldstable.
    + [NT] Drop check for depending on multiple versions of tkx as
      tkx does not seem to be in Debian any longer.
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [CL] Add .yml to the list of file extensions to avoid false
      positives when emitting extra-license-file, with testcase. Thanks
      to Rene Engelhard for the report. (Closes: #856137)
    + [CL] Check for packages containing upstart configuration under
      /etc/init. Thanks to Paul Wise for the report. (Closes: #825348)
  * checks/init.d.desc:
    + [CL] Add an example snippet to explain how to prevent emission
      of init.d-script-sourcing-without-test.
  * checks/manpages.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL] Check for overly-generic filenames such as README.3pm.gz.
      (Closes: #792846)
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [ADB] Fix formatting of desktop-entry-lacks-icon-entry
  * checks/scripts.desc:
    + [CL] Upgrade new-package-should-not-package-python2-module from
      I: to W:. See #829744 for more info.
    + [CL] Clarify wording in new-package-should-not-package-python2-module
      to make the justification clearer.
    + [CL] Check for calls to dpkg-statoverride --add without a
      corresponding --list. (Closes: #652963)
    + [CL] Add missing "contains" verb to the description of the
      debhelper-autoscript-in-maintainer-scripts tag.
    + [CL] Emit new "elf-maintainer-script" classification tag if
      debian/postinst (etc.) is an ELF binary.
  * checks/rules.desc:
    + [CL] Clarify wording in debian-rules-parses-dpkg-parsechangelog to
      make the justification clearer. (Closes: #865882)
    + [CL] Check for files setting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS instead of
      DH_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS. (Closes: #833691)
  * checks/udev.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] New check by Petter Reinholdtsen.
  * checks/watch-file.pm:
    + [CL] Factor out hard-coded list of possible upstream key locations
      to the "common/signing-key-filenames" Lintian::Data resource.
  * collection/scripts:
    + [CL] Check that non-ELF maintainer scripts start with #!.
      (Closes: #843428)
  * commands/lintian.pm:
    + [NT] Attempt to clean up on SIGTERM (like with SIGINT).
    + [CL] Allow the use of suppress-tags=<tag>[,<tag>[,<tag>]] in
      lintianrc. (Closes: #764486)
  * commands/reporting-html-reports:
    + [NT] Enable re-use of the memory for the maintainer mapping once the
      log file as been parsed.
    + [CL] Consistently use the same "Debian style" RFC 822 date format for
      both "Mirror timestamp" and "Last updated" on the index page.
      (Closes: #828720)
  * commands/reporting-sync-state:
    + [NT] Re-encode checksums into base64 encoded strings (from hex).
      This reduces size per checksum by about ~30% (disk and memory). This
      reduction is also applicable to other reporting tools that loads the
      harness cache.
  * data/cruft/non-free-files:
    + [CL] Match more Lena Söderberg images. Thanks to Lumin
      <email address hidden> and Dylan Aïssi <email address hidden>.
      (Closes: #827941)
  * data/fields/build-profiles:
    + [NT] Add patch from Mattia Rizzolo to update the list of known build
      profiles, adding «nolua» and «noruby».
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [AB] Remove "iff". It's a valid English word. (Closes: #865055)
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add (Build-)Depends on libxml-simple-perl for the new
      appstream-metadata check.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Sean Whitton to add a Build-Depends on dh-elpa
      for a test.
    + [NT] Prefer default-jdk-headless to default-jdk when available.
  * debian/rules:
    + [JW, NT] Post process HTML docmentation to set the charset to UTF-8,
      which fixes mojibake in the Debian Policy Manual links. Thanks to
      Paul Hardy for finding a solution to the problem.
      (Closes: #802721)
    + [NT] Override dh_autoreconf tools as they are not used (but need to
      scan over all files in the source package).
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
    + [CL] Improve support for "3.0 (git)" packages. They are still marked
      as unsupported-source-format as they are not accepted by the Debian
      archive. (Closes: #605999)
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Fix uninitialized warning if a fork call fails.
  * profiles/debian/main.profile:
    + [NT] Enable appstream-metadata + udev check by default.
      (Closes: #841670)
  * t/tests/spelling-general/debian/debian/copyright:
    + [CL] Add regression test for #844166.

436aecb... by Niels Thykier on 2017-06-18

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.51 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0cb156e2dfad5c086e0fc0492d81da67ba0fad55

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - debian-control-has-dbgsym-package
      - debian-control-has-obsolete-dbg-package
      - debian-rules-parses-dpkg-parsechangelog
      - desktop-entry-lacks-icon-entry
      - distribution-and-changes-mismatch
      - distribution-and-experimental-mismatch
      - gir-in-arch-all-package
      - gir-missing-typelib-dependency
      - gir-section-not-libdevel
      - multiarch-foreign-shared-library
      - r-data-without-readme-source
      - readme-source-is-dh_make-template
      - repeated-trigger-name
      - systemd-service-file-refers-to-obsolete-bindto
      - testsuite-autopkgtest-missing
      - typelib-in-arch-all-package
      - typelib-missing-gir-depends
      - typelib-not-in-multiarch-directory
      - typelib-package-name-does-not-match
      - typelib-section-not-introspection
      - unknown-trigger
      - unreleased-changes
      - uses-implicit-await-trigger
    + Removed:
      - ancient-autotools-helper-file
      - init.d-script-missing-dependency-on-remote_fs
      - maintainer-script-should-not-use-ancient-dpkg-epoch-check
      - maintainer-script-should-not-use-ancient-dpkg-multi-conrep-check
      - outdated-autotools-helper-file
      - package-would-benefit-from-build-arch-targets
      - suidregister-used-in-maintainer-script
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Adrian Bunk to bump severity of the
      hardening-no-pie to a W-tag and improve the tag description.
      (Closes: #856155)
    + [NT] Apply patches from Michael Stapelberg to improve handling
      of golang binaries. (Closes: #857654, #857655, #857656)
  * checks/changelog-file.pm:
    + [BR] Check also bug over 1000000 as improbable. Bug below
      50004 are not archived and are thus improbable.
  * checks/changes-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Apply patch by Simon McVittie to detect unreleased package
      uploaded to unstable and mismatched .changes and
      Changes: distribution. (Closes: #540294).
  * checks/control.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Detect dbgsym package in control file. (Closes: #858117).
    + [BR] Warn about obsolete -dbg package.
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Document long line tagged source-is-missing as a feature
      not a bug. (Closes: #849470).
    + [BR] Correct a typo in description of tag
    + [BR] Avoid a false positive in gfdl file detection.
    + [NT] Drop tags about outdated autotools config.guess and
      config.sub files. These days debhelper automatically updates
      them when people use the dh-sequencer and the check is not
      geared for more thorough analysis. (Closes: #848878)
    + [CL] Check that README.source is not the dh_make template.
      (Closes: #633850)
  * checks/debian-readme.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Locate the README.Debian using the index rather than relying
      on a collection.
  * checks/fields.pm:
    + [BR] Enforce naming convention for debug package. (Closes: #645455).
    + [NT] Avoid proposing "/git/git/" as a part of the canonical URL for
      anonscm.debian.org. Thanks to Andreas Beckmann for spotting the
      bug. (Closes: #851215)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Dylan Aïssi to recommend "javascript" section
      for libjs packages. Previously, lintian would recommend "web".
      (Closes: #863386)
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [BR] Do not report duplicates for package-installs-apt-preferences
      and package-installs-apt-sources. (Closes: #814521).
    + [NT] Apply patch from Helmut Grohne to detect some possible invalid
      uses of "Multi-Arch: foreign". (Closes: #856975)
    + [NT] Improve the empty-binary-package tag by adding more common
      files that should be ignored. Thanks to Helmut Grohne for all the
      research behind it. (Closes: #856857)
    + [BR] Detect symlink pointing to builddir. (Closes: #860419)
    + [CL] Detect RData without README.source. (Closes: #815233)
    + [NT] Remove work around for segmentation faults in t1disasm from
      t1utils (<< 1.38-4~). Given Jessie is the minimum supported Debian
      version, we can now assume t1utils to be (>= 1.38-4).
  * checks/gir.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Add check for gir packages written by Simon McVittie.
      (Closes: #695345)
  * checks/init.d.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Remove check for init.d scripts accessing /usr without a
      $remote_fs dependency as /usr must now be mounted by the initramfs.
      (Closes: #829649)
  * checks/menu-format.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Update the reference to Desktop Entry Specification to point
      to version 1.1.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Laurent Bigonville to check desktop files
      for missing "Icon" field. (Closes: #854132)
  * checks/rules.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Drop "package-would-benefit-from-build-arch-targets". The
      dpkg-buildpackage refuses to build packages that trigger this tag.
      Also, the tag implies two other "W" tags so contributors are still
      notified of a potential problem.
    + [CL] Check for manual parsing of dpkg-parsechangelog output now that
      we have /usr/share/dpkg/pkg-info.mk.
  * checks/scripts.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Christopher Hoskin to except -doc packages
      from the "new-package-should-not-package-python2-module" tag.
      (Closes: #855243)
    + [NT] Remove references to tags about calling suidregister,
      dpkg --assert-working-epoch, and dpkg --assert-multi-conrep from
      maintainer scripts.
  * checks/systemd.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Michael Biebl to warn about deprecated
      "BindTo" option in systemd service files. (Closes: #857194)
  * checks/testsuite.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Lucas Kanashiro to add a tag for recommending
      packagers to create an autopkgtest for their package.
      (Closes: #859467)
    + [NT] Fix false-positive "missing-runtime-test-file" when the
      "Tests-Directory" field is set to a single dot. Thanks to
      Ian Jackson for reporting the issue. (Closes: #849880)
  * checks/triggers.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] New check. (Closes: #698723)
  * checks/upstream-metadata.pm:
    + [JW, NT] Disable YAML parsing of upstream metadata file as the YAML
      parser executes code. (Closes: #861958, CVE-2017-8829)
  * checks/watch-file.pm:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Alexander Kulak to handle whitespace correctly
      in the options in v4 watch files. (Closes: #861599)
  * coll/debian-readme{,desc}:
    + [NT] Remove. Merge what little functionality it offers into the
      debian-readme check.
  * commands/{lintian => lintian.pm}:
    + [NT] Turn the lintian frontend into a dplint command module to avoid
      code duplication.
  * commands/reporting-*:
    + [NT] Rewrite the config file handling. The reporting framework now
      uses a YAML configuration file instead of a perl script.
    + [NT] Support processing packages from multiple archives and different
      suites in these archives. This enables lintian.d.o to also process
      dbgsym packages. (Closes: #856312)
  * data/changes-file/known-dists:
    + [NT] Add buster and remove squeeze.
  * data/common/source-fields:
    + [NT] Add new "Testsuite-Restrictions" field.
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-websites:
    + [BR] Add digit.com as tracker.
    + [BR] Add static.ak.fbcdn.net as facebook.
    + [BR] Add forkme as logo.
  * data/files/standard-files:
    + [NT] Add more common files based on feedback from Helmut Grohne.
  * data/obsolete-sites/obsolete-sites:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Hideki Yamane in order to warn about
      fedorahosted. (Closes: #856954).
    + [NT] Apply patch from Hideki Yamane to warn about codeplex.com
      closing down. (Closes: #859412).
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [NT] Add stap as a known interpreter. Thanks to gustavo panizzo
      for the suggestion. (Closes: #858326)
  * data/scripts/maintainer-script-bad-command:
    + [NT] Remove check for suidregister, dpkg --assert-working-epoch, and
      dpkg --assert-multi-conrep. None of these trigger any tags in the
      archive any longer and the (new) features have been available for
      8+ years.
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [NT] Apply patches from Edward Betts to fix bugs in the correction
      word lists. (Closes: #852005, #852084)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Edward Betts to remove corrections for
      "targetted" and "targetting" as they are valid alternative
      spellings in AU. (Closes: #852145)
    + [EB] Add some more spelling corrections. (Closes: #852369, #852404,
      #852407, #852409, #852410, #852411, #852413, #852414, #852416,
      #852419, #852421, #852426)
    + [CL] Add "none were" -> "none was" multiword spelling correction.
      (Closes: 860558)
  * data/standards-version/release-dates:
    + [NT] Add 4.0.0 as a known standards version along with its release
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add explicit (Build-)Depends on dpkg (>= 1.17.14) to make it
      explicit that we no longer support Wheezy or older.
    + [NT] Drop versioned dependencies that are there to assist to
    + [NT] Mention Debian Policy v4.0.0 in the description.
    + [NT] Bump Standards-Version to 4.0.0 - no changes required.
  * debian/copyright:
    + [EB] Add Edward Betts.
  * frontend/dplint:
    + [NT] Ensure all include directories are absolute before passing
      them on to the actual command.
    + [NT] Work around a "Bizarre Copy" bug in perl that could trigger
      on errors.
  * lib/Lintian/CheckScript.pm:
    + [NT] Remove fallback code for "old" style "pm"-less checks.
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Drop dpkg_deb_has_ctrl_tarfile. Lintian now assumes that
      dpkg 1.17.14 is available (provided by Debian jessie or later).
  * reporting/{config => config.yaml}:
    + [NT] Rewrite the reporting config template into the new YAML format.
  * reporting/graphs/tags.gpi:
    + [NT] Tweak tags.gpi so it works with gnuplot 5.
  * reporting/templates/{index.tmpl,lintian.css.tmpl}:
    + [NT] Update to support multiple archives.
  * t/*:
    + [NT] Drop "Test-Depends" from tests where the versions in Debian
      jessie will satisfy the dependency.
    + [NT] Update tests to fix FTBFS caused by dpkg-source now ignoring
      debian/files by default. (Closes: #863020)
  * t/runtests:
    + [NT] Re-sort test output after running the "post_test" sed script
      on the output. This prevent test failures caused by the order
      changing on different architectures prior to the sed script is run
      (assuming the sed script otherwise normalises the differences
  * t/tests/cruft-general-upstream/pre_upstream:
    + [EB] Fix failing tests by making the fake flash object more
      convincing. The most recent version of libmagic uses a more precise
      definition of the data within a flash file. (Closes: #852891)
  * t/tests/java-jars:
    + [NT] Provide a more convincing corrupt .zip file that also fools
      file 5.30.
  * vendors/ubuntu/main/data/changes-file/known-dists:
    + [CW] Add zesty.
    + [NT] Apply patch from "Unit 193" to add "devel" as a known Ubuntu
      distribution. (Closes: #861509)
    + [NT] Add artful.

0cb156e... by Niels Thykier on 2016-12-26

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.50 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c0b08c6924df07166d4c959dd4342d6f45524347

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - invalid-value-in-built-using-field
      - license-problem-convert-utf-code
      - new-package-should-not-package-python2-module
      - php-script-but-no-php-cli-dep
      - php-script-with-unusual-interpreter
    + Removed:
      - php-script-but-no-phpX-cli-dep
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Handle RUNPATH like we handle RPATH. (Closes: #844903)
    + [NT] Update hardening-no-pie description to reflect that
      PIE is on by default in Debian.
  * checks/cruft.desc:
    + [BR] Detect utf convert non free code.
      (Closes: #843595)
  * checks/deb-format.pm:
    + [NT] Permit uncompressed {control,data}.tar members plus xz
      compressed control.tar files in deb files. Thanks to
      Guillem Jover for the report. (Closes: #834867)
  * checks/debhelper.pm:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Yann Soubeyrand :
      "Allow debhelper "--with" addons to be quoted".
      (Closes: #839822)
  * checks/files.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Check for invalid clauses in "Built-Using" fields. Thanks to
      Andrey Rahmatullin for the suggestion. (Closes: #847558)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Josh Triplett to add new sections to
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [NT] Document that we no longer accept "virtual packages"
      for deliberately empty packages. If your package receives
      an "empty-binary-package" tag, please replace the use of
      "virtual package".
  * checks/{files,scripts}.pm:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Josh Triplett to exclude files under
      /usr/share/cargo/registry/ from a few checks as that directory
      contains unmodified upstream sources. (Closes: #845201)
  * checks/manpages.pm:
    + [JW, NT] Fix false negative manpage-named-after-build-path
      for packages built by sbuild. (Closes: #801760)
  * checks/scripts.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW, NT] Apply patch from Antonio Ospite that updates the
      test for php scripts without a php-cli dependency. Thanks
      to Ondřej Surý for the report and Mathieu Parent for the
      initial patch. (Closes: #818962)
    + [CL, NT] Warn about new source packages providing a python2
      package as EOL for python2 is expected in 2020, which is
      before buster's expected EOL. (Closes: #829744)
  * collection/objdump-info.desc:
    + [NT] Bump version due to RUNPATH collection.
  * commands/lintian:
    + [NT] Deprecate --fail-on-warnings, which will be removed in
  * data/binaries/embedded-libs:
    + [BR] Allow openssl1.0 as source package. (Closes: #843406).
  * data/debhelper/dh_commands-manual:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Piotr Ożarowski that ensure that
      consumers of dh_python2 Build-Depends on dh-python.
      (Closes: #740161)
  * data/fields/archive-sections:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Josh Triplett to add javascript and
      rust sections. (Closes: #847535)
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-websites:
    + [BR] Detect more logos.
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Antonio Ospite to correct a false
      positive warning for python scripts using python2 in the
      shebang line. Thanks to Per Andersson for the report and
      Luca Boccassi for the initial patch for solving this.
      (Closes: #743599)
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [PW] Add more corrections.
  * data/spelling/corrections-case:
    + [EG] Correct spelling of Lua (Closes: #842781)
  * helpers/coll/objdump-info-helper:
    + [NT] Extract RUNPATH from binaries as well.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [NT] Expose RUNPATH when set in the binary.
    + [NT] Remove "virtual package" from the list of phrases
      marking a package as a meta-package. Thanks to Stuart
      Prescott for the report. (Closes: #685029)
  * profiles/kali/main.profile:
    + [NT] Add a profile for Kali Linux. Thanks to Raphaël
      Hertzog for the report. (Closes: #847318)
  * vendors/kali/main/data/changes-file/known-dists:
    + [NT] Add data file for Kali Linux.

c0b08c6... by Niels Thykier on 2016-10-22

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.49 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7a98261acf8f540260c4510537d10d85dc60eb15

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - homepage-for-bioconductor-package-not-canonical
  * checks/debhelper.desc:
    + [CL] Drop double leading spaces in includes-maint-script-parameters
      paragraph that was causing indentation when rendered on lintian.d.o.
  * checks/fields.{pm,desc}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Dylan Aïssi to tag non-canonical uses of
      the bioconductor homepage in the Homepage field. (Closes: #839874)
    + [JW] Apply patch from Dylan Aïssi to tag r-other packages not in
      section "gnu-r". (Closes: #841455)
  * checks/init.d.pm:
    + [JW] Don't require version constraint for lsb-base dependencies.
      The needed version has been available for many stable releases.
  * checks/shared-libs.pm:
    + [JW] Don't complain about executable bit for ld.so shipped in
      multi-arch directories.
    + [JW] Don't complain about missing SONAME for position-independent
      executables. Thanks to Reuben Thomas for the bug report.
      (Closes: #731987)
    + [JW] Check for PT_GNU_STACK existence on all architectures.
  * checks/source-copyright.pm:
    + [RA, JW] Fix handling punctuation characters in license expressions
      in machine-readable copyright files. (Closes: #841356)
  * checks/watch-file.pm:
    + [JW] Assume that watch files containing the pgpmode option (different
      than "none") verify upstream signature. Thanks to Robert Luberda for
      the bug report. (Closes: #841000)
  * data/cruft/non-distributable-files:
    + [BR] Add some rapidjson files.
  * data/debhelper/compat-level:
    + [NT] Bump the deprecated debhelper compat level to match the one
      in debhelper.
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-tag-attr:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Frederic Bonnard detecting audio tags.
      (Closes: #840009)
  * data/spelling/corrections*:
    + [JW, PW] Add more corrections.
  * lib/Lintian/Unpacker.pm:
    + [NT] Use the new "do_fork()" sub to ensure works do not inherit
      the default signal handler, which could allow any number of workers
      to promote themselves to independent "masters" - effectively
      creating a fork-bomb with an ill-timed signal.
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Add a "do_fork()" sub to ensure signal handling is
      reset for child processes.
  * t/tests/shared-libs-non-pic-i386/debian/Makefile:
    + [JW] Pass -fno-PIE and -fno-pie to GCC, so that the test works even
      when the compiler enables PIE by default. (Closes: #841442)

7a98261... by Niels Thykier on 2016-10-04

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.48 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e687ab5b6f82159e294e238e51223b40d067805f

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - file-name-contains-wildcard-character
      - homepage-for-cran-package-not-canonical
      - init.d-script-needs-depends-on-lsb-base
      - maintscript-includes-maint-script-parameters
    + Removed:
      - hardening-no-stackprotector
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Rewrite/embed the necessary bits from hardening-check to
      implement the default hardening-no-* checks directly in lintian.
      This is because hardening-check appears to be losing its
      "home" with the coming removal of hardening-wrapper and
      hardening-includes. (Closes: #836756)
    + [JW] Remove the hardening-no-stackprotector tag.
    + [NT] Allow "golang-any" as an alternative to "golang-go" in
      Build-Depends for detecting golang binaries. Thanks to
      Martín Ferrari for the report and the initial patch.
      (Closes: #839228)
  * checks/changelog-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Bump threshold for improbable bug number to 2000.
  * checks/control-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Add references to tags related to build profiles.
    + [JW] Relax Build-Profiles syntax check to allow (almost) any
      characters in profile names. Thanks to Ximin Luo for the bug report.
      (Closes: #839086)
    + [JW] Add support for pkg.<srcpkg>.<anything> build profiles.
  * checks/debhelper.pm:
    + [JW] Ignore comments in debian/rules.
    + [JW] Fix parsing rule targets in lines containing multiple colons.
      Thanks to Andreas Beckmann for the bug report. (Closes: #838246)
    + [CL] Check for .maintscript files that include
      "maint-script-parameters". (Closes: #838195)
    + [NT] Fix typo that prevented lintian from detecting uses of the
      dhmk build-system.
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
    + [JW] Add references to tags related to build profiles.
    + [JW] Add support for pkg.<srcpkg>.<anything> build profiles.
    + [JW] Demote tags for build-depends related to build profiles to
      pedantic, as the required packages are available in stable.
      Thanks to Helmut Grohne for the bug report. (Closes: #831633)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Dylan Aïssi to tag r-bioc packages not in
      section "gnu-r". (Closes: #839263)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Dylan Aïssi to tag non-canonical uses of
      the cran homepage in the Homepage field. (Closes: #839553)
  * checks/files.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL, NT] Tag usages of shell wildcard characters in file names.
      (Closes: #814326)
  * checks/init.d.{desc,pm}:
    + [CL, NT]: Emit a tag for initscripts that source the
      /lib/lsb/init-functions utility functions without declaring the
      corresponding dependency on lsb-base (>= 3.0-6).
      (Closes: #838997)
  * checks/shared-libs.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * checks/testsuite.pm:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Sean Whitton to recognise autopkgtest-pkg-elpa
      as a valid value for the Testsuite field. (Closes: #837801)
  * collection/hardening-info:
    + [NT] Removed.
  * data/fields/build-profiles:
    + [JW] Add new profiles: nogolang, nojava, noperl, nopython, noudeb.
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Otto Kekäläinen to assist with the transition
      to the "default-mysql-*" packages. (Closes: #838603)
  * data/fields/perl-provides:
    + [NT] Refresh perl provides.
  * data/files/js-libraries:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Jean-Michel Vourgère to add detection of
      libjs-jquery-migrate-1. (Closes: #823627)
  * data/files/php-libraries:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Marcelo Jorge Vieira to update package name
      for php-gettext. (Closes: #837502)
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [JW, PW] Add more corrections.
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Drop dependencies on hardening-includes as we no longer need
  * debian/copyright:
    + [JW] Add Paul Wise.
    + [JW] Remove now-unneeded separate entry for spellintian.t.
    + [JW] Update copyright years.
    + [CL] Add Chris Lamb.
  * helpers/coll/hardening-info-helper:
    + [NT] Removed.
  * helpers/coll/objdump-info-helper:
    + [NT] Expose a few more bits from readelf needed to implement some
      of the hardening checks.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [NT] Expose a few more bits from readelf needed to implement some
      of the hardening checks.
  * profiles/debian/extra-hardening.profile:
    + [NT] Removed - we no longer support the stackprotector tag.
  * profiles/debian/ftp-master-auto-reject.profile:
    + [JW] Refresh against current rule set.
  * profiles/debian/main.profile:
    + [JW] Stop disabling the hardening-no-stackprotector tag.
  * t/scripts/spellintian.t:
    + [JW] Relicense as GPLv2+, like the rest of Lintian.

e687ab5... by Niels Thykier on 2016-09-11

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.47 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5cc0a4530a516e4fcce888e1f0d13c70a3a64d6b

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - package-contains-python-coverage-file
  * checks/changelog-file.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/copyright-file.pm:
    + [JW] Stop using Data::Alias. Thanks to Niko Tyni for the bug report.
      (Closes: #834797)
  * checks/cruft.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/debhelper.pm:
    + [NT] Remove logic for CDBS creating a compat file when it is absent
      as debhelper now requires a compat file unconditionally.
    + [NT] Support the new named compat levels in debhelper.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Chris Lamb to improve the tag for typoed
      debhelper override targets. (Closes: #834370)
  * checks/duplicate-files.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
    + [JW] Escape dots in some regexps.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Chris Lamb to check that libjs-* packages
      are in the "web" section. (Closes: #798983)
  * checks/files.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Chris Lamb to catch ".coverage" files in
      packages. (Closes: #831864)
  * checks/java.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/patch-systems.desc:
    + [JW] Fix formatting of some filenames.
  * checks/phppear.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Jochen Sprickerhof to skip this check if the
      package does not contain any php files. (Closes: #805076)
  * checks/rules.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
    + [JW] Fix tag description formatting.
  * checks/shared-libs.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * checks/systemd.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patches from Chris Lamb to fix some false positives with
      systemd-service-file-missing-install-key. (Closes: #837057)
  * data/debhelper/compat-level:
    + [NT] Bump debhelper compat versions with the release of debhelper
  * data/debhelper/dh_{addons,commands}-manual:
    + [JW] Add dh-autoreconf, which is now a dependency of debhelper.
      Thanks to Michael Biebl for the bug report. (Closes: #835449)
  * data/debhelper/named-compat-levels:
    + [NT] New file.
  * data/output/manual-references:
    + [JW] Refresh.
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [JW] Add pypy as a known interpreter. Thanks to Sebastian Ramacher
      for the bug report. (Closes: #836017)
  * data/spelling/corrections*:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
      Thanks to Paul Wise for patches for some of them.
  * debian/control:
    + [JW] Drop now-unused libdata-alias-perl from (Build-)Depends.
  * lib/Lintian/Relation/Version.pm:
    + [NT] Apply change from Brendan O'Dea to avoid (implicitly) messing
      with the global APT "_config" object. (Closes: #833656)
  * private/refresh-manual-refs:
    + [JW] Fix path to Debian policy for Java.
  * reporting/templates/head.tmpl:
    + [NT] Add subresource integrity fields to all <link> tags.
    + [NT] Add Content-Security-Policy header (via <meta http-equiv>).

5cc0a45... by Niels Thykier on 2016-08-13

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.46 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: deb74d9bcca8d9106130d0655568756e10e0f363

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - systemd-service-file-missing-install-key
      - typo-in-debhelper-override-target
    + Removed:
      - package-depends-on-lower-priority-package
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [NT] Ignore mentions of /usr/lib/perl5 in patches as they might
      be a way of fixing said mentions. Thanks to Robert Luberda
      for reporting the bug. (Closes: #802964)
  * checks/debhelper.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Chris Lamb to check for common typos in
      debian/rules target names. (Closes: #832096)
    + [JW, NT] Add some more (indirect) "dh" build-systems.
      (Closes: #828773)
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * checks/group-checks.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Drop "lower priorities" check as the general consensus seems to
      be that priorities changes are mostly busy work. Thanks to Dominic
      Hargreaves for the report. (Closes: #823326)
  * checks/infofiles.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/java.pm:
    + [JW] Don't emit javalib-but-no-public-jars for transitional packages.
      Thanks to Jeremy Bicha for the bug report. (Closes: #829047)
  * checks/manpages.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * checks/phppear.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * checks/scripts.pm:
    + [JW] Fix false positive unusual-interpreter when the script had
      "#!/usr/bin/env" shebang and the interpreter was shipped in the same
      package. Thanks to Sergio Durigan Junior for the bug report and the
      initial patch. (Closes: #828933)
  * checks/shared-libs.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/systemd.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
    + [JW, NT] Apply from Chris Lamb to check for a possibly missing
      "WantedBy" target in service files. (Closes: #832771)
    + [JW, NT] Improve wording about the "systemd" sequence of a tag.
  * checks/version-substvars.desc:
    + [JW] Make maybe-not-arch-all-binnmuable a classification tag.
  * checks/watch-file.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * collection/*:
    + [JW,NT] Remove "." from Perl's search path. (Mitigates: #588017)
  * commands/{info.pm,lintian}:
    + [NT] Drop the necessary bits for supporting translated tag
  * commands/lintian:
    + [NT,JW] Remove "." from Perl's search path. (Mitigates: #588017)
  * commands/reporting-html-reports.pm:
    + [NT] Fix typo in named parameter that made the raw lintain.log
      unavailable on lintian.debian.org. Thanks to Guillem Jover
      for reporting the issue. (Closes: #828719)
    + [NT] Install the lintian log file as a resource so it can be
      handled (e.g. cached) like other resources.
  * commands/reporting-lintian-harness.pm:
    + [NT] Attempt to terminate the run timely if it overruns the time
  * commands/reporting-sync-state.pm:
    + [NT] Remove redundant "area" field from all binary packages in
      the harness state cache.
    + [NT] Drop existing instances of the "sha1" field from all packages
      in the harness state cache.
  * data/common/source-fields:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Edward Betts to add Testsuite-Triggers as
      a known source field. (Closes: #829545)
  * data/debhelper/*:
    + [NT] Refresh against unstable.
  * data/debhelper/dh_{addons,commands}-manual:
    + [JW, NT] Add the systemd sequence and related tools now that
      debhelper is taking over the dh-systemd helpers. Thanks to
      Christian Hofstaedtler for the report. (Closes: #830930)
  * data/fields/essential:
    + [JW] Add init-system-helpers; remove sysvinit and mktemp. Thanks to
      Felipe Sateler for the bug report. (Closes: #833015)
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [NT] Remove "debmake" as the package is now reintroduced with a
      different purpose. Thanks to Paul Wise for the report.
      (Closes: #827158)
  * data/files/fonts:
    + [NT] Refresh against unstable.
  * data/java/constants:
    + [NT] Bump known java-class versions. Thanks to Hideki Yamane for
      the report. (Closes: #829592)
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Sergio Durigan Junior to add newLISP as a
      known interpreter. (Closes: #828934)
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Drop now unnecessary po4a Build-Dependency.
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Drop code for handling translations.
  * doc/lintian.xml:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * frontend/dplint:
    + [JW,NT] Remove "." from Perl's search path. (Mitigates: #588017)
  * helpers/coll/*:
    + [JW,NT] Remove "." from Perl's search path. (Mitigates: #588017)
  * lib/*.pm:
    + [NT] Drop support for translations of tag descriptions. It never
      got used.
  * lib/Lintian/*.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * lib/Lintian/Tags.pm:
    + [JW, NT] Fix mojibake in UTF-8 encoded comments for overrides.
      (Closes: #833052)
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Shuffle the harness backlog a bit to reduce the risk of a lot
      of very large package groups being scheduled in the same run.
  * man/lintian.pod.in:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
    + [JW] Remove unneeded "file:" in front of a pathname.
  * po4a:
    + [NT] Drop as it was not used.
  * t:
    + [JW,NT] Update tests to work now that dpkg validates
      debian/tests/control. (Closes: #829635)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Adam Conrad to make some tests work
      when the compiler uses -fPIE by default.