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b708283... by lamby on 2019-07-08

Import patches-unapplied version 2.16.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8ccfdef4aed35dd80e4c44f95b512c33e6c4caf1

New changelog entries:
  The "post-buster" release.
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - bin-sbin-mismatch
      - command-in-sbin-has-manpage-in-incorrect-section
      - directory-in-etc-sv-directory-without-executable-run-script
      - package-supports-alternative-init-but-no-init.d-script
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Add 4.4.0 as a known Standards-Version.
  * Post-buster changes:
    - Reflect the release, updating dates (etc.) of "oldstable" and so on.
    - Bump the recommended debhelper level to 12 (see #918809).
    - Bump the old and ancient version numbers for Python 3 checks (see
    - Drop the deprecated --fail-on-warnings option to help towards fixing
      Debian bug #709932.
    - Upgrade package-uses-vendor-specific-patch-series to "E:" level
      severity (see #904302).
  * Warn about files referencing /usr/bin/foo if the binary is actually
    installed under /usr/sbin/foo. (Closes: #930702)
  * Check that a package that ships a /etc/sv/foo directory then
    /etc/sv/foo/run exists and is executable. (Closes: #931426)
  * Support suppress-tags-from-file in Lintian configuration file.
    (Closes: #930700)
  * Don't emit pkg-js-tools-test-is-missing if the "dh" invocation uses
    variables in its arguments. (Closes: #928283)
  * Fix "mistake||correction" delimiter for a number of entries in
    data/spelling/corrections-case. (Closes: #931446)
  * Disable the duplicate word checker when analysing patch files.
    (Closes: #931183)
  * Override dh_dwz in a binaries-general test to avoid testsuite hanging.
    (Closes: #931632)
  * Don't emit latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-version for
    uploads to (eg.) buster-security to avoid false-positives when
    performing "no-change" uploads with a ~debXuY suffix.
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Bump the minimum perltidy version required to avoid test failures.
  * Add runtime dependency on liblist-compare-perl.
  * Reduce the complexity of code in Lintian::Unpacker.
  [ Dmitry Bogatov ]
  * Check for commands in /sbin or /usr/sbin with manpages in the
    incorrect section. (Closes: #570998)
  [ Adam D. Barratt ]
  * Lintian::Reporting::Util: Add missing import of Exporter::import.
  [ Axel Beckert ]
  * Fix typo in description of debian-watch-does-not-check-gpg-signature.

8ccfdef... by lamby on 2019-05-26

Import patches-unapplied version 2.15.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 64255e09a7c094e8538640d5fbcacb6913a4b994

New changelog entries:
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * t/bin/runtests: Correct equality operator preventing the correct
    parsing of --onlyrun="" used when (eg.) executing autopkgtests and
    apply a patch from Felix Lechner to specify a missing --work-dir
    argument when building test packages. (Closes: #929430)
  * Add references to Debian Policy §4.9.2 and §5.6.31 for checks
    regarding Rules-Requires-Root. (Closes: #929428)
  * Correct more false-positives for missing-systemd-timer-for-cron-script
    due to an incorrect regular expression. Thanks again to Francesco Poli
    (wintermute) for the patch. (Closes: #927970)
  * Remove unnecessary commas from tag long descriptions and
    improve grammar in the description of testsuite-autopkgtest-missing.
  [ Vagrant Cascadian ]
  * Add Guile 2.0 & 2.2 to and remove "ancient" versions 1.6 & 1.8 from the
    list of versioned interpreters. (Closes: #929501)
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * spelling: Add several corrections

64255e0... by lamby on 2019-05-22

Import patches-unapplied version 2.14.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 05a620840a3cd8acfe1443167c35cf7a76c28a5f

New changelog entries:
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Correct false-positives in missing-systemd-timer-for-cron-script due to
    an incorrect regular expression. Thanks to Francesco Poli (wintermute)
    for the patch. (Closes: #927970)
  * Adjust package-contains-python-header-in-incorrect-directory as Python
    3.8 dropped the "m" modifier that was used in Python 3.7 and below (eg.
    /usr/include/python3.7m). (Closes: #928617)
  [ Ivo De Decker ]
  * Check for sources in the "main" section with only binaries in the
    "contrib" section. (Closes: #928126)
  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * Consider the now-preferred /usr/share/dbus-1/{system,session}.d
    directories (supported since dbus 1.9.18) when checking D-Bus services.
    (MR: !187)
  [ Xavier ]
  * Fix an error where debian/tests/pkg-js/files contained deep (but valid)
    directory. (MR: !199)
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add/fix several spelling corrections.
  * Sort the dictionary
  * Prefer American spelling for American typos

05a6208... by lamby on 2019-04-22

Import patches-unapplied version 2.13.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4da15f6057b0ded5d0160daf55b3d6b8636b1516

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - debhelper-compat-level
      - patch-system
      - pkg-js-autopkgtest-file-does-not-exist
      - pkg-js-autopkgtest-test-is-missing
      - pkg-js-tools-test-is-missing
      - vcs
      - vcs-uri
  [ Niels Thykier ]
  * gitlab-ci: Run commands with the time command to get an estimate
    for each part.
  * Ensure that LINTIAN_CFG is always defined as it is used in debug
  * Fix a typo that called the wrong clean-up function with --unpack.
  * Extract reporting related utilities into a separate module.
  * Remove unused system_env function from Lintian::Util
  * Move Deb822 parsing into its own module called Lintian::Deb822Parser.
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Implement universal output format in Lintian.
  * Only run tests in t/bin/runtests but do not build any packages.
  [ Xavier ]
  * Test for Node.js packages that don't ship a debian/tests/pkg-js/test
    file or ship a debian/tests/pkg-js/files that contains invalid/missing
    references. (Closes: #923339)
  * Test for Node.js packages that use "--with nodejs" in debian/rules but
    do not specify a debian/tests/pkg-js/test file. (Closes: #923331)
  [ Adam D. Barratt ]
  * Update private/refresh-locale-codes to work with newer isoquery(1) and
    refresh data/files/locale-codes and data/fields/virtual-packages to
  [ Lucas Nussbaum ]
  * Emit a classification tag about the current debhelper compat level
    in use. (Closes: #926766)
  * Emit a classification tag that records the patch system in use.
    (Closes: #926767)
  * Emit a classification tags about the revision control system used by
    the package. (Closes: #926768)
  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * Also look in /usr/share/dbus-1/{system,session}.d for dbus
    configuration files. (MR: !187)
  [ Simon Quigley ]
  * Add "eoan" as a known Ubuntu distribution. (MR: !198)
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Clarify "Could not determine what you meant by" test harness error
    message; it is not always a parse error.
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add/fix several spelling corrections.

4da15f6... by lamby on 2019-04-04

Import patches-unapplied version 2.12.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 32d65417b820959b22e29c7b8bf320e522eccbc9

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - doc-base-file-references-wrong-path
      - systemd-service-file-shutdown-problems
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Make the argument to --jobs non-optional to prevent a "0" job count
    being parsed if the argument is omitted. This resulted in Lintian
    getting stuck as it did not have any runners to perform work with.
    (Closes: #925970)
  * Fix false-positives in the version-substvar-for-external-package tag
    when a Provides field contains multiple items and/or with leading
    whitespace. (Closes: #833608)
  * Don't check for the x86-specific "SafeSEH" hardening feature for code
    that is JIT-compiled by the Mono runtime. (Closes: #926334)
  * Collapse the rather long-winded explanation regarding typos in the long
    description of the version-substvar-for-external-package tag.
  * Drop double-spaces in .desc files.
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Allow symlinks in autopkgtest paths.
  [ Niels Thykier ]
  * Restrict the number of parallel clean up jobs to match --jobs
    parameter. (Closes: #924714)
  [ Osamu Aoki ]
  * Check for files in doc-base control files that list paths pointing
    outside of /usr/share/{doc,info}. (Closes: #925200)
  [ Xavier Guimard ]
  * Don't emit the debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version tag if
    dversionmangle is set to "auto". (Closes: #926166)
  [ Topi Miettinen ]
  * Check for systemd service files that use DefaultDependencies=no and
    Conflicts=shutdown.target without Before=shutdown.target. (MR: !177)
  * Update the systemd hardening flags. (MR: !178)
  [ Balint Reczey ]
  * Run autopkgtest tests in parallel, autodetecting CPU count. (MR: !75)
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add/fix several spelling corrections.

32d6541... by lamby on 2019-03-18

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 229b75762eb387a0be96c2667a241dfce3350826

New changelog entries:
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Support dh-sequence-{gir,gnome,python3} etc. virtual packages as
    satisfying various build-dependencies. (Closes: #924082)
  * Don't detect non-maintainer upload (NMU) versions when checking for
    maintainer scripts that support "ancient" package versions.
    (Closes: #924501)
  * Correct false-positives in when checking for dh-runit packages that
    lack a "Breaks" substvar by ensuring that the binary package actually
    uses runit. (Closes: #924116)
  * Update the long description of the
    new-package-should-not-package-python2-module tag to justify further
    why a changelog entry is more appropriate than an override.
  * Remove errant "#" from the long description of
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Deprecate static labs; all labs are temporary from now on.
  * In autopkgtests, allow output to stderr to shorten waiting period.
  * Fix the rules-requires-root-implicitly test on stretch.
  * For stretch-backports, also Build-Depend on the "XS" version of the
    Text::CSV Perl module in addition to the pure Perl version.
  [ Stewart Ferguson ]
  * Allow *.pth files in Python directories to avoid false-positives for
    unknown-file-in-python-module-directory. (Closes: #924417)
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add/fix several spelling corrections.

229b757... by lamby on 2019-03-08

Import patches-unapplied version 2.10.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8178b158d5b34f9525c855797cf4ef7d6e6edd1d

New changelog entries:
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Check for placeholder "<project>" strings in debian/watch files as it
    can resut in uscan(1) generating a file with shell metacharacters.
    (Closes: #923589)
  * Add "itialize" to the list of "spelling-error-in-binary" exceptions.
    (Closes: #923725)
  * Use less-clunky "for entries that are too short" in the long
    description of debian-changelog-line-too-short.
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add several spelling corrections.

8178b15... by lamby on 2019-02-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.9.1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f37fc480af7538fa65a8e1dae29c96b886335731

New changelog entries:
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Add missing runtime dependency on libtry-tiny-perl. (Closes: #923262)
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Add an initial .gitab-ci.yml.

f37fc48... by lamby on 2019-02-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.9.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4550be5469cade90632d1560f84633886200ccc2

New changelog entries:
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Add missing runtime dependency on libpath-tiny-perl. (Closes: #923229)
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Add /lib/runit/invoke/run as a known interpreter. (Closes: #923232)

4550be5... by lamby on 2019-02-24

Import patches-unapplied version 2.8.0 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5f23eec8ba0a9eab6884e4b151665074a4e7e2c1

New changelog entries:
  [ Chris Lamb ]
  * Emit an experimental warning for packages that ship a cron script
    without an equivalent systemd .timer file. (Closes: #922862)
  * Make orig-tarball-missing-upstream-signature a "dsc" check so it
    also appears when running against non-.changes files. (Closes: #922557)
  * Check all combinations of processables and binary package names in
    order to avoid false-positives or unused override warnings in spelling
    checks depending on whether a .deb or .dsc (etc.) is passed to Lintian.
    (Closes: #921814)
  * Prevent pkg-config-references-unknown-shared-library false positives:
    - Ignoring entries such as -lfoo{install_suffix} as they are
      interpolated at runtime by Autoconf. (Closes: #922511)
    - Create an exception list and populating with shared
      objects shipped by libc6-dev and libgcc1. (Closes: #922402)
    - Manually add "gcc" as an exception.
  * Use the source package name (not the package section) when checking for
    uses-dpkg-database-directly exceptions. (Closes: #922530)
  * Correct reference to mips64el architecture to ensure we emit
    binary-from-other-architecture on this arch. Thanks to Helmut Grohne.
    (Closes: #921573)
  * Don't emit source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number for uploads to
    backports. (Closes: #923060)
  * Ensure libpath-tiny-perl is installed regardless of nocheck build
    profile as it is needed to generate the Pod documentation.
  * Add dpatch to "nocheck" Build-Depends to avoid skipping tests
    and then don't emit build-depends-on-obsolete-package for Lintian
    itself as a result.
  * Remove "nocheck" Build-Depends restriction for libcapture-tiny-perl and
    specify it as a runtime dependency too.
  * Don't emit source-contains-prebuilt-java-object against Lintian itself
    as we ship a trivial HelloWorld.jar as a test fixture.
  * Don't print "Offering to re-calibrate..." message if we aren't actually
    about to offer.
  [ Felix Lechner ]
  * Ensure unpack loop stops when process succeeds after processable failed
    to try and prevent Lintian from occasionally hanging. (Closes: #922737)
  * Fix detection of security features in Portable Executable (PE)
  * Update recommendation in an update-menus long description that will not
    trigger a check for full path names in maintainer scripts. (MR: !149)
  * Interactively calibrate the expected tags in failing tests (MR: !145)
    and use green and red terminal colors when adding or removing tags
    during said calibration. (MR: !153)
  * t/runtests:
    * Split processing between scripts and tag tests.
    * Split out test routines to process universal tags.
    * Change options and arguments for stand-alone operation.
  * Drop obsolete old-format-menu-file tag.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Don't hardcode ".gz" in the output of the malformed-deb-archive tag's
    extra information. (Closes: #922534)
  [ Paul Wise ]
  * Add several spelling corrections.