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f2ed867... by Reinhard Tartler on 2006-01-14

Import patches-unapplied version 0.12.0-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8705a3539afd0f38eec4b22411fab359a0bf9ba8

New changelog entries:
  [ Ongoing Merge Process ]
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  [ Reinhard Tartler ]
  * fixed debian/patches/00list
  * New upstream release.
    Dropped patches applies upstream:

8705a35... by Martin Pitt on 2006-01-09

Import patches-unapplied version 0.11.0-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 762e3f56b106b752c2100e1769af90ef2eb1927f

New changelog entries:
  * Add debian/patches/26_cryptsetup_key_file.dpatch:
    - mount.crypt: Always read the passphrase from stdin.
    - Malone #6216.
  * Add debian/patches/27_mount.crypt_symlinks.dpatch:
    - mount.crypt: Resolve symbolic links for the device argument.
    - Malone #6257

762e3f5... by Bastian Kleineidam on 2005-12-30

Import patches-unapplied version 0.11.0-1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4b0b8626794f2064bbca993cb4e55be87f3c1b51

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream version.
    Dropped patches applied upstream:
      05_warnings 15_config_pam_mount_item 18_umount_crypt_errors
      19_match_null 20_session_error
  * Remove suggestion of the realpath package since readlink -f is now
    used instead, which is in coreutils.
  * Remove build-depends on 'check', since it is not used.

4b0b862... by Bastian Kleineidam on 2005-12-08

Import patches-unapplied version 0.10.0-3 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f67f6886aa919519632dd864833fdc8beb9f1ee2

New changelog entries:
  * updated debian/watch file to use new download URL
  * updated patch 18_umount_crypt_errors to accept a trailing slash
    in the umount path argument in case no /usr/bin/realpath is
  * Replace old 'local' fstype config examples with 'ext3', in
    README.Debian and pam_mount.conf.
    Add an appropriate note to NEWS.Debian.
  * Fixed fstype_nodev() so that the check_filesystem() fsck routine is
    actually run.
  * New upstream release. The original bzipped tarball has been
    repackaged to an orig.tar.gz, no changes were made.
  * updated debian/copyright due to new upstream maintainer
  * updated README.Debian for new upstream changes
  * Use debhelper v5
  * Update 17_mount_crypt_stdin again by not using the -d option of
    cryptsetup which disables the hashing.
    (Closes: #334694, #335208)
  * New upstream version, again via private mail from the new maintainer
    Jan Engelhardt. And the patch list changelog:
    - 01_init_sigmask
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 02_command_args
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 04_g_ascii_strup
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 07_mount_crypt_luks
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 08_user_groups
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 09_umount_crypt_realpath
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 10_mount_links
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 11_config_examples
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 12_pmvarrun_debug
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 13_symbol_clash_fix
      replaced with 21_pmdebug
    - 14_mount_crypt_quoting
      dropped, applied upstream (a little modified)
    - 16_vol_to_dev_cpy
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 17_mount_crypt_stdin
      updated, use test -t 0 for interactivity test
      (Closes: #334694)
    - 18_umount_crypt_errors
      new: Add REALPATH var, and check if it exists.
    - 19_string_index
      new: Fix off-by-one index errors, and make sure that the volume
      device is delimited with \0.
    - 20_session_error
      new: When mounts fail the session should indicate error. Otherwise
      a $HOME volume mount with a "required" entry in the PAM config
      is not working, ie. the user logs in even if the partition
      could not be mounted.
    - 21_pmdebug
      new: Rename Debug -> PMDebug to avoid crash when using with xdm.
  * Add exec and fsck to the mount options in the README.Debian
  * Avoid conflicting symbols with other libraries and/or programs by
    using a unique prefix for global variables and methods. Thanks Paul
    Hampson for the note.
    (Closes: #324735)
  * Fix quoting of mount.crypt options, thanks Mattia Monga for the
    patch. (Closes: #332869, #334115)
  * Fix double free of config items if pam_close_session is called
    twice. Thanks Paul Hampson for the patch. (Closes: #302024)
  * Fix some string copy lengths in vol_to_dev(), could garble the
    device name display.
  * Make sure that crypsetup password is read from stdin in mount.crypt.
  * New upstream release from Jan Engelhardt (via private mail) with lots
    of our patches and more included. Here is the complete list:
    - 02_setuid_helper
      dropped, applied to upstream
    - 03_mkehd_bash_script
      dropped, applied to upstream
    - 04_debian_install_prefix
      renamed to 06_debian_install_prefix
    - 05_disable_mntcheck
      dropped, unnecessary
    - 06_user_mount_tools
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 07_setuid_user
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 10_chown_user_mount_count
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 11_crypt_types
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 12_dont_free_dirname
      dropped, the new g_dirname() function uses malloc()ed memory
      and it definitely must be freed.
    - 13_empty_options
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 15_no_error_warnings
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 16_compiler_warnings
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 18_more_err_msgs
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 20_loop_in_mtab_symlink
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 22_example_docs
      applied upstream in parts, rest is in 03_debian_docs
    - 26_unmount_wrong_directory
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 27_fix_dmdevice_name
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 28_converse_resp_check
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 29_crypto_compile_fix
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 31_no_ws_arg_split
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 32_mount_crypt_options
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 33_pmvarrun_errors
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 34_losetup_password
      dropped, applied upstream
    - 35_mount_crypt_luks
      renamed to 07_mount_crypt_luks
    - 36_user_groups
      renamed to 08_user_groups
    - 37_umount_crypt_realpath
      renamed to 09_umount_crypt_realpath and adjusted (see below)
    - 38_mount_links
      partly applied upstream, renamed to 10_mount_links and updated
  * Initialize signal mask before setting signal handlers (patch
  * Fixed all hyphen quoting in the manpages: "\-" is a minus and "-" is
    a hyphen (weird but true).
  * Improve the documentation in README.Debian and the
    comment in common-pammount to make clear there is only one
    include per PAM application, not two.
    Also, adjust the original README to mention common-pammount.
    (Closes: #302024) - Fails to unmount on session close and crash
  * Only call realpath when it exists and is executable. This is due to
    the fact that
    a) /usr might not be mounted or
    b) the realpath package is not installed.
    Add a Suggests: realpath in debian/control.
    (Closes: #332325) - should depend on realpath
  * NULL-terminate command arguments, thanks Paul Hampson for the patch.
    (Closes: #324735) - does not mount with xdm
  * Patches 04_g_ascii_strup and 05_warnings: fix deprecated functions
    and some compiler warnings.
  * Added fsck to the default allowed options. Also add it to one of the
    example mount configs to give users a hint that this option is
    useful for home directory mounts.
  * Allow to specify a group name as user for volume mounts with
    '@group'. This lets all users in the given group mount a volume.
    This option is only allowed in the global config. (Closes: #276322)
  * Allow relative pathnames with umount.crypt (Closes: #327614)
  * New patch 38_mount_links thanks to Julien Soula.
    (Closes: #329094) - fails to check already mounted volume when links
    are used
  * Added option to mount.crypt to specify filesystem type.
    Use like this:
    $ mount.crypt -o fstype=ext3
    Or in pam_mount.conf add "fstype=ext3" to the crypt mount options.
    Note that you only need this if mount(8) does not detect the file
    system type automatically.
    (Closes: #324871)
  * Add cryptsetup LUKS support to (u)mount.crypt. Thanks Florian Frank
    for the patch (Closes: #325028)
  * Added FSCK definition to mount.crypt. Thanks Ruediger Otte (Closes:
  * Add build dependency on 'check', a C unit testing framework. Right
    now it is not used, but we don't want to get errors if upstream
    decides to use it.

f67f688... by Bastian Kleineidam on 2005-07-05

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.25-1 to ubuntu/breezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: cb6ef5c597b85859f1faba92ee9efd151a3a2acc

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release.
  * Updated standards version to
  * New upstream release.
  * Remove bug note about CLOSE_SESSIONS since the default is now "yes".
  * New upstream release.
  * Improved documentation in README.Debian and pam_mount.conf for encrypted
    loopback mounts.
  * added better error reporting when calling pmvarrun
  * on losetup call pipe password to stdin (Closes: #306594)
  * fix example pam_mount.conf line in README.Debian for local loopback
    encrypted volume
  * Fix IFS setting in mount.crypt and umount.crypt (Closes: #302006)
  * README.Debian:
    - Improved the dm-crypt mount point example using a random password
      keyfile, not a simple password string.
    - Clarified the mystic keysize calculation (bits vs. bytes).
    - Added note about how important the .key files are for crypted
  * Added space to IFS in mount.crypt when splitting options,
    thanks to Jörg Sommer for the patch. (Closes: #301233).
  * added more improvements from Jörg Sommer to mount.crypt
    (Closes: #301234)
  * Added fsck option to mount.crypt to execute fsck before mounting
    (Closes: #301232)
  * urgency still high
  * Incorporated the lost mount.crypt patches from the 0.9.20 release, and
    added some more improvements from Jörg Sommer (Closes: #298141)
    This also (Closes: #297494).
  * Urgency high, this fix must get into sarge.
  * fix mount.crypt options (Closes: #298074)
    Thanks to Sören Köpping for the patch.
  * Urgency still medium.
  * Fix nfsmount configuration entry to split off the %(MNTPT) before
    the options.
  * Fix all -o options to not include a space that will not be split
    off before calling exec(3).
    (Closes: #297200) - libpam-mount doesn't work after the last update
    (Closes: #297494) - mount.crypt doesn't seem to work
  * Urgency medium since without this fix some mount types will not
  * New upstream release.
  * Dropped patches applied upstream, and updated all others.
  * New patches:
    - 29_crypto_compile_fix: add missing includes
    - 31_no_ws_arg_split: support whitespace in command arguments
      (Closes: #296417) - does not mount smb shares with whitespace
  * New patch 28_converse_resp_check:
     - Detect invalid converse responses and set retval accordingly.
    Prevents triggered assertion in smbd PAM usage (Closes: #288780)

cb6ef5c... by Bastian Kleineidam on 2004-12-21

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.20-10 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 24e9ba7fb55cdfa0b2fa69eaa147d189306086ef

New changelog entries:
  * new patch 26_unmount_wrong_directory:
      - fix grep pattern for mount point.
    (Closes: #286705) Thanks to Brian Rolfe for the patch.
  * new patch 27_fix_dmdevice_name:
      - search for correct crypted device
    (Closes: #286707) Thanks to Brian Rolfe for the patch.
  * Adjusted all patch descriptions.
  * Updated (u)mount.crypt patches.
  * New patch 25_set_pam_error: set pam error return code in case of a
    successful but with a NULL result get_password call
    (Closes: #284234), and thus urgency high
  * Note in REAMDE.Debian that common-pammount should be included
    after common-auth and after common-session.
  * replace note about ssh in common-pammount with a pointer to
  * new patch 24_ssl_string_error: print human readable SSL error
  * improved tmpfs example (patch again from Mike Hommey)
    (Closes: #275746)
  * fixed typos and wording in package description
  * added encrypted loopback mount initialization docs to README.Debian
  * updated the bugs list in README.Debian, noting that libpam-mount
    does not work with ssh, only with ssh-krb5
    With this documentation the severity of bug #254679 can be lowered
    from "important" to "normal".
  * urgency medium since the ssh incompatibility documentation is
  * New patch 23_fix_fsck_target: the fsck target was hardcoded to
    /dev/loop7, the patch fixes this to use the correct volume name.
    (Closes: #273853)
  * Added interesting tmpfs example from Mike Hommey to the config docs.
  * Added the cryptsetup and openssl packages to the suggestions. They are
    used for dm-crypt and cryptoloop mounts.
  * Added more documentation for the dm-crypt mount type to the
    configuration file and to README.Debian.
  * Fixed the cryptsetup option processing for mount.crypt.
    (Closes: #270281)
  * Make log_argv function non-static (Closes: #271604)
    Urgency medium since this is grave.
  * More documentation cleanup wrt. root versus user permissions. Thanks
    to Ariel for clarifying the problems.
  * More debug messages, now the executed mount commands are actually
    printed out when debugging is on :) (Closes: #271447)
  * Better documentation of what mounts can be executed as user and
    what mounts need root permissions, ie. either an fstab entry or
    an entry in the global configuration. (Closes: #259032)
  * Better document the fact that specified mount parameters
    should match the given parameters in the mount commands.
    (Closes: #271431)
  * Added a keysize option to mount.crypt. (Closes: #268261)
  * fix a typo in mount.crypt script and make the call to cryptsetup use
    an absolute path
  * added symlink /sbin/mount.crypt -> /usr/bin/mount.crypt so that
    mount -t crypt actually works (Closes: #267285)
  * All of the above patches are the work of Vance Lankhaar. Thanks!
  * fix mount.crypt to accept options after the device and directory
    name, since /bin/mount uses this ordering.
  * New upstream release.
    - fixes cifs mount problems (Closes: #259028)
  * use cdbs to build the package
  * update and correct the pmvarrun.8 man page
  * unfuzzed and/or renamed patches:
  * patches updated to use g_spawn_async_with_pipes():
  * fix more warnings by adding -fno-strict-aliasing to the compile
    options (updated patch 16_compiler_warnings)
  * use LOG_AUTHPRIV as syslog level (new patch 17_auth_log_level)
  * print error messages of failed PAM calls with pam_strerror()
    (new patch 18_more_err_msgs)
  * Re-read the PAM user if it is not there. Needed for ssh since all
    ssh PAM functions are called in a separate forked process.
    (new patch 19_reread_user)
  * get mount name from loop device (eg if mtab is a symlink)
    (new patch 20_loop_in_mtab_symlink)
    Thanks to Jörg Sommer for the patch (Closes: #259228)

24e9ba7... by Bastian Kleineidam on 2004-06-24

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.18-2 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.