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dbf8486... by Jonathan Thomas on 2009-04-17

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2.1+dfsg.1-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/jaunty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: dce19a7d602774dc2cf7f5a3ca6e6a7d24ac0f88

New changelog entries:
  * Add kubuntu_01_call_front_on_empty_qlist.diff to prevent a crash when
    starting downloads (Upstream patch, KDE bug 189268) (LP: #359008)

dce19a7... by Jonathan Riddell on 2009-04-08

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2.1+dfsg.1-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/jaunty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 409caa4bb92683b370d4c7d38f1ddbe5d484a004

New changelog entries:

409caa4... by Jonathan Thomas on 2009-04-06

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2.1+dfsg.1-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/jaunty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b402cdf7a247a80d0f65f6668d023fe14a23a604

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release (LP: #356230):
    - Add libtag1-dev to build-depends

b402cdf... by Jonathan Thomas on 2009-02-16

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2+dfsg.1-2ubuntu1 to ubuntu/jaunty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 13c1f081a91226ca057de8ca88b19c099c20dd9d

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with Debian, remaining changes: (LP: #296433)
    - Use Kubuntu's kde4.mk
    - Build-depend on libboost-serialization1.35-dev since unversioned -dev is
      in universe
    - Change plasma-applet-ktorrent to plasma-widget-ktorrent since we're
      supposed to call them widgets for the users

13c1f08... by Modestas Vainius <email address hidden> on 2009-02-16

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2+dfsg.1-2 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e562fa418d2cc6709c7023f6a445e07c75505ea1

New changelog entries:
  * Rename plasma-applet-ktorrent to plasma-widget-ktorrent, add
    conflicts/replaces with plasma-applet-ktorrent.
  * Change debian sections:
    - source package, ktorrent, ktorrent-data: net
    - plasma-widget-ktorrent: kde
    - ktorrent-dbg: devel
  * Bump kdebase-workspace-dev build depend to 4:4.2.0.
  * Drop libstreamanalyzer-dev build depend, not needed.
  * New upstream release (3.2).
  * Remove 02_appear_as_kde3.2rc1.diff, no longer relevant.
  * Fix issues with debian/watch (lintian warning etc.).
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - revision 923353 on 2009-02-08 18:32:38 +0200;
    - translations from 3.2 RC1 tarball;
  * Another attempt to fix "stalled torrents until client restart" problem.
  * Keep disguising as 3.2 RC1 to the rest of the torrent world.
  * New upstream development snapshot based on the new development release
    (3.2 RC1):
    - includes changes from ktorrent trunk up to r919439 which include
      the fix for annoying "torrent is stalled all the time until client
      restart bug";
    - includes translations from official 3.2 RC1 release tarball;
    - no longer crashes when removing a torrent (Closes: #511451);
  * Bump build depends on KDE 4.2:
    - remove libplasma-dev build depend, rebuild against libplasma3;
    - add build depend on libphonon-dev 4:4.3.0;
    - bump build depends on strigi to 0.6.3.
  * Add 02_appear_as_kde3.2rc1.diff patch to make this snapshot appear as
    3.2 RC1 to the trackers.
  * Disable 01_libbtcore_scramble_soname.diff patch. Pointless.
  * Small update to debian/debhelper/kde4.mk (sync with
  * Install zeroconf plugin.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 902175 by scripty.
    - Date: 2008-12-27 18:21:46 +0200.
    - Translations as of Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:00:25 +0200 are included.
  * Do not suggest php5-cli. No longer needed.
  * Update install files.
  * Improve descriptions.
  * Update debian/not-installed.
  * Split off ktorrent plasma applet to plasma-applet-ktorrent package:
    - this "moves" kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 and libplasma dependencies to
      plasma-applet-ktorrent package;
    - make ktorrent package suggest plasma-applet-ktorrent;
    - plasma-applet-ktorrent replaces earlier ktorrent package.
  * Split off architecture independent files to ktorrent-data package.
  * Add debian/installgen file.
  * Update debian/copyright.
  * Update lintian overrides.
  * Add debian/watch file.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 894712 by guisson;
    - Date: 2008-12-09 10:59:23 +0200 (An, 09 Grd 2008).
    - Translation as of Wed, 10 Dec 2008 01:22:21 +0200 are included.
  * Replace libboost1.35-dev build dependency with libboost-serialization-dev.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Working SyndicationPlugin (RSS).
    - A lot faster loading of torrents with many files.
    - Lots of other improvements.
  * Resync custom debhelper scripts with amarok. Make necessary (small)
    adjustments to packaging.
  * Update debian/non-installed.
  * Tighten KDE4 related build depends to 4.1.1 or later.
  * Make quilt build dependency versionless again. Tweak README.source.
  * Build depend on pkg-kde-tools >= 0.2. Use variables.mk from there and
    enable linking with --as-needed.
  * Build depend on kdepimlibs5-dev instead of kdelibs5-dev (needed by
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 873807 by guisson on 2008-10-20 10:58:12 +0300.
    - The latest translations as of Mon, 20 Oct 2008 15:43:49 +0300 are
      included in the orig tarball.
    - Snapshot highlights:
      * Beginning of the SyndicationPlugin (i.e. RSS plugin).
      * Fix bug causing infinite DNS lookups in UDP tracker when lookup fails
        (Closes: #502071).
  * debian/Debhelper/kde4.mk: pass -DCMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATHS=ON to cmake when
    cmake >= 2.6.2-1 is used.
  * Rewrite debian/Debhelper/kde4.mk and make it thread-safe:
    - Drop double-collon rules as they are not thread safe.
    - Avoid running configure twice when repeating interrupted build.
  * Build depend on cmake 2.6.2-1 for relative paths support.
  * Build depend on libboost1.35-dev which is needed to build
  * Refresh patch.
  * Drop debian/tmp from ktorrent.install. No longer needed as of dh v7.
  * Add/remove files from ktorrent.install.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 862155 by guisson on 2008-09-18 12:07:56 +0300.
    - The latest translations as of Thu, 18 Sep 2008 19:59:22 +0300 are
      included in the orig tarball.
  * Add libx11-dev to build-depends (until #499061 is fixed).
  * Update ktorrent.install: add Download Order Plugin.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 856351 by guisson on 2008-09-02 20:49:37 +0300.
    - The latest translations as of 2008-09-02 21:14:03 +0300 are included in
      the orig tarball.
    - Highlights:
      * Reworked chunk management, which should result into much lower memory
  * Drop 97_* patches.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0:
    - add README.source;
    - build depend on quilt (>= 0.46-4.1) for
  * Sync debhelper scripts with amarok 1.90 packaging.
  * Build depend on kdebase-workspace-dev. Needed for taskmanager stuff.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 847397 by guisson on 2008-08-15 13:46:58 +0300.
    - The latest translations as of 2008-08-16 02:03:00 +0300 are included in
      the orig tarball.
  * Remove the following patches (merged upstream):
    - 01_arm_qreal_fixes.diff
    - libbtcore/01_touch_proper_dnd_file.diff
  * Refresh other patches.
  * Update ktorrent.install: use wildcards for libraries due to frequent
    library version changes.
  * New upstream development snapshot:
    - Revision 839064 by guisson on 2008-07-29 13:51:20 +0300.
    - The latest translations as of 2008-07-29 14:29:00 +0300 are included in
      the original tarball.
    - Improvements:
      * Lower CPU usage
      * KTorrent plasmoid.
      * BitFinder and Scripting plugins.
  * Add 01_touch_proper_dnd_file.diff patch which fixes a bug causing ktorrent
    to allocate useless filled with zeros in place of first and last chunks.
    dnd files for each "Do not download" file in the multifile torrent.
    When there are many small files in the torrent, disk usage of those dnd
    files become very significant (up to 10-20% of the torrent size) and
    allocation of such a torrent is very slow due to lots of I/O during writing
    useless zeros.
  * Refresh other patches.
  * Switch packaging from CDBS to debhelper 7 (based on amarok 2 packaging).
  * Build-depend on libplasma-dev.
  * Update build-depends to at least KDE 4.1.0.
  * Update ktorrent.install file: new plugins and KTorrent plasmoid.
  * Remove Vcs fields from the debian/control until ktorrent packaging is
    moved to git.

e562fa4... by Modestas Vainius <email address hidden> on 2008-07-14

Import patches-unapplied version 3.1.1+dfsg.1-1 to debian/lenny

Imported using git-ubuntu import.