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e81ed57... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Import patches-applied version 4:4.8.4-4+deb7u1 to applied/debian/wheezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: a96ed579804d3024f4680dbca7b47446c5b60bf5
Unapplied parent: 80fd4d19b533fa6f8566438823713be9f88e96b1

New changelog entries:
  * Fix kauth authentication bypass. (Closes: #755814)
    - Add CVE-2014-5033.patch, cherry-picked from upstream.
    - CVE-2014-5033

80fd4d1... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Use dbus system bus name instead of PID for authentication.

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2014-5033.patch.

0d87c36... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Fix copying of files with extended ACLs.

Gbp-Pq: fix-copying-of-files-with-extended-ACLs.patch.

6d9870d... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Respect PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE environmental variable in PYTHON_INSTALL macro

Gbp-Pq: python3-support-bytecode.patch.

e725811... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Correct determineFileSystemTypeImpl() for any glibc-based system

Gbp-Pq: glibc_filesystem.diff.

4176e6d... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Fix longlink UTF-8 support in KTar

Gbp-Pq: ktar_longlink_length_in_bytes.diff.

461b709... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Use unsigned arithmetic when calculating tar header checksum

Gbp-Pq: ktar_header_checksum_fix.diff.

050fed3... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

FindPythonLibrary: pass --layout=deb to distutils if build type is Debian

Gbp-Pq: findpythonlibrary_layout_deb_on_debian.diff.

2b9e4e1... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

Add DLRestrictions support

Gbp-Pq: add_dlrestrictions_support.diff.

376f712... by Felix Geyer on 2014-07-31

relax KDE version check when loading plugins

Gbp-Pq: relax_plugin_kde_version_check.diff.