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e454023... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-10-27

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7.dfsg.1-0ubuntu5.1 to ubuntu/gutsy-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 37f9395b59a390273ed9ebac36f7017e63e77cd9

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/92_hpijs-fax-tmpfile-fix.dpatch: Fix fax function of hpijs
    which was non-functional due to not being able to create temporary files
    (LP: #153152).

37f9395... by Kees Cook on 2007-10-11

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7.dfsg.1-0ubuntu5 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 454ab5d52a11f46efe00af3e839d251b72ee5308

New changelog entries:
  * SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary command execution via network
  * Add debian/patches/90_subprocess_replacement: use subprocess instead.
  * References

454ab5d... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-10-04

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7.dfsg.1-0ubuntu4 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 77857c36350e9d0d6c071d14f1aaa42c3e525d50

New changelog entries:
  * debian/55-hpmud.rules: Changed UDEV rules to set owner "lp",
    group "scanner", and permissions 0660 for the /dev/... files, so
    that non-privileged users (not in "lp" group, but in "scanner"
    group) can also access the HP printers. Simply using 0666
    permissions is a security problem (LP: #147369).

77857c3... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-10-03

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7.dfsg.1-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c45f2530dabc8c2d8132035b3e5ed3a70da1a719

New changelog entries:
  * debian/rules, debian/55-hpmud.rules:
    Updated UDEV rules for HPLIP to the ones of HPLIP 2.7.9. The current
    rules do not work any more (LP: #147369)

c45f253... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-09-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7.dfsg.1-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7f2080e9fc15cae788211b85ca76740c0afd5889

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control, debian/hplip.install, debian/hplip-gui.install,
    Moved menu entries for the GUI utilities into the new hplip-gui package.
    This package requires python-qt3 and so the menu entries can never appear
    if python-qt3 is not installed. Let the main package (hplip) recommend
    hplip-gui instead of python-qt3 now. Fixes: LP: #67892, LP: #86893,
    LP: #134480, LP: #137168

7f2080e... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-08-22

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7.dfsg.1-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6510d93b1878347c1ecc02ffbc27d5951af41784

New changelog entries:
  * Modified upstream source tarball: Firmware files for HP LaserJet 1018
    and 1020 removed on HP's request
  * debian/control, debian/rules, debian/hplip-data.install,
    debian/hplip-firmware.install: Removed hplip-firmware binary package.
  * debian/README.Source: Updated packaging documentation
  * debian/hpijs.README.Debian, debian/hpijs.NEWS, debian/hpijs-ppds.NEWS,
    debian/hpijs.1, debian/control: linuxprinting.org -> openprinting.org

6510d93... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-08-17

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7-0ubuntu4 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: dd6352efb176efcc3fdba99745ce0a071b016526

New changelog entries:
  * debian/hplip.install: Added missing line "usr/lib/lib*.so.*" (LP: #132670,
    LP: #132781)
  * debian/hplip.preinst: Remove init scripts of former 1.x HPLIP versions
  * debian/hplip.default: Removed, as we do not have permanently running
    daemons any more.
  * debian/hplip.rtupdate, debian/rules, debian/hplip.install: Removed update
    helper, as we do not have permanently running daemons any more.

dd6352e... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-08-13

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 938fb594468a6e214f9cd301d1bf329e0b321c72

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control: Added "automake" and "libtool" to "Build-Depends"

938fb59... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-08-13

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ec1e6671df52289e20bf08977d8f2c4fcea61a0e

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control: Added "autoconf" to "Build-Depends"

ec1e667... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-08-09

Import patches-unapplied version 2.7.7-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: a7b6498ce70f51fc42ce4485598b259925df9d90

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release
    * Closes: LP: #103871, LP: #109871
    * HPLIP 2.7.7
      + Fixed issues with ppd_install and ppd_dir in the installer
      + Device-id and device-status queries can now be made on more than
        just the 7/1/2 interface.
      + Added pre_install_cmd to installer to fix cups issue in PCLinuxOS
        and Mandriva
      + Added darwin build support to makefile.
      + Removed the localOnly conditional in the sane hpaio backend. This
        was needed for saned usage.
      + Fixed defect (Print Settings for fax device is incorrect after
        switching to other tabs.)
      + Fixed defect (The default unload directory path is invalid if user
        is root.)
      + Fixed defect (Wrong release dates for Fedora distros are displayed
        in terminal.)
      + Added Mandriva 2007.1 to distros.dat
      + Added Ubuntu 7.10 to distros.dat
      + Fixed defect (Entering hp-setup -bnet command in terminal, some
        error information occurs when network is unreachable.)
      + Fixed defect (hp-testpage produces traceback)
      + Added some additional error checking to type 3 status (LaserJets)
      + Re-designed hp-fab database backend (no longer uses KirbyBase,
        instead uses pickle)
      + Converted hp-fab and hp-sendfax to handle non-ascii characters (Unicode)
      + Added a distros.dat flag to handle usermod command with/without -a
      + Added a temporary printer destination codepath for hp-scan
      + Enhanced hp-setup launch code for the text installer
      + Lots of code cleanup in the logging facility
      + Fixed the constraints system in hp-scan (can use list based and
        tuple based constraints)
      + Removed '-a' from usermod command in installer
      + Converted code to use unicode when dealing with UI strings and
        user originated strings
      + Explicitly convert to utf-8 for file logging output
      + Added compile flag conditional compilation in hpmudext.c for parallel
        and network support
      + Fixed the run command in core_install so that exceptions wouldn't
        pass silently
      + Enhanced get_distro() in core_install so that it handles lsb_release
        output better
      + Fixed disable-pp-build and disable-net-build in hpmud.
      + Added localization files to tarball.
      + Various small bug fixes (esp. in the installer)
    * HPIJS 2.7.7
      + Added support for the following new printer(s).
          * HP PhotoSmart A620 Series (PSP470)
          * HP PhotoSmart A820 Series (PSP470)
          * HP PhotoSmart A520 Series (DJGenericVIP)
    * HPLIP 2.7.6
      + Major version number change denotes new functionality.
          * No more Start-up daemons
          * New Direct Device I/O (hpmud)
          * Controllable Permissions
          * Single 'Make' File
          * Support for Dynamic PPD file generation
          * New hp-scan command
      + Replaced hpiod with the new HP Multi-Point Transport Driver (hpmud).
        Hpmud is a shared library instead of a daemon.
      + Hpssd is started automatically when needed by HPLIP.
      + Removed HPIJS makefile. There is now only one makefile for HPLIP.
      + Added the following new HPLIP configure options.
        --enable-doc-build enable documentation build (default=yes)
        --enable-hpijs-only-build enable hpijs only build (default=no)
        --enable-foomatic-ppd-install enable foomatic ppd install, uses
                                      hpppddir default=no
        --enable-foomatic-xml-install enable foomatic xml install, uses
                                      foomaticdir default=yes
        --with-cupsbackenddir=DIR set cups backend install directory,
        --with-icondir=DIR set icon install directory,
        --with-hpppddir=DIR set hp ppd install directory,
        --with-docdir=DIR set hplip documentation directory,
        --with-foomaticdir=DIR set foomatic db install directory,
      + Old HPIJS configure options --foomatic-install and --cups-install
        have been removed.
      + Changed the libsane-hpaio install directory from $(libdir) to
      + Fixed installer utilities (permission, trigger, etc) so they can be
        run manully from tarball root directory
      + Fixed defect (Some error occurs in terminal and the outputting file
        is empty when perform a scan job with the option "-mgray".)
      + Added large file size warning to hp-scan
      + Added -x/--compression to hp-scan
      + Added 1200, 2400, and 4800 dpi support to hp-scan
      + Fixed defect (Traceback - SUSE 10.1 - Changing Tabs To Print Settings)
      + Fixed defect (Using hp-clean on cmd line fails to clean)
      + Changed fax check so that low paper or low supplies don't prevent
        faxing [user reported]
      + Toolbox will display local docs if doc-build=yes or sf.net docs if
      + Added hp-unload file removal option
      + Changed hp-unload progress to a sep. dialog
      + Fixed an issue with hp-check with 'lp' group test
      + Added libtool and libgphoto2-devel packages for the libtool
        dependency for SUSE 10.2
      + Fixed defect (The files can not be rendered when perform a fax job in
        terminal on Mepis6.0 OS.)
      + Added new functionality into the web installer from the text
        installer a) New data functions b) pre- and post- build actions ('lp'
        group, udev trigger, etc) c) Some defensive code enhancements
      + Fixed defect (The scan job is failed if --printer is specified when
        use "hp-scan" command in non-interactive mode.)
      + Fixed defect (Mepis and Debian unsubscriptable object on Toolbox launch)
      + Fixed an issue with stopping the hpssd process in the installer
      + Added PIL as an optional dependency to the installer
      + Fixed a couple of text installer issues that were casuing a traceback
      + Fixed libtool detection
      + Fixed defect ( Toolbox Looses Communication with Printers after
        Functions->Unload Photo Card)
      + Fixed defect (Fax Address Book - fab.db - unable to open or read file)
      + Added --size=<page size name> parameter to hp-scan
      + Added ppd_dir data to debian, mepis, suse in distros.py
      + Fixed 2.7.x jetdirect scanimage issue reported by Suse.
      + Fixed defect (The installation is failed if packages are missing when
        install with command "./hplip-install" on Mandriva2007 32bit OS.)
      + Fixed defect (The Installer process can not setup printer after
        finishing installation on Ubuntu 7.04 OS.)
      + Added the symlink fix Dapper to the text installer
      + Fixed an issue with the hppsd process shutdown
      + Added libtool dependency to installer
      + Made all configure time python checks conditional on hpijs-only-build
        as requested by Suse.
      + Added USB devnode permission checks to hp-check
      + Enhanced USB I/O checks in hp-check
      + Added udev .rules file modification module, installer/permissions.py
        (called by the installer)
      + Fixed defect (The Installer process can not setup printer after
        finishing installation on Ubuntu 7.04 OS.)
      + Added 'ppd_dir' to text installer
      + Added "add user to lp group" to text installer
      + Added hpssd shutdown to text installer
      + Fixed a problem with the configure flags in the installer
      + Added a root user check to the text installer
      + Cleaned up the text formatting in the installer
      + Added some distro data convenience functions in the installer
      + Added a check for adept-updater on Ubuntu
      + Fixed the HPLIP detection function
      + Changed the launching of hp-setup so that the entered su/sudo
        password is used
      + Changed the CUPS restart so that it only occurs with CUPS 1.1.x
      + Added the logoff required step in the installer
      + Added configure option --with-docdir as requested by Suse.
      + Added CUPS version check to hp-check (requires cups-config)
      + Added '-p' param to hp-check (pre-check, use before install. Run
        hp-check w/o -p after install.)
      + Added USB I/O checks to hp-check
      + Fixed defect (The Unload Photo Card function is invalid) [fixed
        error in hpmudext read channel API]
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs in terminal when manually find a network
        printer with a numerical type hostname.)
      + Fixed defect (some error message displays in terminal when enter
        "hp-print" command if no device is installed.)
      + Fixed defect (Print command is failed when perform a print job if
        printers have characters "&", "*", "(", ")", "|", "<", ">", ","
        or "." in their names.)
      + Fixed defect which was an issue with displaying non-readable
        characters in the progress screens.
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs when execute "hp-align -bnet" command
        in terminal.)
      + Added CUPS 1.1 detection and setting of configure flags and paths
      + Fixed the enable_ppd flag and made it dependent on CUPS 1.1 detection
      + Fixed a problem in the text installer that caused it to exit if no
        dependencies were installed
      + Added a trigger utility so that USB devices will be detected after
        the .rules files updates occur without replugging (added only to text
        installer for now)
      + Fixed defect which was an issue in canceling the installation process
        in the progress screens.
      + Fixed defect (Bad usability is brought if the Auto Refresh function is
      + Fixed defect (The auto refresh can be enabled by click the OK button
        on Settings window.)
      + Fixed defect which was an issue in the script that runs the install
        options of the GUI installer.
      + Changed location of all user files to ~/.hplip/ directory (fax files,
        hplip.conf, and fab data file)
      + Added sane-devel to installer dependencies
      + Made the ppd_install flag be per distro and version rather than just
        for distro due to Fedora 5/6
      + Removed LSB dependency info from each distro dataset
      + Fixed defect (The send fax job can not performed successfully over
      + Added printer list to toolbox status bar [partially fixes user request]
      + Fixed defect (Some error messages displayed in terminal when executing
        hp-sendfax command in terminal.)
      + Fixed defect (The hp-setup is invalid if disable GUI option during
        install the build.)
      + Added bootstrap --ppd to build.py and dist.py
      + Fixed defect (The check job can not be finished completely before
        install the build.)
      + Added udev 55-hpmud.rules to "make install". Users will have to be a
        member of the "lp" group in order to have access USB/Parallel devices.
      + Fixed hp-makeuri and underlying API
      + Fixed defect (Toolbox cannot be launched if the build
        hplip- is installed with PC Send Fax option disabled
        via GUI Installer.)
      + Added libsane check at configure time.
      + Fixed models.dat and models dat editor tool for hpmud support
      + Added HPLIP_BUILD to dat editor tool
      + Fixed defect (adding unsupported file type to fax causes traceback)
      + Improved build time support for missing Python extensions
      + Added MakeURI APIs to hpmudext
      + Removed hpiod and hplip start/stop script.
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs in terminal when perform a copy job with
        Best Copy Quality in GUI mode.)
      + Fixed defect ([Photosmart 7550] no photo cart, clicking color cal
        causes traceback)
      + Fixed defect (hpssd.py crashed with IOError in __init__() [Launchpad
        bug #103871])
      + Fixed defect (toolbox crashed with AttributeError in
        printButton_clicked() [Luanchpad bug #109871])
      + Preliminary version of hp-scan checked in (ver. 0.1 -lots of missing
      + Changed to hpssd auto start functionality to use port detection rather
        than .pid/.port files. Hpssd no longer supports dynamic port
        assignments. Its is recommended that only the IANA port as specified
        in hplip.conf be used (port 2207). Hpssd does not create any .pid or
        .port files in /var/run or /tmp.
      + Added a missing file 'warnings.tmpl' to the Makefile.am.
      + Fixed defect (toolbox crashed with IndexError in UpdatePrinterCombos()
      + Flated the postscript ppd directory foomatic-db/db/source/PPD/HP/.
      + Fixed defect (Some error messages displayed in terminal when executing
        hp-sendfax command in terminal.)
      + Changed build and dist scripts so that they work with new unified
        makefile and ppd/xml changes
      + Changed text (CLI) installer to work with new unified makefile and
        ppd/xml changes
      + Fixed defect (No prompt pops up if execute hp-unload in terminal when
        add the device Deskjet d1460 to PC which does not support Photo Unload
      + Fixed defect (The prompt dialog does not pop up when adding a
        unsupported file type to the printer from toolbox.)
      + Fixed defect (A spelling mistake is found in Functions tab of Configure
      + Fixed defect (Some controls are not fully displayed on Print Control
        table of toolbox.)
      + Added HP specific foomatic database to tar ball. This will allow
        foomatic db installs or PPD installs.
      + Removed code for screen that shows the optional path installation
      + Merged new hpssd autostart code
    * HPIJS 2.7.6
      + Removed ESC*p command from DJGenericVIP class for each raster send to
        fix PhotoSmart C4200 assert
      + Added support for the following new printer(s).
          * HP Photosmart C4200 series (DJGenericVIP)
          * HP Photosmart A320 series (DJGenericVIP)
          * HP Photosmart A440 series (DJGenericVIP)
          * HP Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP (LJColor)
          * HP Color LaserJet CP3505 (LJColor)
          * LaserJet P2010 (LJMono)
          * HP Photosmart C5200 series (DJGenericVIP)
          * HP 910 (DJ3320)
          * HP 915 (DJ3600)
    * HPLIP 1.7.4
      + Fixed defect (The tip of menu "Contents..." is incorrect.) [added F1
      + Fixed defect (The corresponding operation could not work while
        executing hp-sendfax with "--non-interactive", "--faxnum",
        "--recipient", "--group", "--logging" parameters in terminal.)
      + Fixed an issue with adding recipients in fax UI
      + Fixed defect (The array of the Comments/Notes can not be consistent
        with that in fax coverpage.) [check "Preformatted" in coverpage dialog
        to preserve formatting]
      + Fixed defect (hp-makecopies --quality parameter is invalid.)
      + Fixed defect (The printer information still displays on Toolbox when
        refresh the device status after delete the Device.)
      + Fixed a problem reading USB IEEE 1284 device-id on the Photosmart A420
        based products in hpiod.
      + Toolbox internal/built-in makecopies utility
      + Reworked the user settings code in the toolbox
      + Added PYTHONINCLUDEDIR configure option.
      + Removed hplip install code from "make install". Hplip install code is
        part of the tarball only.
      + Fixed defect (Fax Address with blank nickname and blank fax number can
        be added to the Fax Address Book.)
      + Fixed defect (Some improper messages display in terminal when add a
        device via Network to a PC that is disconnecting with Network.)
      + Fixed defect (The word "from" is missing in "Unload Photo Card"
        section on Functions tab on Toolbox.)
      + Added icons to action buttons in the toolbox
      + Fixed defect (The rendering files process hangs up when perform a fax
      + Fixed defect (Some unexpected message displayed in terminal when
        sending a fax job to a group)
      + Removed setup.py calls from Makefile.am. Automake now installs python
      + Toolbox internal/built-in unload photo card utility
      + Fixed an issue with align type 10 (and 11) that caused the wrong
        alignment values to be sent from the GUI alignment tool (hp-align was
        OK) [reported by user]
      + Fixed the issue with .hplip.conf owner of root when hp-setup is run
        1st [patch to Till]
      + Added some extra exception handling around device opens in
      + Fixed defect (No any hint information to show the printer is stopped
        when enter hp-print command in terminal to launch a print job.)
      + Fixed defect (Toolbox can not display the print queue if switch to
        other tab and then go back to the print tab.)
      + Fixed defect (Another print job can not be sent to print queue
        successfully during printing.)
      + Fixed defect (Some unexpected information displays in terminal when
        perform a color carlibration job on Photosmart 2575 in GUI mode.)
      + Added order column and move up/down to hp-print
      + Toolbox internal/built-in send PC fax utility
    * HPIJS 2.7.4
      + Fixed a custom paper size bug that caused unintended scaling in
        certain cases in services.cpp
      + Added supply level low warning message in hpijs.cpp as suggested by
        Tim Waugh
      + Added support for the following new printer(s):
          * DeskJet D1400 Series (DJ3320)
          * DeskJet D2400 Series (DJ3600)
          * DeskJet D4200 Series (DJ4100)
          * DeskJet F2100 Series (DJ3320)
          * DeskJet F4100 Series (DJ3600)
          * CM8050MFP with Edgeline (PS)
          * CM8060MFP with Edgeline (PS)
  * Simplified the packaging making every change done by dpatches and not
    directly in the source code.
     o Dropped source code cosmetics in configure.in and Makefile.am
     o Dropped moving .py files into /usr/lib. These files and also the
       .pyc files generated from them are distribution-independent.
     o 85_rebuild_python_ui.dpatch: Moved changes for compiling .ui files
       to .py files into a dpatch
     o 87_move_documentation.dpatch: Moved changes for moving the
       documentation into a dpatch
     o debian/rules: Set documentation directory by the "./configure"
       command line.
  * Removed patches 80_laserjet1100_fix.dpatch,
    84_align10form_py_deskjet_5440_head_align.dpatch, merged upstream.
  * 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales.dpatch: Rediff.
  * debian/rules: Updated command line options for ./configure, make
    debian/autogen.sh being called when Makefile.am and/or configure.in
    were patched.
  * debian/rules, debian/hplip-data.links: Do not put .py and .pyc files
    into /usr/lib/hplip any more. There are REALLY plattform-independent.
  * debian/control, debian/rules, debian/hplip-data.install,
    debian/hplip-firmware.install: Created new package for the firmware files
    for the HP LaserJet 1018 and 1020.
  * debian/hplip.preinst: Shut down the daemons of the old 1.x.x generation
    HPLIP and kill hpiod if the shut down did not work.
  * debian/*.desktop: Show the icons in the menus of Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu,
    as we get a decent error dialog if PyQt is not installed.