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5a39583... by Kees Cook on 2007-10-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.7.3-0ubuntu1.1 to ubuntu/feisty-security

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 75abbadc5a7d68b615fd4a9bde8c3348c74603db

New changelog entries:
  * SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary command execution via network
  * Add debian/patches/90_subprocess_replacement: use subprocess instead.
  * References

75abbad... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-04-03

Import patches-unapplied version 1.7.3-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: a576659253523423206a92f9fcf204dcce8bcf1a

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release (closes: LP#82546, LP#83936, LP#85805, LP#87695,
    LP#92237, LP#94013, LP#94015, LP#94823, LP#95489)
    * HPLIP 1.7.3
      + Added the <nopjl /> tag to hpijs-generator.in. This will remove
        the extra foomatic PJL options from most HP LaserJet PPD
        files. The extra foomatic PJL options caused some HPIJS PCL data
        issues. This fixes a "PCL XL error" on LJ1010/1012 that can
        occur on different PCs (closes: LP#92237).
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs when send a fax coverpage with "&"
        or "<" character in Regarding or Optional Message field.)
      + Removed banner pages from fax print settings
      + Altered hpfax: device discovery output to match hp: scheme (CUPS
        1.2 only)
      + Removed the wait cursor during the password entry screen
        [reported by Johannes]
      + Added error messages and suppressed content in toolbox when
        device is not found or unsupported
      + A new configure option was added --enable-cups11-build, this
        option controls the hp/hpfax device discovery message when no
        devices are found. If needed, this option provides backward
        compatibility with CUPS 1.1.x applications.
        With --enable-cups11-build set the "no_device_found" message is
        displayed during device discovery by the "hp" backend.
        With --disable-cups11-build (default) set the backend prints a
        scheme based on the following conditions.
            Condition 1 - no daemons
              output nothing stdout return exit 1
            Condition 2 - daemons running, no HP devices, output scheme
              direct hp "Unknown" "HP Printer (HPLIP)" return exit 0
            Condition 3 - daemons running, HP printer found, output URI
              direct hp:/... "hp model" "HP model HPLIP" "deviceid"
            return exit 0
        (closes: LP#87695)
      + Changed the way that hp-setup was being launched from the
        toolbox, it was hanging on Edgy
      + Added Tools > Printer Information
      + Added a check for 'lpr' for Debian installation (to force
        install of cupsys-bsd)
      + Moved the password prompt in the text/CLI installer past the
        distro confirm/select prompts to handle a problem with Mepis
      + Made a change to determine if networking is working during
      + Added a private copy of sanei_init_debug to libsane-hpaio. This
        will remove the libsane.so dependency which was a problem for
      + Fixed defect (PPD file "foomatic:HP-PSC_2400-hpijs.ppd" can not
        be found when set up PSC 2400 in interactive mode, closes
      + Fixed a page update defect in the toolbox (when switching
        devices, update page correctly)
      + Re-wrote hpaioAdvanceDocument function in libsane-hpaio. This
        change only effects SCL scanners with an ADF (ie: inkjet
        all-in-ones). This fixes a double-feed ADF issue which occurred
        when scanning a single page.
      + Fixed defect (An unexpected error occurs when perform color
        calibration job in GUI mode on photosmart c7180.)
      + Some toolbox UI improvements
      + Converted hp-print to new UI
      + Fixed some defects in scrollprintview and devmgr
      + Added network detection to text/CLI installer
      + Toolbox internal/built-in print utility
      + Added password entry and validation to text/CLI installer
      + Fixed an issue when the ~/.hplip.conf file is not present on 1st
        run, the hp-setup run as root owns the file and doesn't allow the
        regular user to write to it.
      + Fixed defect (hp-setup -i can not setup a printer Photosmart
        c3100 which has multiple possible PPD files.)
      + Some visual updates to the toolbox
      + Fixed defect (DJ 4x0 power/battery settings not staying set)
      + Added a confirmation dialog to device remove in the toolbox
      + Linked quality and printoutmode in print settings
      + Switched [x] Enable style controls to (*) On ( ) Off style in
        print settings
      + Supply icons auto generate (removed supply PNG icons from
      + Fixed an issue with r_values in supplies processing
      + Added type 12 head support for PS33xx, PSC61xx, etc.
      + Fixed defect (The Print Settings of Fax device are invalid)
      + Fixed issue where L7xxx color cal wasn't showing the load paper UI
      + Fixed defect (The command "hp-setup -i" can not work normally)
      + Fixed defect (The setup process will hang up when modify the fax
        name to a name which contains more than 104 characters on setup
      + Changed magic.py to better handle text/plain vs. data detection
      + Added last used working directory support to hp-sendfax,
        hp-print, and hp-unload
    * HPLIP 1.7.2 (Not published as Ubuntu or Debian package)
      + Fixed defect (The fax file is printed out by the sender when use
        printer name with "-p" parameter to perform a fax job.)
      + Added CUPS fax queues to Print Settings and Print Control tabs
      + Added PQ Diag type 2, align type 12, color cal type 6, and LF
        cal type 2 for Officejet Pro L7xxx
      + Added agent types 20 and 21 for Officejet Pro L7xxx
      + Fixed defect (There is no response when click "About" in the
        "Help" menu in the toolbox window.)
      + Fixed defect (Function Commands configuration was disabled)
      + Fixed an issue where the ending banner page combo box would not
        show the proper setting if it were not 'none'
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs when select other ppd files from
        toolbox to setup)
      + Fixed defect (The command "hp-setup -i" can not work normally)
      + Fixed defect (The output of "-t" parameter is not the same as
        "--prettyprint" parameter when send a fax job using pretty
        printing for text files.)
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs when enter "#" in Fax Name field
        on "Enter Printer Information" window during setting up a
      + Fixed defect (Print outcomes are not full when set the "Page
        Orientation" as "Landscape" on "Print Settings" table.) [added
        "Fit to page" option in image printing section of Print Settings
      + Moved installer/images/xxx files from SCRIPT to DATA install in
      + Fixed non-functioning printer control in hp-toolbox
      + Fixed an issue with the settings dialog not working [reported by
      + Additional fixes to get PPD file handling working on Edgy and
        Feisty for CUPS 1.2.
      + Fixes for CUPS 1.2 and auto-generated PPD files for Feisty Fawn
        [reported by Till] (closes: LP#95489)
      + Fixed potential subscript array overflow in pcard/fat.c
        (reported by Suse).
      + Fixed an issue reported by Till with the device string returned
        by hpfax:
      + Fixed an issue in in the NoDeviceForm (missing __tr() method)
      + Fixed defect (Ubuntu Fiesty Herd 3 - ppd file w/hp-setup
        problem) [implemented change to PPD file enumeration for CUPS 1.2
        as suggested by Till] (closes: LP#95489)
      + Added banner pages to print settings (job-sheets)
      + Fixed problem with watermark angle text in print settings (utf-8
      + Added libusb-devel check to configure.in.
      + Added image printing settings to toolbox print settings
      + Added print adjustment settings to toolbox print settings
      + Enhanced the default button behavior in toolbox print settings
      + Removed sticky print settings from hp-print
      + hp_laserjet_p2015_series: Changed embedded-server-type from '0'
        to '1'
      + hp_laserjet_p2015_series: Changed panel-check-type from '0' to '1'
      + Fixed a traceback in hpfax: if HPLIP is not running during
        device detection (closes: LP#83936)
      + Added print job icons to indicate print job status
      + Updated some status icons
      + Fixed defect (An unexpected error occurs when enter hp-makecopies
        -d<device-uri> -m1 -n in terminal)
      + Fixed defect ("See Also:hp-colorcal" should not occur in the
        explanation for the hp-colorcal command on hplip website.)
      + Fixed defect (Refresh All button can not work on build
        hplip-1.7.1 public release.)
      + Fixed an issue in hpssd that caused history items in the ring
        buffer to slotted incorrectly
      + Added duplexer detection to the "sides" setting in the toolbox
        Print Settings (no "sides" selection if duplexer == 0)
      + Added new, more useful icons to the status list in the toolbox
      + Major toolbox (Device Manager) upgrade/redesign
      + Added printer settings tab (sets printer options in
      + Removed panel tab (merged panel with status tab)
      + Redo of functions tab (new layout)
      + Redo of status tab (new icons, layout, inclusion of front panel
      + Front panel display will show device panel if available,
        otherwise most recent status text
      + Redo of supplies tab (new layout)
      + Redo of print jobs tab (now called printer control) (print
        control widget, new layout, etc)
      + hpssd will not store multiple history items with the same error
        code (last one gets replaced)
      + About box upgraded
      + cupsext extended in functionality (ppd, options, etc)
      + Removed trailing white space in IEEE 1284 model name. This will
        fix URIs that have a trailing "_" character in the model
        name. This issue crept back into the hpiod code after the libusb
        update (closes: LP#85805).
      + Fixed an issue in hp-check that caused a traceback if
        '/etc/sane.d/dll.conf' is missing
      + Added some more bug messages to hpaio.
      + Fixed a traceback in hp-levels reported on the mailing list (defect)
      + Set the device list column width in the toolbox splitter to be
        more narrow by default
      + Added the toolbox software version to the Device Manager about dialog
    * HPIJS 2.7.2
      + Fixed media type for maxdpi printmode for vip printers and its
      + Fixed the cause of carriage stall error in C41xx printers
      + Added support for the following new printer(s).
          * Officejet Pro L7300 series (OJProKx50)
          * Officejet Pro L7500 series (OJProKx50)
          * Officejet Pro L7600 series (OJProKx50)
          * Officejet Pro L7700 series (OJProKx50)
          * HP Officejet Pro K5300 series (OJProKx50)
          * HP Officejet Pro K5400 series (OJProKx50)
          * HP Officejet J5700 series (DJGenericVIP)
        OJProKx50 is derived from DJGenericVIP.
  * 80_laserjet1100_fix.dpatch: Fixed problem of accessing an HP LaserJet 1100
    on the parallel port (reported in LP#98520).
  * 82_scrolltool_py_deskjet_d4100_claen_device_not_found.dpatch: Fixed problem
    of Python traceback when DeskJet 4100 not accessible (e. g. turned off),
    reported in LP#98520 by Aaron Albright.
  * 84_align10form_py_deskjet_5440_head_align.dpatch: Fixed problem of head
    alignment GUI not working for DeskJet 5440 (closes: LP#98920).
  * Removed patches 00_01_hplevels_fix.dpatch,
    90_hpfax_bad_lpinfo_-v_output.dpatch, merged upstream.
  * Remade patch 14_charsign_fixes.dpatch, most of it was merged upstream.
  * 61_noqt_message.dpatch: Improved error message which appears when
    HPLIP utilities are called from the menu but PyQt is not installed
    (closes: LP#86893)..
  * Modified the debian/*.desktop files so that the environment variable
    "STARTED_FROM_MENU=1" is set to make the utilities showing the
    GTK-based error message window when called from the menu and PyQt is
    not installed (closes: LP#86893).
  * Added "NoDisplay=true" to the debian/*.desktop files so that the menu
    entries for the HPLIP tools are hidden by default (closes: LP#67892).
  * Fixed the pelling of the icon file names in the debian/*.desktop files
    (closes: LP#88290).
  * Removed debian/hp-toolbox.desktop, it was a duplicate menu entry for the
    HP Toolbox.
  * debian/hplip.postinst: Added clean-up for the ownerships of the user's
    .hplip.conf files. hp-setup of HPLIP 1.7.1 (and perhaps some older
    versions) created it with root ownerships and this made hp-toolbox not
    starting (closes: LP#99326).

a576659... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-02-14

Import patches-unapplied version 1.7.1-1ubuntu2 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2dca0515f15f95cc9abbef3e81f4f1d6c0ddb697

New changelog entries:
  * 80_hpijs_deskjet_d41xx_hangs.dpatch: Applied offical patch from HP
    (1.7.1-1), fixes DeskJet D41xx hanging on second job.
  * 85_hpfax_crash_when_hpssd_not_running.dpatch: Fixes hpfax CUPS backend
    crash when HPLIP daemons are not running (closes: LP#83936).
  * 90_hpfax_bad_lpinfo_-v_output.dpatch: Fixes hpfax CUPS backend returning
    an "hp:/..." URI instead of an "hpfax:/..." URI to CUPS.

2dca051... by Till Kamppeter on 2007-01-29

Import patches-unapplied version 1.7.1-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 701a81888834bf9f2c34cbf86355707a3dd35b29

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from debian CVS (closes: LP#60242, LP#66830,
    LP#74809, LP#77307), remaining changes:
    - Add hplip to scanner group.
    - Additional patches 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales, 80_no-compiler.h.
    - Shuffling of hplip's recommendations/suggestions.
    - Remove hplip's shutdown and reboot links.
    - Splitting of desktop files, menu entries hidden by default.
    - udev rules for MFP devices.
    - Don't compress single files to make the package smaller.
  * debian/hplip.postrm: Suppress error on uninstalling HPLIP when "scanner"
    is not empty.
  * 61_noqt_message.dpatch: Removed, functionality implemented upstream.
  * 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales.dpatch: Rediff.
  * debian/control: Added missing "libsane-dev" to Build-Depends.
  * debian/hplip.install: Removed usr/lib/libsane*.so.*, not needed any more.
  * New Upstream source
    * HPLIP 1.7.1:
      + Fixed uninitilized pointer in hplip_api library.
      + Got some newer inkjet all-in-ones working with hp-makecopies:
        + photosmart_c5100_series: Changed copy-type from '0' to '3'
        + photosmart_c6100_series: Changed copy-type from '0' to '3'
        + photosmart_c7100_series: Changed copy-type from '0' to '3'
        + photosmart_3100_series: Changed copy-type from '0' to '3'
        + photosmart_3200_series: Changed copy-type from '0' to '3'
        + photosmart_3300_series: Changed copy-type from '0' to '3'
      + Added a "last used device URI" feature to all utilities/UIs
      + Added a device refresh after the job cancel function in the toolbox
      + Fixed defect (hp-setup -u no devices <b>, <p>, etc. characters in
        error log)
      + Fixed sane_start: "Document feeder out of documents" problem with
        LJ3300 MFP which have no ADF.
      + Fixed defect (Test email text update)
      + Improved progress dialog behaviour and messaging in hp-sendfax
      + Fixed defect (The counter of selected picture in status bar does
        not work if selecting picture by drag action.)
      + Fixed defect (The "Show Thumbnail" item still appears after
        executing "Show Thumbnails" operation if the picture does not support
        "show thumbnail" function.)
      + Implemented enhancement (Have front panel tab appear when supported
        by printer)
      + Fixed defect (The fax job can not be done while executing
        'hp-sendfax -n' in terminal on Fedora Core 6 32bit OS.)
      + photosmart_c7100_series: Changed pcard-type from '2' to '1'
      + Added feature (Fax Address Book also should be added on the Tools &
        Settings tab in toolbox for usability.)
      + Fixed defect (The printer still appears in the device list while
        deleting the printer from CUPS.)
      + Added feature: Toolbox device list auto refreshes after device is
        added using hp-setup from toolbox
      + Fixed an issue with ChoosePrinterDlg2
      + Re-wired "Configure Print Settings" in the toolbox to go directly
        to the correct settings page for the printer
      + Fixed an issue with toolbox auto refresh settings save in
      + Fixed defect (New Fax Address can not be listed in Individual(s)
        and Group(s) fields of Recipients tab on Debian 3.1 32bit OS.)
      + Fixed defect (The address can not be added to a group through edit
        function in Fax Address Book.)
      + Fixed defect (Help button is ineffective after clicking Align
        Cartridges in Toolbox on Debian3.1 32bit OS.)
      + Added some error checking to struct.unpack() in SLP packet decoding
      + Fixed defect (An error occurs when enter "%" in "Print Name" of
        "Enter Printer Information" window during setting up a device.)
      + Fixed defect (The unloaded file still be showed in "Unload Files
        from Photo Card" dialog box after unload it with "Remove selected
        files" option in GUI mode.)
      + Fixed defect ('.bmp' type file can not be directly added to a fax
        job though this file type is listed in the Direct Allowable Types
        list. )
      + Fixed problem with adding XPM files to hp-sendfax
      + Removed extraneous MIME types from hp-sendfax allowable types
      + Changed auto refresh update range to 5-60 sec.
      + Merged PyQt polling fix (should fix faxing on systems with PyQt
        3.16 or 3.17)
      + Added page range validation to hp-print (disallows ranges like "-2"
        and "2-")
      + Fixed defect 1291 (The plain-text type file which begins with
        character "/*" can not be added rendered by the fax driver.) [Pretty
        printing checkbox added to hp-print and hp-sendfax. Off by default.]
    * HPIJS 2.7.1:
      + Moved PSC 21XX from DJ9xxVIP to DJGenericVIP - these printers can
        do fullbleed printing on 4x6 media
      + Added a new printmode, photonormal for DJ9xxVIP to enable printers
        without media sensors to print to photo media
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-fix-libusb-bigendian: removed, it is in 1.6.12
  * dpatch 00_02_upstream-fix-pragma-pack: removed, it is in 1.6.12
  * dpatch 10_shebang_fixes.dpatch: rediff
  * dpatch 14_charsign_fixes: rediff
  * dpatch 00_01_hplevels_fix (new): fixes showstopper bug in hp-levels
  * debian/hplip.links: add link for hp-firmware
  * debian/rules: use dh_clean without -k on install-stamp target, without
    it we corrupt the changes file for the next build unless the clean
    target was being invoked (as clean already had a dh_clean call)
  * debian/control: suggest kdebase-bin (for kdesu) or gksu, as hp-toolbox
    can use them
  * New Upstream source
    * HPLIP 1.6.12:
      + Incorporated the following upstream change requests
        from Red Hat:
         1. Removed IANA comment from hplip.conf.
         2. Added libm library check to configure.in.
         3. Added some IPP "STATE:" messages for CUPS 1.2 in the "hp"
       + Applied 'hplip-loop' patch from Tim Waugh [changes hpssd.py async
         loop timeout from 0.5 to 5.0 sec].
       + Fixed defect (The fax setup failed when executing hp-setup with
         serial number USB ID parameter in terminal in Fedora Core6 32bit
       + Fixed defect ([hp-setup] device i/o error no way to cancel or go
       + Fixed defect (The edit function can not be executed when changing
         fax number only in Fax Address Book.)
       + Fixed defect (The fax number and fax name was exchanged on the
         "Finished Adding printer" page.)
       + Fixed defect (Parameter "-bcups" of hp-probe command is disabled.)
       + Fixed a potential batch scanning memory leak in libsane-hpaio with
         scanimage version 1.0.18 or higher.
       + Fixed defect (A blank screen is displayed while executing
         "hp-check -lerror" in the terminal.)
       + Fixed defect (The queue message of processing page is displayed
         twice when executing a fax job with multi-pages in terminal in
         Fedora core6.)
       + Fixed a traceback in hp-check caused when non-HPLIP backends are
         encountered in CUPS. [reported by user on mailing list]
       + Fixed defect (The duplicate Nickname can be added to the Fax
         Addresses by editing function.)
       + photosmart_c6100_series: Changed copy-type from '3' to '0' [Note:
         Make copies is temp. disabled for all inkjet AiOs]
       + Replaced "pragma pack(1)" with "__attribute__ ((packed))" in all
         C/C++ structures. This was needed for the ARM gcc compiler.
       + Removed the libusb little-endian conversion in hpiod. This
         conversion was not needed for big-endian systems because the usbfs
         takes care of the big-endian to little-endian conversion.
       + Added SANE_DEBUG_HPAIO support to libsane-hpaio
       + Finished enhancement (Add mDNS/Bonjour/Rendezvous support to
       + Marked SANE_I18N text strings for localization in libsane-hpaio.
       + Added checks to make sure conf files exist and have no errors.
       + Reorganized include files in libsane-hpaio.
       + Enhancement: HPSSD performance/code cleanup modifications (several
         functions moved from hpssd to client code).
       + Fax files are stored in temp files by hpssd rather than in memory.
       + Fixed a problem with lineart scanning using MMR compression on
       + Workaround added for (Launch of hp-setup from hp-toolbox leads to
         error [reported by Johannes]) [Added error dialog if gksu or kdesu
         not found]
       + Added the ability to quit in additional places for the color
         alignment command-line tool and cleaned up some wording with-in the
         command-line tool.
       + Fixed defect (Allow [SERIAL NO.|USB bus:device|IP| DEVNODE] to be
         used with -u)
       + Fixed defect (The "remove of all files" - radio button is always
         grayed-out in the hp-unload interface, so have removed it for now).
         This was fixed by removing the radio button since we will not
         support this functionality at this time.
       + Applied the Ubuntu provided 61_noqt_message.dpatch with changes
         [supplied by Matthias Klose with Ubuntu]
       + Added missing time import in setupform.py.
       + Fixed a problem with event forwarding in hpssd.
       + Fixed a problem with device status refresh in hp-sendfax (hpssd
       + Moved hplip_api code to separate "api" directory.
       + Added hplip_api support for reading the new models.dat files. The
         new models.dat file replaces the .xml files. For third-party
         applications, the preferred way to read the models.dat file is to
         use the hplip_api. The hplip_api can be used to get model attributes
         without running the HPLIP daemons. See hplip_api.h for reference.
       + Fixed defect (These Examples in usage of hp-setup that would work
         in non-interactive mode should specify -i parameter.)
       + Fixed defect (hp-print UI not usable on 800x600 screen w/GNOME)
    * HPIJS 2.6.12:
      + Made hplip_api calls in hpijs conditional at compile time. The
        hpijs configure flag "hplip-build" will determine if hplip_api calls
        are used.
      + Added support for the following new printer(s).
        + Color LaserJet CP4005 (LJColor/PS)
        + LaserJet M5025 MFP (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet M3027 MFP (LJMono/PS)
  * This upstream version was never built or released by Debian

701a818... by Anthony Mercatante on 2007-01-20

Import patches-unapplied version 1.6.10-3ubuntu3 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: bc61d3627def11b15e06030e52d50851c26d940d

New changelog entries:
  * Fixed hplip.desktop and added hplip-kubuntu.desktop.
    Kubuntu doesn't have any application categorised in "Settings"
    so that results a crappy Kmenu. The hplip.desktop file will not
    show in KDE, and the kubuntu one, only shows in KDE, in
    "System" section.

bc61d36... by Matthias Klose on 2007-01-12

Import patches-unapplied version 1.6.10-3ubuntu2 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6db7e0aef3c84a19fb2584ce5db539a3b6d0ef6f

New changelog entries:
  * Rebuild for python2.5 as the default python version.

6db7e0a... by Till Kamppeter on 2006-12-19

Import patches-unapplied version 1.6.10-3ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

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New changelog entries:
  * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
    - Add hplip to scanner group.
    - Additional patches 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales, 80_no-compiler.h.
    - Shuffling of hplip's recommendations/suggestions.
    - Remove hplip's shutdown and reboot links.
    - Splitting of desktop files, menu entries hidden by default.
    - udev rules for MFP devices.
    - Don't compress single files to make the package smaller.
    - "NoQt message" patch.
    - Added lines
      to debian/hplip.install to assure that scanning works.
  * dpatch 00_01_upstream-fix-libusb-bigendian (new): Do not hto* libusb
    stuff, it does so by itself (at least on the non-ancient versions),
    backport from upstream 1.6.12-rc3 (closes: #401530)
  * dpatch 00_02_upstream-fix-pragma-pack (new): Do not use pragma pack, use
    attribute packed instead, backport from upstream 1.6.12-rc3

e9cbcbd... by Till Kamppeter on 2006-12-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.6.10-2ubuntu2 to ubuntu/feisty

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Changelog parent: e6adbc37246a0e8ad940e572661952c9a2f6ad89

New changelog entries:
  * Added again missing libsane-hpaio.so.1.0.0 library. It seems that
    Debian is not taking care of the missing scanner driver. Fixes
    LP#65908 again.

e6adbc3... by Matthias Klose on 2006-12-04

Import patches-unapplied version 1.6.10-2ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

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Changelog parent: 3a8af4781ecf232f56129232a3a62d4c00b22d90

New changelog entries:
  * Synchronize with Debian CVS; remaining changes:
    - Add hplip to scanner group.
    - Additional patches 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales, 80_no-compiler.h.
    - Shuffling of hplip's recommendations/suggestions.
    - Remove hplip's shutdown and reboot links.
    - Splitting of desktop files, menu entries hidden by default.
    - udev rules for MFP devices.
    - Don't compress single files to make the package smaller.
    - "NoQt message" patch.
  * Remove obsolete patches: debian/patches/80_no-compiler.h.dpatch.
  * debian/control: hpijs: Add versioned replaces on hpijs-ppds, hplip-ppds
    for Fax PPD file move into hpijs package, that happened on 1.6.10-1
    (closes: #395862, #395847)
  * debian/control: build-depend on patch >= 2.5.9-3bpo1 due to our use
    of the Debian-specific -U flag for dpatch, introduced by
    2.5.9-4/2.5.9-3pbo1; build-depend on findutils >= 4.2.25 due to our use
    of xargs -d. Thanks to Sylvain Beucler <email address hidden> for noticing and
    reporting these problems
  * New upstream source (closes: #393940, #395165)
    * HPLIP 1.6.10:
      + Fixed defect: hp-print and hp-sendfax: an error occurs while
        executing hp-print with invalid device URI or the printer name
        in CLI
      + Removed batch scanning sane_cancel dependency. This fixes a
        problem with scanimage version 1.0.18 or higher
        (closes: #382648, #382652)
      + Fixed defect: GUI Install - hp-setup - Does Not Finish
      + Added icons to toolbox function page buttons
      + Added make copies support for some inkjet AiO devices
      + Added hp-timedate utility
      + Simplified some text in hp-setup -u
      + Fixed defect: the Timeout value for searching printer shouldn't
        be able to set as value larger than 45 secs in HP Device Manager
      + Made GUI mode the default for hp-setup
      + Fixed defect: error occurs while manually finding the network
        printers in HP Device Manager
      + Made the "Find" button on the Manual Find dialog the default
      + Added "Setup New Device..." in Toolbox
      + Added "Remove Device..." in Toolbox
      + Reworked "No Devices Found" dialog
      + Fixed defect: Multi PPD files were found while installing the
        Photosmart D5160 through hp-setup
      + Fixed defect: hp-setup -u default window size needs to be a tad
      + Fixed defect: hp-setup -u par device detection problem
      + Fixed defect: the "Location" and "Description" for Fax Information
        also should be available while setup the device over hp-setup in
        GUI mode
      + Added additional fax name and printer name checking
      + Fixed defect: hp-setup -u manually find usb device not manually
      + Fixed defect: hp-setup -u Location/Desscription text field limits
      + Fixed defect: hp-setup -u help button does not function
    * HPIJS 2.6.10:
      + Added support for the following new printer(s)
        + LaserJet P2015 series (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet M3035 MFP (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet M5035 MFP (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet M4345 mfp (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet P3005 (LJMono/PS)
        + LaserJet P3004 (LJMono/PS)
        + Color LaserJet 2700 (PS)
        + Color LaserJet CM1015 (PS) (no scanning yet)
        + Color LaserJet CM1017 (PS) (no scanning yet)
  * dpatches 50_ui-supportform-cleanups, 55_ui-supportform-debian (remove):
    these patches were already disabled, and we are not going to enable them
    back anytime soon anyway
  * hplip.links: ship link for hp-timedate
  * Makefile.am: fix borked install-exec-hook that broke libsane-hpaio
    install (borkage added by upstream on 1.6.9), thanks to Matthias Klose
    for forwading the bug report from Ubuntu
  * debian/rules: correct paths to platform.h and auto-include.h, thanks
    to Matthias Klose from Ubuntu
  * debian/rules, debian/control: do the proper thing for binNMU safety,
    and also simplify the various package relationships as much as we can:
    hpijs-ppds: now depend on hpijs (versioned >=). hpijs: remove conflicts
    with non-compatible ppd packages, and version suggests on hpijs-ppds
    strictly. hplip-dbg: depend strictly on the version of hplip and hpijs
    the debug symbols came from. hplip: suggest hpijs and hpijs-ppds with
    >= version. This does allow the user to do stupid things if he really
    wants, but given the ammount of arch any/all mixes in this set of
    packages, attempting to get it perfect only causes headaches while
    upgrading (and it is also nearly impossible)
  * hplip.init: tell user to reinstall hplip if the statoverrides are
    missing (closes: #393271)

3a8af47... by Matthias Klose on 2006-10-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.6.9-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/edgy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 277e7d8e30491b0cd685c1f0c8bc542ac44aa79c

New changelog entries:
  * Synchronize with Debian CVS; remaining changes:
    - Add hplip to scanner group.
    - Additional patches 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales, 80_no-compiler.h.
    - Shuffling of hplip's recommendations/suggestions.
    - Remove hplip's shutdown and reboot links.
    - Splitting of desktop files, menu entries hidden by default.
    - udev rules for MFP devices.
    - Don't compress single files to make the package smaller.
  * Restore and update the "NoQt message" patch, introduced in
    0.9.7-4ubuntu1, dropped later.
  * New upstream source
    * HPLIP 1.6.9:
      + Fixed defect: Printer supplies listed in "random" order
      + Fixed defect: Don't report hpfax:/no_devices_found in CUPS 1.2
      + Fixed network printer detection (SLP)
      + Added hp-probe back
      + Fixed defect: The HP Fax URI could not be showed if executing
        hp-makeuri with parameter "--fax" in the terminal
      + Fixed defect: The "Add to List" button for Coverpage would be
        grayed out after sent a fax job including Coverpage
      + Fixed defect: An unexpected error occurred when add a FAB entry
        using the space as the fist character of the entry name
      + Made some misc. input validation improvements to hp-fab -i
      + Changed print code so that it can use lpr or lp depending on
        what is installed (lpr=default)
      + Fixed defect: hp-unload only works with ASCII char's
      + Fixed defect: hp-unload gives incorrect permissions bits.
        hp-unload will save files with permissions of 0600.
      + Fixed a laserjet scanning problem in hpiod
      + Changed the 1284.4/MLC setup command for CLJ2840/LJ3050/LJ3055
      + Cleaned up PML errors occuring on DJ 4xx when doing dynamic
      + Fixed status-dynamic-counters value for DJ 460
      + Fixed defect: Toolbox cannot be launched successfully after setup
      + Added code to cleanup spinner from text UIs
      + Fixed defect: The fax job could not be sent while sending fax in
        non-interactive mode
      + Fixed defect: The value of Notes for an FAB entry cannot be
        displayed correctly while the entry was added completely in
        interactive mode
      + Fixed defect: An error occurs while executing hp-sendfax in
        non-interactive mode with the device disconnected
      + Fixed defect: The .g3 file could not be added to the Items List
        and could not be sent
      + Fixed defect: The fax job could not be sent in non-interactive mode
      + Added scan-style and fit-to-page fix to hp-makecopies
      + Added scaling=100 to hp-sendfax.
      + Moved Qt import in hp-toolbox and hp-print to after command line
    * HPIJS 2.6.9:
      + Added support CD/DVD label printing (ie: PS D5100)
      + Added support for the following new printer(s)
        + PhotoSmart A310 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + PhotoSmart C5100 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + PhotoSmart C6100 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + PhotoSmart C7100 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + PhotoSmart D5100 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + PhotoSmart D5060 series (DJGenericVIP)
        + PhotoSmart Pro B8300 series (DJGenericVIP)
  * debian/control: change -dbg package to priority extra, and place
    hplip-ppds on section utils (to match ftp-master override file)
  * Disable new libhpprop dynamic loading in hpijs ljjetready driver,
    until we know for sure what it is and the code is fixed not to break
    strict aliasing rules (and to use libtool)
  * Fix some real and some cosmetic issues with the new Makefile.am and
    configure.in files from upstream
  * hplip.links: add hp-probe
  * control: recommend both hpijs and linuxprinting.org PPD packages,
    not just one or the other for package hplip
  * hpijs: ship fax PPD in the hpijs binary package, and not in the
    catch-all hpijs-ppds package. The reason for this is that many printers
    need hpijs only for the fax functionality
  * hplip.README.Debian: mention faxing, hpijs and python-reportlab for