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595afb9... by Matthias Klose on 2006-04-11

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.7-4ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 738e89c80e522c3a1b2d1f43311be578ab90b4f3

New changelog entries:
  * Synchronize with Debian unstable.
  * Keep the .desktop file, add "NoDisplay=true".
  * Keep qt build dependencies, now in main.
  * hplip-data now provides hpijs-data (introduced in 0.9.8).
  * Try to open a message dialog for the "No Qt" message. Malone: #26413.
  * Install ppd files into a manufacturer specific directory.
  * Set the manufacturer name to "HP".
  * Start hplip before cupsys. Malone: #3841, #26570.
  * Put toolbox icon in category system, not application. Malone: #25627.
  * New upstream 0.9.7-2 patch: fixes for the following problems:
    + Photosmart 2570 series blue screen scanning error
    + GetDeviceStatus overwrite in hpiod (from RedHat)
    + SuperB margin issue with OJ K550, OJ K850 and DJ9800
    + _GNU_SOURCE define in hpaio.h. (from RedHat)
  * Remove versioning of python-qt3 and pyqt-utils build-dependencies to
    make backports easier. Current versions in stable, testing and sid
    are safe AFAIK
  * Build-depend on libsnmp9-dev|libsnmp5-dev, to ease sarge backports
  * Switch from two versioned conflicts to two versioned depends/recommends
    to encode the relationship between hplip and hplip-data. This is
    easier on apt, since conflicts preclude unpack, while depends preclude
  * Fix non-removal of rem_str on 60_lp_instead_of_lpr (closes: #341445)
  * Brown paperbag release
  * Actually add 60_lp_instead_of_lpr to list of active dpatches.
    This closes: #336407 for real
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.7:
      + Fixed OJ K550 typo in HPIJS
      + Added photo tray support to DJGenericVIP device class. This effects
        all DJGenericVIP PPD files
      + Added support for the following new printers:
        + HP Color LaserJet 3000 (LJColor/PS)
        + HP Color LaserJet 3600 (LJJetReady)
        + HP Color LaserJet 3800 (LJColor/PS)
    * HPLIP 0.9.7:
      + Added 1284.4 support to hpiod. Previous support was MLC only
      + Changed hp-toolbox startup behavior to increase performance
      + Added checks in messaging code to prevent invalid messages from
        crashing hpssd
      + Added hp-toolbox PML cleanup code to LJ status code
      + Fixed clj28xx scanning issue. Mfpdtf buffer was too small
        libsane-hpaio. This fixes a problem introduced in 0.9.5
      + Modified hp-makeuri to allow hostnames for network addresses
      + Added support for "alternate n-up" for PS documents to hp-print
      + Fixed an issue where the website link for support information is
        wrong in "HP" tab of "Support Information" dialog
      + Fixed an issue setting the scan token in libsane-hpaio
      + Fixed an issue where an error occurs while executing the command
        "hp-check -lnone" in terminal
      + Fixed an issue where an exception is caught but the program does not
        show a correct prompt when running the command "hp-align" with parameter
      + Fixed System::GetSnmp sigfault in hpiod. This will fix network
        scanning/hp-toolbox issues in previous HPLIP releases
      + Fixed an issue where an error occurs while executing hp-photo after
        the usb cable was disconnected
  * Use far less tight versioning that works with the new rules for binNMUs,
    and break a dependency loop while at it (closes: #339909)
  * Add versioned dependency on coreutils 5.1+ (closes: #337375)
  * New dpatch 60_lp_instead_of_lpr:
    Use "lp" instead of "lpr" to submit jobs (closes: #336407)
  * Ship copyright and changelogs along with hplip-data too, as it is not
    depending on hplip anymore and the /usr/share/doc/hplip-data symlink has
    to go away

738e89c... by Matthias Klose on 2006-04-14

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.6-1ubuntu8 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: da36dd23856d84ee8a42a6a684350f1228e8dc9f

New changelog entries:
  * Fix symlink in /usr/share/cups/model.

da36dd2... by Matthias Klose on 2006-04-11

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.6-1ubuntu7 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6dd66f9d3d0aadcef9cc4fa586394c1b768442d1

New changelog entries:
  * Keep the .desktop file, add "NoDisplay=true".
  * Keep qt build dependencies, now in main.
  * hplip-data now provides hpijs-data (introduced in 0.9.8).
  * Try to open a message dialog for the "No Qt" message. Malone: #26413.
  * Install ppd files into a manufacturer specific directory.
  * Set the manufacturer name to "HP".
  * Start hplip before cupsys. Malone: #3841, #26570.
  * Put toolbox icon in category system, not application. Malone: #25627.

6dd66f9... by Sebastien Bacher on 2006-02-15

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.6-1ubuntu6 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: a97c618634160666ead922cec0a7a28443a59f27

New changelog entries:
  * Updated patch name and listed it from 00list so it's used

a97c618... by Scott James Remnant (Canonical) on 2006-02-15

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.6-1ubuntu5 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7e8a23b6664863c690864cfa088a10c3f899e8ed

New changelog entries:
  * Patch to support the newer-style /dev/usblp%d device names we've
    been using in dapper for USB printers.

7e8a23b... by Fabio Massimo Di Nitto on 2005-12-01

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.6-1ubuntu4 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5529a1aeb518e40327eada85ddec67c68d595ca2

New changelog entries:
  * Rebuild with libsnmp9-dev.
  * Really disable .desktop file by removing it from debian/
  * Really make hp-toolbox and hp-unload give helpful error
    messages. (Malone #4659)
  * Demote python-qt3 to Suggests (so we don't end up with python-qt3 in
  * Don't ship .desktop file.
  * Make hp-toolbox and hp-unload give helpful error messages if
    python-qt3 isn't installed.
  * Resynchronise with Debian
    - Remove 90_bigendian-fix.dpatch, since it's already upstream
    - Remove 88_configure.in.dpatch and 89_configure.dpatch and pass icon
      path in debian/rules instead.
    - Still use libsnmp5-dev.
    - Switch to newer-style LSB init script functions (which are in the
      Debian package, thanks hmh)
    - Forward-port "have hplip installed, but please don't start it"
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.6:
      + Moved DJ450 from DJGenericVIP class to DJ9xxVIP class, because
        mandatory margins are 0.25 inch on left and right sides and it does
        not support fullbleed on any papersize
      + Added a new printer family, DJ55xx to take care of margin issues for
        DJ55xx printers
      + Fixed a bug in sending custom paper size to JetReady and FastRaster
      + Fixed a bug in LJFastRaster when last band was less than 128 height,
        it was incorrectly positioned.
      + Fixed margin adjustment code to allow fullbleed or .125 inch margins
        for those printers that support it in autoduplex mode
      + Added support for the following new printers:
        + HP Color LaserJet 4730 MFP (LJColor/PS)
        + HP Deskjet 460 (DJGenericVIP)
        + HP Officejet Pro K550, K850 (DJGenericVIP)
    * HPLIP 0.9.6:
      + In hp-toolbox (Device Manager) made a small LaserJet status change
        that makes the CLJ 2550 work correctly
      + Fixed a bug with the PSC3310 with low photo supplies (caused a
        toolbox exception)
      + Fixed a problem that made an offline CLJ2500 crash hpssd
      + The hp-toolbox no longer uses a "listen" server socket. All
        communication is done over the same client socket to hpssd
      + Added new hp-toolbox UI for supplies and maintenance tools
      + Made numerous changes to hp-toolbox
      + Set CLJ 25xx devices to uni-di mode in models.xml
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Remove patches already applied upstream:
      00_upstream-0.9.5-3, 11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings, 13_intsign-fixes,
      15_64bit_fixes, 20_fix_unitialized_var_bugs, 50_hp-clean_fix,
    * Remove some hunks already applied upstream:
    * Add a NEWS file for hpijs, warning users of PPDs that are documented
      by upstream to have been changed significantly
    * Fix hpijs autobuild system to actually work re. libhpip, by adding
      some automake magic and libtool support
    * Merge hplip-base and hplip packages. Current upstream code makes it
      a losing battle to try to keep the two separate
    * Don't bother explaining about alternate PPD sources in basic docs like
      README.Debian. Don't suggest them in control file, either. This is
      needed because HPLIP PPDs often change in non-forward or non-backwards
      compatible ways
    * Remove stray scan/__init__.py file
    * New patch 30_noping: Do not attempt to send icmp packets in hpssd, as
      it will not work since it doesn't run as root anymore. Thanks to
      <email address hidden> for the report (closes: #333850)
    * New patch 40_quiet-hpiod: Shut hpiod up while trying to autodetect
      parallel port printers, it was being waay too annoying in syslog
    * New patch 50_doc-location: Add final / to URIs and point the readme
      to the /usr/share/doc location inside hp-toolbox. If the local admin
      doesn't like documentation and removes /usr/share/doc/hplip, this
      doesn't break anything... you just get no documentation, which was
      kind the point the admin was trying to make, I suppose ;-)
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Add more hunks to 14_charsign_fixes, probably non-critical fixes
    * Clean up and revamp configure.in/Makefile.am so that it is less buggy
      re. some 'assumptions' made upstream (closes: #329782)
    * Version pyqt build-dependendices to make sure no autobuilder will
      screw us over the C++/gcc transition, these can be removed in the
      not-so-distant future
    * Fix minor typo in a package description
    * Move hp-print from hplip-base to hplip, as it has a GUI now, thanks
      to HPLIP upstream for the bug report
    * Move /usr/lib/hplip/plugins from hplip-base to hplip package, as it
      is an ui/ component
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Added upstream patch 0.9.5-3
      + Fix scanning on little-endian hosts
    * Dropped 40_testmail_fix, not only it was already present upstream,
      but I failed to notice patch screwing up royally when I rediffed it
      for 0.9.5-1. Thanks to HPLIP upstream for the heads'up(!)

5529a1a... by LaMont Jones on 2005-09-22

Import patches-unapplied version 0.9.5-2ubuntu2 to ubuntu/breezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2c7535f5bd04b0dc4b4af468c7781811afcde1d3

New changelog entries:
  * Fix big-endian architecture FTBFS.
    - adds 90_bigendian-fix.dpatch
  * Fix configure.in breakage when picking default desktop directory.
    - adds 88_configure.in.dpatch, 89_configure.dpatch
  * New upstream version, exception from upstream version freeze.
  * Synchronize with unstable.
    - Build against libsnmp5-dev.
    - Use older lsb init functions found in breezy.
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Added upstream patch 0.9.5-2
      + Fix scanning on Laserjets
      + Fix scanning on parallel-port only Inkjets
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.5:
      + Fixed a 4-sided full bleed printing issue in HPIJS
      + Added support for the following new printers:
        HP Photosmart 420 (PSP100)
        HP Photosmart 470 (PSP100)
        HP Photosmart 2570 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP PSC 1400 (DJ3600)
        HP Officejet 5600 (DJ3600)
        HP Photosmart 3100 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Photosmart 3200 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Photosmart 3300 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Photosmart 8000 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Photosmart 7800 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Deskjet 5940 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Deskjet 5440 (DJGenericVIP)
        HP Color laserJet 4700 (LJColor/PS)
    * HPLIP 0.9.5:
      + Added parallel port support for printing and scanning. See
        Product Support table for supported devices and features
      + Changed the PS8700 PPD inputslot from "default" to "upper"
      + Fixed miser mode MLC credit problem in hpiod
      + Fixed MLC credit problem with short timeouts
      + Fixed many known hp-toolbox issues
      + Fixed case where hp-toolbox crashed if models.xml entry was missing
      + Fixed hp-colorcal incorrect parameter passing to maint routines
      + Fixed a bug in hpssd.py that caused hal:\\ devices to crash hpssd
      + Fixed supplies status for CLJ28xx
      + Fixed powersettings for DJ4x0
      + Fixed LJ1022 status problem
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Dpatch maintenance:
      + Remove 20_useless_assignment_fix: fixed properly upstream
      + Update 11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings, 14_charsign_fixes,
        50_hp-clean_fix: some hunks fixed upstream, some new hunks added
      + Rediff 13_intsign-fixes, 40_testmail_fix
      + New 20_fix_unitialized_var_bugs: fix some real bugs caused by
        broken code with unitialized variables
      + Switch all dpatches to /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch-run
    * Add hp-levels symlink for new utility, that shows agent levels
      using ASCII-art bar graphs
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Rebuild for C++ transition
    * Mention usblp on README.Debian (closes: #326684)
    * Fix invocation of dh_python for all binary packages other than hplip
    * Do not remove pyc/pyo python compiled files from package hplip-base
      when package hplip is removed
    * Switch initscript to LSB-like reporting, and remove old HPGUId cruft
      while at it
    * hplip-base: add dependency on lsb-base due to initscript changes
  * One hplip B-D has changed under our feet breaking configure in a quite
    impressive useless (for Ubuntu and Debian) point:
    + Fix configure and configure.in to cope with this change.
    + Fix FTBFS.
  * No GUIs here, correct LSB status messages
  * Add /etc/default/hplip to define a variable RUN_HPLIP, so
    users can explicitely disable the start of hplip without
    removing Ubuntu meta packages. Addresses Ubuntu 14054.
  * Synchronize with unstable.
  * Unconditionally run as user hplip (Ubuntu 14061).
  * Use LSB init-functions (Ubuntu 14339).
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * New cleanup patches: 14_charsign_fixes, 20_useless_assignment_fix
    * New dpatch: 15_64bit_fixes
    * New hunks to dpatch: 11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings.dpatch
  * Matthias Klose <email address hidden>:
    * hplip-base should also replace files in hplip-data (<< 0.9.3)
    * Run HPLIP daemons as non-root user (optional, default as run as root)
      (closes: #320936)
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Modify Matthias' postinst to create the hplip user in a safer way
    * Depend on the correct adduser version for the above (just in case some
      dweeb tries to backport this to ancient Debian)
    * Add hplip-base.post{inst,rm} and initscript machinery for the hplip
      user, supporting ephemeral /var/run and dpkg-statoverride the way I
      like it
    * Make run-hplip-as-non-root *non*-optional, it is safer and there is
      nothing in hpiod or hpssd that requires root priviledges to work in a
      Debian system
    * Add NEWS.Debian item about running as non-root
  * Fix merge error, remove python-qt3 build dependency.
  * Synchronize with Debian.
    - Just keep dropping the pyqt-tools build dependency, and don't
      remove the generated .py files from the source.
  * debian/hplip-base.postinst:
    - Create system user "hplip" (with primary group lp).
  * debian/hplip-base.postrm:
    - Remove system user "hplip" on purge.
  * debian/hplip-base.init:
    - Start daemons as as user:group hplip:lp.
    - Create /var/run/hplip, if directory doesn't exist.
  * debian/hplip-base.default:
    - Default to run as user hplip.
    - Add comment not to use port numbers below 1024 if not running as root.
  * debian/control:
    - hplip-base replaces hplib-data (<< 0.9.3).
  * debian/patches/60_derootify.dpatch:
    - New patch, don't run as root.
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.4:
      + In order to accommodate 4-sided full bleed, PS320/330/370/380 were
        moved to the DJGenericVIP device class
      + Added hplip_api convenience library
      + Fixed a problem where bi-di was not turned off correctly in hpijs.
        This caused extra deviceid queries
      + Fixed postscript PPD file case sensitivity issue. This issue caused
        a problem with kprinter
      + Added PPD files for the following new printers: HP Color LaserJet
        2800, HP Photosmart 8200, HP Photosmart 330, HP Photosmart 380,
        Deskjet 1280, Deskjet 3040, Deskjet 3920
    * HPLIP 0.9.4:
      + Added uni-di device support to "hp" backend
      + Added hplip_api convenience library. Converted HPLIP clients (hp,
        libsane-hpaio, hpijs, ptest) to hplip_api
      + Added device ID mode to hp-info utility (Tim Waugh of Red Hat
      + Added new DeviceOpen() parameters to accommodate different backend
      + Changed and added new "io" support tags to models.xml
      + Added LJ1022 to models.xml file
      + Desensitized model names generated by hpiod. This will eliminate
        leading, trailing and double spaces in the model name
      + Made change to the models.xml file for Photosmart 120 and 240 series
        which had pen 57 mislabeled as black
      + Added LJ 8000, LJ 1160 series entries to models.xml
      + Removed LJ 3100 from models.xml. There are no plans to support this
      + Fixed a scanimage problem with OJ D135 and OJ 7110
      + Fixed "Invalid color calibration type" error in hp-colorcal
      + Fixed "Unknown internal error" when executing command "hp-probe
      + Fixed a intermittent SNMP problem reading signed integers in hpiod.
        This will fix some network scanning issues.
      + Enhanced hp-info and hp-makeuri as per Red Hat and Suse request
      + Changed SLP detection to detect more devices based on forum
      + Added limited support for HP Color LaserJet 2800, is limited to:
        only postscript printing is supported; Photo Card access is not
        available via hp-photo, but it is available via USB mass storage;
        Network scanning is supported, but USB scanning is not;
        Hp-toolbox status is not complete
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Removed patches already upstream: 00_upstream_0.9.3-1,
    * Merged LTLIBRARY instances in top Makefile.am
    * Fixed some minor typos in README.Debian, thanks to Santiago Vila
    * Bump standards version to 3.6.2, no changes
    * Makefile.am: declare colorcal4form_base.ui, printerform_base.ui as
  * New upstream patch 0.9.3-1 to hpijs:
    + Fixed a bi-di problem with all LIDIL printers (DJ3320, DJ3600)
    + Fixed a 64-bit problem with LJJetReady printers
    + Fixed a KRGB issue in the VIP path in HPIJS. This fixes a problem
      where black text would drop some pixels with VIP printers (DJ9xxVIP,
      DJGenericVIP) (closes: #314442)
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Minor updates to README.Debian on the various packages
    * Rework package descriptions a bit in control file
    * Stop confliting with HPOJ. We are fine with it as long as the same
      device is NOT being used by HPOJ and HPIJS
    * Remove hplip-base dependency from hplip-ppds. Instead, suggest
      hpijs and hplip-base in hplip-ppds, and ship changelog instead of symlink
    * Remove some stray -Nhplip crap from arch-dep section of rules files
    * Remove 12_fix-gcc4-errors.dpatch, accepted upstream (patch 0.9.3-1)
    * debian/rules: avoid useless /usr/bin/find warnings about
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * New binary-all package: hplip-ppds, with the PPDs shipped by HPLIP
      upstream. Other than due to bug-fixes, these are usually a better
      match for the current hpijs/hplip capabilities than those from
      foomatic-filters-ppds or foomatic-db-hpijs
    * Change the Manufacturer string on all PPDs to "HP (HPLIP)", to set
      them apart from PPDs of other sources
    * Update README.Debian with information about the HPLIP PPDs
    * Recommend hplip-ppds (closes: #311470, #311474)
    * New patch: 12_fix-gcc4-errors (closes: #310435)
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.3:
      + Increased the printable region for DJGenericVIP. This resolves a
        left margin issue
      + Fixed a problem printing more than one page with LJ 1010/1012
      + Modified hpijs to ignore bi-di errors so the "hp" backend can
        handle them. This fixed a problem where hpijs would hang
    * HPLIP 0.9.3:
      + Modified models.xml Deskjet_1220C panel_check_type to be 0
      + Fix the Test Email Alert
      + Added MlcInit retry to hpiod
      + Changed hplip_readme.html "Photo" support to yes for
      + Fixed intermittent device hang problem with LJ 1010/1012/1015
        in hp.c
      + Added OfficeJet V40 to models.xml
      + Fixed models.xml so that LJ 1010, 1012, 1015, and 1022 all print
        using "raw" io
      + Fixed "hp-probe -s*" error
      + Fixed error while clicking the"Access Photo Cards" without any
        photo card
      + Fixed error while running hp-testpage command to print
        after disconnecting the USB cable
      + Added LJ 1010 and 1012 to models.xml, and made sure the OJ K80xi
        has both a single spaces and a double spaced entry
      + Fixed error which occurs after launching the toolbox in the terminal
      + In models.xml cloned HP LaserJet 4050 Series to the same thing with a
        trailing underscore
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Swap maintainer and uploader fields for now, since I am spending
      far more time in HPLIP than Torsten. Should that change, he will
      switch the fields back as they were
    * Tell libtool that the sane plugin is a plugin with -module
    * Split hplip into GUI and non-GUI packages, as suggested by
      Matthias Klose <email address hidden> (closes: #307790)
      + Change /usr/share/doc/hplip to a symlink (requires hplip.preinst
        and hplip.postinst glue to support error unwind and downgrades)
      + Change hplip package to arch all, as all C source and binary
        modules belong in hplip-base
      + hplip-base.preinst (new), hplip-base.postrm (new), hplip.postrm:
        Remove any .pyc and .pyo files scattered around /usr/lib/hplip
    * Fix configure.in, Makefile.am to accept and use a PYTHON variable
      to select the python version to run properly, and really use whatever
      python that variable points to, and no other (closes: #307788)
    * Rework configure.in and Makefile.am a bit, in a moment of utter
    * Change autogen.sh and debian/rules to get the hpijs versioning
      through autoconf --trace at autotools-run time, and document the
      debian/hpijs.version file in debian/README.Source
    * Remove unneeded #! lines from python modules before packaging the
      debs, to make lintian happier
    * Control new files showing up upstream, by using a static list of
      non-shipped files and passing --fail-missing to dh_install
    * Remove debian/executable.files and debian/deletable.files support,
      as this package does not require it
    * hplip-base: recommend cupsys-client, as some of the utilities
      run "lp -d..." and friends (closes: #308960)
    * Rediff 01_rss.dpatch, 10_missing-prototypes.dpatch,
      11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings.dpatch, 13_intsign-fixes.dpatch,
      40_testmail_fix.dpatch, 50_hp-clean_fix.dpatch to remove some hunks
      accepted upstream and remove any fuzziness and line numbering skews
    * Remove patch 30_bind_to_INADDR_LOOPBACK, completely accepted
  * Fix FTBFS using GCC 4.0.
  * Rebuild for new C++ ABI
  * Resynchronise with Debian. Ubuntu 10583.
  * Fix location of document registered with doc-base. Ubuntu 10490.
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Added new patch: 50_hp-clean_fix, fix hp-clean bad wipeAndSpitType1()
  * Detect python default version.
  * Split out all non GUI stuff into hplip-base, keep only the GUI
    in hplip. Avoids installation of QT.
  * Remove build dependencies on pyqt-tools and python-qt3. Nothing
    needed for the build process. Keep the pregenerated .py files.
  * New upstream version
    * HPIJS 2.1.2:
      + Added new print mode "FastDraft Grayscale" to DJGenericVIP
      + Put limit (max=5) on syslog messages when output device write()
        fails (closes: #210449)
      + Removed specified gcc options in hpijs configure.in
      + Fixed a 64-bit compile issue in ljjetready.cpp (closes: #302828)
    * HPLIP 0.9.2:
      + Fixed "Invalid color calibration type" error occurs when executing
        command "colorcal" in terminal
      + Fixed number of arguments error in hp-align
      + Made UI architectural change (removed hpguid.py, removed popup feature,
      + Fixed a scanning issue with Laserjet flatbed scanners (PML scanners).
        Scan would fail at end of scan
      + Removed images.tgz after install
      + Fixed a problem when all function buttons are grayed out when toolbox is
        launched at the first time.
      + Fixed DJ450 battery check issue
    * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
      * Updated dpatch 11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings with many new hunks
      * Added 40_testmail_fix, to get hpssd and Test Email functionality to
        actually work (it was completely useless and hopelessly broken)
        (closes: #291346)
      * Updated README.Debian files for HPIJS and HPLIP
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * New dpatch (30_bind_to_INADDR_LOOPBACK):
      Bind to INADDR_LOOPBACK instead of to INADDR_ANY for now, as
      HPLIP is constrained to working bound to localhost currently
      (closes: #304068)
  * New upstream version:
    * HPIJS 2.1.1:
      + Fixed hpijs bi-di assert issue with business inkjet 1100
      + Added PPD files for the following printers: HP LaserJet 4240,
        HP LaserJet 9040, HP color LaserJet 4610, HP LaserJet 1022,
        HP Business Inkjet 1000
    * HPLIP 0.9.1:
      + Added a "front panel" enable/disable flag to models.xml. Some printers
        were disabled (ie: deskjets)
      + Ink level and status displays have been fixed for CP1160/1700, OJ7100
         series and OJ D series
      + Added battery level check for mobile deskjets (DJ 450, etc)
      + Fixed issue that could cause DJ 450 to lock-up during panel check
        (miser mode)
      + Fixed extraneous hpiod error. Corrected pml iod in scl path that was
         in libsane-hpaio
      + Added PSC 750xi, OJ 5110 to models.xml file
      + Added device manager *.ui files to package
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Rebuild 11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings, most of it accepted upstream,
      but we have also new hunks as well
    * Remove 12_portability-fixes, accepted upstream
    * Remove 14_fix-fat-prototypes, accepted upstream
    * Remove 20_jddirect-bug-from-hell, fixed upstream
    * Remove 30_fix-missing-retcode, accepted upstream
    * Avoid shipping check.py, since it is useless for Debian systems
    * Change both upstream and Debian build system to take advantage
      of the .ui files and rebuild the .py files that are generated
      from them using pyuic
    * Build-depend on pyqt-tools for pyuic
  * New upstream version (closes: #302230):
    * HPIJS 2.1:
      + Added two new device classes - LJFastRaster and LJJetReady
      + Fixed input tray issue with Business Inkjet 1100/1200
      + Changed default quality setting from 300 to 600 dpi for DJ9xxVIP
      + Replaced gdevijs-krgb-1.0.patch with gdevijs-krgb-1.1.patch
        This patch fixes as segfault issue with 1-bit color space IJS drivers
        (ie: epsonepl)
      + Fixed a issue with DJ3600 photo pen printing
      + Support additional printers: LaserJet 1010/1012/1015, Color LaserJet
        3500/3550, HP Photosmart 8750, HP Deskjet 6600, HP Deskjet 9800 Series
    * HPLIP 0.9:
      + Added network scanning support
      + Added full status and supply information for most LaserJets
      + Added hp-makeuri command for generating "hp" URIs from an IP address
         or device node
      + Fixed some network issues with hp-probe
      + Fixed a problem with multiple files using the same name in photo card
      + Fixed a bug in the cancel job code in hp-toolbox
      + Fixed some dialog cancel defects in clean and align
      + Reversed order of status history in hp-toolbox
      + Added photo card access status
      + Added hp-toolbox right click menu
      + Hpssd no longer scans devices at startup, devices are scanned when
        hp-toolbox is first started
      + Removed power-up from the probe command in hpiod. This means that
        when CUPS queries the "hp" backend for devices, the printer will not
        power-up (closes: #291321)
      + Added non-zero exit codes to hp-toolbox
      + Added changes to display EXIF data in photo card
      + Added channel cleanup code to hpiod. This will fix some issues when
        canceling print jobs from the host
      + Added a non-scrolling "front panel display" feature to hp-toolbox
      + Added Color Calibration for various printer platforms
      + Do not keep restarting/reopening hp-toolbox at every status change
        (closes: #292672)
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Build-depend on libjpeg62-dev for hpijs 2.1
    * Version build-dependency on libsnmp5-dev (>> 5.1.2-6), to avoid
      #302195 which completely hoses the hplip build
    * Remove 30_xpp_support.dpatch, applied upstream
    * New patches:
      + 10_missing-prototypes: Add missing prototypes
      + 11_fix-misc-gcc-warnings: Fix bad C code that causes
        warnings and strict aliasing rules problems (closes: #297587)
      + 12_portability-fixes: Remove braindamage that causes
        portability problems and warnings
      + 13_intsign-fixes.dpatch: Fix signed/unsigned comparison issues
      + 14_fix-fat-prototypes: Fix prototypes missing a (void) so that gcc
        shuts up
      + 20_jddirect-bug-from-hell: Fix complete breakage in
        JetDirectDevice::NewChannel (undefined value assigned to channel
      + 30_fix-missing-retcode: Add missing assignment of retcode
    * Add hplip.desktop freedesktop.org file, thanks to Christopher Martin
      (closes: #302248)
    * Rename all hplip_* links in /usr/bin to hp-* to follow upstream
    * Ship new SANE backend dll.d configuration, and conflict with libsane
      (<< 1.0.15-7) (closes: #296317)
  * Torsten Landschoff:
    + debian/control: Fix typos in description
      - of hpijs: a IJS driver -> an IJS driver (closes: #299987)
      - of hplip: a X11 session -> an X11 session (closes: #299991)
  * UNRELEASED: This release was never uploaded to unstable due to serious
    issues with many devices
  * New upstream version:
    * Added low ink infrastructure to device manager
    * Made fixes to cleaning procedure
    * Offline devices will now show supplies list with "Unknown" levels (was
      blank before)
    * Fixed the display for black cartridge number 15 on the Supplies Tab
    * Added tech-type to models.xml
    * Fixed Laserjet 1220 model.xml entry
    * Fixed an issue with the Alert email service (does NOT fix #291346)
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
    * Removed patches accepted upstream:
      20_hpiod_pidfile.dpatch, 40_gcc4_buildfixes.dpatch,
    * Remove patches that don't make sense anymore
    * Rediff 30_xpp_support so that it applies cleanly

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