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790f95b... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Import patches-applied version 3.17.7+repack0-3 to applied/ubuntu/artful-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2a6f2e3f80a807718dba6461d23d0ab199910e5b
Unapplied parent: 00befafa102bb8deceab5171125e048a0ec10ed7

New changelog entries:
  * Reintroduce ui5/devmgr5_base.py patching of self.retranslateUi
    (Closes: #871917)

00befaf... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Fix handling of unicode filenames in sixext.py

Gbp-Pq: 0023-Fix-handling-of-unicode-filenames-in-sixext.py.patch.

a31b0ba... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Fix list wrapping in scan.py to fix generated manpage

Gbp-Pq: 0022-Fix-list-wrapping-in-scan.py-to-fix-generated-manpag.patch.

5be3f2c... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Add 'include <cups/ppd.h>' in various places as CUPS 2.2 moved some

Gbp-Pq: 0021-Add-include-cups-ppd.h-in-various-places-as-CUPS-2.2.patch.

28e075d... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Patch UI files to match upstream produced .py code

Gbp-Pq: ui-patch-upstream-like.patch.

f51ed1b... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

LaserJet PostScript 4000 PPD bugfix

Gbp-Pq: HP-LaserJet_4000-PostScript-PPD.patch.

6580401... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Install check-plugin.py as a script

Gbp-Pq: install-check-plugin.diff.

5ef30cc... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

In hp-scan's manpage, sort PAGE_SIZES in help, for the manpage to be

Gbp-Pq: order-page-sizes-consistently.patch.

b6cd23f... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Fix download and installation of HP's proprietary plug-in in Python3

Gbp-Pq: hp-plugin-download-fix.patch.

c0aa674... by Didier Raboud on 2017-08-13

Allow non-JPEG scanning on the HP DeskJet 3520 All-in-One and similar

Gbp-Pq: hpscan-deskjet-3520-aio-allow-non-jpeg-scanning.patch.