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31d7a59... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Import patches-applied version 1.22.4~rc5-1 to applied/debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 67aecfa0761d6002f26a37a9417d00e4c5a1f0ce
Unapplied parent: c6c8317545035b8baebbd8486fd6d506c44758e0

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release candidate.
  * Drop papersize-pre-html.patch: the "printing" operation here is only for
    the purpose of extracting images, so all that matters is that the paper
    size be consistent across the various tools that are invoked.

c6c8317... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Sort Perl hash keys

Gbp-Pq: sort-perl-hash-keys.patch.

c7ec304... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Always use UTC times for display

Gbp-Pq: display-utc-times.patch.

76a46fd... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Note that groff_mmse(7) is only available in Swedish locales

Gbp-Pq: mmse-note.patch.

1b42759... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Display more helpful output when failing to load a device

Gbp-Pq: load-desc-failure.patch.

3c7df6a... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Use /etc/papersize in preference to configure-time selection

Gbp-Pq: papersize-config.patch.

84d5699... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Allow adding a version-independent directory to the macro path

Gbp-Pq: extratmacdirs.patch.

c37d495... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Adjust documentation references to account for compression

Gbp-Pq: doc-gzipped.patch.

9a4d548... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Add GFDL references to manual pages licensed under GFDL

Gbp-Pq: doc-gfdl.patch.

1d7875d... by Colin Watson on 2018-12-20

Unset IFS at nroff startup

Gbp-Pq: nroff-ifs.patch.