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4916d39... by Guillem Jover <email address hidden> on 2007-03-07

Import patches-unapplied version 1.19.6-25 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f44e37b4f0a9e0fecc7debae29e66b460179a3a9

New changelog entries:
  * New debconf translations:
    - Spanish, from Steve Lord Flaubert. (Closes: #408570)
  * New debconf translations:
    - Portuguese, from Rui Branco (Closes: #399397)
    - Russian, from Yuri Kozlov (Closes: #405642)

f44e37b... by Guillem Jover <email address hidden> on 2006-11-16

Import patches-unapplied version 1.19.6-23 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1e79966130fd1a65f9929c787be363f929dbcd1a

New changelog entries:
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Add gpmdoc.txt and gpmdoc.ps to the gpm package, this should be split
    into a gpm-doc package later on probably. (Closes: #393715)
  * LSB init script support:
    - Add an LSB description header.
    - Use LSB output functions, thus add lsb-base to gpm's Depends.
  * Now using Standards-Version 3.7.2 (no changes needed).
  * Fixed the header and some bogus multi-byte sequences in the Dutch
    translation, and unfuzzy due to some typo fixes in the original template.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Remove a double space in the debconf template. Unfuzzy all translations.
  * Added Galician debconf translation. (Closes: #361819)
    Thanks to Jacobo Tarrio <email address hidden>.
  * Added Dutch debconf translation. (Closes: #364403)
    Thanks to Esther Hanko <email address hidden>.
  * Update German debconf translations. (Closes: #384498)
    Thanks to Jens Seidel <email address hidden>.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Updated Vietnamese translation. (Closes: #323949)
    Thanks to Clytie Siddall <email address hidden>.
  * Switched to debhelper compat level 5.
  * Wrap lines in debian/control fields.
  * Document the arguments for Gpm_Event in the info file. (Closes: #350968)
    Thanks to James R. Van Zandt <email address hidden>.
  * Update FSF's address.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Added Swedish translation. (Closes: #338781)
    Thanks to Daniel Nylander <email address hidden>.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Added Brazilian Portuguese translation. (Closes: #306034)
    Thanks to Rodrigo Tadeu Claro <email address hidden> and
    Gustavo Noronha Silva <email address hidden>.
  * Added Vietnamese translation. (Closes: #311877)
    Thanks to Clytie Siddall <email address hidden>.
  * Added Arabic translation. (Closes: #320765)
    Thanks to Mohammed Adnène Trojette <email address hidden>.
  * Update watch file to version 3 (no changes needed).
  * Now using Standards-Version 3.6.2 (no changes needed).
  * Fix a typo in gpmconfig.8.
  * Add a gpm binary lintian override for gpm-microtouch-setup having
    an embedded Tcl/Tk correct syntax in a shell script.
  * Switch to the external dbs package.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Relabel "Twidddler" as "Handykey Twiddler" everywhere.
    For years I figured it was a cute marketing name. Nope, just a typo.
  * gpm.config: if gpm.conf specifies at least 'type' and 'device', use it
    to preseed all fields; otherwise don't use it at all. Previously we
    preseeded only non-empty values, which breaks if a gpm.conf value
    (such as repeat_type) is empty intentionally. (Closes: #307638)
  * gpm.config: default to /dev/input/mice and no repeater, for 2.6 kernels.
    The repeater is pointless when you have the input layer.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Added German debconf translation. (Closes: #278989)
    Thanks to Jens Nachtigall <email address hidden>.
  * Use weak symbols to link libgpm without curses without losing
    functionality. While we're at it, get rid of the build-dep as well.
    (Closes: #274673)
  * Write a gpm.conf(5) manpage. (Closes: #288606)
  * gpm.config: mark debconf questions as 'seen' if gpm.conf already
    exists. (Closes: #289049)
  * debian/scripts/{lib,source.unpack}: tweak to make them work in the
    presence of .svn directories. Obviously not for releases, but very
    useful for test builds.
  * debian/gpm.init: hack for kernel 2.6 asynchronous module loading.
    A hotplug script would be the right solution, but that's a major
    headache, not least because we can't rely on hotplug being functional.
    (Closes: #298197)
  * debian/rules: add a 'checkpo' target. Thanks Alexis Sukrieh.
  * debian/gpm.config, debian/gpm.templates: remove the "remember the
    restart setting?" question. I honestly don't know what we were
    thinking. "Of course remember the setting, otherwise I can run
    dpkg-reconfigure on it!" (See #289165 - but this doesn't close it.)
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Fixed warnings and escaped an hyphen on gpm.conf(5) manpage.
  * Enabled header on gpmconfig(8).
  * Added gpm-types(7). (Closes: #284160)
  * Added Catalan debconf translation.
  * Added missing ending quotes in the embedded dbs.
  * Added devfs support to gpm_has_mouse_control. (Closes: #139630)
  * debian/copyright:
    - Added the Subversion repo URL used for the package.
    - Remove Joshua Kwan from the Team list as he left some time ago.
  * Use debconf-updatepo in debian/rules (checkpo) instead of msgmerge
    and fix output format.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Enable curses again for now. (Closes: #276770)
  [ Joshua Kwan ]
  * remove myself from Uploaders, I won't be active on as much stuff due
    to impending school year.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Fix typo in gpmconfig legacy notice. (Closes: #268573)
    Thanks Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <email address hidden>.
  * Added French debconf translation. (Closes: #268111)
    Thanks to Christian Perrier <email address hidden>.
  * Reintroduce conditional gpm_has_mouse_control use in postinst.
  * Make gpm responsive again on some notebooks by start and stopping
    on apm resume/suspend cycles. (Closes: #273501, #105842)
  * Make libgpm less verbose to not print error messages when the
    required devices cannot be opened. (Closes: #139533, #168116)
  * Merged patches:
    - debian/patches/011_debuglog_fix_000: Moved into ...
    - debina/patches/001_logging_000: ... here.
  * Removed unneeded Build-Depends on libncurses5-dev.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Add lintian source overrides for prerm/postrm not having debhelper
    hooks. Unfortunately, dh_installinit does the wrong thing there.
  * postinst: 'test -e' fails for dangling symlink, use 'test -h' as well.
    (Closes: #268766)
  * Added Czech debconf translation. (Closes: #275336)
    Thanks to Jan Outrata <email address hidden>
  * Configure --without-curses. Apparently nobody uses libgpm curses
    support. This made it awkward for ncurses to be compiled with libgpm
    support, which is apparently much more useful. (Closes: #274673)
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Add po/da.po from Claus Hindsgaul. (Closes: #267549)
  * Fix shell quoting on 'append'. It would be ugly to do it as it was
    done before, AFAICT, but the new version should work like the old one,
    at least. (Closes: #267478)
  * Fix init script bug which has been present since hamm:
    the append= in gpm.conf uses a quoted string of args which themselves
    might be quoted and need to be unquoted. "eval" does this. The
    practical effect is that systems installed from hamm or slink will no
    longer consider " to be a word character. It was never intended to be
    one, but has been for 6 years.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Move ucf from Build-Depends to gpm Depends.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * gpm.config: Fix (harmless) warning if gpm.conf doesn't exist.
  * gpm.postrm: move debhelper stuff to the beginning of the script.
    Seems to work around debconf weirdness that causes an error exit.
    (Closes: #266942)
  * gpm.init: make "repeat_type=none" do what the debconf template
    says it does. Thanks to Gian Piero Carrubba. (Closes: #266841)
  * gpm.prerm: rewrite stop_gpm() to fix 3 bugs and improve readability:
    - space after \ line continuation char
    - 'gpm -x' should be 'gpm -k'
    - return success, not failure, if the daemon wasn't running
    (Closes: #266937)
  * gpm.postinst: only set up /dev/mouse if it doesn't already exist.
    It should not ever be needed anyway, and breaks the occasional
    config. Also teach it about repeat_type=none and multi-level
    device names like /dev/input/mice. (Closes: #266983)
  * gpm.init: minor UI issues:
    - print newlines after errors on start / stop targets
    - if stop failed on restart, do not bother to 'sleep 3'
    - propagate start failure on restart
  * gpm.templates: Reword gpm/restart so as not to imply that the user
    *is* necessarily in X. We actually do not know this at the time.
  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Switched to ucf, so no more user configuration changes trashed on
    update. (Closes: #266822)
  * Removed debconf question about fixing an old bogus gpm.conf file
    generated with gpmconfig.
  [ Joshua Kwan ]
  * Add Peter Samuelson to uploaders.
  * Remove unused 'read' patch, and 'sources' file.
  * Make the long descriptions a little clearer.
  * Handle case where ucf is not available in the postrm by testing for its
    existence first.
  * New maintainer team.
  [ Joshua Kwan ]
  * Change Section for libgpmg1-dev to libdevel.
  * Removed unused Build-Depends on automake and libtool. (Closes: #177175)
  * Reworded the debconf template for clarity.
  [ Guillem Jover]
  * Fixed build failure due to mismatched parentheses on documentation.
    - debian/patches/007_doc_fix_000: Added fix. (Closes: #259485)
      Thanks to Matt Kraai <email address hidden>.
  * Fixed segfault when trying to FD_SET gpm_fd with a negative number.
    - debian/patches/030_fd_set_negative_int.patch: New file. (Closes: #104143)
  * Fixed build failure when /bin/sh != /bin/bash.
    (Closes: #195176, #213825, #264287)
    Thanks to Matthew Bell <email address hidden>.
  * Fixed build failure when using gcc-3.4. (Closes: #258749)
    Thanks to Andreas Jochens <email address hidden>.
  * Fixed wrong use of hyhpens on gpmconfig manpage.
  * Added debconf support. (Closes: #37331, #48459, #129070, #218526)
    - As a side effect preserve restart value across upgrades. (Closes: #66877)
    - Deprecate gpmconfig. (Closes: #148921, #134747)
    Thanks to Kevin Turner <email address hidden> for the main part
    and Sean Finney <email address hidden> for some details.
  * Remove config file on purge. (Closes: #57023, #117900)
    Thanks to Josip Rodin <email address hidden>.
  * Fixed documentation having additional spaces after -A and -V options.
    (Closes: #60841, #61998)
    Thanks to Robert Woodcock <email address hidden>.
  * Fixed a spelling error in the info documentation. (Closes: #63779)
  * Fixed missleading -t option information in the documentation.
    (Closes: #196879)
  * Removed references to non-existent man pages. (Closes: #133653)
  * Clarify the -r option usage in the info documentation. (Closes: #170886)
    Thanks to Peter Jay Salzman <email address hidden>.
  * Do not list /etc/init.d/gpm twice as a conffile.
    - debian/conffiles: Remove redundant file. (Closes: #133654)
  * Use debhelper compatibility version 4.
  * Include missing documentation. (Closes: #121657, #234624)
  * Give error message when gpm fails to start or stop from init and proper
    exit code. (Closes: #72337, #170339)
    Thanks to Yotam Rubin <email address hidden>.
  * Removed GNU awk extensions so now Build-Depends on "awk | mawk".
    (Closes: #154535)
    Thanks to Alexander Viro <email address hidden>.
  * Use invoke-rc.d instead of directly calling the init script.
    (Closes: #185053)
  * Change Priority for libgpmg1 to standard.
  * Use sensible-pager instead of more in gpmconfig. (Closes: #98051)
  * Add niceness config variable. (Closes: #121481)
    Thanks to Chip Salzenberg <email address hidden>
  * Reworded note about restarting gpm while using X. (Closes: #70835)
  * Allow two mouse sources on the config file. (Closes: #129812, #142911)
    Thanks to Derrick Hudson <email address hidden>.
  * Add emacs support as an example. (Closes: #43691, #56350)
  * Remove leftover /etc/gpm-root.conf from an old release. (Closes: #122210)
  * Fix compilation warning on gpm_has_mouse_control.c.
  * Cleaned debian/rules.
    - Do not use dh_undocumented anymore.
  * Cleaned debian/copyright.
  * Added a watch file.
  * Improve a bit package descriptions.
  * Reinclude mev binary, supposedly lost while removing gpm-root.
  * Converted debian/changelog and debian/copyright to UTF-8.
  * Use dh_md5sums.
  * Do not create /usr/doc symlink.
  * Fixed gpm-mouse-test section so it matches the path where it's installed.
  * Make libgpmg1-dev depend on the virtual package libc-dev as well.
  * Now using Standards-Version 3.6.1.
  [ Peter Samuelson ]
  * Reorder and reword the debconf help screen for mouse types.
    Now it's ordered by general mouse type and roughly by popularity.

1e79966... by Bastian Blank on 2003-02-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.19.6-12.1 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.