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5474e15... by Marc Deslauriers on 2015-03-27

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.24-1ubuntu2.2 to ubuntu/utopic-security

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3853d6d3f29cea0533a5b833925f264d5c2bfb0a

New changelog entries:
  * Fix screening responses from keyservers (LP: #1421640)
    - d/p/0002-Make-screening-of-keyserver-result-work-with-multi-k.patch
    - d/p/0003-Add-kbnode_t-for-easier-backporting.patch
    - d/p/0004-gpg-Fix-regression-due-to-the-keyserver-import-filte.patch
  * Fix large key size regression from CVE-2014-5270 changes (LP: #1371766)
    - d/p/Add-build-and-runtime-support-for-larger-RSA-key.patch
    - debian/rules: build with --enable-large-secmem
  * SECURITY UPDATE: invalid memory read via invalid keyring
    - debian/patches/CVE-2015-1606.patch: skip all packets not allowed in
      a keyring in g10/keyring.c.
    - CVE-2015-1606
  * SECURITY UPDATE: memcpy with overlapping ranges
    - debian/patches/CVE-2015-1607.patch: use inline functions to convert
      buffer data to scalars in common/iobuf.c, g10/build-packet.c,
      g10/getkey.c, g10/keyid.c, g10/main.h, g10/misc.c,
      g10/parse-packet.c, g10/tdbio.c, g10/trustdb.c, include/host2net.h,
      kbx/keybox-dump.c, kbx/keybox-openpgp.c, kbx/keybox-search.c,
      kbx/keybox-update.c, scd/apdu.c, scd/app-openpgp.c,
      scd/ccid-driver.c, scd/pcsc-wrapper.c, tools/ccidmon.c.
    - CVE-2015-1607

3853d6d... by Marc Deslauriers on 2014-07-29

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.24-1ubuntu2 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 82911a70956e14699e26fdbeae4598dbee349ff7

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control: drop dirmngr to Suggests as it is in universe.

82911a7... by Marc Deslauriers on 2014-06-26

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.24-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4fb4074477515e87590c6528666cd3c0bdfd69d0

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from Debian, remaining changes:
    - Drop sh prefix from openpgp test environment as it leads to exec
      invocations of sh /bin/bash leading to syntax errors from sh. Fixes
      FTBFS detected in Ubuntu saucy archive rebuild.
    - Add udev rules to give gpg access to some smartcard readers;
      Debian #543217.
    - debian/gnupg2.udev: udev rules to set ACLs on SCM smartcard readers.
    - Add upstart user job for gpg-agent.

4fb4074... by Eric Dorland on 2014-06-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.24-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 45c6f35d94b5e2aba834599902e02bab83beb38c

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release. Fixes CVE-2014-4617 "infinite loop when
    decompressing data packets". (Closes: #752498)
  * debian/patches/02-gpgv2-dont-link-libassuan.diff: Drop, now

45c6f35... by Eric Dorland on 2014-06-08

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.23-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8cc97ca251176fc48661d69ded61eb6932970165

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release.
  * debian/upstream/signing-key.asc: Rename upstream-signing-key.pgp to
    the new, supported name.
  * debian/control: Restore versioned conflict against gpg-idea. (Closes:
  * debian/control: Add Recommends on dirmngr for gpgsm. (Closes: #683579)

8cc97ca... by Eric Dorland on 2014-01-02

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.22-3 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3ce2e51ffca8a013b1ea93776be417201663a2e7

New changelog entries:
  * debian/watch, debian/upstream-signing-key.pgp: Add upstream signing
    key for uscan verification.
  * debian/kbxutil.1, debian/rules: Add better description and regenerate
    the manpage.
  * debian/control: Remove version on gpg-idea conflict, add missing
    Breaks for gpgsm and convert Conflicts to Breaks for gpgv2.
  * debian/control: Move gnupg-agent to Depends for gpgsm instead of
    Replaces (which in turn should have been Recommends).
  * debian/control: Standards-Version to 3.9.5.
  * debian/copyright: Switch to a shiny DEP-5 copyright file.

3ce2e51... by Eric Dorland on 2013-12-01

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.22-2 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9b4877f6987752832323f94553fa5b632e9ab024

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control: Fix Build-Conflicts on newer automakes. Thanks Chris
    Boot. (Closes: #726015)
  * debian/control: IDEA is no longer patented, drop its metion from the
    description. Thanks brian m. carlson. (Closes: #726139)
  * debian/rules: Disable the test suite on mips and mipsel to work around

9b4877f... by Eric Dorland on 2013-10-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.22-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8ab3620edf5fbb2cc0bddd4d8376a1b94cc1b0cc

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream version. Fixes CVE-2013-4402 and CVE-2013-4351. (Closes:
    #725433, #722724)
  * debian/gnupg2.install: Install gnupg-card-architecture.png for the
    info file.

8ab3620... by Eric Dorland on 2013-09-01

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.21-2 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ee005a91985436321d045b7a9c377e398f035f87

New changelog entries:
  * debian/rules, debian/gnupg2.install: Switch libexecdir to
    /usr/lib/gnupg2 to install helper binaries to a non-multiarch specific
    location. (Closes: #717303)
  * debian/control, debian/gpgv2.install: Split out gpgv2 into its own
  * debian/control, debian/gnupg2.install, debian/kbxutil.1: Add rule and
    manpage for kbxutil using help2man. (Closes: #323494)
  * debian/patches/02-gpgv2-dont-link-libassuan.diff: Don't link gpgv2
    against libassuan as it's not used.
  * debian/rules: Install changelog for gpgv2.

ee005a9... by Eric Dorland on 2013-08-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.21-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 480650e99316fdd9495ea75bfa568f6208963905

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release. (Closes: #613465, #720369)
  * debian/patches/01-gnupg2-rename.diff: Refresh patch.
  * debian/control: Fix Vcs-Git path.
  * debian/control: Now depends on libgpg-error >= 1.11.
  * debian/control: Build-Depends on automake1.11 since the test suite
    fails on newer versions. (Closes: #713287)
  * debian/control: Also need a Build-Conflicts on automake (<= 1.12).