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79bfa35... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

Import patches-applied version 3.8.4-0ubuntu5 to applied/ubuntu/saucy-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4158f7879fe1d85a5a50f252c12a8d571bac0933
Unapplied parent: 9308f26ea93bb4ef0fd82f7b72002368c5f55813

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control.in: Add Recommends on network-manager since this
    is required for network panel to work. (LP: #1225787)

9308f26... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

ScreenShield: use the screensaver background

Gbp-Pq: git_use_screensaver_bg.patch.

d81b9e2... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

Background: allow passing the settings schema from outside

Gbp-Pq: git_background_schema.patch.

8b6cecd... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

calendar: Fix line-wrapping of calendar events

Gbp-Pq: git_fix_calendar_wrapping.patch.

e78b7e8... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

shell-js: Adapt to new gjs interface

Gbp-Pq: git_gjs_api_change.patch.

2714041... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

[PATCH] Revert "global: don't run a garbage collection on tweeners

Gbp-Pq: revert-disable-periodic-gc.patch.

926e1db... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: revert-notification-settings-link.patch.

f0feb64... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

[PATCH] Re-lock the screen if we're restarted from a previously crashed shell

Gbp-Pq: git_relock_screen_after_crash.patch.

24a83a9... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

[PATCH] userMenu: allow user switching when using lightdm

Gbp-Pq: ubuntu-lightdm-user-switching.patch.

204e72d... by Tim Lunn on 2013-09-15

Use Debian specific NM VPN helpers paths

Gbp-Pq: 27-nm-libexec-path.patch.