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a237da0... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

Import patches-applied version to applied/ubuntu/raring-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 30891078cadd2f3e4428bc23ca08d691ca866b92
Unapplied parent: b021e2b583548611129b5e2028c19a6e307fc5a7

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/git_relock_screen_after_crash.patch:
    - backport upstream patch to relock session after crash (LP: #1064584)

b021e2b... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

[PATCH] Re-lock the screen if we're restarted from a previously crashed shell

Gbp-Pq: git_relock_screen_after_crash.patch.

3a83ece... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

st-theme-node: Recalculate properties on stylesheet changes

Gbp-Pq: git_fix_theme_node_crash.patch.

21efcfd... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

st-theme: Add "custom-stylesheets-changed" signal

Gbp-Pq: git_add_stylesheets_signal.patch.

3287b5a... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

[PATCH] unlockDialog, loginDialog: Connect to the activate signal on

Gbp-Pq: git_fix_dialog_activate_signals.patch.

0b9b4c7... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

modalDialog: Fix auto-completion of prompts immediately upon display

Gbp-Pq: git_fix_autocompletion_in_dialogs.patch.

b69ccf1... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

[PATCH] layout: Remove message tray pointer barrier

Gbp-Pq: git_remove_messagetray_barrier.patch.

30c5c63... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26


Gbp-Pq: calendar-remove-strict-check.patch.

38d9667... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

a11y: also set the WM HighContrast theme when switch is flipped

Gbp-Pq: git-set-ally-wm-theme.patch.

99e3a9d... by Tim Lunn on 2013-05-26

add support for the ubuntu lock on suspend option

Gbp-Pq: ubuntu_lock_on_suspend.patch.