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0d8a1d2... by Adam Conrad on 2016-10-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.24-3ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5d741c7d9c82fe5ac116e5b12f1528babf13c8b3

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with 2.24 from Debian sid, bringing in minor packaging changes and
    upstream updates, including the security fix for CVE-2016-6323 on ARMv7.
  * debian/patches/ubuntu/local-altlocaledir.diff: Updated to latest version
    from Martin that limits scope to LC_MESSAGES, fixing segv (LP: #1577460)
  * debian/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: Allow nptl/tst-signal6 to fail on ARM.

5d741c7... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-09-17

Import patches-unapplied version 2.24-3 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 378427c8957f7bf0eeb68fb7b39fe2cf3bc9d4cf

New changelog entries:
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * patches/kfreebsd/local-sysdeps.diff: update to revision 6102 (from
  * debian/control.in/main: Drop "Provides: locales" for locales-all.
    Closes: #837694.
  * Mark libc-l10n as Multi-Arch: foreign.
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * hurd-i386/tg-poll_errors_fixes.diff: Fix spurious port destroy on io_select
    returning an error.
  * hurd-i386/cvs-libpthread.diff: Update from upstream. Fixes spurious
    dependencies of libp11, libgnutls30, libbsd0.
  [ John David Anglin ]
  * patches/hppa/submitted-sysdeps-cancel.diff: new patch to fix syscall
    cancellation issues. Closes: #837518.
  * testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: HPPA updates.

378427c... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-09-03

Import patches-unapplied version 2.24-2 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 151d2138f6bc18ace761042e19244542d6409d7d

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * hurd-i386/tg-gsync-libc.diff: Fix for glibc 2.24.
  * testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: Update header conformance results.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * debian/rules.d/debhelper.mk: remove the arch-qualifier from the
    linux-libc-dev depends. Closes: #836446.
  * debian/patches/any/submitted-perl-inc.diff: new patch to fix the
    testsuite with perl (>= 5.22.2-4), which removed '.' from @INC by
  * debian/patches/git-updates.diff: update from upstream stable branch.

151d213... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-08-31

Import patches-unapplied version 2.24-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c7ca9748333d80539878635902b31798ba2480b8

New changelog entries:
  [ Adam Conrad ]
  * debian/rules.d/control.mk: Manually add binutils, linux-libc-dev, and the
    current GCC to the rebuild test deps, so they land in Testsuite-Triggers.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * debian/patches/git-updates.diff: update from upstream stable branch:
    - debian/patches/any/submitted-argp-attribute.diff: upstreamed.
    - Fix backtrace hang on armel/armhf, possibly causing a minor
      denial-of-service vulnerability (CVE-2016-6323). Closes: #834752.
  * debian/control.in/libc: drop ${locale-compat:Depends} as it was not used
  * debian/control.in/libc, debian/rules.d/debhelper.mk: compute the
    linux-libc-dev dependency from the one installed at build time. Closes:
  * debian/patches/series: apply hppa/submitted-setcontext.diff. Closes:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-adjtime-NULL.diff: New patch to fix crash on
    adjtime(..., NULL).

c7ca974... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-08-15

Import patches-unapplied version 2.24-0experimental1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1aa2347d4719a4325b7a76c770b526463eab58ba

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: Update with hurd-i386 non-regressions.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * debian/patches/git-updates.diff: update from upstream stable branch:
    - debian/patches/powerpc/submitted-powerpc-ifunc-sel.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/sparc/submitted-sparc-fdim.diff: upstreamed.
  * debian/patches/sparc/cvs-test-strncmp.diff: new patch from upstream to
    fix wcsmbs/test-wcsncmp on architecture with strong alignment. Closes:
  * debian/patches/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: remove xfail-test-wcsncmp on
  * debian/sysdeps/{sparc,sparc64}.mk: force target to sparcv9-linux-gnu.
  * debian/patches/sparc/local-sparcv9-target.diff: drop, obsolete.
  * patches/hppa/local-stack-grows-up.diff: restore one hunk that has not been
    merged upstream from the 2.23 version.
  * patches/localedata/locale-C.diff: update to unicode 8.0.0, add missing
    categories, use the copy directive when possible.
  * debian/rules.d/build.mk: disable the C++ compiler when tests are disabled,
    based on a patch from Matthias Klose. Closes: #834138.
  * rules.d/build.mk: test for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nocheck" using filter
    instead of findstring.
  * patches/kfreebsd/local-sysdeps.diff: update to revision 6101 (from

1aa2347... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-08-04

Import patches-unapplied version 2.24-0experimental0 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 147f80742415aea09d429044e4b0e07cc0190646

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release: version 2.24.
  * debian/patches/hurd-i386/submitted-malloc-setstate.diff: only apply on
    hurd-i386, as it causes regressions on at least x32.
  * debian/rules.d/tarball.mk: make the orig tarball generation a bit more
  * debian/sysdeps/sparc64.mk: compile all flavours with -mcpu=ultrasparc.
  * debian/patches/submitted-sparc-fdim.diff: new patch to fix fdimf and
    fdim function on SPARC.

147f807... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-07-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.23.90+20160725.b898b64-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: a8050d38a8eea3a53fb837f698a7134eb9db4b29

New changelog entries:
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * New upstream snapshot from 20160725.
  * debian/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: remove HPPA math tests from XFAIL,
    the problem is fixed from some time already.
  * debian/patches/powerpc/submitted-powerpc-ifunc-sel.diff: new patch to
    fix the ifunc tests with GCC 6 on PowerPC.

a8050d3... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-07-19

Import patches-unapplied version 2.23.90+20160719.2c3d888-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ab445bd15357847114343fd20f7ef099ddc0fd27

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: Add missing test failure (no actual
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * New upstream snapshot from 20160719:
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-tabdly.diff: upstreamed.
  * debian/control.in/main, debian/rules: build with GCC 6.

ab445bd... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-07-11

Import patches-unapplied version 2.23.90+20160711.c10f90d-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 65d525c0199e57dbea05558d93ef15c7954d16fc

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * patches/hurd-i386/submitted-malloc-setstate.diff: New patch to fix
  * testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: Update hurd-i386 testsuite results, no actual
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * New upstream snapshot from 20160711:
    - debian/patches/localedata/locale-de_LI.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hppa/submitted-libm-test-ulps.diff: upstreamed.
  * debian/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: allow conform/XPG3/sys/stat.h
    and conform/XPG4/sys/stat.h to fail on mips and mipsel, similarly
    to the others sys/stat.h conform tests. Group all theses entries
    and an explanation.
  * debian/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: do not allow math/test-fenv to
    fail now that we do not have Loongson 2 buildds anymore.
  * debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-sysdeps.diff, local-fbtl.diff:
    update to revision 6087 (from glibc-bsd).
  * debian/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: allow more failures on kfreebsd-*,
    mostly due to the fsid_t type, and which are not regressions.
  * testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: Update x32 testsuite results, no actual
  * Replace debian/patches/alpha/submitted-trunc.diff by
    debian/patches/alpha/submitted-math-fixes.diff containing additional
    math fixes.
  * debian/rules: better glibc version detection for snapshots.

65d525c... by Aurelien Jarno on 2016-07-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.23.90+20160507.87523e9-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8ba9dbcce98ac497b2fc280a957380e27cd23fdd

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream snapshot from 20160705:
    - Fix locales license. Closes: #555168.
    - Fix Spanish locale 1st week definition. Closes: #826888.
    - debian/patches/localedata/sort-UTF8-first.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/locale-eo_EO.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/localedata/locale-ku_TR.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/fo_FO-date_fmt.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/locales-fr.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/locale-en_DK.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/locale-hsb_DE.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/fr_CH-first_weekday.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/localedata/locale-de_LI.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/submitted-bz9725-locale-sv_SE.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/localedata/first_weekday.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/localedata/submitted-en_AU-date_fmt.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/amd64/local-blacklist-for-Intel-TSX.diff
    - debian/patches/arm/local-arm-futex.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/hppa/local-stack-grows-up.diff: dropped, obsolete.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/local-enable-ldconfig.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/tg-tls-threadvar.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/tg-hooks.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-openat.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-gai_sigqueue.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-aio_sigqueue.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-open.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-c++-types.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-errnos.d.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mach-syscalls.mk.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-auxv.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-gprof-tick.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-IPV6_PKTINFO.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-i686-link.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/hurd-i386/cvs-check-local-headers.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/i386/local-cpuid-level2.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/sparc/submitted-sparc64-socketcall.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/sparc/cvs-sparc-nearbyint.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-ports.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/any/submitted-longdouble.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/any/submitted-string2-strcmp.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/any/local-dynamic-resolvconf.diff: rebased.
    - debian/patches/any/cvs-tst-malloc-thread-exit.diff: upstreamed.
    - debian/patches/any/cvs-sys-personality-h.diff: upstreamed.
  * debian/patches/localedata/{locale-C.diff,locale-de_LI.diff,
    locale-eu_FR.diff,new-valencian-locale.diff}: change LC_IDENTIFICATION
    to i18n:2012.
  * debian/debhelper.in/locales.config: convert iw_IL into he_IL, as the
    former was deprecated and has been removed.