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79ddf66... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

2.58.1-2ubuntu0.2 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

5424ad4... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

[PATCH] tests: Run /gsettings/keyfile test in a temporary directory

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2019-13012-2.patch.

ebff800... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

[PATCH] keyfile settings: Use tighter permissions

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2019-13012-1.patch.

ad18709... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

[PATCH] gfile: Limit access to files when copying

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2019-12450.patch.

4fc780b... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

closures test: Run fewer iterations on ARM64 and armhf

Gbp-Pq: debian/closures-test-Run-fewer-iterations-on-ARM64-and-armhf.patch.

734fc55... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

Look for gio-launch-desktop in $(libdir)/glib-2.0

Gbp-Pq: debian/Look-for-gio-launch-desktop-in-libdir-glib-2.0.patch.

80862ca... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

gio: add fallback directory for pre-multiarch compatibility

Gbp-Pq: debian/90_gio-modules-multiarch-compat.patch.

72abf94... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

Adjust path to glib-compile-schemas in the pkg-config file

Gbp-Pq: debian/61_glib-compile-binaries-path.patch.

eb791c0... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

Do not fail the /thread/thread4 test if prctrl() fails

Gbp-Pq: debian/06_thread_test_ignore_prctl_fail.patch.

74fb80b... by Leonidas S. Barbosa

Handle the G_HOME environment variable

Gbp-Pq: debian/04_homedir_env.patch.