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82754a9... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-05-15

Import patches-unapplied version 9.14~dfsg-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f74aa4ffa56ffa6248917cfd0eac75cb401790eb

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/1003_gdevcups-fix-cupsrasteropen-pwg-raster.patch:
    The CUPS Raster output device generated incorrect PWG Raster output
    because it called cupsRasterOpen() without the required
    CUPS_RASTER_WRITE_PWG mode setting. Due to the output never being
    tested with an IPP Everywhere printer but only with software which
    also accepts CUPS Raster, the bug did not get discovered until testing
    the output against the mime type recognition of CUPS where it failed.

f74aa4f... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-05-13

Import patches-unapplied version 9.14~dfsg-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ae639e7eb908c8614c23e5af985f1c013164e63c

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/020140513-3c4cfba-pass-share-lcms-as-a-compiler-flag.patch:
    Pass SHARE_LCMS as a compiler flag.

ae639e7... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-05-02

Import patches-unapplied version 9.14~dfsg-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 39c3f3135aead807f0cbe7c4dde2e041058f4b23

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release
     - Ghostscript 9.14
     - pdfwrite now uses the same color management engine as Ghostscript
       rendering devices (by default LCMS2). This provides much better
       control over color conversion and color management generally, but
       will result in some small color differences when compared to the
       old system.
       It is no longer necessary to specify UseCIEColor (and we very much
       encourage you not to do this) or the ProcessColorModel if you want
       to convert a PDF file to a specific color space, simply set the
       ColorConversionStrategy appropriately.
       We do not expect any major problems to arise with this new code,
       but for the duration of this release a new switch -dPDFUseOldCMS
       is available which will restore the old color management. See:
       Color Conversion and Management
       Please note that due to constraints of the PDF/A-1 specification,
       the new color management does not yet apply when producing PDF/A
     - A new device 'eps2write' has been added which allows for the
       creation of EPS files using the ps2write device instead of the old
       (deprecated and removed) pswrite device. This produces
       considerably better quality EPS files than the old epswrite device
       which is now also deprecated and will be removed in a future
     - ps2write now has a feature to allow customisation of the output
       for specific devices. Please see PSDocOptions and PSPageOptions
       described in ps2ps2.htm Additional Distiller Params
     - Ghostscript now reduces memory usage when processing PDF files
       that use transparency and output is to display devices such as
       Windows display or x11 (i.e. devices that are strictly full
       framebuffer devices), and to high level vector devices that cannot
       reproduce the PDF transparency model, such as the ps2write device
       or pdfwrite when 'flattening' to PDF 1.3 or earlier
       (-dCompatibilityLevel=1.3). This uses banding (clist) files to
       render the transparent areas in bands to reduce memory use, and
       unlike the existing page level banding, this is hidden from the
       target device.
     - Ghostscript can now collect information for pages in temp files
       (in Ghostscript's clist format), then render and output pages for
       the job in arbitrary order, including normal, reverse, odd, even,
       or any order or subset of the pages. This is controlled with the
       --saved-page=___ option. (Note that this only applies to rendering
       devices, and not high level devices such as pdfwrite and
       ps2write.) See: Deferred Page Rendering
     - The Ghostscript device architecture has been extended so that,
       when rendering bands into multiple threads, it is now possible to
       perform post-processing in multiple threads, such as downscale,
       post-render halftoning, or compression. Previously, post
       processing was only possible in the single main thread. This can
       improve performance significantly.
     - Ghostscript has a new "pwgraster" output device for PWG Raster
     - The CUPS device now has improved support for PPD-less printing
     - Plus the usual round of bug fixes, compatibility changes, and
       incremental improvements.
  * debian/patches/020140502-0ccf329-fix-fpng-device-build-handle-shared-zlib.patch:
    Fix fpng device build handle for shared zlib (Upstream bug #695113).
  * debian/patches/020130903-5ae4180-ps-interpreter-dont-interpolate-imagemask-data-for-high-level-devices.patch,
    Removed patches backported from upstream.
  * debian/patches/020140324-b780ff0-protection-against-pxl-segfault-with-image-data-without-colorspace-info.patch,
    debian/patches/1002_pxl-make-dicctransform-default.patch: Refreshed with
  * debian/symbols.common: Updated for new upstream source. Applied patch
    which dpkg-gensymbols generated for debian/libgs9.symbols to this file.

39c3f31... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-04-28

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu11 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3962f9930063a134759287c8e4d9d5e8e2c64d89

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/020140428-f4584b0-skip-unsupported-font-files.patch:
    When Ghostscript is scanning through available font files let it skip
    the ones which it does not understand. Before Ghostscript got totally
    blocked by having one broken or incompatible font installed
    (LP: #1313223, Upstream bug #695031).

3962f99... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-03-31

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu10 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8bdd02e194259f6ae2baf16b2e245c4f7f404665

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/1001_pxlcolor-support-jpeg-in-output.patch,
    Replaced preliminary patch by what got actually committed upstream
    (Upstream bug #691880).
  * debian/patches/020140331-41ab485-pxl-transform-deep-images-with-icc-transform-to-emit-high-level-images.patch,
    Transform deep (24-bit) images with an ICC transform to emit high-level
    images (Upstream bug #691880).
  * debian/patches/1002_pxl-make-dicctransform-default.patch: Make deep iamge
    ICC transform default (Upstream bug #695124).

8bdd02e... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-03-24

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu9 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8048392bbca8b21cb8946cf175149b766aa9dcfe

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/020140324-b780ff0-protection-against-pxl-segfault-with-image-data-without-colorspace-info.patch:
    Protection against PXL segfault with image data without colorspace info
    (Upstream bug 695103).

8048392... by Till Kamppeter on 2014-03-13

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu8 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f318888628e8346621aa496f9370c029de3848be

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/1001_pxlcolor-support-jpeg-in-output.patch: Added JPEG
    output support to the "pxlcolor" PCL-XL output device to vastly reduce
    the size of the output when the input document contains images (Upstream
    bug #691880).
  * debian/patches/020140313-5d6b18a-set-correct-portrait-landscape-orientation-on-pcl-5ce.patch:
    Set correct portrait/landscape orientation on PCL 5c/e output (Upstream
    bug #693715).
  * debian/patches/020140313-6498483-ps2write-fix-a-dsc-comment.patch,
    Fixes on DSC comments in PostScript output of the "ps2write" device
    Upstream bug #695082).

f318888... by Till Kamppeter on 2013-12-19

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu7 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: fbb8b19956d94ed7c76e9767c626b0392ad4bd9e

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/020131219-d997bc4-pwgraster-output-device.patch:
    Added "pwgraster" output device to generate the PWG Raster output format,
    an industry-standardized raster input data format for printers.

fbb8b19... by Till Kamppeter on 2013-12-18

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu6 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8752bc6b1516c1253bbd54cba559fb1be96e6cab

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/020131218-5ddd13e-ps2write-dont-emit-a-page-size-change-if-the-last-request-failed.patch:
    ps2write output device: Don't emit a page size change if the last request
    failed (and was the same size). This prevented from Letter-sized documents
    to be printed double-sided on printers loaded with A4 paper accepting also
    Letter via a printer-internal scale-to-fit or crop-to-fit (Upstream bug

8752bc6... by Adam Conrad on 2013-12-11

Import patches-unapplied version 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu5 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ea97693dabec2d40cf8eb8aa3e49e6c71c18f3cd

New changelog entries:
  * debian/libgs__VER__.symbols.in: Adjust to support powerpc64le.