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708f98e... by Matthias Klose on 2007-01-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.4.2-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7fcad304e8630dbefa9c3227c602fd30777bae3d

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with Debian unstable; remaining changes:
    - see 2.4.1-2ubuntu[12].
  * conf.d/60-latin.conf: Prefer DejaVu over Bitstream Vera,
    as done for dapper.
  * Incorporate old Galacian translation (closes 361259)
  * Add fc-list to fontconfig-udeb. (closes 388161)
  * Add conf.d and conf.avail to fontconfig-udeb (closes 388165)
  * Update Czech translation (closes 389209)
  * Update Russian translation (closes 389436)
  * Update Dutch translation (closes 391462)
  * Update French translation (closes 392454)
  * Update Danish translation again (closes 388017, 393059)
  * Add Romanian translation (closes 395346)
  * Update German translation (closes 396941)
  * Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (closes 397846)
  * Update Japanese debconf translation (closes 398596)
  * Update Spanish translation (closes 399961)
  * Add default cache directories (closes 387928, 393909, 395880, 396554, 298293)
  * Merge new upstream version (2.4.2).

7fcad30... by Ian Jackson on 2006-11-29

Import patches-unapplied version 2.4.1-2ubuntu2 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9c175b537f5d6a04138ad0c5f1a101be696b5b00

New changelog entries:
  * Include 52-languageselector.conf in the lists in conf.d/Makefile.am so
    that it actually gets installed and used. Fixes LP 73714.
  * Reran automake (1.9.6+nogfdl-3).

9c175b5... by Ian Jackson on 2006-11-28

Import patches-unapplied version 2.4.1-2ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.