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92938be... by Aaron M. Ucko on 2007-11-08

Import patches-unapplied version 1.1.7-6 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 59ac02ebbe91c508953cad9b8b564252e85865ab

New changelog entries:
  * Turn fl_xfont into a smart pointer capable of on-demand
    (re)initialization so that future releases with improved core-font
    selection logic need not run it on every single font change.
  * Correct debian/watch. (Closes: #449636.)
  * Ship binaries of the example games, with ALSA enabled on Linux, in a
    new fltk1.1-games package. (NB: although upstream's names for the
    games do not appear to conflict with anything currently in Debian,
    they are sufficiently generic that the Debian packages err on the side
    of caution by prepending fl.)
  * Further streamline all executables' shared-library dependencies.
  * Move .desktop files to /usr/share/applications, as /usr/share/applnk
    is deprecated and KDE-only. (Closes: #444063)
  * Run dh_icons for fluid and fltk1.1-games, also per #444063.
  * Modernize games' .desktop files' Categories settings as well.
  * Drop gratuitous (and typo-ridden) DEB_DH_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS setting.
  * fltk-config(.in) --compile: link FLTK dynamically. (Closes: #441141.)
  * Declare home page centrally (per dpkg 1.14.6) rather than in descriptions.
  * Accommodate the (atypical) possibility of multi-word CC and CXX settings.
  * Declare those inter-package dependencies that need to be tight with
    ${binary:Version} rather than the deprecated ${Source-Version}.
  * Modernize fluid's Debian menu section (Apps -> Applications).
  * Expand debian/copyright; in particular, clarify that licensees have
    the option of applying newer LGPL versions (than v2.0).
  * Drop old workaround for #365085 in favor of simply requiring a new
    enough cdbs.

59ac02e... by Aaron M. Ucko on 2007-04-22

Import patches-unapplied version 1.1.7-4 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 80c42725119ed2918bcd62685a61159731d21ab3

New changelog entries:
  * configure(.in), {src,test}/Makefile: drop unnecessary hardcoded
    dependencies on libXext, zlib, and libGLU, per Nathanael Nerode's
    patch; inaugurate libfltk1.1-dev's NEWS.Debian with a suitable entry.
    (Closes: #405233.)
  * debian/po/es.po: new Spanish translation for libfltk1.1-dev, courtesy
    of César Gómez Martín <email address hidden> and Manuel Porras
    Peralta, unfortunately too late for etch. (Closes: #414453.)
  * debian/po/pt.po: new (European) Portuguese translation for
    libfltk1.1-dev, courtesy of Pedro Ribeiro <email address hidden>.
    (Closes: #410733.)
  * Declare (preexisting) compliance with Standards-Version: 3.7.2.

80c4272... by Aaron M. Ucko on 2006-04-16

Import patches-unapplied version 1.1.7-2 to ubuntu/edgy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4e2f48128cfa10fc3e03d02ab83496dcf0487d8f

New changelog entries:
  * debian/po/it.po: new Italian Debconf translation for libfltk1.1-dev,
    thanks to Andrea Bolognani <email address hidden>. (Closes: #358191.)
  * Merge in more fixes from the 1.1 branch, whose likelihood of seeing
    another upstream release is highly uncertain; bump shlibs requirement
    because these add two new public methods.
  * (Build-)depend directly on libgl(u)1-mesa-dev by default (but keep
    the alternate [build-]dependencies on virtual packages, of course).
  * Install fluid-32.xpm, and use it as fluid's menu icon.
  * Move up to debhelper compatibility level 5, and make use of cdbs
    0.4.37's automatic -dbg package handling.
  * New upstream release; among many other things:
    - Fixes nonsensical sentence in documentation. (Closes: #341747.)
    - Documents new foreground()/background() paradigm. (Closes: #343550.)
  * Enable (newly added) Xinerama support and add an appropriate build
  * Build with the default GCC version on all architectures, as g++-4.0 no
    longer suffers from bug #336463 as of revision 4.0.2-4. (Closes: #342965.)
  * Generally resynch and tidy up debian/rules.
  * Rework installation slightly, and install fluid's new .desktop files.
  * Update version info in pregenerated FLTKConfig.cmake, and stop shipping
    a redundant copy of FLTKUse.cmake now that it's materialized upstream.
  * Extend fluid's internationalization to the two new fluid-generated
    modules (print_panel and template_panel) and attempt (rather
    conservatively, as I know extremely little Spanish) to bring its
    Spanish translation up to date. Further assistance, and for that
    matter a Spanish Debconf translation, would be appreciated.
  * Resynch with upstream SVN as of Jan. 31, which just adds some belated
  * Make fltk-config(.in) list indirect dependencies only for
    --ldstaticflags (vs. --ldflags), and accordingly downgrade most of
    libfltk1.1-dev's dependencies to suggestions.
  * Build with g++-3.4 on mips(el) to work around GCC bug #336463.
  * Internationalize fluid and add a Spanish translation, all thanks to
    Miriam Ruiz. (Closes: #333401.)
  * Backport upstream patch to use (user-specified) FL_FOREGROUND_COLOR et
    al. more widely. (Closes: #332489.)
  * Ship .cmake files (though cmake already supplies FindFLTK.cmake).
    (Closes: #333245.)
  * debian/control: drop long-obsolete alternate (build-)dependencies on
    ancient versions of xlibs-dev.
  * debian/po/*: force an update to ensure a proper Report-Msgid-Bugs-To field.
  * debian/po/sv.po: new Swedish translation, thanks to Daniel Nylander
    <email address hidden>. (Closes: #331473.)
  * BTW, libfltk1.1-dev's merged templates file should now be encoded in
    UTF-8 throughout rather than in a hodgepodge of national encodings.
  * Clean up build-dependencies now that the dust from the libglu1c2
    fiasco has settled.
  * Give Fl_Check_Browser an appropriate destructor to keep it from
    leaking memory. (Closes: #321285, but affected programs may need to
    be recompiled to get the fix.)
  * debian/po/vi.po: add a Vietnamese translation, thanks to Clytie
    Siddall <email address hidden>. (Closes: #314172.)
  * debian/*: C++ transition. (Closes: #317539.)
    - libfltk1.1c102 renamed back to libfltk1.1, as no package by that
      name ever appeared in a release; redundant conflicts dropped.
    - Make sure to use a post-transition libglu1c2 such as libglu1-xorg.
  * debian/control: standards-version 3.6.2 (already compliant).
  * Revert previous change, which seems to have been ineffective for some
    reason, in favor of commenting out the problematic Makefile rule
    altogether. (Closes: #310151.)
  * debian/control: Go back to specifying the URL as part of the
    description rather than via a non-standard field that doesn't seem to
    have caught on. (Closes: #310240.)
  * debian/rules: touch configure to avoid trying to run autoconf as part
    of the build. (This got lost when converting to CDBS years ago; I
    don't know why it didn't bite any of the many intervening releases.)
  * debian/po/cs.po: add a Czech translation, thanks to Miroslav Kure
    <email address hidden>. (Closes: #308058.)
  * debian/po/ja.po: add a Japanese translation, thanks to Atsushi Shimono
    <email address hidden>. (Closes: #309730.)

4e2f481... by Aaron M. Ucko on 2004-12-04

Import patches-unapplied version 1.1.6-2 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: fdb989647e3d0f7c5dc25bffef1d6a21cf670c06

New changelog entries:
  * test/*.cxx: Apply patch from Andreas Jochens <email address hidden> to fix
    bogus pointer->int casts, which GCC 4.0 rightly treats as errors on
    64-bit systems. (Closes: #284168.)
  * New upstream bugfix release.
  * Remove oddly named stray po file that accidentally crept in last time.
  * debian/po/pt_BR.po: add a Brazilian Portuguese Debconf translation,
    thanks to Tiago Bortoletto Vaz <email address hidden> (Closes: #281459.)
  * src/fl_font_xft.cxx: kludge in support for using the Xlib code in
    fl_font_x.cxx as a fallback, for instance to work around bugs such as
    #277602 and #281203.
  * New upstream release; Debian patches merged forward as usual.
  * debian/rules:
    - stop setting DEB_MAKE_INSTALL_TARGET now that upstream supports DESTDIR.
    - resync OPTIM setting with configure(.ac).
  * New upstream release candidate; Debian patches merged forward as usual.
  * New upstream release candidate; Debian patches merged forward as usual.
  * debian/watch: new, in hopes of making DEHS somewhat happier; only
    marginally useful due to lack of support for release candidates, though.
  * debian/control: Make libfltk1.1-dev's description slightly more detailed.
  * debian/libfltk1.1-dev.config: determine header-links's default by
    inspecting /usr/include/FL.
  * debian/libfltk1.1-dev.postrm: remove gratuitous and potentially
    fragile use of debconf.
  * debian/{control,rules}: add a (new-style) libfltk1.1c102-dbg package.
  * New Debconf translations (debian/po/*.po):
    - nl [Dutch] by Luk Claes <email address hidden>. (Closes: #251243.)
    - de [German] by Erik Schanze <email address hidden>. (Closes: #252724.)

fdb9896... by Aaron M. Ucko on 2004-04-15

Import patches-unapplied version 1.1.4+1.1.5rc1-1 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.