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af16aeb... by Adam Conrad on 2013-04-18

Import patches-unapplied version 2.17-0ubuntu5 to ubuntu/raring-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b53349f3d5b129eb9e82570322961d9f87d49a64

New changelog entries:
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc.postint: Switch from 'awk gsub' to 'tr -d' to
    avoid warnings when the awk alternative points to gawk (LP: #1156923)
  * debian/patches/any/submitted-setfsid-wur.diff: Drop __wur from setfsuid
    and setfsgid functions to avoid -Werror=unused-result (Closes: #701422)
  * debian/patches/i386/cvs-simd-exception.diff: Pull patch from upstream
    to fix a performance regression in i386 SIMD exceptions (LP: #1157244)
  * debian/patches/svn-updates.diff: Update to r22884 of eglibc-2_17 branch
  * debian/testsuite-checking/compare.sh: Disable hard testsuite failures
    for release to avoid stable updates exploding as buildd kernels change

b53349f... by Adam Conrad on 2013-02-09

Import patches-unapplied version 2.17-0ubuntu4 to ubuntu/raring-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: dcc7a89536d8bdb20760707a92f4d9e4f4274148

New changelog entries:
  * Brown paper bag release: restore g++-multilib build-dep on armhf.

dcc7a89... by Adam Conrad on 2013-02-07

Import patches-unapplied version 2.17-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/raring-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 04d6f59cd7bdf18b0fbc788df638ddf202fa34c4

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with Debian experimental, fixing arm64 builds and adding
    support for upstart's shiny new stateful re-exec capabilities.
  * Re-enable audit build-dep now that libaudit is moving to main.

04d6f59... by Adam Conrad on 2013-02-07

Import patches-unapplied version 2.17-0experimental2 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4613c8e680922c356f4663bc263f477699f9deb5

New changelog entries:
  * Switch to gcc-4.7 across the board to tidy up some C99 conformance,
    and force it to an experimental version at the request of Matthias.
  * debian/sysdeps/arm64.mk: Remove --enable-multi-arch (LP: #1117602)
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc.postinst: Add support for upstart restarts
    and don't restart init when upgrading in chroots (Closes: #608903)
  * debian/testsuite-checking/expected-mips*: Allow tst-audit8 to fail.

4613c8e... by Adam Conrad on 2013-02-04

Import patches-unapplied version 2.17-0experimental1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 204e6936502b0ed98acdffa5dbb5e25249182e83

New changelog entries:
  [ Adam Conrad ]
  * Rebase kfreebsd patches missed in the previous upload due to quilt:
    - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-undef-glibc.diff: Unfuzz.
    - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-use-thr-primitives.diff: Unfuzz.
    - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-linuxthreads29.diff: Unfuzz.
    - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-readdir_r.diff: Track file rename.
    - debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-memusage_no_mremap.diff: Unfuzz.
  * debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-HAVE_TLS_SUPPORT.diff: Following the
    upstream removal of TLS configure options, enable unconditionally.
  * debian/patches/any/local-tst-dir-overlayfs.diff: Dropped, as I seem
    to be the only person building on overlayfs, and I'll just use aufs.
  * Update debian/patches/kfreebsd/local-sysdeps.diff to revision 4353.
  * debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-cloexec-conditional.diff: Make more
    occurences of O_CLOEXEC conditional on it actually being defined.
  * debian/rules: Don't put x32 debug symbols in libc-dbg (LP: #1106471)
  * debian/testsuite-checking/expected-*: Allow all arches to fail the
    tst-cputimer1 test, as it harmlessly comes and goes on all of them.
  * debian/testsuite-checking/expected-*: Adjust ia64 and armel results
    to allow failures expected by the upstream port maintainers of each.
  * Drop the armhf-specific symbols hack for the new linker, as we're
    no longer expecting partial upgrades from the out-of-archive port.
  * debian/{control,control.in/main}: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4.
  * Amend eglibc-source.lintian-overrides to add libc-dev-alt.postinst.
  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * debian/rules.d/build.mk: When threads is no, disable nscd in all passes.

204e693... by Adam Conrad on 2013-01-28

Import patches-unapplied version 2.17-0experimental0 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 820f8858cc99764e35a084affc84a40373a6120b

New changelog entries:
  [ Adam Conrad ]
  * New upstream release: version 2.17, orig tarball built at SVN r22169:
    - Restricts ld.so self-loading checks to normal mode (LP: #1088677)
    - debian/rules.d/tarball.mk: ports is no longer external to libc.
    - debian/*: Update all 2.16 occurences to 2.17 for upgrades/deps.
    - patches/localedata/supported.diff: Rebased against new upstream.
    - patches/localedata/locale-ia.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/localedata/submitted-es_MX-decimal_point.diff: Rebased.
    - patches/amd64/local-pthread_cond_wait.diff: Dropped, fixed upstream.
    - patches/i386/local-pthread_cond_wait.diff: Dropped (closes: #694962)
    - patches/arm64/cvs-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/arm64/submitted-aarch64-support.diff: Merged upstream.
    - patches/arm/cvs-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/arm/local-atomic.diff: Dropped, fixed differently upstream.
    - patches/arm/unsubmitted-armhf-linker.diff: Dropped, not needed.
    - patches/arm/unsubmitted-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Rewritten slightly.
    - patches/hppa/submitted-nptl-carlos.diff: Rebased against upstream.
    - patches/hppa/local-stack-grows-up.diff: Rebased against upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/local-enable-ldconfig.diff: dl-cache.c dropped.
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-tls.diff: Rebase and drop powerpc support.
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-regenerate_errno.h.diff: Merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-extern_inline.diff: Drop powerpc support.
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-elfosabi_gnu.diff: Drop powerpc support.
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-grantpt.diff: Rebased against new upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-pthread_posix-option.diff: Rebased.
    - patches/hurd-i386/submitted-getgroups.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/submitted-getlogin_r.diff: Dropped, fixed upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/submitted-ptsname.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/submitted-sendto.diff: Dropped, fixed upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-add-missing-includes.diff: Merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mach-check-local-headers.sh.diff: Merged.
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-lremovexattr.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-renameat.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mknodat.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-llistxattr.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/i386/submitted-i686-timing.diff: Rebase, and fix a bug that
      was excluding dl-caller.c from shared-only-routines for rtld builds.
    - patches/m68k/cvs-syscall-arguments.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/powerpc/local-math-logb.diff: Rebased against new upstream.
    - patches/all/unsubmitted-autoconfupdate.diff: Dropped, not needed.
    - patches/any/local-bindresvport_blacklist.diff: Rebase with upstream.
    - patches/any/local-ldso-disable-hwcap.diff: Rebased against upstream.
    - patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-ports.diff: Rebased against upstream.
    - patches/any/local-nss-upgrade.diff: Rebased against new upstream.
    - patches/any/local-o_cloexec.diff: Rebased against new upstream.
    - patches/any/local-rtld.diff: Rebased against new upstream.
    - patches/any/submitted-popen.diff: Dropped, finally merged upstream.
    - patches/any/submitted-accept4-hidden.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/any/submitted-bits-fcntl_h-at.diff: Rebased against upstream.
    - patches/any/local-gai-rfc1918-scope-global.patch: Merged upstream.
    - patches/any/submitted-resolv-assert.diff: Dropped, merged upstream.
    - patches/any/local-revert-fclose-posix2008.diff: Reverted upstream.
    - patches/any/local-sunrpc-dos.diff: Dropped, different fix upstream.
    - patches/any/cvs-cxxheaders-detection[123].diff: Merged upstream.
  * debian/patches/powerpc/submitted-UAPI_ASM_POWERPC_ELF.diff: Remove,
    as this has been fixed in the 3.7 release and 3.8 kernel headers.
  * debian/sysdeps/{amd64,i386}.mk: Fix rtlddir for x32 alternate builds.
  * debian/sysdeps/{armel,armhf}.mk: Merge multilib configs from Ubuntu.
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc.preinst: Fix preinst kernel check to match
    the reality that we need >= 2.6.32, as found in squeeze/lucid/RHEL6.
  * debian/rules: Fix EGLIBC_VERSION epoch parsing breakage (LP: #929565)
  * debian/patches/any/cvs-tst-array-as-needed.diff: Fix tst-array2 and
    tst-array5 to build with --no-as-needed to prevent test regressions.
  * debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-ldso-machine-mismatch.diff: Skip past
    libraries that are built for other machines, rather than erroring.
  * debian/patches/i386/unsubmitted-quiet-ldconfig.diff: Fix ldconfig on
    x86 to stop complaining so loudly about wrong-arch libraries on path.
  * debian/{rules.d/build.mk,sysdeps/hurd*}: When the threads variable is
    not set to "yes", add --disable-nscd to the main configure options.
  * debian/patches/any/cvs-use-glibc-wchar.diff: Switch from the eglibc
    implementation of wchar.h to the cleaner glibc-2.18 implementation.
  * debian/patches/arm/local-eabi-wchar.diff: Dropped, no longer needed.
  * debian/patches/any/local-tst-dir-overlayfs.diff: Apply dirty hack to
    skip tst-dir on overlayfs, as it currently fails (see: LP #1107492)
  * debian/patches/svn-updates.diff: Bring svn-updates to revision 22169.
  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * debian/{rules,rules.d/control.mk,control.in/libc}: Allow turning off
    libc-prof arbitrarily, and disable it for arm64, which lacks support.
  * debian/rules.d/build.mk: Fix armhf multilib with WITH_BUILD_SYSROOT.
  [ Steve McIntyre ]
  * debian/patches/arm/unsubmitted-ldso-multilib.diff: Stop ld.so from
    exiting prematurely when it encounters wrong-float ABI libraries.
  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * Rebase/remove hurd-i386 patches against the new upstream version:
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-ptrmangle.diff: Remove, obsolete.
    - patches/hurd-i386/tg-check_native.diff: Remove, obsolete.
    - patches/hurd-i386/submitted-regex_internal.diff: Fixed upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/local-disable-sendmmsg.diff: Fixed upstream.
    - patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-pthread.diff: Drop, obsolete.
    - patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-mremap.diff: Rebased for new upstream.
  * debian/patches/hurd-i386/local-disable-tst-xmmymm.diff: Disable test.
  * Update expected-results-i486-gnu-libc, expected-results-i686-gnu-i386,
    expected-results-i686-gnu-i686, expected-results-i686-gnu-xen.

820f885... by Adam Conrad on 2012-11-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.16-0experimental1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4c04201fe22b4c982ef49b77e3e92c36439fe868

New changelog entries:
  [ Adam Conrad ]
  * Add patches/any/cvs-cxxheaders-detection[1-3].diff to bring us up to date
    with my C++ header detection patch on glibc trunk, for g++-4.7_4.7.2-10.
  * Add patches/powerpc/submitted-UAPI_ASM_POWERPC_ELF.diff to fix builds on
    PowerPC against linux headers from 3.7-rc. Remove if fixed for 3.7-final.
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc-dev-alt.{preinst,postinst}: Do the directory to
    symlink migration in postinst, which solves issues with dpkg following
    the new symlink on unpack and removing all the "old" (now new) files.
  * debian/rules.d/debhelper.mk: Add a MULTIARCHDIR subst for the above.
  * debian/sysdeps/{amd64,i386}.mk: Enable and bootstrap x32 multilib builds.
  * debian/control.in/main: Bump g++4.7 build-dep to 4.7.2-11 for x32 builds.
  * debian/control.in/main: Bump linux-libc-dev build-dep for alt x32 builds.
  * debian/{tests,control.in/main}: Add simple autopkgtest rebuild testcase.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * Add patches/m68k/cvs-syscall-arguments.diff to fix cancellable syscall
    with 5 or 6 arguments. Closes: #693852.
  * debian/rules: don't force the GCC version for BUILD_CC and BUILD_CXX.
  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * Update testsuite-checking/expected-results-i686-gnu-xen and
  * Add patches/hurd-i386/local-ulimit.diff to use Linux' ulimit on hurd-i386
    instead of the bogus BSD version. Fix expected-results-i486-gnu-libc,
    expected-results-i686-gnu-i386, expected-results-i686-gnu-i686,
    expected-results-i686-gnu-xen accordingly.
  * debian/testsuite-checking/compare.sh: accept the build directory as an
  [ Jonathan Nieder ]
  * patches/any/local-tst-eintr1-eagain.diff: new patch to work around
    a race that lets pthread_create hit resource limits when the kernel
    takes too long to clean up after joined threads. (closes: #673596)

4c04201... by Aurelien Jarno on 2012-11-20

Import patches-unapplied version 2.16-0experimental0 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 04062325ddbd8747553eca7b89ed8d6320fc8f16

New changelog entries:
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * New upstream version. Closes: #672934.
    - Provide a compatibility symbol for the old memcpy() behaviour. Remove
      the memcpy-wrapper. Closes: #625522.
    - Fix printing of incomplete multibyte characters. Closes: #208308.
    - Disable patches/svn-updates.diff.
    - Update patches/localedata/sort-UTF8-first.diff.
    - Update patches/localedata/supported.diff.
    - Update patches/localedata/locales-fr.diff (partially merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/locales_GB.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/submitted-bz9732-dz_BT-collation.diff (merged
    - Update patches/localedata/locale-se_NO.diff.
    - Update patches/localedata/tailor-iso14651_t1-common.diff.
    - Update patches/localedata/fix-lang.diff.
    - Remove patches/localedata/fr_LU-first_weekday.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/cy_GB-first_weekday.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/localedata/submitted-bz9725-locale-sv_SE.diff (partially
      merged upstream).
    - Update patches/localedata/first_weekday.diff (partially merged
    - Remove patches/localedata/submitted-bz9912-locale-ru_UA.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/localedata/locale-et_EE.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/submitted-translit-colon.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/locale-bem-en_ZA.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/locale-ff_SN.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/locale-sw.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/locale-sv_FI.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/locale-os_RU.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/cvs-rupee.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/cvs-es-lc_numeric.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/submitted-de_AT-mon.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/localedata/cvs-rupeesign.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-fp_control-plt.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-have_tls_thread.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-preconfigure.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-stat_ver_linux.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-syscall.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-tls_dtv_unallocated.diff (merged upstrea).
    - Remove obsolete parts of alpha/local-string-functions.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-creat64.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-fcntl_h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-fxstatat.patch (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-libm-hidden.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-____longjmp_chk.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-epoll_create1.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-fallocated.patch (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-fpu-ulps.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-rlimit-rttime.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-sysconf-cache.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/cvs-stackinfo.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/alpha/submitted-statfs64.patch (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/local-clone.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/amd64/submitted-tst-audit6-avx.diff (obsolete).
    - Update patches/amd64/submitted-rwlock-stack-imbalance.diff.
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-getcontext.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-memset.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-powl.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-pthread-stack-alignment.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-avx-detection.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-dl_trampoline-cfi.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/amd64/cvs-avx-osxsave.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/arm/local-sigaction.diff.
    - Remove patches/arm/submitted-armhf-triplet.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/arm/cvs-clone-cantunwind.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/arm/cvs-syscall-mcount.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/arm/cvs-ucontext.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/arm/cvs-make-get-set-swap-context.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/local-linuxthreads.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/hppa/local-linuxthreads-gscope.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/hppa/submitted-lt.diff (obsolete).
    - Update patches/hppa/local-stack-grows-up.diff.
    - Remove patches/hppa/local-dlfptr.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/submitted-fcntl_h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/submitted-libm-hidden.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/submitted-stackinfo.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/cvs-sys_procfs_h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/cvs-test-tls-support.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/cvs-cloexec-nonblock.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hppa/cvs-prlimit64.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/local-enable-ldconfig.diff.
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mlock.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-tls.diff.
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/tg-tls.diff.
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-gcc-4.1-init-first.diff.
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-posix_opt.h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-ioctl-decode-argument.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/tg-libc_once.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-struct_stat.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-strtoul_PLT.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/tg-sysvshm.diff.
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-IPV6_PKTINFO.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-critical-sections.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-dup3.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-dup3-lock.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-dl-sysdep.c_SHARED.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-itimer-lock.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-null-pathname.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-sbrk.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-readlinkat.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-SOL_IP.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-____longjmp_chk.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mkdir_root.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-catch-signal.diff (merged upstream)
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-header-prot.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-psiginfo.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-if_freereq.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-ldsodefs.h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/submitted-init-first.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-libc_stack_end.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/tg-ttyname_ERANGE.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-DEV_BSIZE.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-fork_ports.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-setresid.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-sgttyb.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-hurd_socket_server_indexcheck.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-hurd-recvfrom.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-select-inputcheck.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-posix2008.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mach-nanosleep.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mmap.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-hurd-socket-EAFNOSUPPORT.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-symlink_dealloc.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/hurd-i386/cvs-O_CLOEXEC.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/submitted-exec_filename.diff.
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/submitted-net.diff.
    - Update patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-pthread.diff.
    - Update patches/ia64/local-dlfptr.diff (ia64 moved to ports).
    - Update patches/ia64/submitted-libm.diff (ia64 moved to ports).
    - Remove patches/ia64/submitted-sysconf.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/ia64/submitted-fpu-ulps.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/ia64/submitted-remainder.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/i386/local-clone.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/i386/cvs-cacheinfo.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/i386/submitted-i686-timing.diff.
    - Remove patches/i386/cvs-feraiseexcept-plt.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/i386/local-pthread_cond_wait.diff.
    - Update patches/kfreebsd/local-scripts.diff.
    - Remove patches/m68k/cvs-byteswap.diff (merged uptream).
    - Remove patches/m68k/local-compat.diff (obsolete).
    - Update patches/m68k/submitted-gcc34-seccomment.diff.
    - Update patches/mips/local-r10k.diff.
    - Remove patches/mips/submitted-dl-platform.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/mips/cvs-dlopen-lazy.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/powerpc/local-libgcc_eh-ld.so.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/s390/cvs-iconv-z9-109.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/s390/cvs-vsyscalls.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/s390/s390/cvs-libm-ulps.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/sparc/submitted-bzero.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/sparc/cvs-ifunc.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/sparc/cvs-rlimits.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/sparc/local-fork.diff.
    - Remove patches/sparc/cvs-fcntl_h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/any/local-fhs-nscd.diff.
    - Update patches/any/local-ldconfig.diff.
    - Update patches/any/local-libgcc-compat-ports.diff.
    - Update patches/any/local-linuxthreads-defines.diff.
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-sched_h.diff (merged upstream).
    - Update patches/any/submitted-popen.diff.
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-autotools.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-localedef-mmap.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-leading-zero-stack-guard.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/any/local-relro-mprotect.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-fopen.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-resolv-tld.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-sys-param-ARG_MAX.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-at-pagesize.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-setlocale.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove parts of patches/any/submitted-rlimit-rttime.diff and rename
      it to patches/alpha/any/submitted-rlimit-rttime.diff.
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-regex-oom.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-getaddrinfo-single-lookup.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-unique_sym_table-corruptions.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-mqueue-throw.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-addmntent.diff (merge upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-resolv-different-nameserver.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-fnmatch.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-ifunc.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/powerpc/submitted-ifunc.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-dlopen-tls.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-glob_h-ifdef.diff (obsolete).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-dl_close-scope-handling.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-nptl-pthread-race.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-vfscanf.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-tzfile.diff (merged upstream).
    - Rename patches/any/submitted-clock-settime.diff into
    - Update patches/any/local-no-pagesize.diff.
    - Update patches/any/local-rtld.diff.
    - Update patches/any/local-disable-test-tgmath2.diff.
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-clock-settime.diff.
    - Update patches/any/submitted-longdouble.diff.
    - Update patches/any/submitted-bits-fcntl_h-at.diff.
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-fwrite-wur.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-stack-guard-quick-randomization.diff
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-fmtmsg-lock.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-reloc-sort.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-pthread-builtin-expect.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-vfprintf-positional.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-vfprintf-many-format-strings.diff (merged
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-arch-lowlevellock.diff (merged upstream).
    - Remove patches/any/cvs-strtod-overflow.diff (merged upstream).
  * Add patches/any/local-revert-fclose-posix2008.diff to fix issues with
  * Add patches/amd64/local-pthread_cond_wait.diff from Jeff Law to fix
    lost wakeups in pthread_cond_wait.
  * Add patches/i386/cvs-feraiseexcept-plt.diff to fix plt issues.
  * Add patches/ia64/submitted-fpu-ulps.diff to fix FPU tests.
  * Add patches/ia64/submitted-remainder.diff to fix FPU tests.
  * Add patches/powerpc/local-math-logb.diff to workaround a GCC issue.
  * Add patches/alpha/cvs-tls_dtv_unallocated.diff,
    patches/alpha cvs-preconfigure.diff and
    patches/alpha/cvs-stat_ver_linux.diff to fix FTBFS on alpha.
  * Add patches/alpha/cvs-fp_control-plt.diff to fix testsuite on alpha.
  * Add patches/alpha/local-string-functions.diff to remove some broken
    alpha specific string version, and pass the testsuite.
  * Update debian/sysdeps/mips.mk, debian/sysdeps/mipsel.mk to force
    build without MIPS PLT.
  * Build with GCC 4.6. Closes: bug#654744.
  * Remove rpcinfo from debian/control.in/main, debhelper.in/libc-bin.install
    and debhelper.in/libc-bin.manpages.
  * Update debian/libc6.symbols.common to add libnss_db symbols.
  * Update debian/symbols.wildcards with 2.14, 2.15 and 2.16 symbols.
  * Update debian/shlibver to 2.16.
  * Update debian/debhelper.in/*.lintian to new library names.
  * Update testsuite-checking/expected-results-arm-linux-gnueabi-libc,
    testsuite-checking/expected-results-x86_64-linux-gnu-amd64 and
    testsuite-checking/expected-results-x86_64-linux-gnu-libc to add
    new tests that are known to fail.
  * debian/control.in/main: Build-Conflicts with binutils-gold.
  * debian/rules.d/quilt.mk, debian/rules.d/tarball.mk, debian/source/format:
    switch to quilt (3.0) format, compress source with xz.
  * debian/rules, debian/rules.d/build.mk: define vardbddir to /var/lib/misc.
  * debian/rules.d/*mk: use make ifdef instead of shell ones.
  * debian/rules.d/build.mk: call configure with --enable-obsolete-rpc
  * debian/rules.d/debhelper.mk: compress locales, libc6-pic and libc6-prof
    with xz.
  * debian/sysdeps/i386.mk: install files from libc6-dev-amd64 as symlinks
    now that i386 and amd64 versions are compatible (see bug#637000 and
  * debian/sysdeps/*.mk, debhelper.in/libc.preinst: bump minimal Linux
    kernel version to 2.6.32.
  * debian/debhelper.in/{libc.docs,libc-dev.docs}: don't install FAQ, replaced
    upstream by http://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/FAQ.
  * rules.d/debhelper.mk, debhelper.in/libc-pic.install: install libc6-pic
    files using debhelper.
  * debian/control.in/*: drop build-depends from libc6 to libc-bin. Add
    ${shlibs:Depends} depends to libc6 and libc-bin.
  * debian/control.in/*, debian/sysdeps/linux.mk: enable selinux support.
  * patches/any/local-disable-libnss-db.diff: disable libnss-db as the format
    is not compatible with the libnss-db package, and is architecture
  * patches/svn-updates.diff: update from upstream SVN.

  [ Daniel Schepler ]
  * Add x32 support (Closes: #667023):
    - debian/control.in/main: Build-Depend on g++-4.7-multilib on amd64,
      i386, x32.
    - debian/control.in/libc: Add Replaces: libc6-x32 to libc6 on x32.
    - debian/control.in/amd64, debian/control.in/i386: Add x32 to
      Architecture list for libc6-amd64 and libc6-i386 (and corresponding
      -dev packages).
    - debian/control.in/x32: New file, add libc6-x32 and libc6-dev-x32
      packages on amd64 and i386.
    - debian/libc6.symbols.x32, debian/libc6-x32.symbols.amd64,
      debian/libc6-x32.symbols.i386: New symbols files for x32 libraries.
    - debian/libc6-amd64.symbols.x32, debian/libc6-i386.symbols.x32:
      New files, copying the appropriate existing files.
    - debian/patches/any/cvs-malloc-arena.diff: Fix for BZ#14562 which
      caused random assertions in threaded programs on x32.
    - debian/rules.d/build.mk, debian/rules.d/debhelper.mk: Add /libx32 to
      the library directories handled by alt templates instead of otherbuild.
    - debian/rules.d/control.mk: Add x32 to libc6_archs.
    - debian/sysdeps/amd64.mk, debian/sysdeps/i386.mk: Add libc6-x32 builds
      using gcc-4.7.
    - debian/sysdeps/amd64.mk, debian/sysdeps/i386.mk: Bump minimum kernel
      version to 3.4.0, since that's the first version with x32 support
      integrated into the mainline.
    - debian/sysdeps/x32.mk: New file, building libc, amd64, i386 flavors
      all using gcc-4.7.
    - debian/testsuite-checking/expected-results-x86_64-linux-gnux32-libc,
      New files copied from amd64 testsuite exceptions.
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc-bin.install: Add new binaries pldd and sotruss.
    - debian/debhelper.in/libc.install: Also add audit libraries needed by
  * debian/patches/all/local-remove-manual.texi: Update stub manual/Makefile
    with version from eglibc 2.16 upstream.
  * debian/rules.d/quilt.mk: Update refresh target to pop all patches before
    repushing and refreshing them, since patches are applied by default now.
  * debian/rules: Expand clean target to remove several autogenerated files
    under debian/ that weren't getting removed.
  [ Wookey ]
  * Add arm64 support (Closes: #690873):
    - debian/patches/all/unsubmitted-autoconfupdate.diff: Update autotools
      config.sub and config.guess to detect aarch64/arm64 correctly
    - debian/patches/arm64/submitted-aarch64-support.diff: Massive backport
      of the current state of arm64 support upstream and on libc-alpha.
    - debian/patches/arm64/submitted-bits-fcntl_h-at.diff: Include AT_*
      definitions in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/aarch64/bits/fcntl.h
    - debian/sysdeps/arm64.mk: Define base arm64 libc targets.
    - debian/rules.d/control.mk: Add arm64 to the list of libc_arches.
    - debian/control.in/main: Build-depend on gcc-4.7 for arm64 builds.
  * debian/rules: Clean up base/cross compiler mangling to work sanely.
  * debian/sysdeps/linux.mk: Define bootstrap BUILD_PROFILE without selinux.
  [ Adam Conrad ]
  * debian/debhelper.in/{libc-bin.install,libc-dev-bin.install}: install
    sotruss binary to libc-dev-bin instead of libc-bin.
  * debian/sysdeps/{i386,amd64,x32}.mk: Don't set MIN_KERNEL_SUPPORTED
    explicitly, as this will cause serious upgrade headaches, and there's
    no guarantee that a 3.4.0 kernel actually has x32 support built in.
  * debian/control.in/main: Bump the linux-libc-dev build-dep to (>= 3.4)
    on all linux-any architectures, not just amd64, i386, and x32.
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc-bin.manpages: Add a pldd(1) manpage.
  * Drop patches/any/cvs-malloc-arena.diff, included in our new upstream.
  * debian/sysdeps/{i386,amd64}.mk: Comment out x32 multilib builds until
    we've reached a consensus about bootstrapping this into the archive.
  * Version gcc-4.7 build-deps to get a version that works for eglibc.
  * debian/sysdeps/*: clean up use of CC and CXX to match wookey's fixes.
  * debian/control.in/libc: Update nscd/locales breaks to (<< 2.16)
  * debian/rules: Unset CFLAGS and friends and use the package versions.
  * Move ldconfig to ldconfig.real, install ldconfig wrapper, and set up
    a dpkg trigger for libc-bin to avoid excessive calls to ldconfig
  * Don't build nscd during when doing a bootstrap DEB_BUILD_PROFILE
  * Make our DEB_BUILD_PROFILE=bootstrap support look more like Ubuntu's
    previously known-working DEB_STAGE=stage1 support for the time being.
  * debian/rules.d/build.mk: If WITH_SYSROOT is passed to debian/rules,
    then pass --with-headers=$(WITH_SYSROOT)/$(includedir) to the build.
  * Sync support for armel/armhf biarch packages, but keep it disabled.
  * Adjust libc.posinst and libc.preinst service restart code for 2.16.
  * Merge regression/progression test suite improvements from Ubuntu.
  * Provide backward compatibility for DEB_STAGE->DEB_BUILD_PROFILE.
  * patches/arm/local-vfp-sysdeps.diff: Force the Tag_ABI_HardFP_use
    and Tag_ABI_VFP_args EABI tags when building for armhf, so compilers
    only linking crti.o will generate what appear to be armhf binaries.
  * debian/patches/arm/cvs-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Backport upstream
    patch to re-enable ldconfig cache tagging for armhf binaries again.
  * debian/patches/arm64/cvs-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Same for aarch64.
  * debian/patches/arm/unsubmitted-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff: Re-enable
    and adjust to account for changes in cvs-ldconfig-cache-abi.diff.
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc.preinst: Remove old ld.so.cache on upgrade.
  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * Add patches/any/local-revert-bz13979.diff: revert a commit that made
    attempts to build with FORTIFIED_SOURCE issue warnings if GCC didn't
    have optimisations turned on. This breaks some unclever AC macros.
  * Fix building x32 multilib libraries, by correctly passing -mx32.
  * Fix some ln calls in sysdeps/{amd64,i386} for binary-arch idempotence.
  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * Update patches/hurd-i386/submitted-AF_LINK.diff.
  * Add patches/hurd-i386/tg-verify.h.diff,
    and patches/hurd-i386/submitted-libpthread-elf.diff to fix build on Hurd.
  * Drop obsolete patches patches/hurd-i386/tg-__i686_defined.diff and
  * Add patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mach-check-local-headers.sh.diff to
    reduce false header errors from the check-local-headers.out test.
  * Add patches/hurd-i386/cvs-llistxattr.diff,
    patches/hurd-i386/cvs-renameat.diff and
    patches/hurd-i386/cvs-lremovexattr.diff to implement llistxattr,
    lremovexattr and renameat.
    Add patches/hurd-i386/cvs-mknodat.diff to fix tst-mknodat.
  * Update testsuite-checking/expected-results-i686-gnu-i386,
    testsuite-checking/expected-results-i486-gnu-libc and

0406232... by Aurelien Jarno on 2012-11-18

Import patches-unapplied version 2.13-37 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 24ea966977685502f93da91977c439464173bac5

New changelog entries:
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * debhelper.in/locales.postinst: correctly lookup for the locales-all
    package. Closes: #692777.
  * patches/kfreebsd/local-getaddrinfo-freebsd-kernel.diff: update to
    fix uninitialised bytes access in getaddrinfo(). Closes: #692433.
  * patches/localedata/locale-C.diff: update to fix strftime('%X') return
    a 24-hour time format. Closes: #693446.
  [ Jonathan Nieder ]
  * control.in/opt: remove outdated reference to 2.6 kernel from
    description of i686 variant. Thanks to Regid Ichira. Closes:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * patches/hurd-i386/tg-tls-support.diff: Re-fix port leak in fork(). The
    change was lost while synchronizing with the topgit repository.

24ea966... by Aurelien Jarno on 2012-10-26

Import patches-unapplied version 2.13-36 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1c77820951b105e66fcf6d2bdd274581cfb2e85d

New changelog entries:
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * patches/any/cvs-strtod-overflow.diff: new patch from upstream to fix
    an integer/buffer overflow in strtod() (CVE-2012-3480). Closes:
  * patches/kfreebsd/local-getaddrinfo-freebsd-kernel.diff: new patch to
    fix getaddrinfo() when service = 0 on a FreeBSD kernel with DNS
    server returning IPv6, but without IPv6 connection. Closes: #690021.
  * sysdeps/linux.mk: fix kernel version parsing with only two numbers.
  * patches/any/cvs-arch-lowlevellock.diff: new patch from upstream to
    fix futexes atomic issue on ARM and SPARC. Closes: #691173.
  * local/manpages/ldconfig.8: fix wrong description of ld.so.conf format.
    Closes: #684682.
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * libc0.3.symbols.hurd-i386: Add missing *_exec_file_name symbols.
  * patches/hurd-i386/unsubmitted-gnumach.defs.diff: New patch to build stubs
    for new gnumach.defs.
  * libc0.3.symbols.hurd-i386: Add new gnumach.defs stubs symbols.
  * control: build-depend on gnumach-dev that provides gnumach.defs.