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186580b... by Aurelien Jarno on 2012-06-06

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.3-4 to debian/squeeze

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3bbc812e6f8d6de17d6dc3a30c3ed5ec9ecd25c2

New changelog entries:
  * Enable patches/any/cvs-dlopen-tls.diff, not enabled by mistake. Closes:
  * patches/any/cvs-FORTIFY_SOURCE-format-strings.diff: new patch from
    upstream to fix FORTIFY_SOURCE format string protection bypass. Closes:
  * patches/any/local-sunrpc-dos.diff: fix a DoS in RPC implementation
    (CVE-2011-4609). Closes: #671478.

3bbc812... by Aurelien Jarno on 2012-02-02

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.3-3 to debian/squeeze

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3160e68577b4ee3139783fd114d12702365f0c20

New changelog entries:
  * patches/any/cvs-tzfile.diff: fix integer overflow in timezone code.
    (CVE-2009-5029). Closes: #650790.
  * patches/any/submitted-resolv-first-query-failure.diff: new patch to fix
    resolving issues with broken servers returning NOTIMP or FORMERR to AAAA
    queries. Closes: #658171.
  * local/manpages/gai.conf.5: update from latest RedHat version. Closes:

3160e68... by Aurelien Jarno on 2011-12-17

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.3-2 to debian/squeeze

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6e27be9cbcace5e7bf6ec8bfcf0fdd25160792bd

New changelog entries:
  * Add patches/arm/cvs-tls-unallocated.diff and
    patches/mips/cvs-tls-unallocated.diff to fix FTBFS on armel, mips
    and mipsel.
  * Update from stable upstream version, and update from the upstream
    stable branch:
    - fix wrong memmove/bcopy optimization with gcc-4.6. Closes: #619963.
    - fix an integer overflow in fnmatch() (CVE-2011-1659). Closes: #626370.
    - fix spurious warning in bswap_16() with -Wconversion. Closes: #561249.
    - fix auxiliary cache file creation. Closes: #588218.
    - fix memory corruption in fnmatch() that can lead to code execution
      (CVE-2011-1071). Closes: #615120
    - fix strchr() on x86-64 CPU with SSE4.2. Closes: #635885
  * Update patches:
    - patches/locale/locale-print-LANGUAGE.diff
    - patches/hppa/local-stack-grows-up.diff
    - patches/m68k/cvs-tls-support.patch
    - patches/any/local-disable-test-tgmath2.diff
    - patches/any/submitted-longdouble.diff
    - patches/any/submitted-bits-fcntl_h-at.diff
    - patches/kfreebsd/local-readdir_r.diff
  * Drop obsolete patches:
    - patches/any/cvs-redirect-throw.diff
    - patches/any/cvs-flush-cache-textrels.diff
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-linkat.diff
    - patches/hurd-i386/cvs-select.diff
    - patches/sparc/submitted-epoll.diff
    - patches/any/cvs-dont-expand-dst-twice.diff
    - patches/amd64/cvs-avx-tcb-alignment.diff
    - patches/any/submitted-etc-resolv.conf.diff
    - patches/any/cvs-audit-suid.diff
  * kfreebsd/local-sysdeps.diff, update to r3763 (from squeeze glibc-bsd).
    - fixes LD_PRELOAD with a kfreebsd-9 kernel. Closes: #630695.
    - uses upstream RFTSIGZMB for exit signal selection when available.
    - fixes a crash in if_nameindex() with more than 3 interfaces.
    - alter faccessat() X_OK tests similarly as access(). See #640334.
    - fix __libc_sa_len() for AF_LOCAL. See #645527.
  * Fix preinst script wrt 3.0 kernel. Patch by Colin Watson. Closes:
  * Update submitted-resolv.conf-thread.diff from upstream to fix a
    deadlock in some rare cases.
  * Add patches/any/cvs-resolv-different-nameserver.diff and
    patches/any/submitted-resolv-assert.diff to try a different
    nameserver if the first one returns REFUSED. Closes: #535504.
  * Add patches/any/cvs-getaddrinfo-single-lookup.diff to fix fallback to
    single lookup dns requests. Closes: #541167.
  * Add patches/any/cvs-pthread-setgroups.diff to fix setgroups() with
    multiple threads.
  * Add debian/patches/cvs-dl_close-scope-handling.diff from upstream to
    fix issues with dl_close() when resolving locally-defined symbols.
    Closes: #625250.
  * patches/i386/local-cpuid-level2.diff: fix a typo. Closes: #609389.
  * patches/any/cvs-nptl-pthread-race.diff: fix a race in NPTL code that
    sometimes causes a deadlock when calling fork() from a thread.
  * patches/amd64/cvs-avx-detection.diff: do not use AVX if hardware support
    is present, but not enabled in the kernel. Closes: #646549.
  * patches/any/cvs-statvfs-mount-flags.diff: get the mount flags directly
    from the kernel when possible instead of parsing /proc/mounts. Closes:
  * patches/any/cvs-dlopen-tls.diff: fix handling of static TLS in
    dlopen'ed objects. Closes: #637239.

6e27be9... by Aurelien Jarno on 2011-01-23

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-10 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e2c62cf1f70425829e138038c99d6892b9788c62

New changelog entries:
  * Add patches/amd64/cvs-avx-tcb-alignment.diff from upstream to fix
    alignement issues on CPU supporting the AVX instruction set. Closes:

e2c62cf... by Aurelien Jarno on 2011-01-20

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-9 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5a88d696e4ce4760f28a0077a9df091e54dcd7cb

New changelog entries:
  * Disable build failure in case of testsuite regressions, will be
    re-enabled after squeeze release.

5a88d69... by Aurelien Jarno on 2011-01-12

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-8 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 86bc0ab52aea6ee31873b5f4314a97436f551ac4

New changelog entries:
  [ Clint Adams ]
  * Japanese debconf translation update from Nobuhiro Iwamatsu.
    closes: #604752.
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * Add expected gettext failure on hurd-i386.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * Update patches/localedata/locale-et_EE.diff to switch Estonian currency
    to euro. Closes: #608803.
  * Revert incorrect upstream patch for CVE-2010-3847 and use the correct
    set of patches:
    - Remove patches/any/submitted-origin.diff
    - Add patches/any/cvs-dont-expand-dst-twice.diff
    - Add debian/patches/any/cvs-ignore-origin-privileged.diff
    - Keep debian/patches/any/cvs-audit-suid.diff

86bc0ab... by Aurelien Jarno on 2010-10-30

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-7 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0b50f08c1ef472d56fb7f128b5e4777da7032cea

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * patches/hurd-i386/cvs-sendmsg-leak.diff: New upstream patch from Emilio
    Pozuelo Monfort to fix a memory leak on the error path of sendmsg.
  * patches/hurd-i386/local-sendmsg-SCM_RIGHTS.diff: New patch from Emilio
    Pozuelo Monfort to implement SCM_RIGHTS in sendmsg().

  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * Update Portuguese debconf translation, by Pedro Ribeiro. Closes: #597348.
  * Add any/submitted-origin.diff from Andreas Schwab to forbid the use
    of $ORIGIN in privileged programs. Add any/cvs-audit-suid.diff to
    only load SUID audit objects in SUID binaries. Fix CVE-2010-3847.
    Closes: #600667.
  * Update Catalan debconf translation, by Jordi Mallach. Closes: #601085.
  * Update Vietnamese debconf translation, by Clytie Siddall. Closes:
  * Add arm/local-sigaction.diff to match sigaction with SA_RESTORER
    behaviour with other architectures. Closes: #595403.

0b50f08... by Aurelien Jarno on 2010-09-14

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-6 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8ab8634482744cfccd85e1f5ce23cbb70a876d70

New changelog entries:
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * Update Arabic debconf translation, by Ossama Khayat. Closes: #596161.
  * libc6-i386: remplace <= breaks by << breaks now that the transitioned
    version of the packages is known. Closes: #566720.
  * kfreebsd/local-linuxthreads29.diff: correctly disable SO_CLOEXEC
    support when it is not available. Closes: #596367.
  * update-locale: if LANGUAGE is not compatible with the selected default
    locale, emit a warning and disable it instead of failing.
    Closes: #596695.
  * Add armhf support. Closes: #596804.
  * any/submitted-resolv.conf-thread.diff: new patch to correctly reload
    resolv.conf all threads. Closes: #596499.
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * patches/hurd-i386/submitted-catch-signal.diff: New patch to fix
    signal-catching functions.

8ab8634... by Aurelien Jarno on 2010-09-03

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-5 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 33d8320be8ee109b8bebd2d8ba3f1da7f511b73a

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * mv patches/hurd-i386/{submitted,cvs}-sched_param.diff.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * Replace any/cvs-etc-resolv.conf.diff by my previous version
    any/submitted-etc-resolv.conf.diff. At least it really fixes the
    original issue. Closes: bug#595269.
  * testsuite/alpha: allow tst-timer4.out to fail as it fails on one of
    the build daemon.
  * Update any/cvs-sunrpc-license.diff from upstream.

33d8320... by Aurelien Jarno on 2010-09-01

Import patches-unapplied version 2.11.2-4 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: a626ceebc334b97ea0b956fec39d138f34676ba5

New changelog entries:
  [ Samuel Thibault ]
  * patches/hurd-i386/submitted-sched_param.diff: New patch to permit other
    headers to get a __sched_param structure.
  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * Remove manpages now provided by manpages-dev (closes: bug#595194):
    - pthread_kill_other_threads_np (3)
    - pthread_sigmask (3)