Last commit made on 2019-08-29
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62785f6... by Apollon Oikonomopoulos <email address hidden> on 2019-08-29

Import patches-applied version 1: to applied/debian/sid

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Changelog parent: b0dc2a66dcc8268b449e1f67f18ecff3c0db3080
Unapplied parent: 1e2850b812abeb71ddbc0c3df5458abd51e96ec7

New changelog entries:
  * [dcaf24e] New upstream version
    - Fixes CVE-2019-11500 for dovecot-core
  * [111beef] Update pigeonhole to
    - Fixes CVE-2019-11500 for pigeonhole/managesieve
  * [a422c4c] Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.0; no changes needed
  * [56e37ed] Bump dh compat to 12; no changes needed.
    - Drop d/compat in favor debhelper-compat B-D.
  * [476edbd] Refresh dovecot_name.patch and ssl-cert-location.patch
  * [9dc7904] Drop patches included in
     - CVE-2019-10691
     - CVE-2019-11494
     - CVE-2019-11499
     - CVE-2019-7524
     - avoid-double-closing-mysql.patch
     - lib-master-test-event-stats-Use-PRIu64-format.patch

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