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2c05611... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

Import patches-applied version 1.6.2~dfsg1-1ubuntu4~14.04.1 to applied/ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8ba1e6b0e77330fcb89d02aa7ba58474a7afd324
Unapplied parent: a1be8e6c026503f3a22ee2d2ac55b7319757c534

New changelog entries:
  * Backport to Ubuntu 14.04 (LP: #1454719).
  * Disabled
    - d/p/lxc.autodev-support.patch to minimise regression risk as
      it is not relevant for the version of LXC on Trusty (1.0.3-0ubuntu3).
    - d/p/update-go.net-golang.org.patch: there has been a url
      canonical name change upstream, but keeping this patch on involves
      backporting golang to 1.4 which is undesirable for this backport
      (golang-go.net-dev needs golang-x-text, which does not build
      successfully without a 1.4 backport).
    - Wily related fixes:
      + d/p/golang-1.5-wily.patch to fix FTBFS with golang-1.5 build on wily
      + d/p/ppc64el-wily.patch to fix ppc64le FTBFS on wily (LP: #1488668)
      + d/p/libcontainer_arm64_syscall_dup2_to_dup3-c_changes.patch (LP: #1488669)
      + d/p/libcontainer_arm64_syscall_dup2_to_dup3-golang_changes.patch (LP: #1488669)
      + d/rules to build with golang-go on arm64 (LP: #1488669)
      + d/control to build with golang-go on arm64 (LP: #1488669)
  * Reverted:
    d/rules: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/docker/docker.io.git/diff/?id=b1458f5
    commit to preserve docker.io symlink.

a1be8e6... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

[PATCH] Stop systemd unit on destroy

Gbp-Pq: stop-systemd-on-destroy.patch.

2c811f1... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

[PATCH] Add mutex in Manager to read from m.Paths

Gbp-Pq: add-mutex-read-m_path.patch.

4de225f... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

Add support for 32-bit big-endian PowerPC

Gbp-Pq: powerpc-support.patch.

984e9cd... by Kick In on 2015-09-22


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: arm-syscall-fix.patch.

41892f3... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

Trivial patch to port to arm64

Gbp-Pq: arm64-support.patch.

b2c75b5... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

sync AppArmor policy up with current LXC/libvirt-lxc policy

Gbp-Pq: sync-apparmor-with-lxc.2.patch.

3e9e25b... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

Use EnvironmentFile with the systemd unit file.

Gbp-Pq: change-system-unit-env-file.patch.

7dd8f56... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

Docker is unsupported on kernels < 3.8, so this turns the warning into a fatal error (hard failure)

Gbp-Pq: fatal-error-old-kernels.patch.

c977502... by Kick In on 2015-09-22

"archive/tar" patch for upstreamed xattrs patch

Gbp-Pq: upstream-patched-archive-tar.patch.