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44a8579... by Colin Watson on 2005-09-16

Import patches-unapplied version 1.4.56ubuntu2 to ubuntu/breezy

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Changelog parent: dc5cb0945c16697d111d4557ac3ebdd6a6367f25

New changelog entries:
  * Rebuild now that pkgstriptranslations is configured to blacklist
    debconf-i18n. No source changes.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  [ Luk Claes ]
  * Debconf translations:
    - Arabic added (thanks Mohammed Adnène Trojette). Closes: #320762
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Force dialog progress bars to the full available screen width right from
    the start, to avoid the box flashing as longer info messages are added.
    Matches cdebconf.
  * Fix zero-arg case of passthrough's title method to return the title
    rather than emptying it.
  * The approach used by progress bars of saving the title when a progress
    bar starts and restoring it when it stops doesn't work if somebody sets
    the title when a progress bar is up. Instead, remember the last title
    that was explicitly requested and restore that on progress stop.
  * If DEBCONF_SYSTEMRC is set to a file that exists, use it in preference
    to the system debconf.conf files. Closes: #299216
  * Never send STOP through the passthrough interface. One of the uses for
    passthrough is putting a progress bar in front of base-config's package
    installation, and that previously sent a STOP after every package, which
    shut down the debconf instance running the progress bar. Frontends shut
    themselves down anyway when their input goes away, so the STOP was
  * Allow setting the pipe driver's outfd to 'none' to throw the database
    away on shutdown. Helps with #312072.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  [ Joey Hess ]
  * confmodule: avoid using non-XSI local variables; instead use a nasty
    temporary IFS setting hack and _db_local_ namespace. Closes: #242011
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Fix error message on uninitialised template database.
  * Add DEBCONF_DB_REPLACE environment variable with the same syntax as
    DEBCONF_DB_OVERRIDE and DEBCONF_DB_FALLBACK, which bypasses all the
    normal databases (thus avoiding locking them). Useful for local testing
    or for running two concurrent debconf instances.
  * Start a new, bigger dialog instance when updating a progress bar with
    info text that won't fit into the current instance.
  * Start/restart dialog progress bars at the correct percentage.
  * Fix showdialog return values.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * Make dialog progress bars interruptible: if a question needs to be asked
    while a progress bar is up, we tear down the progress bar and restore it
    afterwards where we left off. The gnome frontend is still broken in this
    situation, although at least kde and readline work fine.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  [ Luk Claes ]
  * Manpage translations:
    - Updated French confmodule manpage. Closes: #318410
  [ Sylvain Ferriol ]
  * add Test::Debconf::DbDriver::CommonTest::test_shutdown to verify sync of
    data between cache and file on shutdown.
  * add Test::Debconf::DbDriver::CommonTest::test_shutdown to verify sync of
    data between cache and ldap on shutdown.
  * add unit tests to validate debconf_copydb.
  * add Test::CopyDBTest::test_201431. Closes: #201431
  * modify debconf.schema because extendedDescription attribute has an
    inappropriate matching rule => slapd (2.2.23-8) failed
  * set the type of the template in Template::new because if we don't
    use Template::load, it do not appear in template instance
  * call Cache::shutdown in LDAP::shutdown to synchronize data between
    cache and ldap.
  [ Joey Hess ]
  * Add Kamion to the uploaders.
  * debconf-get-selections: Use new d-i logfile path for --installer mode.
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Fix template -C handling to avoid clobbering $field for later requests
    for the same template.
  * debconf-get-selections: Tolerate both old and new d-i logfile paths.
  * Implement the DATA command, so that debconf can act as a UI agent
    communicating with another instance of debconf running the passthrough
  * Add myself to debian/copyright for progress bar support.
  * Backport from trunk:
    - Fix template -C handling to avoid clobbering $field for later requests
      for the same template.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * Colin Watson:
    - Lower-case the field name passed to METAGET, since the template
      database stores fields that way.
    - If a template name ending in -C is requested (e.g. via METAGET),
      return the untranslated template regardless of the locale.
    - Strip off DOS line endings in debconf-set-selections.
    - Autoflush stdout in debconf-communicate so that stdout can be a pipe.
    - Clean up stray newlines in DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer debconf-communicate
    - Add read and write keyword arguments to debconf.py:Debconf.__init__(),
      to allow using this module with a debconf-communicate subprocess
      rather than having to re-exec the current process inside a frontend.
  * Debconf translations:
    - Vietnamese added. Closes: #313509
  * Programs translations:
    - Romanian updated. Closes: #303804
  * Set $| = 1 in debconf-communicate, so that it can be used over pipes
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * Colin Watson
    - Fix spelling of "unknown" in copied database items with no owners.
    - Pass SETTITLE straight through the passthrough frontend (with
      accompanying DATA) rather than turning it into TITLE. Closes: #292989
  * Joey Hess
    - Patch from mfz to allow dpkg-reconfigure -fnoninteractive to work
      consistently with DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive and with common sense,
      by testing for forced_frontend. Closes: #312550
  * Programs translations:
    - French spellchecked
  * Allow dpkg-reconfigure -fnoninteractive to work again by testing for
  * Resynchronise with Debian. Drop dummy progress passthrough patches,
    which are no longer needed now that debconf has real progress bar
  * Colin Watson
    - Generate po/debconf.pot in sorted order by source filename, rather
      than having it be in whatever order find(1) happens to produce.
    - Implement INFO command from cdebconf, to display an out-of-band
      informative message. Closes: #304332
    - Revert stdin/stdout inversion from debconf 1.1.30; that caused the
      dialog child process to read from stdout and write to stdin (which
      miraculously happened to work, at least for terminals). Instead, avoid
      the perl warning from #155682 by restoring stdin first after the open3
    - Add progress bar support, using the cdebconf PROGRESS protocol. The
      editor and web frontend implementations are stubs.
    - Correct location of standalone template files in debconf-devel(7)
      (should be /usr/share/debconf/templates/progname.templates).
    - Extend passthrough protocol slightly to send SUBST commands for any
      substitution variables that are set for each question.
    - Translate select/multiselect defaults to the current locale when
      sending them to a passthrough UI agent, and translate the value
      returned by the UI agent back to C.
  * Joey Hess
    - debconf man page update. Closes: #309698
  * Christian Perrier
    - Man pages typos corrected. Closes: #309010, #309011, #309013
  * Programs translations
    - Italian updated. Closes: #310288
  * Disable Debian logo in GNOME frontend (closes: Ubuntu #3885).
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * Re-enable KDE frontend.
  * Debconf translation updates:
    - Italian. Closes: #304908
  * Fix an enxironment variable name in debconf(7). Closes: #305260
  * Document in the debconf-set-selections man page that
    debconf-get-selections is in debconf-utils. Closes: #305262
  * Fix typo in Debconf/Template.pm : s/speerated/separated
    Unfuzzy translations
    Closes: #307165
  * Program translation updates:
    - Italian.
    - French, directly received from l10n team
    - Danish. Closes: #305994
    - Vietnamese. Closes: #307067
  * Resynchronise with Debian. Update branding.
  * Joey Hess
    - Apply patch from Denis Barbier to translate --help output. See #167177
    - Make debconf-set-selections not fail if it encounters an unknown
      question type.
    - Overload the type field in preseed files; if it's "seen" then
      instead set the seen flag; this allows for preseeding that only changes
      a default value but still leaves the question unseen.
    - This obsoletes the --unseen flag in debconf-set-selections, but
      I've left it in and working for now since things probably already use
  * Christian Perrier
    - Man page typo fixs. Closes: #302746, #302749, #302747, #302748, #302752
  * Program translation updates:
    - Slovak. Closes: #302509
    - Spanish. Closes: #302528
    - Traditional Chinese. Closes: #302532
    - Hebrew
    - Brazilian Portuguese. Closes: #302539
    - Japanese. Closes: #302552
    - Dutch. Closes: #302580
    - Ukrainian. Closes: #302595
    - Turkish. Closes: #302596
    - Basque. Closes: #302616
    - Simplified Chinese: Closes: #302636
    - Czech: Closes: #302679
    - Portuguese: Closes: #302691
    - Greek: Closes: #302850
    - Tagalog: Closes: #303172
    - Romanian: Closes: #303804
  * Since python confmodule checks only to see if DEBIAN_HAS_FRONTEND
    exists, dpkg-reconfigure needs to delete it, not unset it. Closes: #302004
  * Translations:
    - Galician updated. Closes: #296470
    - Spanish updated. Closes: #301126
  * Translations:
    - Greek updated. Closes: #293912
    - Polish updated. Closes: #295378
    - Traditional Chinese added. Closes: #294892
    - Tagalog updated (programs) and added (debconf). Closes: #296050
  * Fix bad use of gettext from previous patch. In fact, debug statements are
    not intended to be translated, so revert that part of it. Closes: #293675
  * Fix a rogue quotation mark intorduced in the translatable string patch
    in the previous version. Closes: #293666 (and approximatly 2e5 other bugs
    that will be filed before dinstall tomorrow).
  * Christian Perrier
    - Mark more strings as translatable. Closes: #225463
  * Colin Watson
    - The passthrough frontend sets the value of visible questions by
      getting the value from the UI agent, but it didn't set the value of
      invisible questions as the confmodule expects it to. It now sets the
      value of invisible questions in the same way as the noninteractive
  * Joey Hess
    - In dpkg-reconfigure man page, note that -a works as --all.
      Closes: #292416
  * Translations:
    - French updated
    - Italian updated. Closes: #291797
    - Simplified Chinese updated. Closes: #291799
    - Dutch updated. Closes: #291805
    - Russian updated. Closes: #291806
    - Czech updated. Closes: #291810
    - Portuguese updated. Closes: #291837
    - Ukrainian updated. Closes: #291861
    - Catalan updated. Closes: #291868
    - Norwegian Nynorsk updated. Closes: #291882
    - Spanish updated. Closes: #291885
    - Hebrew updated. Closes: #291906
    - Japanese updated. Closes: #291924
    - Danish updated. Closes: #291988
    - Finnish updated. Closes: #292051
    - Indonesian updated. Closes: #291948
    - Brazilian Portuguese updated. Closes: #291980
    - Slovak updated. Closes: #291947
    - Swedish updated. Closes: #292036
    - Basque updated.
    - Romanian updated. Closes: #292306
    - Korean updated (but still incomplete)
    - Tagalog added. Closes: #292608
    - Arabic added (from Arabeyes CVS)

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