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6ad3d33... by Jeremy Bicha on 2017-11-15

Import patches-unapplied version 1.12.2-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/bionic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2ff5830655544380564f8d40e385223808b2e5cc

New changelog entries:
  * Sync with Debian. Remaining changes:
    - Clean up /etc/init/dbus.conf on upgrades. This needs to be kept until
      after 18.04 LTS.
    - Add dont-stop-dbus.patch: Don't stop D-Bus in the service unit
      (see patch header and upstream bug for details). Fixes various
      causes of shutdown hangs, particularly with remote file systems.
      (LP: #1438612) (LP: #1540282)
    - debian/dbus.postinst, debian/rules: Don't start D-Bus on package
      installation, as that doesn't work any more with dont-stop-dbus.patch.
      Instead, start dbus.socket in postinst, which will then start D-Bus
      on demand after package installation.
    - Add aa-get-connection-apparmor-security-context.patch: This is not
      intended for upstream inclusion. It implements a bus method
      (GetConnectionAppArmorSecurityContext) to get a connection's AppArmor
      security context but upstream D-Bus has recently added a generic way of
      getting a connection's security credentials (GetConnectionCredentials).
      Ubuntu should carry this patch until packages in the archive are moved
      over to the new, generic method of getting a connection's credentials.

2ff5830... by Simon McVittie on 2017-11-13

Import patches-unapplied version 1.12.2-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3642e4ab73a049923256eb09fe5297a2b8151a80

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release 1.12.2
  * Remove unused Lintian override now that #736360 has been fixed
  * d/p/debian/Don-t-abort-on-fatal-warnings-by-default.patch:
    Remove patch. This was committed not long after the addition of the
    fatal-by-default _dbus_warn_check_failed() checks for programming
    errors, with the changelog message "This will be set to upstream
    default again at some point so if you have an application that
    prints a DBus warning get it fixed".
    The patch made Debian and its derivatives a little more robust
    against implementation errors in projects that use libdbus, but at
    the cost that upstream developers of those projects don't notice
    implementation errors (that would be crashes on most OSs) if they
    happen to be developing on Debian or Ubuntu. 11 years later, let's
    consider "some point" to have arrived.
  * Set migration urgency to low in case that breaks things.

3642e4a... by Simon McVittie on 2017-10-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1.12.0-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f6178198bf7885ba1ea75c1cd3f25018e9017f58

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream stable release 1.12.0
    - d/watch: Only watch for stable releases again
    - d/gbp.conf: Use upstream/1.12.x branch
  * Set Rules-Requires-Root to no. This package does not require
    fakeroot or root privileges to build with a sufficiently recent
    debhelper and dpkg-dev.
  * Replace deprecated dh_install --fail-missing with
    dh_missing --fail-missing
  * Replace deprecated dh_installinit --no-restart-on-upgrade with

f617819... by Simon McVittie on 2017-10-23

Import patches-unapplied version 1.11.22-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d974107c6f7da066bd85ea9c6eaa17c5bc1c0ce3

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release 1.11.22 (1.12.0rc1)
  * Standards-Version: 4.1.1
    - Set messagebus's home directory to /nonexistent for new installs
    - Move tests and udebs from priority extra to optional
  * Make dbus-x11 provide default-dbus-session-bus on non-Linux ports
    (Closes: #878878)
  * Change dbus-user-session from Architecture: all to linux-any so it
    doesn't appear to provide default-dbus-session-bus on non-Linux ports
    (where it is uninstallable)

d974107... by Simon McVittie on 2017-10-03

Import patches-unapplied version 1.11.20-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7c22037a8598fa0c2be76d1be44930de09f5ccd8

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release
    - Tolerate slower buildds, and provide better diagnostics on timeout
      (hopefully Closes: #873820)
  * Merge development branch of dbus from experimental to unstable
    - Debian derivatives should not merge this version unless they can
      commit to updating all the way to the 1.12.x stable releases
      (expected later this year). If you get on the development-branch
      train, please ride it all the way to the next station.

7c22037... by Simon McVittie on 2017-09-25

Import patches-unapplied version 1.11.18-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d9525a6de1d331b11d17baa271a5b9cbe9a26aff

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release
    - Stop using horrible version numbers
    - Drop patches that came from upstream
  * Fix contents of .install files for the rename of stage1 to
    pkg.dbus.minimal (Closes: #870756)
  * Ignore build-time test failures on !linux for now
  * Mark dbus-1-doc as Multi-Arch: foreign

d9525a6... by Simon McVittie on 2017-07-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1.11.16+really1.11.16-2 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7935265920a002dcc3eb4c8340547d5e95937ac9

New changelog entries:
  * Add patches from upstream to respect $HOME when doing
    DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 authentication. This is hopefully enough for
    the build-time tests to pass on the buildds, where the sbuild user
    has a nonexistent home directory.
  * Try running build-time tests again (Closes: #630152)

7935265... by Simon McVittie on 2017-07-27

Import patches-unapplied version 1.11.16+really1.11.16-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4f884d2a57b95affc199790a5ee97fe90af8ca76

New changelog entries:
  * Re-version to recover from accidental upload of 1.11.16 to unstable
  * Don't run build-time tests (reopens: #630152).
    They don't work for users with a nonexistent home directory.
  * Re-version symbols file so newer symbols produce a dependency on
    this version
  * Really upload to experimental this time
  * New upstream development release
    - Drop merged patches
    - Update symbols file for new ABI
  * Run build-time tests (Closes: #630152)
    - Skip build-time tests when only building Architecture: all.
      Once per architecture is enough.
  * Build-depend on python3{,-dbus,-gi} if we will run build-time tests.
    This is a circular dependency, but is flagged as
    <!nocheck !pkg.dbus.minimal> so it can be omitted when
    cross-compiling or bootstrapping.
  * Enable valgrind integration in the debug build on mips64
  * Replace stage1 build profile with pkg.dbus.minimal
  * Drop explicit dependency on autotools-dev, implied by debhelper 10
  * debian/upstream/signing-key.asc: Update subkeys and uids

4f884d2... by Simon McVittie on 2017-06-29

Import patches-unapplied version 1.10.20-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6aaf08dc9d367b4c975793205f1de038bb8a8ea1

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream stable release
    - Drop Doxygen reproducibility patch, applied upstream
  * Merge packaging from experimental:
    - Don't capture build directory in the debug build, using a patch
      backported from upstream git master
    - Move doxygen and xsltproc to Build-Depends-Indep, and don't
      build documentation when not building dbus-1-doc. This speeds
      up architecture-specific builds.
    - Remove support for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nodoc noudeb". Use build
      profiles instead; support nocheck, nodoc, noudeb and stage1 profiles
      (Closes: #728820)
    - Simplify the layout of the debug build.
    - Drop the dbus-1-dbg binary package. Move the debug build to
      dbus-tests, and the debug symbols to automatically generated
      -dbgsym packages.
    - Don't run the installed-tests two different ways, just use
    - Configure the debug build with --enable-embedded-tests rather than
      --enable-tests. The latter requires python, python-dbus and python-gi,
      but only for build-time tests that we do not actually run (#630152).
      + Drop build-dependencies on python, python-dbus and python-gi
      + This should make dbus much easier to cross-compile (Closes: #560834)
    - gnome-desktop-testing: Require xauth and xvfb-run for better test
    - Clean up upgrade/compatibility code that is no longer needed:
      + Stop creating the symlinks required to keep dbus-daemon 1.8
        from Debian 8 'jessie' able to reload configuration after
        an upgrade to dbus 1.10 in Debian 9 'stretch'. Upgrades that
        skip a stable release are not supported.
      + On upgrade, remove compatibility symlinks created by that
        upgrade, if they exist.
      + Stop cleaning those symlinks up during package removal.
    - Stop patching system.conf, session.conf to load
    - debian/copyright: Use https for Format and Source
    - debian/dbus.triggers: Add a trigger on /usr/share/dbus-1/system.d
      to reload the dbus-daemon
    - Unversion (build)-dependencies that are satisfied in oldstable
    - Declare Policy 4.0.0 compliance
    - Use the debug-build binaries to run the debug-build tests

6aaf08d... by Simon McVittie on 2017-04-05

Import patches-unapplied version 1.10.18-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 39b6e572f5ab51aed4aa28678886bebca1c7b103

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream stable release
    - On SELinux systems, make sure the thread that reads AVC
      notifications retains the ability to write the audit log
      (Closes: #857660)
    - Fix a read overflow and some memory leaks in a unit test
      (no effect on production systems)