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48ffc85... by Colin Watson on 2005-09-19

Import patches-unapplied version 1.18 to ubuntu/breezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4b2309fc1303a54cb8a86c737a01f05dc5ef95a2

New changelog entries:
  * Update translations from Rosetta: Greek, Spanish, French, Hungarian,
    Brazilian Portuguese.
  * Set /apps/gnome-screensaver/lock if gnome-screensaver is installed
  * Install a fake script in /lib/debian-installer.d/S72menu-exit after
    pivoting that just calls sleep, to prevent scary console messages as d-i
    tries to exit without its root filesystem.
  * Neutralize branding in startup message
  * Use clear in addition to reset, in hopes of concealing error messages on
    the console from d-i's death throes
  * Set RUNNING_UNDER_GDM=yes in the user's environment to stop xscreensaver
    locking the screen (Ubuntu #7150).
  * Use reset, rather than clear, to clean up after the colored dialogs on vt1
  * Kill bterm after pivoting so that we can use vt1 rather than vt2,
    thereby avoiding a fight between gdm and the X server (closes: Ubuntu
  * Remove debugging code which crept into 1.10
  * Revert changes to casper-udeb.postinst which were intended for
    starting usplash earlier (pre-1.10)
  * Instead of starting usplash directly, create an init script which will
    start it later (after the new init), to avoid it being killed by
    busybox init
  * Remember to re-run 30copy-dev from 94usplash, in order to preserve the
    device nodes clobbered by udev
  * Redirect stdin of /etc/init.d/udev from /dev/console, to avoid
    incredibly obnoxious 60-second sleep because it thinks we're
  * Add usplash support
  * Set DEBUG_XORG_PACKAGE=yes when reconfiguring xserver-xorg. The
    output is only written to post.log and isn't visible to the user, and
    can be invaluable for debugging
  * Use debconf-copydb again (thanks, Tollef)
  * Rename pre.d/20xconfig to pre.d/20prexconfig so that it is distinct from
    post.d/20xconfig for purposes of the progress bar (no text for it; it's
    very fast)
  * Call MAKEDEV console in post.d/20xconfig as a workaround for bug
  * Revert to the old debconf hack; the debconf-copydb approach needs more
  * Revert unintentional release of experimental unionfs code in 1.2
  * Fix debconf-copydb regex in 20xconfig
  * Cope with xserver-xorg's rename of force_keyboard_detection to
  * Version number bump (we've been through a stable Ubuntu release, after
  * Rename pre.d/10snapshot to post.d/10filesystem, as it is about to
    become more generic
  * Seed xserver-xorg/force_keyboard_detection to true in 20xconfig, so as
    to cause the keyboard layout to (continue to) be autodetected based on
    d-i settings
  * As a performance optimization, only reconfigure gnome-panel-data if
    booting on a laptop
  * Disable the "lock screen" menu item (Ubuntu bug#7150)
  * Merge <email address hidden>/casper--debconf-copydb--0
    - Use debconf-copydb rather than our temporary hack
  * Merge <email address hidden>/casper--cdebconf-info--0
    - Update for cdebconf 0.75: use db_info rather than db_x_setbacktitle.

4b2309f... by Matt Zimmerman on 2005-04-05

Import patches-unapplied version 0.62 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.