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d387e11... by Mark Purcell on 2005-07-01

Import patches-unapplied version 1:1.0.9.dfsg-1 to ubuntu/breezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d6bc2a7fd320c119b15fcf59c450f4c42fa1da4c

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release
    - Closes: #315578: New version of asterisk and bristuff released
  * Remove BRI patch while we work on it, to allow 1.0.9 to unstable
  * (NOT RELEASED YET) New upstream release
  * debian/control: fixed build-depends on sed's version greater than Woody.
    (Closes: #308885)
  * Jose Carlos
    + Fix a typo in NEWS.Readme
    + debian/postint: Add asterisk user to dialout group too. This is needed
      for asterisk to have enoug permissions to access zaptel devices.
    + debian/control: allow a local asterisk-config-local package to satisfy
      dependencies. Conflict with asterisk-config
  * Mark Purcell
    + Update debian/watch to use svn-upgrade
  * Kilian Krause
    + debian/asterisk.init: fixed restart problem with breaking up after stop.
    + debian/asterisk.init: fixed reference to WRAPPER_DEAMON which is only
      DEAMON for us. (Closes:#300707)
  * New upstream release (Ensure non-dfsg MOH is not included in orig.tar)
  * New upstream release. (Closes: #300403)
     + Fixed music on hold. (Closes: #300370)
  * Re-enabled speex codec. (Closes: #300373)
  * As asterisk-h323 is empty, we are no longer depending on openh323, so
    we don't have build conflicts between asterisk and zaptel. (Closes: #287260)
  * debian/rules: Fixed duplicate execution of configure and unrepresentable
    changes to source. (Closes: #299184)
  * debian/patches/80_skinny.dpatch: removed. Incorporated in the 1.0.7
  * debian/patches/97_bristuff.dpatch: fixed problems to build on AMD64 with
    gcc-4.0 (Closes: #297561)

d6bc2a7... by Kilian Krause on 2005-03-09

Import patches-unapplied version 1:1.0.6-2 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 34a6d5108c0706009ea0e368eb5cfa0b8abb1f51

New changelog entries:
  * fixed location of sounds dir in addmailbox (Closes: #298769)
  * New upstream release. (asterisk 1.0.6, bristuff RC7k, Closes: #298128)
  * debian/control: explicitly depend on zlib1g-dev. (Closes: #296967)
  * Make sure we have the newer asterisk-config to not conflict
    /etc/default/asterisk. (Closes: #297719)
  * as there is no longer a conflict with libnewt-dev, it was added to the
    build deps for astman
  * debian/control: add astman and cdr_sqlite (Closes: #259342)
  * asterisk.default, asterisk.init: removed hack to load zaphfc correctly.
    We'll leave this to zaptel and it's modprobe.d features.
  * debian/patches/00list,debian/control: Enable bristuff RC7f by default.
  * debian/asterisk.init, debian/asterisk.default: Cleanup zaphfc preloading
    as inspired by Tzafrir Cohen.
  * debian/control: Remove speex as B-D, it's broken when imported from
    debian. Added autotools-dev for editline.
  * deiban/rules: fix asterisk.8.gz error in lintian. Bring new autotools for
    editline's configure.
  * reintroduce chan_zap (Closes: #296656)
  * debian/patches/08_debian-zaptel.dpatch, debian/control: fixed zaptel.h
    include to take zaptel-source's version.
  * debian/patches/97_bristuff.dpatch:
    include bristuff from junghanns.net (not enabled by default now, would
    close: #286797). We need libpri and zaptel with bristuff patch first.
  * 18_debian-libedit.dpatch: removed due to command history problem.
  * debian/asterisk.init: Added grace timeout of 2 secs before hard shutting
    down running daemons to don't scatter incorrect warnings. Don't run the
    asterisk daemon unless RUNASTERISK=yes. (Will not bind ports from chroots)
  * debian/asterisk-config.default: Disabled autostart - especially when
    installing in chroots this was quite annoying.
  * debian/rules: Remove the asterisk.8.gz recompression. (Closes: #295220)
  * debian/README.Debian: Added first version. Thanks to Tzafrir Cohen for the
    template! (Closes: #270072)
  * debian/asterisk.deafult: moved the /etc/default to the asterisk package,
    as /etc/init.d/asterisk in there needs it.
  * debian/80_skinny.dpatch: Added
    http://bugs.digium.com/bug_view_page.php?bug_id=0003496. Thanks to Johan
    Thelmén <email address hidden>. (Closes:#295658)
  * debian/control: remove chan_h323 from being built for now. For now it's
    being replaced by asterisk-oh323 until chan_h323 does build and work ok
    with latest OpenH323 again.
  * Debian VoIP Team upload.
  * asterisk.init, asterisk-config.default: probably fixed start-as-user-with-
  * patches/40_initgroups.dpatch: added patch from Florian Weimer
    <email address hidden>. Thanks! (Closes: #293124)
  * debian/postinst: Make asterisk user's home /var/lib/asterisk upon user
  * debian/control: Bump libpri build-depends to 1.0.4-1. (Closes: #293990)
  * Debian VoIP Team upload.
  * New upstream release.
  * Kilian Krause:
    - debian/asterisk.init: fixed multiple GID problem when starting asterisk (as
      reported by Raoul Bönisch and Simon Peter). Unfortunatelly this does
      remove the chance to run as real-time prio.
    - debian/asterisk.init: fixed stale stop by using start-stop-server after
      soft shutdown (Closes: #263879)
    - debian/asterisk.init: Fixed running as root problem for #279052. At least
      through the /etc/init.d/asterisk you won't be able to run asterisk as
      root (not even with another username). (Closes: #279052)
    - debian/asterisk.init: Added switch to run asterisk via safe_asterisk
      optionally for automatic restart (Closes: #266805)
    - debian/patches/01_security_hotfix_287851.dpatch: Removed, as is
      incorporated in 1.0.4 upstream release.
  * Jose Carlos
    - debian/rules: add a check at build time for fpm sounds. If they exist,
      abort, as we must remember to remove those from sources in each new
      upstream release.
    - debian/patches: 20_Makefile.dpatch: updated
  * Apply missing 25_subdirs_Makefile patch.
  * Debian VoIP Team upload.
  * New upstream version. (Closes: #284889)
  * Kilian Krause:
    - ACK NMU. (Thanks Steve!):
      + debian/patches/01_security_hotfix_287851.dpatch: Patched to
        fix logging strings vulnerability. (Closes: #287851)
  * Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
    - Using again dpatch.
    - debian/patches: populated with different patches.
    - 08_debian-zaptel: Using zaptel.h file from version 1:1.0.0-2 of
      zaptel-source package.
    - removed sounds licensed from FreePlayMusic from source,
      as the license for them is not DFSG compliant (Closes: #288429)
    - applied patch to make asterisk compile on amd64 with
      gcc-4.0 (Closes: #288831)
    - debian/asterisk.init:
      + Changed how daemon is restarted in init file. (Closes: #287025)
      + Using -r in checks in init file. (Closes: #287456)
    - debian/asterisk-config.default
      + Run by default as group asterisk.
    - Fix some lintian warnings and errors:
      + Description: should start with lowercase letter.
      + Bumped Standars-Version to 3.6.1. No changes needed.
      + Removed duplicate dependencies.
      + Recompress asterisk.8 manpage with max level (--best option)
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * High-urgency upload for sarge-targetted RC bugfix
  * Fix multiple format string vulnerabilities, reported by Jan
    Niehusmann. Closes: #287851.
  * Closes: #281524: running asterisk with realtime priority
  * Include changes from Tzafrir Cohen
  * fixup init.d/asterisk to logger reload. Thanks Daniel Pocock
  * Closes: #260575: chan_zap.so: undefined symbol
  * Build-Depends: libpri1 >= 0.6
  * Closes: #279905: dependency issue breaks voicemail setup
  * Build-Depends: asterisk-sounds-main (>= 1.0.2)
  * Closes: #269942: package Debian asterisk-sounds
  * Rename asterisk-sounds to asterisk-sounds-main to avoid upstream
  * Closes: #277404: Please split out GTK console
  * Split off asterisk-gtk-console package to contain all X11
  * New upstream release
  * Closes: #279540: Please package newer version of asterisk
  * Closes: #275808: logrotate errors and emails
  * Closes: #275808: logrotate errors and emails
  * Add init.d/asterisk logger-reload|extensions-reload options & use
    logger reload in asterisk.logrotate. Thanks Daniel Pocock
  * New upstream release
  * Urgency high for sarge release
  * Closes: #273570: asterisk-sounds: sounds/letters directory is missing
  * Closes: #273780: under ALSA, infinite-loops immediately on
  * Comment out autoload of chan_oss from modules.conf
  * Closes: #272999: asterisk_1:0.9.1+1.0RC2-2_hppa: FTBFS:
    [anaFilter.o] Error 1
  * Version 1.0.0 now builds on hppa
  * Closes: #273576: chan_zap.so module is missing
  * check for ../include/linux/zaptel.h in channels/Makefile
  * Closes: #273572: Music on hold has wrong default directory
  * refer to correct /usr/share/asterisk/mohmp3 directory
  * Rebuild with zaptel.h_1.0.0 and libpri-dev_1.0.0
  * New upstream release
  * Use asterisk.8.gz man page
  * Remove back PROC optomizations from Makefile, enable build on hppa
  * New upstream release
  * Back out dpatch (Makes new upstream release straight forward)
  * Breakup monolithic patch into components.
  * debian/patches/11_makefile-sanitize.dpatch: fixed patch to make gsm
     work again. (Closes: #266167)
  * debian/rules, debian/patches/10_rollup-1.0-1.dpatch,
    debian/patches/11_makefile-sanitize.dpatch: Incorporate fixes proposed by
    Thiemo Seufer <email address hidden>.
    Should fix the FTBFS on hppa.
  * debian/control: suggest gnomemeeting. (At least tell people, which clients
    they need) Also add dpatch as Build-Dep. (Closes: #265036)
  * Closes: #262011: SIP cancels fail due to Request-URI mismatch
  * debian/patches/20_chan_sip.dpatch: Apply chan_sip patch from Jan Niehusmann
  * debian/control: make sure we're rebuilding with rtti enabled openh323
  * debian/rules: make svn-buildpacakge not choke on failing clean target
  * Cleanup wierd .diff.gz file
  * Rebuild with existing libtonezone1
  * Cleanup codecs/ilbc/Makefile to remove -march sillyness (which is
    already defined above anyway
  * Debian already has libedit.a Don't build, fails on mips anyway due to old config.guess
  * New upstream release (Closes: Bug#260370)
  * Closes: #247401: doesn't upgrade cleanly - initscript
    problems ?
  * allow init.d/asterisk distribution via GPL
  * Remove -I/usr/include/ptlib/unix from h323 Makefile, Thanks Ray
    Dassen (Closes: Bug#259564)
  * Closes: #259572: Unmet dependencies
  * Maintainer: Debian VoIP Team <email address hidden>
    Uploaders: Mark Purcell <email address hidden>,
    Kilian Krause <email address hidden>,
    Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <email address hidden>,
    Goedson Teixeira Paixao <email address hidden>,
    Santiago Garcia Mantinan <email address hidden>
  * Next step. Get this all back into svn!
  * Rebuild with libopenh323-dev (1.12.2-4) from sarge for H.323 support
  * New upstream release. Previous version WAS tagged as 1.0 in CVS :-(
  * Closes: #249046: no ring indication
  * Closes: #254654: init.d/asterisk restart kills asterisk
  * Build-Depends: libgtk1.2-dev, libspeex-dev (Closes: Bug#253639)
  * Turn off broken H.323 support (Closes: Bug#255662)
  * Closes: #250302: Package description is slightly outdated and
  * Closes: #255685: Syntax error in configuration file,
  * Closes: #228722: please add postgres support for asterisk
  * Rebuild for new libopenh323-dev
  * Merged 1.0-1 and 0.9.0-2

34a6d51... by Mark Purcell on 2004-05-31

Import patches-unapplied version 1.0-1 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.