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e70910d... by Matthias Klose on 2007-09-14

Import patches-unapplied version to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 76ad7f4085d3766aca5b8432b2582fd885cc3276

New changelog entries:
  * Fix build failures with g++-4.3. LP: #138555.
  * Build the tests without -Werror.

76ad7f4... by Ian Jackson on 2007-08-15

Import patches-unapplied version to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9333651bcd7605f3944f4f3feea9b339834194ff

New changelog entries:
  * dpkg-triggers: Deal properly with new package states.

9333651... by Michael Vogt on 2007-08-03

Import patches-unapplied version to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: bf9845d98a9b4c4e42c4e00c9a25b41dd918c21c

New changelog entries:
  * Build against latest apt
  * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
    - 01_allow_unauthenticated.dpatch: add --allow-unauthenticated
    - 03_branding.dpatch: ubuntu branding
    - 04_changelog.dpatch: take changelogs from changelogs.ubuntu.com
    - 07_hide_recommends_warning.dpatch: do not show a warning about
      missing recommends
    - 08_ubuntu_default_source.dpatch: do not clean lists directory
      on transient network failures
    - 10_dpkg_breaks.dpatch: support dpkg Breaks field
  * New upstream release (includes scripts I missed in the last release).
  * New upstream release.

  * Properly handle EINTR in the keyboard-input thread; should clear up
    the problems where aptitude becomes nonresponsive.
    (Closes: #431054, #431686, #432323)

  * Make sure the apt auto-mark flags get initialized on startup, so
    aptitude knows what's automatic and doesn't clear auto flags
    pointlessly. (Closes: #432017)

  * Don't crash on startup when something goes wrong early in the
    initialization process. (Closes: #430061)

  * Disable unused package removal if Delete-Unused is false.
    (Closes: #431716)

  * Don't garble translated descriptions in non-UTF8 locales.
    (Closes: #432911)

  * Eliminate another bogus warning about a supposedly locked
    cache. (Closes: #431909)
  * Translation updates:

    - Basque (Closes: #432535)
    - Vietnamese (Closes: #432283)

bf9845d... by Michael Vogt on 2007-07-24

Import patches-unapplied version to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: cbd301921b50161ff803784185bbb3e9a16b4ec8

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from debian unstable to get better integration
    with apt 0.7
  * dropped debian/patches/09_action_group_integration.dpatch,
    - taken upstream
  * debian/patches/10_dpkg_breaks.dpatch:
    - updated
  * moved debian/patches/06_no_auto_remove_kernels.dpatch
    into debian/05aptitude
  * debian/05aptitude:
    - default to sudo as "Get-Root-Command"
    - add linux-ubuntu-modules to never-autoremove pattern
  * Upload to unstable since aptitude has been binNMUed against the
    new apt, and this build (although there are still bugs) is less
    broken than that one.

  * Fix an out-of-bounds error in the line editor. (Closes: #429673)
  * Force aptitude to create the state file the first time it's run
    even if the user didn't install/remove anything, so it knows
    which packages are new. (Closes: #429732)

  * Translation updates:

    - Basque (Closes: #418862)
    - Galician (Closes: #429504)
    - Vietnamese (Closes: #429447)

  * Tidy up the Debian diff some more.
  * Trim the diff way down; it looks like the switch to Mercurial, or
    maybe some of the stuff I did in the past with the packaging
    repository, generated a bunch of spurious changes from upstream.

    There are still spurious additions of .xml DocBook files that are
    autogenerated by po4a. These should be deleted by "make clean", but
    that needs to be fixed in the upstream code.

  * Thanks to everyone who tested the last release. Hopefully this one is
    less buggy than it was.
  * Hopefully this release fixes a nasty race condition that caused
    garbled output. (Closes: #414838, #406193)

  * Fixed a bug that caused aptitude to keep trying to remove a package it
    had already removed. (Closes: #429388) Or rather, made it harder to
    trigger through normal usage; there's no clean way for anyone but
    dselect to keep track of package installation states.
  * Fix build errors in the code; build-depend on apt >= 0.7.0.
    (Closes: #429348)

  * Set packages to manual mode when the user cancels their removal, like
    old aptitudes did. (Closes: #429271)

  * Fix compile failures with g++-4.3. (Closes: #413488)
  * New upstream version (fixes various bugs introduced by the code
  * New upstream version.

  * This version merges in the code I wrote in 2005 to support the
    patch against apt to add removal of automatic patches. aptitude
    should merge its list of "automatic" packages into the global apt
    list when it's run.

  * aptitude will now let you go ahead when there isn't anything to
    change, but some packages need to be configured. (Closes: #424709)

  * Translation updates:

    - French (Closes: #428585, #428826)
    - Portuguese (Closes: #425779)
    - Vietnamese (Closes: #426976)

  * Use debian/compat instead of DH_COMPAT; switch to debhelper
    compatibility level 5.
  * The "an entire pot of spaghetti gave its life for this upload"

  * Re-enable werror (it should have always been enabled, but I turned
    it off during a period of brokenness and never turned it back on).

  * Rebuild against apt 0.7 (Closes: #428616). This doesn't include
    support for the auto-mark code; I need to either forward-port
    my patches from 2005 or rewrite them.

  * Fix a number of crashes due to inconsistencies in aptitude's
    internal dependency model. (Closes: #420358, #420381, #420407)
  * Don't crash if some code generates a percentage that isn't strictly
    between 0 and 100; instead, just try to display it as best we can.
    (Closes: #425145)
  * 'N' now repeats the last search in the opposite direction from 'n'.
    (Closes: #414020, #397880)
  * aptitude now recognizes Apt::Get::AllowUnauthenticated as a
    synonym for Aptitude::Ignore-Trust-Violations. (Closes: #411927)
  * Increase the default value of StepScore to 70. This should make
    aptitude less likely to wander off into exponentially expanding
    search trees. (Closes: #418385)
  * Automatically enable Keep-Recommends when --without-recommends is
    passed on the command-line. As a practical matter, this means that
    --without-recommends no longer tries to remove a bunch of packages.
    (Closes: #143532)
  * Add DPKG_NO_TSTP to the environment when doing a package-configure run
    after something failed, so "Z" backgrounding works at the conffile
    prompt. (Closes: #367052)
  * Put packages that are both "new" and "upgradable" into the "upgradable
    packages" list instead of the "new packages" list. (Closes: #419999)

  * Eliminate some cases where aptitude would print an incorrect
    message about being unable to acquire a lock after some other
    error occurred. (Closes: #422700)

  * Never display more than one "really quit?" dialog box at once.
    (Closes: #411158)

  * Explicitly chmod the aptitude state file to mode 0644 after writing
    it, to avoid surprising results when it gets read back in.
    (Closes: #421809, #421811)

  * Print an error message if the user tries to supply arguments
    to commands where this makes no sense. (Closes: #411152)

  * Write "[Enter]" instead of "enter" in the media-change prompt.
    (Closes: #414777)

  * Remove *.gmo in distclean. It should now be possible to build
    the Debian package twice in a row. (Closes: #424102)

  * Improve the description of Recommends-Important,
    Keep-Recommends, and Keep-Suggests; thanks to Stefan Kangas for
    his suggestions. (Closes: #405002)

  * Add some missing commands to the online help. (Closes: #402360)

  * Fix the alignment of text in the online help. (Closes: #399048)

  * Translation updates:
    - Basque (Closes: #418862)
    - Catalan (Closes: #353308)
    - Chinese (Simplified) (Closes: #405166)
    - Chinese (Traditional) (Closes: #338056, #418139)
    - Danish (Closes: #409480)
    - Finnish (Closes: #392305)
    - French (Closes: #403561, #388504)
    - Galacian (Closes: #412829, #425358)
    - Greek
    - Hungarian (Closes: #405550)
    - Japanese users manual added.
    - Marathi (Closes: #416807)
    - Nepali (Closes: #452278)
    - Portuguese (Closes: #418940)
    - Romanian (Closes: #415763)
    - Slovak (Closes: #401105)
    - Spanish (Closes: #416339)
    - Ukranian (Closes: #415448)
  * Don't crash if some code generates a percentage that isn't strictly
    between 0 and 100; instead, just try to display it as best we can.
    (Closes: #425145)

    * Eliminate the crashes due to inconsistencies in the dependency
      resolver. (Closes: #420358, #420381, #420407)

      Also added checks for errors that occur in the dependency resolution
      thread, so the program can cleanly generate an error message instead
      of blowing up, and improved the errors generated by consistency checks
      to include more context information.

    * Eliminated a crash with the revdep column generator (Closes: #420405).

    * Add DPKG_NO_TSTP to the environment when doing a package-configure run
      after something failed, so "Z" backgrounding works at the conffile
      prompt. (Closes: #357042)

    * Fix how bolding is performed in the docbook templates for manpages;
      this made the manpages completely unreadable when built with a newer
      Docbook (Closes: #415468, #416232).

cbd3019... by Reinhard Tartler on 2007-07-08

Import patches-unapplied version 0.4.4-4ubuntu3 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d21e8bd1d52ba984c8ea0ea44e7dba367881a0b2

New changelog entries:
  * another rebuild against latest apt

d21e8bd... by Michael Vogt on 2007-06-19

Import patches-unapplied version 0.4.4-4ubuntu2 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 607abb25bbb8e4b61b170d6968e1398664442178

New changelog entries:
  * rebuild against latest apt
  * bump build-depends

607abb2... by Michael Vogt on 2007-05-15

Import patches-unapplied version 0.4.4-4ubuntu1 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0703346d5f8180a41cedc7b456be51accaf4237c

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:
    - maintainer set to ubuntu
    - 01_allow_unauthenticated.dpatch: add --allow-unauthenticated
    - 02_sudo.dpatch: use sudo to become root
    - 03_branding.dpatch: use ubuntu in various places
    - 04_changelog.dpatch: get the changelog from the ubuntu location
    - 06_no_auto_remove_kernels.dpatch: never autoremove kernels
    - 07_hide_recommends_warning.dpatch: hide warning about recommends not
      being installed
    - 08_ubuntu_default_source.dpatch: do not clean out the lists dir
      on transient network failures
    - 09_action_group_integration.dpatch: use the new libapt
      pkgDepCache::ActionGroup to make it work well with new apt
    - 10_dpkg_breaks.dpatch: map Breaks to Conflicts to implement dpkg
  * In addition to the bugfix for ssprintf, the last release included
    a new test case to ensure that the bug did not recur. As it turned
    out, this test case revealed that both the old and the new code
    were buggy on amd64! vssnprintf now handles its variable argument
    list properly, using va_copy in case it has to access the list a
    second time. (Closes: #414617)

  * Recompile to get translations back on i386. (Closes: #413698)

  * Fix a nasty problem that could cause aptitude to want to remove
    packages installed using apt-get or dpkg. (Closes: #411123)

    This is triggered by the installer, so probably this update
    should get into etch if possible.
  * Fix a bug in an internal "sprintf" variant that would include random
    characters in the output string sometimes (by reading from an
    allocated but uninitialized buffer).
  * French documentation update.
  * l10n and documentation release targeted at etch. The following code
    fixes are also included:
    - Use delete[] to delete several arrays instead of plain

    - Update the fix for signal blockage during configure to
      work when a package install fails (in which case the
      previous release ran dpkg --configure -a with signals blocked).

  * Many editorial fixes to the user's manual and updates to the
    Japanese translation by Noritada Kobayashi. There is a Japanese
    version of the manual in the source tree, but this upload does not add
    a new documentation package.

  * The FSF's address in the manpage license has been fixed.

  * Don't generate two identical author lines in the manpage.
    (Closes: #397224)

  * Localize tasks group names.

  * Fix the alignment of the text in the command-line help. (Closes: #399048)

  * Fix yes_key and no_key translations. (Closes: #338056)

  * Update aptitude.pot to unfuzzy translations. (Closes: #399048)

  * Translation updates:

    - Catalan (Closes: #353308)
    - Chinese (Simplified) (Closes: #405166)

    - Danish (Closes: #409480)

    - Finnish (Closes: #392305)

    - French (Closes: #388504, #403561)

    - Galician (Closes: #412829)

    - Greek

    - Hungarian (Closes: #405550)

    - Nepali (Closes: #352278)

    - Slovak (Closes: #401105)

0703346... by Michael Vogt on 2007-02-26

Import patches-unapplied version 0.4.4-1ubuntu3 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0c8dc192d5cbbbd4e0526c9006b71a6e32878bdb

New changelog entries:
  * rebuild against the latest apt

0c8dc19... by Michael Vogt on 2007-02-06

Import patches-unapplied version 0.4.4-1ubuntu2 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1837a7133f4945b8709a9203701b588c8ddd8136

New changelog entries:
  * rebuild against the latest apt

1837a71... by Michael Vogt on 2006-11-21

Import patches-unapplied version 0.4.4-1ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0160f8f745f5862956d9f97c0fa89bdfd7ac21bd

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from debian unstable.
  * New upstream release.

    - Bulleting has been fixed and re-enabled by default.
      (Closes: #388594)

    - Change the default settings to leave unused Linux kernel
      images on the system. (Closes: #386307)

    - Produce more useful errors for corrupted or unverifiable downloads
      (Closes: #387537).

    - Make minibuffer messages disappear when a key is pressed again.
      (Closes: #395201)

    - Remove an assertion about the timing behavior of timed mutex locks,
      which apparently behave differently in virtual machines.
      (Closes: #381481)

    - Document the "unhold" command-line action. (Closes: #387336)

    - Make the package selected by a search appear at the top of the
      screen, so that it's visible underneath the search dialog.
      (Closes: #389763)

    - Make the progress indicator less visually distracting by eliminating
      the yellow "progress" effect (which on many system just produces a
      distracting yellow and blue flashing) (Closes: #390971).

    - Unblock all signals (particularly WINCH) before running dpkg, so
      that processes spawned by dpkg don't end up with weird signal masks.
      (Closes: #392870)

    - Use the first *character*, not the first byte, when abbreviating
      dependency names in the command-line preview (Closes: #395007).

    - Documentation fixes from Kobayashi Noritatda (Closes: #389942).

    - Translation updates:
      * Basque (Closes: #38973)
      * Brazilian (Closes: #387734)
      * Catalan
      * Chinese (Simplified) (Closes: #392305)
      * Chinese (Traditional)
      * Czech (Closes: #361050)
      * Danish
      * Dutch (Closes: #393643)
      * Dzongkha (Closes: #388045)
      * Finnish (Closes: #351531)
      * French (Closes: #388552, #351531)
      * Galacian (Closes: #387579)
      * German
      * Hungarian
      * Italian
      * Japanese (Closes: #389581, #389583, #390736, #391061)
      * Khmer (Closes: #374919)
      * Kurdish (Closes: #387803)
      * Norwegian Bokmal (Closes: #391684)
      * Portuguese (Closes: #393070)
      * Romanian (Closes: #388401)
      * Russian (Closes: #392305)
      * Slovak (Closes: #386852, #394696)
      * Spanish (Closes: #391663)
      * Swedish (Closes: #391531)
      * Turkish (Closes: #392305)
      * Vietnamese (Closes: #388552, #392903, #392924)