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1ddabe5... by Matthias Klose on 2006-04-10

Import patches-unapplied version 3.80ubuntu2 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 178fdadea2b0b3eadd23b37f32db00c2c3d23823

New changelog entries:
  * deluser: Include symbolic links in the backup and remove them
    with the other files and directores, when --remove-home is given.
    Ubuntu #34299.

178fdad... by Colin Watson on 2006-03-07

Import patches-unapplied version 3.80ubuntu1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9e55cf46f0449fa815457453b81c9e47bd7f1b08

New changelog entries:
  * Only check $! after calling symlink() if symlink() fails. Fixes user
    creation on the live CD.

9e55cf4... by Marc Haber <email address hidden> on 2005-11-29

Import patches-unapplied version 3.80 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: eadeda5243d3599b66462d487cb010ebd2bc81f2

New changelog entries:
  * Update Dutch (nl) program translation.
    Thanks to Rob Snelders. (mh) Closes: #339875
  * Fix typo in adduser man page and translations.
    Thanks to A Costa. (mh) Closes: #340343
  * Make Polish (pl) man pages actually included.
    Update Polish (pl) program and manpage translation.
    Thanks to Robert Luberda. (mh) Closes: #340327
  * New Swedish (sv) program translation.
    Thanks to Daniel Nylander. (mh) Closes: #340669
  * New Swedish (sv) manpage translation, also from Daniel.
  * Add addendum.template to aid manpage translators. Thanks to
    Thomas Huriaux.
  * Fix two typos in french manpage translator addenda. Thanks to
    Thomas Huriaux.
  * Fix shadowless systems _again_.
    Thanks to Matt Zimmerman. (mh) Closes: #339686
  * remove double values from adduser.conf. (mh)
  * Allow underscores in adduser.conf variable names.
    Thanks to David Bishop and Edward J. Shornock. (mh) Closes: #339670
  [ Marc Haber ]
  * Changes suggested by Denis Barbier
    * po/Makefile: move -c down from xgettext definition to the actual call
    * po/Makefile: Use a SOURCES variable. The old version caused
      strings from deluser to be discarded.
    * deluser: make generation of copyright message more translation
    * hack gtx wrapper to not only export the first string into the
      POT file.
  * Add Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) manpage translation. Thanks to
    Felipe Augusto van de Wiel. (mh)
  * Add Portuguese (pt) debconf translation by Miguel Figueiredo and
    Marco Ferra. (mh) Close: #336332
  * Update French (fr) manpage translation. Thanks to
    Thomas Huriaux. (mh) Closes: #336200
  * Update Russian (ru) manpage, program and debconf template translation.
    Thanks to Yuri Kozlov. (mh) Closes: #337080
  * Fix typo in deluser.conf.5, hopefully without fuzzying
    translations. Thanks to Felipe Augusto van de Wiel and to Thomas
    Huriaux. (mh)
  * remove wrong pt_PT manpage translation. (mh)
  * Polish (pl) translation work by Robert Luberda. (mh) Closes: #335926
    * initial man page translation
    * updated translation of program
    * updated translation of debconf templates
    * debian/control: replace manpages-pl
    * debian/rules + doc/po4a/po4a.conf: add support for Polish man pages
    * debian/scripts/install_manpages: fail if the man file can't be
    * debian/rules: correct man pages location for es and ru translations.
  [ Joerg Hoh ]
  * stricter checking on variables in configuration files (inspired by
  * documented --debug in adduser.8
  * streamlined verbosity code, replaced calls to system() with systemcall()
    (Closes: #336841), also changed the definition of the environment
    variable VERBOSE; DEBUG is deprecated now (but still defined).
  [ Marc Haber ]
  * call make -C po update clean in debian/rules clean.
    Thanks to Eduard Bloch. (mh)
  * invoke debconf-updatepo and po4a in clean target.
    Thanks to Thomas Huriaux. (mh)
  [ Joerg Hoh ]
  * fixed bug in deluser which made not specified parameters valid
  * backup files for users have a mask of 600 and ownership is set to root
    only (Closes: #331720)
  * use xgettext -kgtx instead of -k_ to de-confuse xgettext
  * apply patch from Thomas Huriaux to re-work manpage generation:
    * remove doc/*.es_ES
    * remove doc/outdated/
    * create and populate doc/po4a/po
    * add the addenda to doc/po4a directory
    * modify the doc/po4a.conf file.
    * adapt debian/rules
    (mh) Closes: #335196.
  * Changes suggested by Denis Barbier
    * use YESEXPR in the yes/no question to help with non-english
    * call xgettext -c in po/Makefile
    * Eliminate concatenated msgids building full sentences.
    (mh) This hopefully solves #224301.
  * Minor string changes. (mh)
  * Update German (de) debconf translation.
    Thanks to Daniel Knabl. (mh) Closes: #326136
  * Fix wrong bug number in 3.72 changelog regarding #333384.
  * make adduser consistent with documentation again. The option is
    --disabled-password, not --disabled-passwd or --disabled_password.
    Thanks to Colin Watson. (mh) Closes: #332815
  * add adduser.pot to SVN
  * Update French (fr) program translation.
    Thanks to Christian Perrier. (mh) Closes: #333384
  * Created some shell scripts which are trying to act as a testsuite (jh)
  * correct wrong "user UID" for system groups in manpage, reference
    Debian Policy 9.2.2. Thanks to Faheem Mitha. (mh) Closes: #334315
  * fix $verbose handling. (mh)
  * global rename _ to gtx to un-break File::Find. (mh)
  * internal change to config hash handling. (mh)
  * remove double definition of get_users_groups. (mh)
  * fix error message in addusertogroup. (mh)
  * Another small patch to po/Makefile to ease translation. Thanks,
    again, to Thomas Huriaux.
  * Allow delgroup user group. Thanks to Dan Jacobson. (mh) Closes: #176362
  * Fix --disabled-passwd and --disabled-login. (mh) Closes: #332815
  * Change create_homedir parameter processing. (jh)
  * The "Long Live Jörg" Release. Thanks for your tremendous help!
  * Update Swedish (sv) debconf translation. Thanks to Daniel Nylander
    and André Dahlqvist. (mh) Closes: #330258
  * patches by Jörg Hoh:
    - move common code regarding parameter and config file parsing to
    - put creation of home directory in a function
  * Streamlining of print(f)/die(f) statements regarding quoting,
    parenthesis and spaces. (mh/jh)
  * Clarify error message if system group to be added does already
    exist as a non-system group.
    Thanks to Peter Eisentraut. (mh) Closes: #326192
  * Move package from base to admin to clear up override disparity. (mh)
  * patch po/Makefile to be nicer to translators.
    Thanks to Thomas Huriaux. (mh) Closes: #331392
  * Don't mess with nscd's pid file any more, just invalidate caches if
    nscd binary is found. It will fail silently if nscd is installed but
    not running. Thanks to Antti Salmela, Peter Eisentraut and Bastian
    Blank. (mh) Closes: #327804
  * the "please no more bugs from users of shadowless systems"
    release. (mh) Closes: #327144
  * versioned depends on passwd >> 1:4.0.12 because of the changed
    chage exit code (now, 15) in the "shadow passwod not enabled"
    case. Earlier versions return 3 or even a normal 1 in that case.
  * shadowless setups do only work with adduser older than 3.64, or
    with passwd younger than 1:4.0.12.
  * make clear in 3.68 changelog that Jörg's patches were against adduser
  * patches by Jörg Hoh:
    - move common code to AdduserCommon.pm
    - deluser: use GetOpt instead of manual option parsing
    - deluser: restructure plausibility checks
    - deluser: introduce "use strict"
  * make adduser.conf.5 NAME_REGEX consistent with the code. Thanks to
    Christoph Ulrich Scholler. Closes: #323395.
  * show deluser that name_regex is a valid configuration directive.
    Thanks to Christoph Ulrich Scholler. Closes: #324699.
  * put new FSF street address in debian/copyright
  * adduser patches by Jörg Hoh:
    - use GetOpt instead of manual option parsing
    - restructure plausibility checks
    - Comment update
    - relaxed checking of configuration ("yes" is checked case
      insensitively now)
    - explicit return values
    - reorder command line checks and make them more consistent
    - add more comments
  * Add Arabic (ar) debconf translation. Thanks to Mohammed Adnène
    Trojette. (mh) Closes: #320756
  * Update French (fr) manpages, introduce po4a to generate translated
    manpages. Thanks to Nicolas François. Closes: #321614
  * add dependency alternative debconf | debconf-2.0 to stop being a
    cdebconf transition blocker. Thanks to Joey Hess for the heads-up.
  * Fix adduser user group. Thanks to Klaus Ethgen. Closes: #318951
  * Fix primary group check which was broken due to wrong function name.
    Thanks to Bastian Kleineidam. Closes: #319043
  * Fix broken error message on chage non-zero exit code. Thanks to
    Brian Nelson. Closes: #316089
  * have get_group_members return a list when callers expect a list.
    Thanks to Lukasz Czyczylo.
  * add lintian override: adduser does not need to depend on adduser
    to use adduser in maintainer scripts.
  * do not abort if chage returns exit code 3. This is an indication
    that password aging cannot be set due to shadow not being enabled.
    Closes: #316089, #317944.
  * get_group_members now filters out non-existent users.
    Closes: #284688, #315071, #315250
  * Use getpwent to determine whether a to-be-deleted group is primary
    group for users to enhance compatibility with non-/etc/passwd
    backends. Closes: #308175
  * Standards-Version: 3.6.2 (no changes needed)
  * The "bring the svn changes to unstable while not having time to
    address the other valid bug reports" release.
  * try Priority: - to avoid override disparities
  * Updated Norwegian Bokmal debconf templates and program translations.
    Thanks to Hans Fredrik Nordhaug. (mh) Closes: #298834
  * Re-generate adduser.pot, fix gettext bugs in deluser. Thanks to
    Hans Fredrik Nordhaug. (mh)
  * Now handles /etc/skel correctly even if it is not readable for a
    normal user. Thanks to Chapko Dimitrij. (mh) Closes: #299489
  * Zap program synopsis comments from the beginning.
  * Fix $ error in adduser.conf.5. Thanks to Kevin Ryde.
    (mh) Closes: #300641
  * Add Finnish debconf templates. Thanks to Matti Pöllä.
    (mh) Closes: #303854
  * Add Vietnamese debconf templates. Thanks to Clytie Siddall.
    (mh) Closes: #307599
  * Fix broken --disabled-login --disabled-password handling. Thanks
    to Tokka Hastrup. (mh) Closes: #302837
  * Use chage to override login.defs PASS_MAX_DAYS for system accounts.
    Thanks to Gerhard Schrenk. (mh) Closes: #298883
  * fix misdocumentation of system user password status.
    Thanks to Shaul Karl. (mh) Closes: #308881
  * add ubuntu patch to generate pot file during package build, and
    fix two s_print/s_printf invocations in deluser.
    Thanks to Martin Pitt. (mh) Closes: #313517
  * allow underscores again. Bug in the regexp. Thanks to Steve
  * Updated Ukrainian program translation. Thanks to
    Eugeniy Meshcheryakov. (mh) Closes: #294244.
  * Updated Catalan program translation. Thanks to Orestes Mas.
    (mh) Closes: #295340.
  * make username verification regexp configurable. (mh)
    Closes: #283110, #287535
  * adduser.conf manpage fixes. Thanks to Siward de Groot. (mh)
    Closes: #268841.
  * adduser manpage fixes. Thanks to Siward de Groot. (mh)
    Closes: #268837.
  * Fix docs wrongly suggesting home dirs created sgid. Thanks to
    Shaul Karl. (mh) Closes: #286227.
  * create /etc/skel symlinks with proper uid/gid. Thanks to Deepak
    Goel. (mh) Closes: #268402.
  * Apply manpage patch from Nicolas François. Thanks. (mh) Closes: #278937.
  * Fix manpage typo. Thanks to Jari Aalto. (mh) Closes: #270266.
  * Fix adduser manpage: Adding an already-existing system user issues
    a warning. The manpage claims adduser will exit silently. (mh)
  * Add Basque program and debconf translation. Thanks to Piarres Beobide
    Egaña. (mh) Closes: #279659.
  * Add new adduser.local examples directory by John Zaitseff. (mh)
    Closes: #273010.
  * Add Italian program translation. Thanks to Luca Monducci. (mh)
    Closes: #271142.
  * Add a new config option NO_DEL_PATHS to deluser.conf with a
    sensible default in the deluser source code. In the default
    configuration, deluser will not zap any important system directories
    any more. Thanks to Ernst Kloppenburg and Klaus Ethgen. (mh)
    Closes: #293559, #271829
  * deluser will now stop deleting at a mount point. Thanks to Andreas
    Schmidt. (mh) Closes: #231809

eadeda5... by Marc Haber <email address hidden> on 2004-07-30

Import patches-unapplied version 3.59 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 176306a46134e60628eca7f4397be193e01e61b0

New changelog entries:
  * Updated Danish program translation. Thanks to Morten Brix
    Pedersen. (mh) Closes: #262336.
  * Updated Czech program translation. Thanks to Miroslav Kure. (mh)
    Closes: #261860.
  * Updated Russian program and debconf translation. Thanks to Yuri
    Kozlov. (mh)
  * Updated Ukrainian program and debconf translation. Thanks to
    Eugeniy Meshcheryakov. (mh) Closes: #261635.
  * fix inconsistent hyphenation in man pages. Thanks to Clint Adams.
    (mh) Closes: #259000.
  * Applied patch for German debconf translation by Florian Ernst.
    (rb) Closes: #261236.
  * Applied patch for Dutch debconf translation by cobaco.
    (mh) Closes: #261338.
  * Applied patch to tidy up the English program translations. Thanks
    to Adam D. Barratt. A request e-mail to the translators asking them to
    review the changes to their translation has been sent out.
    (mh) Closes: #260265.
  * Updated Catalan translations by Jordi Mallach <email address hidden>.

176306a... by Marc Haber <email address hidden> on 2004-06-20

Import patches-unapplied version 3.57 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.