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1291. By James Hunt on 2011-04-27

Updated changelog.

1290. By James Hunt on 2011-04-27

* scripts/init-checkconf.sh:
  - New function upstart_running.
  - We now check to ensure no other instance running.
  - Use list command rather than status since the latter requires an
    instance variable to be specified (LP: #770532).
  - Improve cleanup safety.
* scripts/man/init-checkconf.8: Added limitations section.

1289. By James Hunt on 2011-04-20

* Bumped version to 0.9.7
* Updated Changelog and NEWS.

1288. By James Hunt on 2011-04-20

* control_get_job_by_name: Fix to relax session rigidity for user
  sessions (allow user sessions to see into the global
  namespace for backwards compatability) (LP: #767053).

1287. By James Hunt on 2011-04-15

* Bumped version to 0.9.6
* Updated Changelog and NEWS.

1286. By James Hunt on 2011-04-15

* init/conf.c:
  - conf_source_reload_file(): Added missing error return if override
    doesn't parse (code path currently unused).
  - Documentation updates.
* init/job.c: job_new(): Fix for nasty OOM scenario when an attempt is made
  to start a chroot job with same name as running single-instance non-chroot
  job. Previously, the path for a chrooted Job was set from the (nul) instance
  name of its parent JobClass. However, since that job instance name already
  existed outside the chroot and was already D-Bus registered,
  nih_dbus_object_new() (which allocates storage and is called by
  job_register()) returned NULL and kept doing so due to being called
  within NIH_MUST(). This resulted in OOM due to an as-yet unidentified
  D-Bus bug (possibly a leak in find_subtree_recurse()).
* init/session.h: Documentation updates.
* util/test_initctl.c: Cleaned up variable names
  in RUN_COMMAND macro.
* init/parse_job.c: Documentation updates.

1285. By James Hunt on 2011-04-06

* Bumped version to 0.9.5
* Updated Changelog and NEWS.

1284. By James Hunt on 2011-04-06

* init/conf.c: conf_select_job(): Added Session parameter.
* init/control.c: control_get_job_by_name(): Handle multiple jobs with same
  name (but different session) in job_classes hash.
* init/job_class.c:
  - job_class_remove(): Added Session parameter.
  - job_class_consider(): Handle multiple jobs with same name
    (but different session) in job_classes hash.
  - job_class_reconsider(): Handle multiple jobs with same name
    (but different session) in job_classes hash.
  - job_class_remove(): Handle incorrect session.
* init/job_process.c: job_process_spawn(): Updated for sessions and
* init/job_process.h: New enums for:
* init/session.c:
  - session_from_dbus(): Added ability to disable sessions.
  - Added disable_sessions variable, set via main().
* init/session.h: Added tabular comment summarising Session object
  contents for different environments.
* init/Makefile.am: Reverted special-casing for session.c.
* init/main.c: Addition of new command-line option "--no-sessions" to
  disable chroot+user sessions (providing a "traditional" Upstart
  environment. The primary use for this option is the test suite.
* init/man/init.8: Updates for "--no-sessions".
* init/tests/test_*.c: Replaced explicit Sessions with NULL
  session since tests are not yet session-aware (with the exception of
  test_job_process.c, all main() functions now set the
  UPSTART_NO_SESSIONS variable to disable sessions).
* util/tests/test_initctl.c:
  - START_UPSTART now specifies "--no-sessions"
  - test_check_config(): Added test for "--warn".
* scripts/init-checkconf.sh: Script now also checks any script
  sections found unless the new "--noscript" option is specified.
  Added required "--no-sessions" option to upstart_cmd to ensure Upstart
  treats clients requests in traditional manner.
* scripts/man/init-checkconf.8: Update for "--noscript".
* util/initctl.c: Added "--warn" option for check-config command to
  warn if any events or jobs are not known.

1283. By James Hunt on 2011-03-24

* init/tests/test_control.c: Added comment.
* scripts/initctl2dot.py: Fixes to handle 'emits' glob syntax:
  - header(): Change default node to be an event to simplify handling
    globs in 'emits' stanzas.
  - footer(): Updated for glob event nodes.
  - sanitize(): Protect against glob syntax.
  - show_event(): Update for glob event nodes.
  - show_job(): Explicit specification of record node.
  - show_edges(): Handle 'emits' glob syntax.

1282. By James Hunt on 2011-03-15

* po/upstart.pot: committed changes to file to resolve conflict on
  lp:ubuntu/upstart merge.

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