Merge ~upils/ubuntu/+source/e2fsprogs:disable-orphan-file-feature into ubuntu/+source/e2fsprogs:ubuntu/lunar-devel

Proposed by Paul Mars
Status: Rejected
Rejected by: Robie Basak
Proposed branch: ~upils/ubuntu/+source/e2fsprogs:disable-orphan-file-feature
Merge into: ubuntu/+source/e2fsprogs:ubuntu/lunar-devel
Diff against target: 42 lines (+12/-3)
2 files modified
debian/changelog (+7/-0)
debian/patches/default-no-metadata_csum_seed.patch (+5/-3)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Nick Rosbrook (community) Needs Fixing
Bryce Harrington (community) Needs Information
git-ubuntu import Pending
Review via email:

This proposal supersedes a proposal from 2023-10-30.

Commit message

Cherry-picked existing mantic fix d23608d502300e36743905e762e4ce2df44202d7

Fix LP: #2025339 and LP: #2028564

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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote : Posted in a previous version of this proposal

please rebase, there are merge conflicts

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Paul Mars (upils) wrote :

I had selected the wrong target (ubuntu/devel instead of ubuntu/lunar-devel). This is now fixed.

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Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

The diff for this disables not just orphan_file but also metadata_csum_seed. Please mention the latter in the changelog as well. It appears this follows what Debian is doing as a fix to Debb #1030939.

I'd suggest either discussing that bug+fix in LP: #2025339. You could add a [Fix] section to the bug's SRU template to identify the two fixes, that they came from debian, and give links to the corresponding bugs. Alternatively, file a separate LP SRU bug for metadata_csum_seed and link that to the debian bug.

Btw do you also have an MP for the corresponding jammy branch for this SRU? We should probably handle sponsorship of both together at the same time.

review: Needs Information
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Paul Mars (upils) wrote (last edit ):

Thanks for the guidance. I did not submit a MP to jammy because the version 1.47 of e2fsprogs was not backported to jammy. In the previous version these features were not enabled by default, so I understand that there is nothing to fix on jammy.

I am fine with having both fixes in the same SRU since this is fixing the same global issue and was also fixed together in other series.

I edited the SRU, let me know if this is what you expected.

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Nick Rosbrook (enr0n) wrote :

I left a comment on the diff.

review: Needs Fixing
816680a... by Paul Mars

Also disable orphan_file in the patch to let lunar based machine generate FS valid for jammy and older

f017ac7... by Paul Mars

update changelog

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Nick Rosbrook (enr0n) wrote :

One last thing I noticed -- the only change is the orphan_file option being dropped. Bryce's original comment about metadata_csum_seed was based on the source diff (rather than the diff to the existing patch), so this was not clear before.

So you actually should not mention metadata_csum_seed in the changelog. Once that's fixed, I will be happy to sponsor this.

review: Needs Fixing
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Paul Mars (upils) wrote :

As explained in [1] this MP is rejected because the bug won't be fixed on Lunar.

racb can you reject the MP? It looks like I cannot do it myself.


Unmerged commits

f017ac7... by Paul Mars

update changelog

816680a... by Paul Mars

Also disable orphan_file in the patch to let lunar based machine generate FS valid for jammy and older

Preview Diff

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1diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
2index 90a8c6b..84f9380 100644
3--- a/debian/changelog
4+++ b/debian/changelog
5@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
6+e2fsprogs (1.47.0-1ubuntu1.1) lunar; urgency=medium
8+ * Disable orphan_file feature so that filesystems created on
9+ lunar can be used on jammy (LP: #2025339)
11+ -- Paul Mars <> Fri, 03 Nov 2023 16:35:52 +0100
13 e2fsprogs (1.47.0-1ubuntu1) lunar; urgency=low
15 * Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
16diff --git a/debian/patches/default-no-metadata_csum_seed.patch b/debian/patches/default-no-metadata_csum_seed.patch
17index 69d243d..68f341e 100644
18--- a/debian/patches/default-no-metadata_csum_seed.patch
19+++ b/debian/patches/default-no-metadata_csum_seed.patch
20@@ -1,9 +1,11 @@
21-Description: Do not set metadata_csum_seed
22- Our grub doesn ot handle it yet.
23+Description: Do not set metadata_csum_seed nor orphan_file
24+ Our grub does not handle it yet.
25 Author: Julian Andres Klode <>
26 Origin: vendor
27 Bug-Debian:
29 Forwarded: not-needed
30+Last-Update: 2023-11-03
31 --- a/misc/
32 +++ b/misc/
33 @@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
34@@ -11,7 +13,7 @@ Forwarded: not-needed
35 }
36 ext4 = {
37 - features = has_journal,extent,huge_file,flex_bg,metadata_csum,metadata_csum_seed,64bit,dir_nlink,extra_isize,orphan_file
38-+ features = has_journal,extent,huge_file,flex_bg,metadata_csum,64bit,dir_nlink,extra_isize,orphan_file
39++ features = has_journal,extent,huge_file,flex_bg,metadata_csum,64bit,dir_nlink,extra_isize
40 }
41 small = {
42 inode_ratio = 4096


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