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349a6b9... by PS Jenkins bot on 2014-10-16

Releasing 7.3.1+14.10.20141016-0ubuntu1

(bzr r3884)

5162b50... by Eleni Maria Stea on 2014-10-16

LayoutSystem: make sure the exposed open windows are displayed in the "correct" order

In expose mode the windows were placed in z-order starting by the top-most window that was always put in the bottom right corner. After the change the windows are placed in a similar order to their initial one.

here's a video of the expose mode after the change: http://youtu.be/eYFTeJjaDQE Fixes: 1349281
Approved by: PS Jenkins bot, Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

(bzr r3883)

f7f9b62... by Eleni Maria Stea on 2014-10-09

merged scale-pos-fixes so that we use the window y to choose the row and
the x value of the center to order the window inside the row

(bzr r3875.3.5)

8237d3c... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-10-09

UnityScreen: don't duplicate loops, just iterate once in layout windows and find relative scaled window

(bzr r3875.4.2)

46df66e... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2014-10-09

LayoutSystem: reduce the GetRows calls in LayoutWindowsNearest

(bzr r3875.4.1)

4fafbd1... by Eleni Maria Stea on 2014-10-09

removed double call to LayoutGridWindows, GetRows is enough

(bzr r3875.3.4)

83f9759... by Eleni Maria Stea on 2014-10-08

fixes in the coding style etc

(bzr r3875.3.3)

b1a98ef... by Eleni Maria Stea on 2014-10-07

changed unityshell plugin to use the new layouting functions

(bzr r3875.3.2)

f36d719... by Eleni Maria Stea on 2014-10-06

added new layout functions for the expose mode

(bzr r3875.3.1)

c23ec71... by Tim Lunn on 2014-09-29

No change rebuild for gnome-desktop 3.12

(bzr r3875)