Code review comment for lp:~unity-team/libusermetrics/file-based-infographics

Pete Woods (pete-woods) wrote :

> Check out bug #1339002, seems to still happen - I disabled "stats on welcome
> screen" and locked, but they are still shown (even after reboot).
I think unity8 was doing this with the old infographics implementation. Is it possible for me to read a user's settings as the lightdm user? Does unity8 know about this setting already for the user that's being displayed in the greeter?

> Not sure if the visualizer is here, but a few bugs for it:
> - text not centered in the circle
I will have a go at fixing this. SVGs have no concept of vertical centering, so it's hard.

> - text is not pluralized correctly ("1 calls made today")
This is because gettext doesn't support non-whole numbers, and the value is a double. e.g. for uses like "walked 1.1 km today".

> I wonder, (how) do we deal with language changes? I changed my display
> language, rebooted and infographics are still in English. Not sure if it's
> missing translations, or whether you're reacting to changed language at all?
The data source can either provide pre-translated strings (non optimal) or provide gettext translations under a specified domain. I don't think the apps are doing this at present.

All visualisers are basically re-run at user session start.

For custom visualisers that do completely their own wacky thing, it's up to the visualiser to be translatable.

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