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52ba245... by CI Train Bot Account on 2016-09-29

Releasing 0.5.3+16.10.20160929-0ubuntu1

(bzr r650)

64cd012... by Iain Lane on 2016-09-29

Adjust for XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP containing multiple colon-separated values

Approved by: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

(bzr r649)

c4d4d87... by Iain Lane on 2016-09-29

Don't leak current_desktops

(bzr r648.1.2)

61ac4b7... by Iain Lane on 2016-09-29

Account for XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP containing multiple values

We need to split on ":" and compare each part.

(bzr r648.1.1)

3a675b4... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2016-08-25 development version bump to 0.5.4

(bzr r648)

3db3fa6... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2016-08-25

Releasing Bamf 0.5.3

0.5.2 has been skipped

(bzr r647)

9c72bdf... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2016-08-25

data/ add bamfdaemon.service(.in) to extra dist and clean files

(bzr r646)

88c73fd... by CI Train Bot Account on 2016-07-26

Releasing 0.5.3~bzr0+16.10.20160726.1-0ubuntu1

(bzr r645)

7f9b713... by Andrea Azzarone on 2016-07-26

Unscale x/y coordinates returned by top_window_action_menu. (LP: #1606234)

Approved by: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

(bzr r644)

0b97e6c... by Martin Pitt on 2016-07-26

Add support for starting bamf through user systemd units

Approved by: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

(bzr r643)