Merge lp:unity-2d/3.0 into lp:~bfiller/unity-2d/wait-for-session-again

Proposed by Bill Filler
Status: Superseded
Proposed branch: lp:unity-2d/3.0
Merge into: lp:~bfiller/unity-2d/wait-for-session-again
Diff against target: 0 lines
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:unity-2d/3.0
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Aurélien Gâteau Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change

This is to fix LP: #716167 and LP: #706248. We thought it was previously fixed but I just ran into a case where it didn't work using the latest code. Debugging showed me the app was being destroyed before queryEndSession() even got called the first time and it didn't wait because m_waitingForEndSession = false by default.

So the fix is to change the default to true. This should handle all the known cases now. I also lowered the timeout to 3 secs would should be sufficient.

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lp:unity-2d/3.0 updated
477. By Florian Boucault

README: removed deprecated comment about the dash.

478. By Ugo Riboni

[dash] Pressing Alt+F2 will bring up the commands place entry in the dash (AKA runner)

479. By Aurélien Gâteau

[launcher] Check cursor position ourself: QWidget::underMouse() is unreliable

480. By Aurélien Gâteau

[launcher] Allow the mouse to leave the launcher for one second before it autohides itself.

Uses the same delay as AutoHideBehavior.

481. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Elide categories of refine search pane when too long.

482. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Pressing enter/return key activates the first result available.

New APIs to manually access the result sets were added:
- QVariantMap QSortFilterProxyModelQML::get(int row)
- int QSortFilterProxyModelQML::count()

483. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Added placeholder entry to debian/changelog.

484. By Aurélien Gâteau

[session] Set m_waitingForEndSession earlier to prevent app from being closed before first signal received

485. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Added support for startup notification protocol.

Launcher now depends on libstartup-notification.

New APIs:
- LauncherApplication::executable QString property
- LauncherApplication::setSnStartupSequence(SnStartupSequence* sequence)

LauncherApplication::launching is updated depending on the startup notification sequence set to the LauncherApplication.
LauncherApplications created for startup notification are matched with their corresponding BamfApplication based on their executable.

486. By Ugo Riboni

[lancher] Make sure the launcher doesn't show places that are marked with ShowEntry=false

487. By Oliver Grawert

releasing version 3.8-0ubuntu1

488. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Adapted dash's home screen for LauncherPlacesList's newly introduced roles.

489. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Added placeholder entry to debian/changelog.

490. By Oliver Grawert

releasing version 3.8.1-0ubuntu1

491. By Aurélien Gâteau

[libunity-2d] Fix potential crash because of access to freed memory.

See this Valgrind output when running valgrind unity-2d-launcher:

==8338== Invalid read of size 1
==8338== at 0x82CD0F6: ??? (in /usr/lib/
==8338== by 0x82D388D: QObject::connect(QObject const*, char const*, QObject const*, char const*, Qt::ConnectionType) (in /usr/lib/
==8338== by 0x40F461: QObject::connect(QObject const*, char const*, char const*, Qt::ConnectionType) const (qobject.h:315)
==8338== by 0x406CCEC: PropertyBinder::bind(QObject*, char const*, QObject*, char const*) (propertybinder.cpp:55)
==8338== by 0x40E1D2: main (launcher.cpp:121)
==8338== Address 0x2a681cb8 is 24 bytes inside a block of size 47 free'd
==8338== at 0x4C282ED: free (vg_replace_malloc.c:366)
==8338== by 0x40F352: QByteArray::~QByteArray() (in /home/aurelien/opt/kde4-ubuntu/bin/unity-2d-launcher)
==8338== by 0x406CB38: signalNameFromMethod(QMetaMethod*) (propertybinder.cpp:37)
==8338== by 0x406CCD0: PropertyBinder::bind(QObject*, char const*, QObject*, char const*) (propertybinder.cpp:55)
==8338== by 0x40E1D2: main (launcher.cpp:121)

492. By Aurélien Gâteau

[debug] Introducing Unity2dDebugBlock, a convenience class to log entering and
leaving code blocks.

493. By Aurélien Gâteau

[panel] Do not draw a sunken border behind disabled menubar items

494. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] If an application has an urgent window, activating it will always show the urgent window.

495. By Aurélien Gâteau

[launcher] Fix some memory leaks.

496. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Do not try to match certain executables to a single application, they are too generic (e.g. "xdg-open").

497. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Relabeled a few home shortcuts.

498. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Fix hard to reproduce issues with result groups sometimes overlapping.

The workaround in place to nest GridViews into a ListView was correct but
targetting the wrong Item.

499. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Search entry hint is now translatable.

500. By Aurélien Gâteau

[panel] Check pointer returned by indicator_object_new_from_file() is correct and log error if not.

501. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Also trigger a re-ordering when the mouse is not moving but the list is auto-scrolling.

502. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Display the localized place entry names.

503. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Change the background color of the focused tile only when the launcher has the focus.

504. By Robert Sajdok

[launcher] Clicking middle mouse button now launches another instance of the application.

505. By Olivier Tilloy

[dash] Show preferred applications in the home screen.
If an application cannot be found, do not show it.

506. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Renamed the GConf key that controls whether monitoring the super key is enabled to /desktop/unity-2d/launcher/super_key_enable.
Set it to true by default in the package.
The key was formerly shared between unity and unity-2d, but unity deprecated it in favour of a compiz setting.

507. By Ugo Riboni

[launcher][spread] Activate and exit spread on Super+s

508. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Display one panel per screen.
Only the panel on the primary screen contains the home button applet ("circle of friends" that invokes the dash) and the systray.
All panels contain an instance of the applet that displays the active window’s application title and menu bar, as well as the application and system indicators.

509. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Fade out items at bottom/top if more items are available but invisible.

Forward port from maverick branch revision 425 plus improvements to cope with the shelf properly.

510. By Aurélien Gâteau

[core] Introduces GScopedPointer and GObjectScopedPointer, two smart pointers which makes it easier to deal with C structures without forgetting to release them.

511. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Unescape HTML entities in the title of web favorites.

512. By Aurélien Gâteau

[i18n] Include all .mo files in the unity-2d package.

513. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Smooth animation when tiles are wiggling.

514. By Aurélien Gâteau

[i18n] translate "Shortcuts"

515. By Aurélien Gâteau

Updated pot so that it includes "Shortcuts"

516. By Olivier Tilloy

[dash] Customizable dash home page.

Try to load a custom version of the shortcuts first, and fall back on the default version if a custom one doesn’t exist.
This will make customizations extremely easy as the custom shortcuts page can be shipped as part of another package.

517. By Ugo Riboni

[launcher] Activate the spread if at least one window is on the current workspace. If other windows are on different workspaces, show all workspaces.

518. By Aurélien Gâteau

[i18n] Use the correct gettext domain to translate the place search hint

519. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Pick up newly installed lenses and display them.

520. By Ugo Riboni

[dash] Workaround a case of corruption caused by the dash being a dock window and metacity having a problem with that when it's resized in a certain way

521. By Florian Boucault

[panel] Prefer icon 'start-here' over 'distributor-logo' for the button toggling the dash.

522. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Bumped release version to 3.8.2

523. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Labels are now multiline to allow for more text to be displayed and the user
to have a better chance to understand what the items are. Hovering over cropped labels
will expand them fully.

524. By Oliver Grawert

populate debian/changelog

525. By Oliver Grawert

releasing version 3.8.2-0ubuntu1

526. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Expand the dash by default (same as in Unity).

527. By Richard Dale

QSortFilterProxyModelQML => SortFilterProxyModel

More consistent with other QML objects.
Patch by Richard Dale <email address hidden>

528. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Give priority to the contents of a favorite’s desktop file over the information provided by the running application.

529. By Richard Dale

Fix memory leak.

Patch by Richard Dale.

530. By Ugo Riboni

[dash] Make the dash a regular window without borders and request the WM not to show it in pagers.
This should hopefully make the situation a bit less confusing for metacity, and the dash-related corruption problems both with and without the metacity compositor active.

531. By Ugo Riboni

[session] Enable the metacity option capture before unmap by default in the unity2d session only

532. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Update the appname applet’s information (application name, window buttons, menu bar) also when a new view is opened.

This works around a bug in BAMF whereby the ActiveWindowChanged signal is not emitted for some windows that open maximized. This is for example the case of the LibreOffice startcenter..

533. By Ugo Riboni

[launcher] Fix unreliable activation of keyboard shortcuts by not trusting QDBusInterface.isValid (as the documentation suggests)

534. By Olivier Tilloy

[dash] Set the current working directory to $HOME so that applications started from the dash inherit a sane environment.

535. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Do not call wnck_set_client_type(…) multiple times, this generates a critical warning (even though it’s absolutely harmless).

536. By Ugo Riboni

[spread] While the spread is not active avoid creating WindowInfo instances for windows that are opened

537. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Display "See one more result" when there is only one extra result that
will be shown by expanding a collapsed group of results.
Before it was displaying: "See 1 more results".
This makes Unity 2D behave the same way as Unity 3D.

538. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Load trash and workspace-switcher icons from unity-icon-theme.

539. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] When an application requests attention, position the view so that its tile is visible.

540. By Ugo Riboni

[launcher] If the spread is already active don't show the dash

541. By Ugo Riboni

[spread] Implement a safer logic to convert the captured window pixmap into images that is resistant to the window being unmapped while we convert.

542. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Always match a call to beginForceVisible() with a call to endForceVisible() so that the launcher doesn’t get stuck in forced visible mode.

543. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Support for distinct applications that have the same executable but different desktop files.

544. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Center the item requesting attention as much as possible.

545. By Ugo Riboni

[spread] Make sure the geometry of the windows and background in spread is exactly the same as the real ones so that intro and outro animations are correct

546. By Florian Boucault

Merged release branch.

547. By Oliver Grawert

add changelog entry for commit 545

548. By Oliver Grawert

releasing version

549. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Always show the main panel on the leftmost monitor, not the primary one.
The main panel is the one that contains the Ubuntu button that invokes the dash, and hosts the legacy systray icons.

Also fix the window controls to be displayed only on one panel for maximized windows.

550. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Support static shortcuts in the quicklists.

Static shortcuts are defined in the application’s desktop file.
See for documentation.

551. By Richard Dale

Use libunity-2d logging methods.

Patch by Richard Dale

552. By Richard Dale

[launcher] Make sure the whole area of the item tile handle mouse events

Patch by Richard Dale

553. By Florian Boucault

[dash, launcher, spread] Added a new command line switch (-opengl) that triggers the use of a QGLWidget for the QML viewport.

554. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Fix the last shortcut text to display "0", not "10", to be consistent with a typical keyboard layout.

555. By Jani Monoses

Fixes GCC 4.6 build error by explicitly assigning to array elements. It makes the code a little more cryptic but there was no documentation before either :)
Oneiric uses 4.6 by default.

556. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Keyboard shortcuts for place entries (Meta+[letter]) and the trash (Meta+T).

557. By Ricardo Salveti

[build] Add libqt4-opengl-dev to the build dependencies.

Revision 553 introduced this dependency but forgot to update the control file.

558. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Use appropriate icon for devices depending on their type (instead of always showing a USB icon).

559. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Grab the Meta+n (for 0 ≤ n ≤ 9) hotkeys at startup, and release them only when exiting.

560. By Olivier Tilloy

House keeping: removed an unused file.

561. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Display the shortcut overlay for the workspace switcher.

562. By Olivier Tilloy

Fix the byte order of images on Big Endian architectures (like PowerPC).
Original algorithm by Paul J. Wells, reworked for efficiency.

563. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Support dynamic shortcuts in the quicklists.

Dynamic shortcuts are exposed over D-Bus by the application through the use of libunity.
See for documentation.

564. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Ensure all delegates are cached in order to improve smoothness of scrolling on very low end platforms.

565. By Olivier Tilloy

Fix the computation of the struts for the panel and the launcher.
For a rationale, see and

566. By Florian Boucault

Desktop files were missing a semicolon as trailing character for the Categories= key.

567. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Shortcuts expanded state are now persistent.

568. By Robert Sajdok

[launcher] Match trash nautilus window with the trash item in the launcher.

569. By Felix Krull

[launcher] For the workspaces and window overviews, trigger Compiz's Expo and Scale plugins if Compiz is running. If Compiz isn't running, said plugins aren't enabled or the D-Bus plugin isn't enabled, fall back to using unity-2d-spread.

570. By Ugo Riboni

For the unity-2d session enable by default the compositor and disable the effects

571. By Aurélien Gâteau

[launcher] Use the same settings as Unity 3D for launcher showing/hiding animation

572. By Didier Roche

replace the generating pot target with the generic make unity-2d.pot one

573. By Florian Boucault

Added compilation flags to help detecting use of deprecated GTK APIs and direct access to object fields.

574. By Didier Roche

 * debian/control:
   - remove deprecated transitional packages (only from maverick ppa or early
     natty alpha)
   - don't dep on gnome-session-bin
   - remove the -dev package, uneeded for a private library internal to this
   - remove bzr build-dep, we will refresh the pot with dh_translations
 * debian/rules:
   - build with dh7 now
   - buid with --fail-missing and purging installed but not shipped private
 * debian/unity-2d-launcher.preinst:
   - removed, deprecated as it was for the ppa migration
 * debian/*
   - removed: ldconfig is generated directly by dh_makeshlibs as we don't pass
     -n anymore

575. By Didier Roche

update changelog

576. By Didier Roche

releasing version 3.8.6-0ubuntu1

577. By Alberto Mardegan

[panel & launcher] Consider double clicks as single clicks for launcher items and the home button of the panel (bfb).

For the panel created HomeButton class: specialized subclass of QToolButton, handling double clicks as single clicks.
For the launcher, ignored DoubleClicked signal and added a workaround that separates click resulting from the end of a drag and drop from regular clicks.

578. By Didier Roche


  * debian/control:
    - unity-2d-panel recommends the indicators, not unity-2d
    - appmenu-gtk and appmenu-qt are already provided by indicator-appmenu
    - remove other meaningless recommends

579. By Olivier Tilloy

[dash] Support dragging files and installed applications from the dash to the launcher, the desktop or file managers.

580. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Removed workaround necessary for Qt bug 15841 fixed in Qt 4.7.2

581. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Fix a case where the launcher became disabled after an incomplete drag forcing the user to log out and log in again.

It was due to the mouse button released signal not being emitted because a parent flickable was stealing the mouse grab.

582. By Florian Boucault

[all] Respect the QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM environment variable. When set, do not override the graphics system to be raster.

583. By Aurélien Gâteau

[launcher] In *Hide behaviors, show launcher when hitting left edge

584. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Show the current window’s menu only when the mouse cursor hovers over the appname applet, not the whole panel.

585. By Andrea Grandi

I've fixed bug #715611. Now when you delete something and you're using Unity-2D the Trash icon is updated as expected: if there are some files in the Trash the icon is the full Trash one, else is the empty one.

586. By Ugo Riboni

[dash][launcher] Implement real transparency when there's a compositor running.

587. By Didier Roche

* debian/libunity-2d-private0.install:
  - install everything in Unity2d private directory

588. By Florian Boucault

Moved all features of UnityApplications QML plugin into the Unity2d QML plugin.

- /usr/lib/qt4/imports/UnityApplications and its content do not exist anylonger.
- All references to UnityApplications have been updated to reflect the change.
  In particular QML imports of UnityApplications have been replaced with imports of Unity2d.
- Build instructions have been transferred from launcher/UnityApplications/CMakeLists.txt
  into libunity-2d-private/Unity2d/CMakeLists.txt.
- Registrations of classes have been transferred from launcher/UnityApplications/plugin.cpp
  into libunity-2d-private/Unity2d/plugin.cpp.
- As a consequence launchermenutest had to be moved into libunity-2d-private/tests

589. By Florian Boucault

Made LauncherApplicationsList dependency on Unity2dApplication soft.

Instantiating LauncherApplicationsList with the application not being a
Unity2dApplication instance was crashing.
The same technique is used in KeyboardModifiersMonitor.

590. By Ugo Riboni

Add support for removing rows by implementing the virtual method QAbstractItemModel::removeRows in WindowsList and ListAggregatorModel.
Make the internal list in WindowsList protected instead of private.

591. By Olivier Tilloy

Updated bzr ignore rules.

592. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Moved the progress, counter and emblem properties (and their related visibility properties) to the base LauncherItem class.
The default implementation doesn’t show them, it is meant to be overridden in subclasses.

593. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Bumped version to 3.8.6-0ubuntu3

594. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Changed head version number to reflect milestone number (3.8.8).

595. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Register DashDeclarativeView to QML under Unity2d plugin thus avoiding an extra import.

596. By Florian Boucault

[panel] Do not set the text color globally but instead for each applet that needs it.

597. By Florian Boucault

Moved initialization of Unity2dTr into Unity2d QML plugin.

598. By Florian Boucault

Prevent crash when using MouseArea and AbstractX11EventFilter without Unity2dApplication.
Remove duplicate code in LauncherApplicationsList: LauncherApplicationsList is a AbstractX11EventFilter.

599. By Florian Boucault

Merged the 3.8.8-0ubuntu1 release.

600. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Added placeholder entry in debian/changelog.

601. By Florian Boucault

Moved all launcher's contextual menu artwork (artwork/tooltip/* and
artwork/launchermenu.css) to libunity-2d-private's QML plugin.

The artwork is now located in libunity-2d-private/Unity2d/launchermenu and
embedded into using the Qt resource mechanism.

602. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Add spacing around the trash icon.

603. By Olivier Tilloy

[libunity-2d] Unit test the ListAggregatorModel class.

604. By Andrea Grandi

[packaging] Added missing a GConf schema file for the /desktop/unity-2d/ keys

605. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Moved drag and drop behaviour from LauncherView to a new QML element LauncherDropItem.

606. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Moved visibility behaviors from launcher to libunity-2d-private and made them declarative friendly.

AbstractVisibilityBehavior changes:
- constructor requires no arguments
- 2 new properties: panel and visible
- do not depend on Unity2dPanel; VisibilityController is now in charge of showing/hiding the panel

Behaviors are now available from QML.

607. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Home screen's search hint is 'Search'

608. By Florian Boucault

Added property Unity2DDeclarativeView::transparentBackground.
Removed spread specific optimisations that are now part of Unity2DDeclarativeView.

Note: setting attribute WA_TranslucentBackground internally sets the attribute WA_NoSystemBackground.

609. By Aurélien Gâteau

Fix build with gold

610. By Florian Boucault

BlendedImageProvider now supports relative paths to images.
Do not expose 'engineBaseUrl' to QML anymore.
Moved symbolic link to /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png from places/artwork
to libunity-2d-private/Unity2d. It is now installed in /usr/share/unity-2d/warty-final-ubuntu.jpg.

611. By Florian Boucault

Fixed failure to build from source due to an erroneous check on libwnck.

612. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Make all D-Bus calls to the place daemons asynchronous as to not freeze the user interface while searches or activations are in progress.

613. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Added a UnityHorizontalTileRenderer that is required by many community lenses (Gwibber lens, books lens, music lens, etc.)

614. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Added pkg-config as a Build-Depends

615. By Florian Boucault

Replaced deprecated "import Qt 4.7" with "import QtQuick 1.0" everywhere.

616. By Aurélien Gâteau

[panel] Build with QT_NO_KEYWORDS. Needed to be able to use UnityCore.

617. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Fix use of opengl rendering backend: artifacts were displayed, even more so with transparency enabled.

The cause of the issue was that the QGLWidget viewport was set on the QDeclarativeView
before having setup the QGLWidget's flags.
Implementation of Unity2dDeclarativeView is much clarified as a result and this change
impacts all the components using it:
- launcher
- dash
- spread

Synchronization to VBlank has also been activated.
Set viewport update mode to QGraphicsView::FullViewportUpdate when using OpenGL.

618. By Aurélien Gâteau

[i18n] .po files are supplied by Launchpad, so remove them from the source so that packages do not ship them.

A packager can still explicitly add .po files for customization purposes.

619. By Olivier Tilloy

[libunity-2d] Move the roles matching logic from the aggregator to the Place object, where it really belongs.
This allows to use a filter proxy model on a Place model directly in QML.

620. By Aurélien Gâteau

[i18n] Bring back the .po files

Removing the .po files was not a good idea after all: the build system needs them and it makes sense from an upstream point of view to ship translations with our source code.

621. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Merged the 3.8.10-0ubuntu1 release.

622. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] Added placeholder entry in debian/changelog.

623. By Florian Boucault

do not run pkgbinarymangler to convert images to 8bit since this breaks
the launcher icon background handling. (LP: #809205)
(QT upstream bug:

624. By Aurélien Gâteau

[i18n] Use correct name for .po files: no "unity-2d-" prefix.

625. By Aurélien Gâteau

[panel] Fade out application name and window title if they do not fit instead of abruptly cropping them.

626. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Cache background rendering when in desktop mode.

627. By Florian Boucault

[spread] Shift the background wallpaper by the width of the launcher.

628. By Florian Boucault

Moved LauncherView::getColorsFromIcon() into Unity2d QML plugin's newly created IconUtilities class.

629. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] KDE3 applications now appear in the launcher.

That required to take into account the case where a BamfApplication's user_visible
went from false to true.

630. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Make it possible to launch Wine applications.

The XDG Menu Spec was not respected and desktop files with dashes (-) in them
were not resolved to their actual path on disk by GIO's g_desktop_app_info_new.
Added a workaround for that case of which one instance is Wine applications.

631. By Aurélien Gâteau

[libunity-2d] Introduce GConnector, a class to track connections to GObject signals.

Use GConnector in WindowHelper, avoiding some GLib critical messages when the active window is closed. Those messages were caused by us trying to disconnect from a dead wnck window handle.

632. By Florian Boucault

Merged lp:unity-2d/4.0

633. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Fixed activation of first result when pressing the enter key.

DeeListModel now exposes a 'count' property, use it instead of the 'count()' method.

634. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Migrated GConf key /desktop/unity-2d/launcher/super_key_enable to dconf

Added a GSettings schemas file and a GConf-to-GSettings conversion file.

Packaging changes:
* debian/unity-2d.install:
  - install GSettings schemas into usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas
  - install GConf to GSettings conversion into usr/share/GConf/gsettings
* debian/gconf/schemas/unity-2d.schemas:
  - remove GConf schema for /desktop/unity-2d/launcher/super_key_enable
* debian/control:
  - add dependency on libdconf-qt-dev

635. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Migrated GConf key /desktop/unity-2d/launcher/favorites to dconf

636. By Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

Added scroll-event support for unity-2d-panel, using the same code I wrote for indicator-applet (which I forgot to port to unity-2d too at the time).

Scrolling over the indicator-sound (and other 3rd party indicators which support the scrolling signal) will now work.

637. By Florian Boucault

[launcher] Migrated GConf keys /desktop/unity-2d/launcher/hide_mode and /desktop/unity-2d/launcher/use_strut to dconf

638. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Only move the scrollbar depending on the flickable's visible area when the user is not dragging the scrollbar.

639. By Florian Boucault

[backend] IconImageProvider: display warning when an icon is not available in the theme and do not try to load it.

640. By Gerry Boland

[panel] F10 shortcut now correctly displays menu for keyboard navigation. Menubar displays when menus are open, and vanishes when menus close.

641. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Removed workaround for place entries' global results model that were non
empty even when no results were available.

Some used to contain an item of a group requesting to be displayed with the 'UnityEmptySearchRenderer'.
This is not the case anylonger.

642. By Aurélien Gâteau

[packaging] Add dependency on unity-common to libunity-2d-private0

unity-common is necessary to get the DConf com.canonical.Unity.Launcher schema installed. Without it unity-2d-launcher does not start.

643. By Florian Boucault

[backend] QSortFilterProxyModel: workaround for lack of roleNames change propagation.

644. By Florian Boucault

Reverted revision 640.

645. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Home screen default applications are no longer retrieved from GConf.

Only the web browser and the e-mail client have been migrated to that new technique.
A new GioDefaultApplication object has been introduced that given a content type
returns the desktop file of the default application handling that type.

646. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Rename TickBox's property 'ticked' into 'checked'.

647. By Aurélien Gâteau

[libunity-2d] Centralize CMake tests, introduces Unity2dApplication::earlySetup()

648. By Florian Boucault

[backend] New APIs for QSortFilterProxyModelQML and unit tests.

QSortFilterProxyModel: added 'count' and 'totalCount' properties that give respectively the number of rows of the proxy model and the total number of rows of the source model before filtering.
QSortFilterProxyModel: added 'limit' property to limit the number of rows exposed from the source model. Implemented by limiting the number returned by rowCount instead of overriding filterAcceptsRow.
Added unit tests for QSortFilterProxyModelQML. One of the test fails and has been deactivated. It is unsure if that broken case causes an actual user visible problem and should be revisited in the near future.

649. By Florian Boucault

[dash] RendererGrid: actually filter out the items that are not displayed because of group folding.

650. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Cleaned up grid widget by introducing ListViewWithHeaders.

651. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Implemented keyboard navigation.

652. By Florian Boucault

* debian/control, debian/rules, debian/libunity-2d-private-dev:
  - add new -dev project (LP: #814709)
  - add an upstream pc file

Backported from lp:unity-2d/4.0

653. By Gerry Boland

[launcher] Fixed failure to appear on first Alt+F1 keypress.

This was because QDeclarative::activateWindow() not reliable. Dash & Spread use forceActivateWindow() instead.
Instead of having a third copy of this method for the Launcher, I've moved it to Unity2DDeclarativeView and removed the copies from Dash & Spread.

654. By Florian Boucault

* debian/control:
  - enforcing latest libunity-private0 to be installed for each local
* debian/libunity-2d-private0.lintian-overrides:
  - remove a qml-related exported symbol warning wrongly detected

655. By Florian Boucault

releasing version 3.8.12-0ubuntu1

656. By Florian Boucault

releasing version 3.8.12-0ubuntu2

657. By Florian Boucault

[packaging] added template changelog entry

658. By Florian Boucault

[backend] Moved all classes in libunity-2d-private from Unity2d to src. Unity2d only contains code to declare the QML plugin.

659. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Fixed crash when closing dash due to Qt bug

660. By Ugo Riboni

The .pc file for libunity-2d-private contained some wrong dependencies on gtk3 stuff. This fixes is with the correct dependencies to current libraries.

661. By Andrea Grandi

Remove unused GConfItemQmlWrapper include.

662. By Gerry Boland

[launcher] ESC now dismisses the launcher properly after it has been activated with Alt+F1

663. By Olivier Tilloy

Updated bzr ignore rules.

664. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Properly position background wallpaper when using a non compositing window manager.

New Unity2DDeclarativeView::globalPosition property that cancels the need for using 'launcherMaximumWidth'.
Every QML based component (launcher, spread, dash) now exposes a 'declarativeView' variable.

665. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Blurred background and added an additional sheen on top.

666. By Gerry Boland

[dash] Design specs will require that buttons behave differently when selected by the keyboard from when they are being hovered over by the mouse.

This distinguishes between the two states, and corrects all buttons in the dash. The dash will behave exactly as before.

667. By Gerry Boland

[dash] Tickboxes replaced with Checkboxes, as per latest design spec.

Checkboxes are wider than old tickboxes, so some widths in the dash changed.

Proper operation depends on

668. By Florian Boucault

Removed useless comments.

669. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Removed deprecated FIXME.

670. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Global search results are left aligned with search box again. It was broken when introducing the blurred background.

671. By Olivier Tilloy

[launcher] Do not display the bottom gradient until the end of the list is partially hidden.

672. By Alberto Mardegan

[launcher] Applications now get their launcher counts cleared when closed.

The counterVisible property is set to false when the application is reported not to be running, and reset to true when it's running again and the notification count is greater than 0.

673. By Ugo Riboni

Load the panel applets from dynamically loaded plugins instead of having them hardcoded.

674. By Ugo Riboni

Leave the size policy of panel applets up to the applets themselves, and put back the correct size policy for the appname applet.

675. By Ugo Riboni

[panel] Check that the applet returned by plugins is valid before using it

676. By Olivier Tilloy

Updated bzr ignore rules.

677. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Rename the environment variable that allows setting a different location to look up panel plugins to load, to a more explicit name.

678. By Gerry Boland

[dash] (Unity 3.0) Update Toggle buttons to latest design spec

679. By Olivier Tilloy

[libunity-2d-private] Replace a #include directive by a forward declaration in a public header.
This fixes a bug when #includ’ing "placeentry.h" in an external project, because the pkg-config file for libunity-2d-private doesn’t declare an explicit dependency on QtDee.

680. By Florian Boucault

[dash] "Refine search" pane layout fixes and label update to "Filter results" as per design.

Outer right margin is now 15 pixels.
SearchRefineOptionType's far right and far left cells are reaching the right
and left edges and their size now respects the design.

681. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Icons are now of size 64x64 instead of 48x48.

682. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Category underline color set to respect the new design.

683. By Florian Boucault

[dash] When 'Filter results' pane is opened, rows should contain 4 results, not 3.

684. By Florian Boucault

[dash] IconImageProvider: preserve the aspect ratio when loading the icon.

685. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Removed 'hover' state everywhere but in search results and home screen shortctus.
In these 2 places the style was adapted to look better and also closer to Unity's.
HomeButton now expands its label when focused.

686. By Florian Boucault

[dash] New TextCustom.fontSize property that takes a textual description of the
size (e.g. 'small', 'medium', etc.) thus ensuring font size consistency accross
the user interface.
Fixed font sizes to match the latest designs.

687. By Florian Boucault

[i18n] Updated pot catalog.

688. By Ugo Riboni

Add a new option for inverting the matching logic of QSortFilterProxyModelQML so that it excludes matched items instead of including them.

689. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Backport an interface change from the oneiric branch (4.0): pass the panel as a parameter to the constructors of the applets.

690. By Łukasz Zemczak

[panel] Use the correct event timestamp when closing an application window
Backported from 5.0

Unmerged revisions

690. By Łukasz Zemczak

[panel] Use the correct event timestamp when closing an application window
Backported from 5.0

689. By Olivier Tilloy

[panel] Backport an interface change from the oneiric branch (4.0): pass the panel as a parameter to the constructors of the applets.

688. By Ugo Riboni

Add a new option for inverting the matching logic of QSortFilterProxyModelQML so that it excludes matched items instead of including them.

687. By Florian Boucault

[i18n] Updated pot catalog.

686. By Florian Boucault

[dash] New TextCustom.fontSize property that takes a textual description of the
size (e.g. 'small', 'medium', etc.) thus ensuring font size consistency accross
the user interface.
Fixed font sizes to match the latest designs.

685. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Removed 'hover' state everywhere but in search results and home screen shortctus.
In these 2 places the style was adapted to look better and also closer to Unity's.
HomeButton now expands its label when focused.

684. By Florian Boucault

[dash] IconImageProvider: preserve the aspect ratio when loading the icon.

683. By Florian Boucault

[dash] When 'Filter results' pane is opened, rows should contain 4 results, not 3.

682. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Category underline color set to respect the new design.

681. By Florian Boucault

[dash] Icons are now of size 64x64 instead of 48x48.

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