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8af0cc9... by Aleksei S <email address hidden> on 2018-09-14

Moved the PauseAtHeight scripts to subScripts in PostProcess plugin

e9ac0e5... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Merge branch '3.5'

fb9c21e... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Fix imports

3b36223... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Merge branch '3.5'

e9cdd47... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Fix types of getGlobalContainerStack call results

We know in these places that there must be a global stack at this point. So to hide the type error we'll cast it here.
Of course, the danger in this is that someone might call this function that doesn't know about this requirement and calls it when there is potentially no global stack yet. Hopefully they'll discover this crash when that happens then.

f8da8c1... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Fix running tests with PyQt 5.11

This was causing the test runner to crash.

2e6401b... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Don't depend on the name of resource folders not changing

If we choose to rename the resource folders, then this plug-in should still look in the old resource folders. So hard-code these resource folders in the state that they were in at version 2.5 so that we can freely change them in a modern version.

572afb0... by Ruben D on 2018-09-14

Remove unused import

This import was actually causing the test to fail on my computer due to a dependency on the order of importing libArcus vs. PyQt.

8298f76... by Lipu Fei on 2018-09-14

Add material_diameter into fdmprinter

When saving a material to a file, it will save all the settings in that
container, which needs to create SettingInstances for all the cached
ones, and for those instances, their definitions will be retrieved from
the machine definition.

material_diameter is one of the settings, but it only exists in the
extruder definitions, so when it tries to save a material profile, a lot
of warnings/errors will occur due to the missing "material_diameter" in
fdmprinter. Adding it back fixes this problem.

c962b51... by Ruben D on 2018-09-13

Clarify PRIME_CLEARANCE global better