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8ed92aa... by Aleksei S <email address hidden> on 2018-02-14

Added plugin for reading cad files with .step file extension

a4455bb... by Diego Prado Gesto <email address hidden> on 2018-02-14

CURA-4891 Use the printer definition name instead of the ID to generate
the abbreviated name.
- Also revert some previous changes to keep the same behavior as before.

ee9de1f... by Ruben D on 2018-02-14

Merge branch '3.2'

Lots of conflicts due to rounding vs. flooring of text element positions for weirdness with the font aliasing.

582f6ff... by Ruben D on 2018-02-14

Disable Traditional Chinese

We didn't get a new translation for 3.2. Sorry. People that had their preferences set to Traditional Chinese will stay on that language until they choose another, but the translation will be incomplete. If someone wants to pick up the translation for a next release, we'll keep the files in our source code.

Contributes to issue CURA-4883.

9483d46... by Ruben D on 2018-02-14

Corrections to French translations

Some are really bad.

Contributes to issue CURA-4883.

31330d0... by Ruben D on 2018-02-14

Update French translations

Our French reseller took a look at our translations and made some improvements. Some are for the worse, so I'm making corrections.

Contributes to issue CURA-4883.

b531c05... by Mark <email address hidden> on 2018-02-14

Change Math.floor to Math.round as a last try to fix garbled fonts

4d3f7d0... by Ian Paschal <email address hidden> on 2018-02-13

Merge pull request #3299 from Ultimaker/feature_circular_prime_tower

Circular prime tower functionality

Looks good Diego!

c167325... by Ruben D on 2018-02-13

Simplify translation of printer and variant

The key-replacements are always in the same place regardless of translation. A translator can't put them before their translation any more now. But it greatly reduces the confusion among translators and produces fewer strings to translate.

Contributes to issue CURA-4883.

3c32a1b... by Ruben D on 2018-02-13

Merge branch 'master' of