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f7def41... by Ruben D on 2017-08-29

Enable prime tower for CPE+ 0.8 Fast Print

The prime tower is enabled for the other two quality profiles but not for this one, so we're making this consistent (with confirmation from the Materials team).

08f69d1... by Ruben D on 2017-08-28

Add Chinese language entry to change log

Contributes to issue CURA-4000.

8a0f6d9... by Jaime van Kessel <email address hidden> on 2017-08-28

Merge branch '2.7_stack_context' of github.com:Ultimaker/Cura into 2.7

3dbf91e... by Ruben D on 2017-08-28

Fix mistakenly translated replace key

Bad translator. Baaaaaaad.

Contributes to issue CURA-3999.

1401d90... by Ruben D on 2017-08-28

Update Chinese translations for 2.7

These are the files I got from Bothof.

Contributes to issue CURA-3999.

eeea30f... by Ruben D on 2017-08-28

Update translation templates for 2.7

New strings get empty translations. This is generated by calling 'make i18n-update-po-zh_CN'.

Contributes to issue CURA-3999.

22b808a... by Ruben D on 2017-08-28

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/PCDotFan/Cura into PCDotFan-master

b84500f... by Lipu Fei on 2017-08-28

Import Application instead of inline import CuraApplication


37414e7... by Lipu Fei on 2017-08-28

Fix code style: double quotes instead of single quotes


61442e5... by fieldOfView <email address hidden> on 2017-08-27

Fix setting the Gantry height setting in Machine Settings