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15f5a7f... by Ruben D on 2017-04-21

Revert "Drop in experimental profiles for external testing"

This reverts commit 1feaace2859dbf2e73fe34705ba58b53b5814896.

1feaace... by Ruben D on 2017-04-21

Drop in experimental profiles for external testing

A few external beta testers wanted to have these CPE(+) profiles to test with. I'm making a build that allows them to test this on MacOS.

9ad85ce... by Ruben D on 2017-04-18

Move prime tower 1mm down

The combination PC-0.4 and PVA-0.8 wouldn't print because the raft was getting so big that it intersected with the prime tower. Moving the prime tower 1mm down allows us to print again.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.

c3d18bc... by Ruben D on 2017-04-14

Remove lower warnings for jerk settings

It's not a problem to have lower jerk. It'll just print corners quite slow. But sometimes that's necessary, for example for PVA.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.

9b06d7d... by Ruben D on 2017-04-14

Relax warning constraints for top and bottom thickness

With very thick layers, fewer layers will still provide enough strength to not sag. 2 is quite a hard minimum though because there are 2 different orientations.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.

0d793a6... by Ruben D on 2017-04-14

Remove duplicate infill overlap setting

infill_overlap and infill_overlap_mm were in conflict with each other. Went to the Materials team to resolve it. They say it should be 0.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.

541e28a... by Ruben D on 2017-04-14

Allow exactly 2 line widths for prime tower

We give a warning when it's 2 or fewer lines in the prime tower, but 2 should be allowable. It works quite well.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.

72c0295... by Ruben D on 2017-04-14

Set nozzle tip diameter for 0.8mm cores

They have a outer diameter of 2mm.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.

9cd7d9a... by Mark <email address hidden> on 2017-04-13

Use the correct i18n catalog name for translations in the right-click menu

3a30386... by Ruben D on 2017-04-14

Fix brim width of Nylon 0.8mm profiles

The 3mm was computed from wanting 7 lines, but in that calculation I used a line width of 0.4mm. This is obviously wrong, since for 0.8mm profiles the line width is 0.8mm.

Contributes to issue CURA-3650.