Last commit made on 2014-09-05
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bb8498f... by Colin Watson

Bump to libavcodec-extra-56.

2836bc2... by Colin Watson

Remove most of the *-extra-* packages that no longer exist in libav 10; bump to libavcodec-extra-55.

50ee97a... by Kaj Ailomaa

renaming cd-live to live

e9ead54... by Kaj Ailomaa

set audio-core to inherit from desktop-minimal instead of desktop

8245451... by Kaj Ailomaa

audio needs to depend on audio-core

eac0a4d... by Kaj Ailomaa

Readding reverted commits, and changing what crashed germinate (lp: #1325947)

a92fd75... by Adam Conrad

Revert the last two commits, as they're crashing germinate.

5cc666b... by Kaj Ailomaa

added seeds for a new minimal CD size live ISO (lp: #1325947)

067f1f8... by Kaj Ailomaa

added new minimal desktop seed file, based on xubuntu-core, which will at least be a base for the new smaller CD size ISO (LP: #1325947)

bdbc582... by Kaj Ailomaa

changed STRUCTURE to include the newly created audio-core seed