Last commit made on 2016-07-25
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9a82216... by Adam Conrad

Switch to lts-xenial

f075313... by Adam Conrad

Switch from lts-vivid to lts-wily

785df0d... by Adam Conrad

Switch from lts-utopic to lts-vivid

c8bc16f... by Adam Conrad

Add xserver-xorg-lts-utopic (and friends) to desktop for the point release

6135ea3... by Kaj Ailomaa

dropping indicator-power as xfce-power-manager already comes with its own (lp: #1308755

5a38f96... by Kaj Ailomaa

dropping ibus as not all keyboard layouts show in login window

4d78cea... by Kaj Ailomaa

updated to gtk3 indicators

716202b... by Kaj Ailomaa

added blueman - to streamline with Xubuntu and make sure we have bluetooth support in our DE (lp: #1307485)

143b40a... by Kaj Ailomaa

fixed typo for pd-libs

604a390... by Kaj Ailomaa

Changing from ubuntustudio-live-settings to ubuntustudio-live lp: #1296638