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6145fe1... by Colin Watson

Revert back to r1183.
Per a supermajority of the technical board (cjwatson, scott, mdz), the
requirement for libavcodec not to be shipped on CDs is only a concern for
CDs pressed and shipped by Canonical, where a patent dispute would cause us
to incur significant expense and inconvenience. In the case of Ubuntu
Studio, Canonical is not pressing or shipping physical media, and so
including libavcodec on CDs is no worse than shipping it on
archive.ubuntu.com; in either case, complying with an order to cease
distribution would at worst involve disabling downloads. Many important
Ubuntu Studio applications rely on ffmpeg and friends, and neutering them to
avoid this dependency is not justifiable in this context.

7bfdb0f... by Colin Watson

dos->unix line endings

3159c8b... by Luke Yelavich

Restore the video task to revision 1184, with kino, ffmpeg, etc, but remove
the video task from being shipped on the disks.

945b75f... by Luke Yelavich

Also remove stopmotion as it recommends ffmpeg. Our video task now has only
one package. (Sigh)

8381449... by Luke Yelavich

...and also unseed ffmpeg2theora.

263c8cc... by Luke Yelavich

Also unseed ffmpeg proper.

94fc9a6... by Luke Yelavich

remove kino from the video seed. It recommends ffmpeg, which pulls in

4bb741e... by Luke Yelavich

re-add libavcodec blacklist. It likely got lost with a merge or the
reintroduction of the boot seed for RT.

c69d9bf... by Luke Yelavich

add ffado related packages to audio

4cf8e20... by Luke Yelavich

Use our own copy of desktop-common, so we can ship the RT kernel headers
instead of generic headers.