Last commit made on 2008-11-07
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09b883a... by Emmet Hikory

Really add gnome-network-admin

ff55513... by Luke Yelavich

* Explicitly add ubuntu-sounds, as ubuntustudio-sounds won't play
  unless ubuntu-sounds is present. Needs to be fixed in jaunty once
  the freedesktop theme is in the archive.

4f88983... by Emmet Hikory

Removed gimp-gnomevfs from -graphics, as it is no longer build from gimp

f0f3c61... by Luke Yelavich

Removed comment after the ardour package line. Not needed.

64f66bd... by Luke Yelavich

Re-enable ardour. FINALLY!

85ea83d... by Luke Yelavich

Add gnome-network-admin, since we don't ship network-manager.
Merge from Ubuntu.

194c8e1... by Colin Watson

ship unattended-upgrades on server CD so that pkgsel can install it if selected (LP: #273823)

f778eab... by Luke Yelavich

Add libcanberra-gnome to desktop. This package contains autostart/shutdown
files needed for GNOME login/logout sounds.

77b54f2... by Mathias Gug

Add landscape-common to the default server install.

8c237d4... by Colin Watson

move nvidia-glx-* from dvd-live to dvd, per superm1