Last commit made on 2008-04-19
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e3acfee... by Luke Yelavich

* rosegarden4 -> rosegarden (NB)
Include myspell packs again.

2986f28... by Luke Yelavich

* Remove myspell again, as we don't need it,

46d352f... by Luke Yelavich

* Merge from Ubuntu.

3c45793... by Luke Yelavich

* Add myspell packs.

ff93c30... by Mathias Gug

Add libpam-smbpass to the samba-server task. LP: #208419

d8b62a2... by Steve Langasek

er, except this was only supposed to remove the *exception* for Serbian, not
drop all references to language-support-*. Re-add the packages.

3f4fddd... by Michael Vogt

dvd: add transitional xkeyboard-config package for easier upgrades

6da213b... by Steve Langasek

Serbian can be readded now, its dependencies are satisfiable

6f00f97... by Steve Langasek

Vietnamese can be re-enabled on the DVD livefs, it's no longer uninstallable

1c346c8... by Matthias Klose <doko@mbo>

- add python-qt4-gl-dbg to Extra-Excludes.