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0a6f1fc... by Przemysław Suliga on 2020-04-09

Fixes for remote airgap snap uploads

- missing utf-8 encoding of assertions payload
- ignore missing revisions when uploading snap files
- missing package_type field in various API calls

Merged from

9c22a42... by Przemysław Suliga on 2020-04-09

Add missing package_type field to various API calls

A required package_type field was added to some API endpoints along the

This fixes calls to:

- snapdevicegw/snaps/update
- snapdevicegw/revisions/create
- snapdevicegw/channelmaps/filter
- snapdevicegw/channelmaps/update

A better fix could be to include snapstore-schemas here for better testing.

63cd217... by Przemysław Suliga on 2020-04-09

Ignore missing snap revision uploads

Tarballs produced by `snap-store-proxy fetch-snaps` can contain
channel-maps with more revisions than snap files of those revisions.

Skip missing revisions if they're not included in the tarball while
trying to push snap files to an airgapped proxy.

TODO: This function is not tested and should probably be, but lots of
the code is repeated with the one from snap-store-proxy, so we might
want to fix that by deduplicating it into a library.

d2771f2... by Przemysław Suliga on 2020-04-09

UTF-8 encode assertions payload before pushing

Fixes a missing requests request body utf-8 encode.

6332c7e... by Tom Wardill on 2019-06-24

Add control and upload for an offline proxy

Merged from

00476d8... by Tom Wardill on 2019-06-21

Extract a tar file before upload

935fb22... by Tom Wardill on 2019-06-21

Rename upload to push

0d85442... by Tom Wardill on 2019-06-19

Add basic README instructions

dd76e1e... by Tom Wardill on 2019-04-18

Lint error

12c75da... by Tom Wardill on 2019-04-18

Use env password as default