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128da5b... by Timo Aaltonen

release to disco

bfa0fcc... by Timo Aaltonen

fix changelog

018acd0... by Timo Aaltonen

drop icl backport, not needed here

bb36be9... by Timo Aaltonen

bump version

6cba998... by Timo Aaltonen

Merge tag 'mesa-19.0.8' into ubuntu-disco


1625c02... by Dylan Baker <email address hidden>

docs: Add docs for 19.0.8

1704569... by Dylan Baker <email address hidden>

version: bump to 19.0.8

bde2f63... by Kenneth Graunke <email address hidden>

egl/x11: calloc dri2_surf so it's properly zeroed

Commit 2282ec0a refactored drawable creation across various platforms
into a new dri2_create_drawable helper function.

The GBM code in platform_drm.c code passed in dri2_surf->gbm_surf as the
loaderPrivate, while most other backends passed in dri2_surf directly.

To try and handle this, the patch checked if dri2_surf->gbm_surf was
non-NULL, and if so, presumed that the caller is the DRM platform and
we should use the dri2_surf->gbm_surf pointer.

This worked for most platforms, which calloc their dri2_surf structure,
zeroing the data. Unfortunately, platform_x11.c used malloc, leaving
most of the dri2_surf as garbage. In particular, dri2_surf->gbm_surf
was often non-NULL, causing dri2_create_drawable to try and use it,
passing a garbage pointer to the createNewDrawable hook, usually leading
to a SIGBUS or SIGSEGV when trying to dereference that bad pointer.

Since most callers calloc the data, make platform_x11.c follow suit.

Fixes crashes with i915_dri.so when running dEQP-GLES2.

Reviewed-by: Mathias Fröhlich <email address hidden>
Reviewed-by: Tapani Pälli <email address hidden>
(cherry picked from commit 4e3297f7d4d87618bf896ac503e1f036a7b6befb)

4c43f9c... by Dylan Baker <email address hidden>

docs: Add SHA256 sums for 19.0.7

7efa08d... by Dylan Baker <email address hidden>

Docs add 19.0.7 release notes