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14. By Stephan Rügamer

updated debian dir for 1.0rc3-1ubuntu1

13. By Stephan Rügamer

Updated to 0.9.59

12. By Stephan Rügamer

added LPIA specific things.

11. By Stephan Rügamer

new debian dir for wine 0.9.58
removed old patches and quilt series file...not needed anymore
added reference patches which are included in diff.gz

10. By Stephan Rügamer

wine 0.9.57-0ubuntu3 debian dir

9. By Stephan Rügamer

* debian/rules:
    - reset LDFLAGS to let wine not crash anymore, (LP: #191575)
      thx to Albert Damen <email address hidden> who came up with this solution.
    - adjust dh_strip call (LP: #185513)
  * debian/control:
    - remove gcc-3.4 build-dep
    - get rid of quilt
  * cleaned debian/patches
  * Add finnish translation to desktop files (LP: #196916)
  * dlls/winealsa.drv/waveinit.c: (LP: #195507)
    - let wine use the default alsa device
  * Preloader warning (preloader: Warning: failed to reserve range
    00000000-60000000) does not occure anymore (LP: #114025)

 This line and the following will be ignored --------------


8. By Stephan Rügamer

fixed amd64 issues for 0.9.54

7. By Stephan Rügamer

exclude usr/lib32/wine from dh_shlibdeps

6. By Stephan Rügamer

wine (0.9.54-0ubuntu2) hardy; urgency=low

  * debian/rules:
    - amd64 specific:
      + added symlink for libjpeg (LP: #144419)
      + added symlink for libcups (LP: #155665)
      + added symlink for libxml2 (LP: #135417)
  * debian/control:
    - add quilt to build-dep as patch system
  * debian/patches/01_ubuntu_fix_libpng_check.patch:
    - added patch to fix the libpng check to actually catch libpng12
  * debian/patches/90_ubuntu_update_configure.patch:
    - configure patch after "autoconf" run to use the updated libpng12 fix
  * debian/wine-*.desktop
    - Added Swedish Translation (LP: #152745)
    - Added German Translation

5. By Stephan Rügamer

updated debian/ for 0.9.54

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