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44cdbbf... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

Fixed typo in AccountsService

beacc2e... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

Added desktop test case for ZFS

bb3c9af... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

Updated desktop test LVM / encrypted

Updated the test case with the new "Advanced features..." dialog.

137ed86... by Paride Legovini

qa_tracker_update.pl: add support for 2FA authentication

With this change the script assumes that 2FA authentication is enabled,
which is the case for everybody in the ~canonical team. I didn't look
at the code that is supposed to login to the development instances of
the iso tracker, as IIUC they do not exist anymore.

2057c2e... by Brian Murray

1301: fix typo regarding alongsite

83ab5a5... by Brian Murray

Merge some fixes from LP user philipz85

4c14f54... by Brian Murray

testcases/image/1451_Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption): add in check of the release notes

9352a92... by Brian Murray

testcases/image/1300_Install (entire disk): make release note clicking a separate step

a4c89d5... by Brian Murray

testcases/image/1300_Install (entire disk): add in check of the release notes

b684b00... by Yousuf 'Jay' Philips

Bug #1868370: laptop plugged into power no longer present - xubuntu's other testcases